As the debate over the government shutdown continues and the finger pointing ensues the president once again refuses to lead.  Instead he prefers to shutdown the government and once again inflict as much pain as possible on the American people just like sequestration.  It is apparent that the only thing this president is interested in is HIS healthcare, his way, which is forcing it on the American people and punishing anyone who dissents.  The gridlock and lack of discussion shows the arrogance of the ruling class and how dysfunctional the government has become.

Amazing how everything hinges on this legislation and the American people be damned if the petulant little president can’t have his way.  His vindictive personality is seen in his refusal to talk to or negotiate with U.S. elected officials, while having no problem negotiating and talking to terrorists and our enemies.  Once again he insists on inflicting as much pain on the American taxpayer as possible.   The only thing different between this episode and sequestration is that he has not gone on vacation.   I hope the taxpaying voting bloc finally wakes up and realizes that this administration doesn’t care about any of them, and the only well being Obama is concerned about is his own.

Obama arrogantly tells us how everyone wants this healthcare but then tell me why Barack and Michele were not the first in line to sign up for it. The bill he wants is not even what was passed but what he has changed 19 times and exempted 12,000 people from, while missing 48 mandatory target dates.  He has also missed the polls that show over 75% of Americans are opposed to it.

The good news is that during this latest budget battle we get a real glimpse of what the Democrats and Progressives on Capitol Hill are really all about.  Obama not only won’t negotiate with U.S. officials he closes open air parks to the very American heroes who made this country exceptional while defending his right to be the south end of a north bound horse.  You have Harry Reid not caring about kids with cancer because his union worker buddies who are out of work, courtesy of his obstructionism, are more important to him than average Americans.  You have Debbie Wasserman Shultz refusing to give up her pay during the shutdown, but that is no surprise as she is another royal entitlement politician.  You also got to see that when the Republicans offered funding the government to include Obamacare, but with no exemptions or exceptions, which means our elected officials have to fully participate, they denied that bill as well.  Why is it that our public servants feel that it is acceptable to keep passing legislation that applies only to us, the working class, but not to them.  America wake up and realize that the vast majority of public servants are not serving anyone but themselves.  Their power and perquisites have become their quest, not the American people.  Harry Reid who talks of holding the American people hostage is the biggest hostage holder in the US.  He continues to show how unreasonable the Democrat Party truly is by refusing to introduce legislation passed in the House that would benefit the American people.  Everything is about his power and his way.

The good to come from the shutdown and Obamacare would be to see the Congress forced to operate as the founder’s intended as they offer separate bills for separate funding.  One bill, one issue in less than 20 pages. The massive 3,000 page pieces of legislation packed with pork, and payoffs for special interest groups, was never the intent of our founders.  All legislation should be short and specific, one bill one issue.  This would provide transparency in dealing with a specific issue and how much funding is provided.  The reason it no longer happens the way the Founders intended is that the more pages the bill includes the more hiding places for the pork.  Our founders intended for legislation to be passed only when needed and Congress to meet infrequently as necessary to pass legislation.  How could they have imagined we would have the gargantuan operation that we have today which passes legislation and regulations that they can’t keep up with?

The Hill is so out of control and out of touch it is time we fire all the royals and start again with term limits.  The first to go should be those who have been in DC the longest: Reid, McCain, Graham, McCaulski, Pelosi, Hoyer, McConnell, etc.  Fire all their staffs as well and don’t let them come back.  Also tell them to take the lobbyists with them.  I hate that anyone has to lose a paycheck but let’s get real and acknowledge that during this recession the only city that has had household incomes grow by over 20% other than the private oil producing states has been Washington DC, and what do they produce?   The growth of Federal jobs during the Obama administration has been nothing short of phenomenal and there are places where jobs need to be cut to streamline the government. There are now over two million civilian employees working for the Federal Government not including the 1.4 million military members.  Contrast that with Apple, a company responsible for creating or supporting nearly 600,000 jobs for U.S. workers which includes everyone from engineers to delivery personnel and you realize how bloated the US government really is.

The good news with Obamacare going into operation is that the president now gets to keep his promise about creating jobs.  As employers cut everyone’s hours back to less than 24 hours per week it will now take twice the part time workers to do the same amount of work the full time people were doing and for the savings employers might actually see bigger profits indicating the economy really can grow under Obama.