Here is a slightly blurry handheld video I took of Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012 last month where he mentions his recent dinner with Ayres and Dohrn and where he announces his upcoming ‘Radical Obama’ video that will affect the upcoming election.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at that Carlson/Breitbart/Ayres dinner.  This entry by Matt LaBash shows the quick brilliance of Breitbart’s sense of humor,

“Once we arrived at the apartment, much to Andrew’s and Ayers’s chagrin, they got along famously. Just two guys having dinner, finding commonality, even if Andrew regarded it his hidebound duty to passive-aggressively heckle Ayers as he served us plates of hoisin ribs and farmhouse cheeses. (“This is the bomb, Bill,” Breitbart said to the former explosives-rigger.)

When Ayers asked me what I was reading right now, I told him “Moby Dick,” which actually lived up to its billing. Ayers agreed, though added, as any good academic would, “You’ve picked up the gay subtext?” Breitbart nearly choked on his tofu and quinoa. “You mean in Moby Dick?” Andrew asked. “Or at this dinner?”