Now that the government shutdown puppet theater has come to a successful close with Obamacare untouched, the debt ceiling blown away and GOP leadership voluntarily castrated, it’s time for the Powers That Be to really go after the Tea Party.

President Obama has set a pretty table for the Left’s power brokers, with the gristly Tea Party pre-chewed by himself, the aforementioned genderless Republican Party leaders and the Obama media.

Now it’s time for the Left’s moneyed wing to swing in and make the Democratic Party miraculously look like the party of economic sense and champion of true equality.

The battlefield of choice is the amnesty debate, or should we say narrative, since there are no political debates these days unless a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul takes it upon himself to gum up the Congress just long enough to educate the public.

The Democrats’ argument will be that evil Tea Party Republicans in Congress (the full dozen or so of them) are racists because they don’t want brown-skinned Mexicans breathing American air. The Tea Party will be accused, yet again, of holding the country hostage, whatever that means, by refusing to pass the amnesty bill to protect millions of foreign lawbreakers who just want to come here and vote Democrat.

Businesses will argue that they want amnesty not just for the extra-cheap labor that will allow them to lay off higher-priced Americans and pad their CEOs’ bank accounts, but because we need a truly global workforce for the global economy, or some such folderol.

Business groups like the Business Roundtable and the Chamber of Commerce have announced that they will be putting money behind non-Tea Party conservatives (by default probably ending up with Democrats winning), according to the Wall Street Journal.

Many of those same groups and other business interests are planning to sponsor the National Immigration Forum later this month, according to USA Today. The forum will “fly in” alleged conservatives from across the country.

A look at the list of expected attendees — which includes representatives of Mike Zuckerberg’s, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy, and the Chamber of Commerce among other liberal-leaning organizations — suggests that the forum is little more than a liberal lobbying effort that will coincide with an expected renewed amnesty push by Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Funding for the forum and for many of its participants comes from the usual suspects, led by the chess master himself, George Soros. NIF’s Executive Director Ali Noorani insists the forum is set to rally the conservative base of the Republican Party, but the NIF has received millions of dollars from Soros, his various shell charities and the Ford Foundation, among other liberal money sources.

The Left seems thoroughly confounded by the Tea Party, not realizing it is both smaller and more influential than liberals believe.

Tea Party principles — lower taxes, constitutionally limited government, and free markets — have a broad appeal that extends beyond the membership rolls, and the people who agree with those principles are increasingly angered by Obama’s spin and lies.

The thought that Obama might have some political capitol to expend for amnesty after he tried to punish common Americans with his shutdown campaign is just wishful thinking. Obama’s on thin ice these days.

Riding on the amnesty fight is the future of our country and what its nature will be, whether it retains some semblance of American character or becomes just “El Norte,” run in perpetuity by the Democrats.

That’s the real interest Soros has in amnesty. He and his globalist pals haven’t yet finished disassembling America. The creation of a large, legal and permanent underclass of ignorant foreigners who can lawfully live, work and vote here is just the ticket.

The next battle begins.