Has America ever had a commander in chief that harbored more animosity toward the military than Barack Obama?  It is as if Barack Obama has been waiting all of his life to get back at the military for some secret grudge.  Of course when you consider that his friends and associates include several members of 1960s radical anti-war Marxist groups, the reasons behind his hard feelings toward the military begin to reveal themselves.  When Obama is associated with former members of the misnamed Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)—a Marxist organization that supported the Communist North Vietnamese while they were killing young American soldiers—it should come as no surprise that he harbors anti-military bias.

With this said, another question comes to mind: Has there ever been a worse time for America to have an anti-military commander in chief?  Every day there are terrorist plots being hatched somewhere in the world for the purpose of destroying America.  How has President Obama responded to these threats?  By downsizing the military.  Every day the Chinese take another step toward achieving their goal of military superiority over the United States. How has the president responded to the Chinese threat?  By cutting way back on production of the F-35 strike fighter, America’s most important weapon against the Chinese.  President Obama exemplifies the post-1960s approach of the left for pursuing its animosity toward the military: praise in public while undermining in private.

The president learned the hard way that there is a political price to be paid for criticizing our men and women in uniform.  Consequently, he is now often heard extolling the virtues of the military, especially in cases where doing so will allow him to make political hay.  He has become especially adept at jumping in front of military parades once he is sure that the mission was successful.  But Americans should never confuse political opportunism with respect for the military.

Consider Obama’s handling of the Seal team that eliminated Osama Bin Laden.  Because the long-awaited death of the despised terrorist was such good news to Americans of all stripes, President Obama was full of praise for the courageous Navy Seals who carried out the mission.  Predictably, leftist journalists rushed to credit Obama with the kill of the century.  Conveniently forgotten in all the praise for the president was his earlier attempt to prosecute Navy Seals for allegedly bloodying the nose of a terrorist.  When Navy Seals treat a terrorist no rougher than six year-old boys treat each other on the playground, the Obama administration wants to prosecute them.  This incident, not the Osama Bin Laden mission, shows what Obama and his fellow travelers on the left really think about the military.

Having never served in the military, President Obama lacks an appreciation for the sacrifices military personnel and their families are asked to make for the sake of America’s national defense.  Further, he either does not understand or does not care how his misguided policies and budget cuts affect the ability of military personnel to perform their duties.  Following the tragedy of 9-11, our country underwent what appeared to be a transformation. Liberals, conservatives, and moderates pulled together in a show of patriotism.  “We Will Never Forget” bumper stickers could be seen displayed on the automobiles of people from both ends of the political spectrum.  American flags were proudly displayed and the military was once again afforded a level of respect it had not enjoyed since the end of World War II.  Unfortunately, but predictably, this surge of national unity was short-lived. Many people who claimed they would “never forget” quickly forgot.

President Obama harbors a thinly disguised animus toward the military.  Although he claims otherwise, his knee-jerk reaction to anything in uniform can be seen in the decisions he makes.  If President Obama had to cut one dollar in social spending for every dollar he cuts in military spending, the military would not be the target of cuts.  But that is not likely to happen with a president who views himself as America’s Director in Chief of social programs.