History repeats itself. There have been  persecutions of various
peoples throughout history.  One of the most persecuted groups
in the history of mankind is Christians.  As it was from
year zero, through the Middle Ages, and up to the present, things
have not changed.  Nor will they, given the present climate.
What is different today is that the persecuttionis fomented from so many
different directions.  What is the same, however, is that the
animosity is still directed toward Christians.

Take a look at the Book of Acts.  A certain man had in hand a little
list.  He was on his way to the city of Damascus.  The list was given
him by the head of his religion in Jerusalem.  It contained the names
of those he was going to arrest and put out of commission.  He,
himself, was a leader in his religion, but there were many of his
compatriots who “saw the light” and departed from the establishment.
That could not be tolerated.  He had already witnessed the death by
stoning of one named Stephen and he was eager to continue his mayhem.
Somehow, along the way, he literally “saw the light.”  A voice from
Heaven asked, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”  God was
beginning to turn around a man whose only vision before this encounter
was to put to death those who would not recant.  A man so bent on his
destructive venture that no one could believe that he could change.
But he did…a one hundred eighty degree: from ultimate persecutor to
the world’s greatest Evangelist.  Saul of Tarsus to Paul the Apostle.

Today we have “leaders” in our black communities who seem to be
visually impaired.  But God is able to “turn around” even the Sauls of
the present age.  Al Sharpton, a Saul leading his people to
destruction in his unwavering campaign to sow animosity and hatred of
others not of his persuasion.  A man with such fervor, aided and
abetted by his own President, is inciting to riot, a crime.  He should
be attempting to heal the divide and lead his people through the
desert, not into it.  It would be a modern day miracle to see God’s
hand in stopping him before he ever “gets to Damascus.”  With God, all
things are possible.  I will be praying for Al; he could become
another Paul.  The world needs as many of those as it can get.
Meanwhile, there are others of his community who are true leaders and
peacemakers whose message their constituents would be wise to
consider.  Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. James David Manning, Bishop Jackson,
Dr. Alvaeda King, just to mention a few.  There are dozens more.  If
the media had even a slight desire for evenness in covering the
peacemakers versus the rioters, we could expect a change of heart in
those who have no vision of a civilized future.

Mr. Sharpton could also be today’s Moses, leading his people to the
promised land rather than to destruction and chaos.  And Jesse, and
Barack, and Eric, you can help him.  The present “colors” are not
Fast; they can be changed.  If I were Mr. Sharpton, I would consider
it the most magnanimous undertaking of my life to look back some day
and say to myself: “I was a healer; I led my people in righteousness,
away from their self-destructiveness and into a better life.”  Let
your light so shine…