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It would be nice if fellow conservatives who are against a convention could make a logical argument and engage in a sensible debate instead of just ignoring facts and doing nothing to try and fix our country.

Check it out:


I’m not sure what else to say about the bizarre and irrational ramblings of Joe Wolverton, “J.D.”, of the John Birch Society and his attempt to demean the fantastic, conservative patriots fighting for an Article V Convention to limit the scope, power and jurisdiction of the federal government. We’re getting emails about the post, and it’s being circulated like one of those bad Nigerian email scams. While normally I would simply dismiss a bizarre rant by an unknown individual such as this, I want those fighting for a Convention of States to know we take their emails seriously.

While it’s impossible to take Joe’s post seriously, we do take it seriously when Article V supporters reach out. The main concern we’ve heard is that people who haven’t had a chance to get informed about Article V might be misled by Joe’s post. That’s a legitimate concern, so I’ll do my best in this short post to suppress my laughter (but not the mockery) and provide some perspective.

In summary, Joe wants all the incredible, brilliant and dedicated conservatives in the Article V movement to know that we’re just simpletons who’ve been duped by the radical left and the evil George Soros into supporting an Article V Convention of States to restrain the scope, power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Really. That’s his point. We’re all just unwitting tools of the radical left.

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