If someone had the time, they could fill a book with all of the many lies and twisted facts used by anti-gun advocates to promote their agenda of stripping away our 2nd Amendment rights. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were experts at spreading lies and twisting facts in such a way as to make the public believe that guns were evil, had minds of their own and caused those who possessed them to use them for evil purposes. They also tried time and again to convince everyone that guns were the cause of all the gun violence, especially mass shootings and the best solution was to get rid of all of the guns. Australia has proven just how wrong that solution is.

Some states and cities have worked hard to ban as many types of guns and gun accessories as possible. They have also worked hard to establish laws that make gun owners and prospective gun buyers jump through as many hoops as possible so as to make it difficult and unpleasant to own or purchase a gun.

But when all else fails, anti-gun advocates turn to their repertoire of false rhetoric in hopes of influencing others to think in the same warped way they do. A prime example is Hannah Willard, Public Safety Director of Equality Florida.

To begin with, the name Equality Florida is a lie as they don’t want equality. What they want is for everyone to be like them. they don’t want others, especially those that have opposing views to be equal. If they did, there would be no need for their organization to exist. By equality, they mean ‘their way or no way’ which is the exact opposite of equality.

Recently, Willard appeared with several other anti-gun advocates outside the Florida Capitol Building to speak in support of SB 1334 and HB 1113, a pair of bills that would tighten up firearm background checks in Florida. While speaking in support of the bills, Willard stated:

“Experts estimate that 40 percent of gun sales occur in no-questions-asked transactions that often take place at gun shows or on the Internet.”

In her defense, Willard says she got her information from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which states:

“Since taking effect in 1994, the law has blocked more than 3 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers including felons, domestic abusers, and other dangerous individuals.”

“The bottom line: background checks work. But today, experts estimate that 40% of gun sales occur in ‘no questions asked’ transactions that often take place over the Internet or at gun shows where, in most states, background checks are not required. This dangerous loophole puts thousands and thousands of guns in the hands of dangerous people like domestic abusers, felons and the dangerously mentally ill.”

“What is being done about the 40% of gun sales not subjected to Brady background checks?”

Willard, so like many others, are quick to repeat rhetoric used by others without first finding out how accurate that rhetoric is. In her case and that of the Brady Campaign, the 40% no background check figure is no longer backed up by facts.

Politifact is not the most conservative source around and sometimes has been known to lean to the left in some of their findings, but we have to give them credit in ferreting out the facts in this case and showing that the 40% figure is not accurate. According to Politifact Florida:

“To us, this was a familiar — and imperfect — talking point often raised by supporters of stricter gun laws. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe earned a Mostly False when he used it, as the statistic stems from survey data undertaken in 1994 and that included firearms given as gifts or inheritances, not just sold. When the authors of the study — Jens Ludwig of the University of Chicago and Philip Cook of Duke University — adjusted the results to include only the guns sold, the number sold without background checks declined to between 14 percent and 22 percent.”

“In 2015, Cook told PolitiFact that he and his co-author didn’t know whether their findings were relevant any longer, and added that no current national study had been published.”

“We decided to check in again with the co-authors regarding Willard’s statement. Cook responded with some urgent news.”

“‘We finally have an up-to-date survey that provides a good answer to the question of what percentage of gun transactions do not involve a background check,’ Cook said.”

“Researchers Matthew Miller, Lisa Hepburn, and Deborah Azrael published a study in the January 2017 edition of the journal Annals of Internal Medicine that was specifically undertaken to update the 1994 data.”

“The researchers asked 1,613 adult gun owners where and when they acquired their last firearm, including whether it was purchased, and whether they had either a background check or were asked to show a firearm license or permit.”

“The answer: 22 percent obtained their gun without a background check. That’s barely half of the 40 percent figure that has gained wide currency for more than two decades.” [Bold emphasis mine]

Once again, we find so many anti-gun advocates like Willard, the Brady Campaign and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), repeating inaccurate rhetoric for the sake of their anti-gun agenda. Next time you hear a liberal use this piece of falsehood, call them on it and refer them to this post. After all, 22% no background checks is a lot less impressive than 40%, and takes the wind out of their sails, if you know what I mean.