Colt’s Manufacturing doesn’t want to leave Connecticut—a state its called home for 175 years—but the company may be forced to if new gun laws are passed. The legislature is currently debating a number of proposals including an expanded assault weapon ban, ammunition restrictions, a new gun offender registry and a ban on bulk purchases of handguns, according to Fox News.

“Colt has manufactured the commercial semi-automatic version of the AR since 1963,” the company’s President and CEO Dennis Veilleux wrote in a recent column. “This product is the backbone of our business and is very important to us and our customers.”

But Gov. Dan Malloy is on board with the gun-control measures and says that regardless of whether or not there’s bipartisan agreement, he intends to ban this weapon.

“At some point, if you can’t sell your products…then you can’t run your business,” Veilleux told “You need customers to buy your products to stay in business.”

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