First, I want to say that I am an Endowment Life Member of the NRA.  I am also a U. S. Army veteran with multiple tours in Southeast Asia and additional service in East Germany.

I would like to respond to your press conference on December 21st.  If I am not mistaken, you called upon Congress to act immediately to appropriate funds to place armed officers in every school in this country.  I will agree that there should be armed individuals in our schools.  Just as I believe there should be armed individuals everywhere to protect themselves first, and those who are unable to defend themselves secondarily.  Imagine how the outcome of the recent incident in Newtown, Connecticut might have been different if every adult in the school was armed, trained and prepared to utilize their weapon and training.

Perhaps your intentions are good.  However, this is not a good suggestion from anyone, particularly a national organization that purports to support our Constitution.

The action you propose would confirm in many individual’s minds that the federal government should be the solution to all problems, and the source of funds for those solutions.  While the federal government should be responsible for protection, that protection should be of this Republic, its borders, and the citizens of the country in general terms.  The federal government has no business being involved in education in general and the security on individual schools in particular.

The proper course of action is to have each school district determine its own solution to this issue.  I will be happy to engage in dialog with my local school board to explore various options.  The federal government needs to stay out of this discussion.  Those who suggest or propose a solution coming from the federal government need to “stand down”.

Your request to have Congress appropriate funds for your purported solution only exacerbates the problem we have.  Our elected officials cannot agree on a viable fiscal policy now, and you are suggesting adding to the problem.  We need a Balanced Budget Amendment with a Spending Cap set at 18% of our GDP.

Yes, our children are important.  They are perhaps our most valuable asset as a society.  I want them kept safe.  I don’t want their safety being decided by the people who make decisions about the U. S. Post Office.


William “Doc” Halliday in Shreveport, Louisiana