Author Ann Coulter sparred with Joy Behar on Reaganomics on Wednesday’s episode of The View.  “How are you going to solve it if you don’t have any revenue coming in?” asked Joy Behar of the conservative commentator, who is currently promoting her latest book, Demonic.  “When Reagan cut taxes, each year, as the taxes went down, revenue to the treasury went up”  Coulter responded.

As The View’s most ardent leftist, Behar went on to try to blame bad loans and the housing crisis on Republicans.  Coulter merely rebutted with the facts.  “You cannot blame the Republicans on that” said Coulter.  “The big banks then bundled them to the mortgage-backed securities, they got spread out into everyone’s portfolio. So it was like a poison in the economy.”

Coulter also deflected blows delivered by Whoopi Goldberg, who trolled out the classic trope of the Clinton surpluses being annihilated by the Bush tax cuts.  “Where did that money go?  What happens?  What’s happening?” the comedian asked. “Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, paying congressional salaries” Coulter shot back.

The View’s audience was audibly irritated by Coulter’s suggestion that entitlements were part of the problem.  “I’d even go beyond blaming the politicians. I mean, it is the people. It’s very hard to take their treats away. Once you start giving them the treats to tell them we’re going to take them away is very hard.”

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