The German people are growing weary of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s wildly irresponsible open border policies, according to a new poll, and they are ready for a change.

angela merkel

Angela Merkel’s open border policies have irked nearly two thirds of the German people, who now wish to see her replaced.

Merkel, who summarily pushed for the relocation of Middle Eastern refugees in Deutschland, had no foresight whatsoever as to the types of issues that these migrants could, and would, cause.  Now, after months of violence and depraved behavior by these refugees, the German people are overwhelmingly in support of replacing Merkel as soon as possible.

“Almost 64 percent of Germans don’t wish to see Angela Merkel reelected as Chancellor, a poll conducted by YouGov has found. Meanwhile, the Social Democrats (SPD) are shooting ahead in the polls, despite predictions that their popularity was on the wane.

“The poll published on Monday shows that, of the two-thirds of Germans dissatisfied with Merkel, 42 percent strongly want her out, while 22 percent said it was ‘probably’ a good idea to elect a new leader.

“Conversely, 19 percent said it was ‘probably best’ to stick with her to avoid a change in leadership in the foreseeable future, while only 8 percent strongly wanted to see her reelected as Chancellor.

“Merkel has been in power for 12 years.

“The survey cast doubt on whether the CDU can win with Merkel at the helm – 35 percent of Germans don’t think so, and only 19 percent do.”

Merkel’s ridiculous allowance of refugees has been a bane in the existence of a sovereign Germany for the better part of a year, with Europe as a whole bearing the brunt of the foolish open border policies of the liberal and globalist world.

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