We have posted many times examples that public school teachers have used their classrooms for political propaganda brainwashing as much as they are being used for teaching. In many cases, the two are being combined as if to hide their intent.

Earlier this month, we reported on a teacher at Saratoga Springs High School in New York who intentionally interjected personal political agenda into a lesson plan that villainized President Donald Trump:

“A tenth-grade teacher at the high school was teaching a lesson on fascism and how it played a part in leading to World War II. In the discussion on Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler and Italy’s leader Benito Mussolini, the teacher compared President Donald Trump to the to Nazi and Fascist leaders. The teacher also included a comparison of Trump to Russia’s leader Joseph Stalin.”

Another graphic listed “early warning signs of fascism”:

  • Nationalism
  • Obsession with national security
  • Religion and government intertwined
  • Rampant sexism
  • Fraudulent elections
  • Obsession with crime and punishment

“The entire lesson plan was posted to the school district’s website for everyone to see. However, after Fox News columnist Todd Starnes began investigating the lesson and asking questions, the lesson was removed from the general open website, but was still available to faculty, teachers and students who had passwords to the internal website.”

Also, earlier this month, students at Hudson High School, in Hudson, New York were given a pair of surveys that forced them to think racially and politicly liberal. According to the report:

“The race survey asked students to identify with a race, then presented them with a series of questions about certain situations.”

“‘A Latino man, a black man, and a white man commit the same crime on different dates. Who do you think is getting the longest sentence?’ one question asked.”

“The answers provided required students to pick one of the three.”

“Other questions included:”

“‘A police officer raids a party to find a lot of teens with Marijuana. Who do you think he’ll assume is the drug dealer’ …”

“‘A cop pulls over a Mercedes who seems to be following all traffic laws. The driver of the Mercedes is most likely’ …”

“‘The only way you could answer it was, like, that you’re looking to be racist,’ Holmes told WTEN. ‘You should have a right to what you want to answer and what you don’t want to answer’.”

“The other survey asked students whether Donald Trump should be impeached, and provided the possible answers of yes, no, and Option 3. Both surveys were riddled with grammatical and typographical errors.”

Now a third incident has been reported in the past two weeks. In this one, a teacher at Timber Ridge Middle School in Joliet, Illinois, again interjected personal political views into a class vocabulary lesson. The incident was made public when one parent, Rebecca Ann Gomez posted her daughter’s lesson to Facebook, where she posted:

“This is a test that my 8th grade daughter was given by her Language Arts teacher. This is unexceptable to put her views into our children’s head know matter what her side is!! I am one unhappy parent!!”

anti-trump vocabulary

According to EAGNews:

“The post included a fill-in-the-blank vocabulary quiz riddled with grammatical errors that leaves little doubt as to what the teacher thinks about the new president. The assignment instructs students to fill in the blank using vocabulary words in the proper tense, with each sentence ‘worth 1 points’.”

“The four statements about President Trump include:”

There is great (        ) among Americans, especially those who are strong supporter (sic) of President Trump and those who are against him.

The President of the United States (        ) accused the media of covering up terrorist attacks in European countries.

I have (       ) to seek out non-biased news so that I am a well-educated and informed citizen.

It was difficult for me to (        ) my feeling (sic) when I learned that Donald J. Trump had been voted in as our 45thPresident.

After reading about President Trump’s immigration ban, I did not realize how (       ) the law can be.

“Gomez’s daughter Ana filled in the blacks with the vocabulary words ‘adversity,’ ‘arduously,’ ‘motive,’ ‘apprehend,’ and ‘radical,’ respectively. The teacher marked off ‘apprehend,’ which was apparently supposed to be ‘comprehend’.”

“Gomez told the Patch her daughter took the quiz about a month ago and it was returned by the teacher last Wednesday.”

“‘I was just mortified,’ she said. ‘I was shocked when I actually saw the questions – I couldn’t believe that a teacher would write those questions’.”

This is why it is so important for parents to take an active role in their kid(s) education. If possible, get them into a private school. If not possible, take a proactive role and investigate what they are being taught. We’ve seen far too many instances similar to this where public school teachers are spending more time indoctrinating their students with their own personal agendas (political, sexual, ethnic, etc.) than they are actually teaching them. It’s the job of you, the parents, to fight against and counter this kind of brainwashing propaganda. If you don’t, your kid(s) will grow up to be just like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, OR WORSE!