Another Chicago disarmament plan has taken a major hit, with a judge’s ruling that sides with the Second Amendment Foundation over the city’s rules restricting gun ranges.

A federal judge this week agreed with the SAF “on key points” of the case, Ezell v. Chicago, which challenged the city’s code by asserting that the regulations regarding gun ranges are burdensome.

In a 32-page decision, U.S. District Court Judge Virginia M. Kendall concurred with SAF’s positions on the city’s zoning and requirements regarding hours of operation, the foundation said.

The organization previously brought a successful legal challenge to the city’s outright ban on gun ranges.

To comply with city rules for having or carrying weapons, citizens must pay a huge fee and take mandatory training at a gun range. However, the city initially banned gun ranges, meaning anyone wanting a gun permit had to travel to another city to get the mandatory training.

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