I can’t help comparing two faintly similar tragedies in our memory.
One happened on October 6, 2006, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
In this instance, a deranged man, Charles Roberts IV, entered an Amish
country school and brutally murdered several young children.  One
account stated that there was not a desk or chair in the school that
was not splattered with blood.  He had entered the school, boarded up
the doors and entryways and then proceeded to execute young, totally
innocent children for the reason only he knows.  He committed suicide
before he could be captured, so no one really knows what was in his
mind.  But the aftermath of that atrocity is indicative of the decay
that has set in in our society during the past fifty years or so.

Even before the massacre at the Amish School had ended, one of the
Amish elders had cautioned a young man: “We should not think evil of
this man.”  And after it had all ended, with several children killed
and others wounded, the Amish community, en masse, already forgave the
murderer and reminded others that “he had a mother, and a family…”
Contrast that to the so-called leaders of the black community who only
thrive on stirring up hatred and civil disobedience in the face of any
opportunity.  Even before the final verdict was reached in the Martin-
Zimmerman trial, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (the infamous Reverend
who never let disaster go to waste), were stirring the cauldron of
hate and violence.  And where was Jeremiah Wright?  Were they
consoling the family of George Zimmerman?  Ahhhh…no…they had other
more sinister things on their minds.

At least, Zimmerman went to court, was tried by a jury, and found
innocent by reason of self defense and no premeditated actions.  He
found an intruder in a gated community and acted as any watchman
should: approach the intruder and interrogate him.  Unfortunately it
turned out ugly and Martin was shot.  No one knows every excruciating
detail of the incident, but it is common fact, (no thanks to the
pandering media) that Martin already had a rap sheet; had been in
trouble many times before and had an unsavory reputation. And he was
not the young, baby-faced kid portrayed by the photos the media
presented to the public.  His mother had those photos copyrighted
almost immediately so as not to show the angry face of a belligerent
teenager gone bad.

Again, contrast the Martin-Zimmerman case with the total forgiveness
and grace exhibited by the Amish community toward a heinous crime that
left several families with their young, beautiful promising children
entombed in the nearby cemetery for eternity.  Does one even
comprehend the anguish in the hearts of those parents and grandparents
over such a loss?  I doubt it.  But it was in their hearts to forgive
and get on with life.  No revenge; no demonstrations; no “Al Sharpton-
Jesse Jackson ‘get evens’.”  Is there a message for the black
community and its’ leaders?  Yes, I think there is.  Enter
civilization – and act accordingly.