For the past few months I had planned on interviewing Victoria Jackson for my upcoming book.  For anyone who doesn’t know her, Victoria was a cast member for 6 seasons on Saturday Night Live, appeared 22 times on The Tonight Show, has been in countless TV shows and movies and is now one of THE most outspoken activists for the Tea Party.

Victoria gained even more attention when she released a song that seriously spoke to Conservatives throughout America:  “There’s A Communist Living in the White House!”

I had her phone number and all I had to do was call—but for whatever reason, I kept putting it off.  Despite the fact that I’ve lived and worked in Los Angeles most of my adult life—I’ve met Sean Connery, for goodness sakes!—I still tend to get a little star-struck.  Especially when it’s someone I admire as much as I do Victoria.

Finally, however, I mustered up the courage and dialed.  Within the first minute talking to her, I felt like I was talking to a long-lost friend.  She said she was really busy getting ready for an upcoming trip to Washington (to film her new video blog, “Vickie Goes to Washington”) and that she was doing an interview with Sonja Schmidt for her new show, ‘the IN word’.

“Hey, would you like to come to Sonja’s and watch us do the show, and then you can interview both of us?” Victoria asked in her very-Victoria Jackson-y voice.

I tried to hold it in, tried to be calm and cool, but I yelled ‘WOULD I!”

Next thing I know I’m Sonja Schmidt’s beautiful home, trying to appear nonchalant while sitting in the same room as two of my most favorite Conservative women.

Victoria Jackson is the real deal.  Her voice, her curly blonde hair and gi-normous blue eyes are exactly like we’ve all seen on television.  She is Judy Holliday personified.  But what separates Victoria from the usual Hollywood blonde is that she’s also the best type of intellect—someone who admits she doesn’t have all the answers but will read and learn and research until she figures it out.

“I’m a beginner self-activist,” she says, “and people are making fun of me just because I love my country.  But I believe in the Bible.  Every day I try, I fail, but as a Christian we have to fight for what’s right.”

Victoria is also trying to ‘save America’ through writing.  She is a columnist for World Net Daily and her most recent article, “Black Conservatives are Busy” is a perfect example of how humor and politics can work together.

Another reason I adore Victoria Jackson is because of what she’s doing for a young comic she randomly found on YouTube.  Instead of getting angry and/or crying (like I’d probably do) Victoria called Lorne Michaels and suggested the girl for Saturday Night Live.  THAT, in a nutshell, is the one of the major differences between a Christian Conservatives and a liberal!  (Read more about this in Victoria’s article, “Satire:  Slap in the face or flattery?”)
Sonja Schmidt, with her mile-high cheekbones, turned up eyes and pore-less skin began her show-biz career behind the scenes as a writer, most notably for the Arsenio Hall Show.  After sending AlfonZo Rachel of PJTV a comedy script, he contacted her and (correctly) said she needed to be in front of the cameras.  Soon after, she had her own show on PJTV, “Sonya Schmidt’s Left Exposed”.

Recently Sonja launched a second show—provocatively titled the IN word– which has already become a major force in Conservative media.  Sonja videos the show from her study, linked via Skype with her co-host Joe Dan Gorman in Kansas City, Missouri.  She’s also currently working on a two-woman comedy political show called “Ladies of the Right”—along with several other projects which I can’t talk about yet (but stay tuned!).

I asked Sonja and Victoria about the underground Hollywood movement “Friends of Abe”, which is almost an Alcoholics Anonymous-type group for Conservative actors, producers and directors.

“My actress friend and I were trying to get people to join us in a right-leaning improv group,” Sonja said.  “It hadn’t been done before—but we couldn’t get anybody.  They laughed, they loved the idea, but we couldn’t get them to help.  They were just afraid of coming out.”

Sonja continued, “On the one hand, I totally understand why they don’t—and when I look at my bank account, I go ‘What did I do?’ And then when I look in the mirror I go, ‘Well what else could I do?’”

“You can more easily say ‘I’m from NAMBLA’ than a Conservative,” Sonja said with a laugh.

Watching Victoria and Sonja (and listening to Joe Dan) videotape the IN word was hilarious, with Victoria’s rapid-fire self-deprecating humor and Sonja’s equally quick wit.  I sat as quietly as I could, trying not to laugh too loud as they taped their interview.

Sonya asked Victoria everything from her recent “Glee” controversy (when she commented about a gay episode) to her new “Ever Grace” tattoo.

“Did it hurt?” Sonja asked.

“No, it didn’t hurt because I was in a really bad mood that day,” Victoria said seriously.

Watch for Victoria’s upcoming interview on ‘the IN word, airing TODAY, Wednesday, June 29.

Click here to visit Victoria’s website, and stay tuned for her upcoming video blog “Vickie Goes to Washington” in which she does man-on-the-street type interviews and talks about her journey into politics.  I know for a fact it’s going to be amazing.

The world would be a much better place if everyone could see the world through the eyes of Victoria Jackson and Sonja Schmidt.