New York legislators are set to exempt ex-cops from the SAFE Act’s unconstitutional provisions. Texans may scoff at Empire State politicians trampling on their residents’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, but Lone Star state pols are no less guilty of enacting a two-tier legal framework for gun owners. To wit this from “Earlier this week, lawmakers added language into a bill that was designed to levy penalties for keeping guns out of public buildings where they should be allowed. The new language said the nine statewide elected officials and all 150 members of the Legislature who held concealed handgun licenses could carry their guns anywhere in Texas.” And then it got worse . . .

Under state law, CHL holders are prohibited from carrying guns into a handful of public places, including bars, sporting events, schools and federal buildings. Also excluded are privately-owned buildings that have a no-weapons sign posted.

When the bill author, Rep. Ryan Guillen, D-Rio Grande City, [above] came back with the bill, some of his colleagues were upset, including [Rep. Kenneth] Sheets.

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