This article is part one of a four part series investigating the links between the United States Department of Agriculture and radical animal rights organizations. These articles were commissioned by The Cavalry Group, a national organization which defends the Constitutional rights of animal owners and breeders.

For most Americans, contact with the United States Department of Agriculture is rare, save for reading the occasional sticker on a package of ground chuck or baby carrots. For farmers and animal breeders, the USDA is an ever-present and often arduous force. Decisions made by these bureaucrats determine the viability and fate of many farms and livestock-based businesses every day. Just as we have seen with the EPA and other agencies, this power makes the USDA a ripe target for infiltration by extremist elements on the Left who seek to radically remake American life.

At the forefront of organizations pressuring the USDA is the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Many people believe that HSUS is a friendly organization that raises money for pet shelters through sappy commercials featuring abandoned dogs and cats. In reality, HSUS is a radical animal organization with an agenda similar to PETA. Despite what their commercials lead unsuspecting donors to believe, remarkably, only1% of HSUS donations go to animal shelters of any kind. The lion’s share is funneled into a massive animal rights lobbying organization, buying off politicians in order to pass regulations that make raising livestock or purebred pets prohibitively expensive. Ultimately, HSUS would like to see a meat-free America with all pets being adopted from shelters and all hunting and fishing prohibited by law. Many at HSUS even believe that animals should be granted the same inalienable rights that citizens in the United States are afforded under the Constitution, including standing to sue their owners. Sounds crazy, right? Well, about that…

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