In the schools I visit daily, bullying is a hot-button issue.  Posters with catchy phrases and all kinds of programs are being employed as a perceived fix to this problem.  Back in the day you dealt with a bully by facing him.  Force vs. force as the bully with a bloody nose soon saw things differently.  To paraphrase Aretha Franklin, standing up to the bully gained you a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  Just like the story of Abe Lincoln standing up to the town bully Jack Armstrong.  When Abe stood tall against him, Mr. Armstrong was no longer a problem for the town. Today in the United States our public servants or Employees now think they know more than their employers on issues ranging from finances to religious freedom, and energy to healthcare, and they want to control it all.  A bestselling book talks about the Golden rule; which states…So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you” or more simply stated, treat others the way you want to be treated.  This book is full of common-sense principles to live by, but we have allowed Washington to remove it from our schools even though it could actually solve the bullying problem on a local and national scale.  The D.C. ruling aristocracy feels that they don’t need any rules themselves, yet the rest of us should have to live by the rules imposed on us by them.  In their mind rules that apply to us don’t apply to them. Our employees—elected officials and government bureaucrats—defiantly disregard their employers, the American people, and do what they want, with no respect or regard for anyone but themselves.

The D.C. elites, pretending to be leaders, have confused the Bully pulpit with Bullying.  The definition of the Bully Pulpit is; An important public position that allows a person to express beliefs and opinions to many people (i.e. Because of your position you have the ability to speak out on any issue and be heard).  The bully pulpit worked with Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Lincoln and other early leaders because they were men of humility, character, integrity and accountability, unlike today’s ruling class. Today’s career politicians are arrogant, and have little or no character, integrity, or accountability.  Our founders realized that their office and the bully pulpit gave them the vehicle to express their opinions but not to impose or force them on everyone.  Today Obama and the D.C. elites rule from the bully pulpit using bully tactics to impose their views and opinions rather than express them for open and honest debate.  If you can’t legislate, regulate or take it to the courts is their cry.  Last week the president even stated he would do all through executive orders if he could.  In a further abuse of authority anyone who disagrees with them is subject to bullying by way of scathing personal attacks or intimidation using agencies of the government such as the IRS, NSA, EPA, AG, or the National Park Service. Their actions against our international enemies are not as vindictive as they are against Americans.  They are vindictive, personal, and targeted against anyone, who shows opposition in action or word.  With the cover and compliance of the mainstream media, dissenters are attacked and when the abuse of power is exposed the president is seen as being far removed from the scandal, or even surprised by the event.  As people say, Obama and Holder are in charge of everything and responsible for nothing.


A bully is defined as a blustering browbeating person; especially: one habitually cruel to others who are weaker, 2. A hired ruffian; a thug.  Sounds like Chicago politics.  A bully does not want to listen to anyone else’s inputs or opinions but rather wants to have everything his way and will stop at nothing to impose his desires upon anyone he perceives to be weaker than himself.  Since the 2008 election the Democratic party leadership has stated “ We Won”, or in the presidents case “ I won”, “we don’t have to do it anyone else’s way or take any inputs”, “we were given a mandate”, “we don’t have to compromise on anything”, or “we won’t compromise.” Interesting how when the Republicans took the House back in 2010 that was not a mandate and Democrats still played the “I won, we won” card.  After the government shutdown one prominent Democrat stated “we got everything we wanted and the Republicans got nothing” Their arrogance and bullying have created the most toxic work environment that Washington, D.C. has ever seen.

A bully is merely a coward who will keep pushing until someone is willing to stand up to him and hold his ground. Those who stand against bullies often become the inspiration for others to stand up as well. Rather than stand up to the D.C. bullies the Republicans act like former hostages suffering from Stockholm syndrome. They cower before the town bullies instead of standing their ground.  They are so neutered that when a voice of opposition stands up within the party they become bullies themselves trashing their own party members. Establishment politicians not wanting friction lose their perceived credibility. In the movie Remember the Titans there is a scene where the two main characters meet in confrontation. When Gary tells Julius his attitude stinks. Julius replies, “Are you the Captain?  Are you the leader?” To which Gary responds, “Yes.” To this Julius states, “Attitude reflects Leadership”.  The current bullying attitude in Washington, D.C. is just another example of the total lack of leadership today, and their poor example is impacting society down to our schools. Maybe they should take a pointer from that bestselling book and do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit and treat others the way they want to be treated.  It might just work.