World Net Daily asked Ann Cuolter 10 questions delving deeper into the issue to let Americans know just what is at stake and what they can do about it.

Why will passing amnesty hurt Republicans?

Amnesty will lead to the immiseration of millions of Americans as low-wage workers will be out of work entirely or working at meaningless low-wage jobs. In either event they’ll be required to depend on government to get by. The 30 million Hispanics who already are citizens or legal residents will be in the same boat as the rest of us. Many of them will be earning less and less, unable to get ahead or to assimilate. It’s not just amnesty, but legal immigration that needs to be curtailed to give the mass of immigrants from the last several decades time to make money, get ahead and assimilate to American culture. That’s how you create a Republican: Give him a job. You create a Democrat by giving him welfare. A lot more Americans of all races will need government assistance, thanks to Rubio’s amnesty/mass immigration bill.

If amnesty won’t help the GOP, why are prominent Republicans pushing it?

Because the plutocrats want it. All the rich Republican donors want cheap labor, and their high-priced lobbyists have convinced the stupidest Republicans that it’s a great idea. As Jorge Borjas of Harvard has pointed out, amnesty transfers wealth from the bottom of society to the top. The rich get cheap labor and the bottom third get crappy, low-wage jobs.

Is there any way to stop amnesty – what should people do?

CALL CONGRESS! There is no issue on which the elites and the people are so divided – but patriotic Americans have been lulled into a sense of complacency. Right now, there is a good chance this monstrosity will become law.

Call NOW and say:

1) We will primary any Republican who votes for this bill.

2)  We want absolutely no House bill on immigration! Not even a bill to build a fence and enforce E-Verify. Until the Senate is safely in Republican hands – and preferably Rubio-free – the House should not vote on anything resembling an immigration bill. If it does, the House bill will go to “conference” with the Senate … and come out an amnesty bill. An amnesty bill would pass in the House right now. (It will get the votes of 100 percent of Democrats and enough stupid Republicans, e.g., Paul Ryan.)

If amnesty passes, is it time to ditch the GOP and start a new party? (Or would it already be too late?)

Too late. If the Rubio amnesty bill passes, the country will be finished. There will be no point in fighting for anything anymore. All we will have left to do is take revenge on the people who destroyed this country, starting with desecrating Teddy Kennedy’s grave and moving on to primarying every Republican who voted for it.

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