September 1, 2001, was a day when the lives of everyone in the United States changed forever. On April 15, 2013 they changed again…forever. First, two young hate-filled Islamists, whom we had in our education system for eight years yet couldn’t deter from maiming a little girl and murdering her nine year old brother in the name of Jihad. A single nineteen year old punk then went on to paralyze a major US city for almost an entire day. We may all rest assured that his fellow hate-filled terrorists took note of this. This will now be the new normal line of attack against us…unless…

Second, we found out that what was first described as a “dark skinned young man” was first a suspect, then a “person of interest” and finally a cooperative witness. This, all just a day or two before The Blaze reported that this same person had been slapped with the highest terrorist designation the US government has and been scheduled for immediate deportation. The following day the terrorist designation was removed as was the deportation order.

Third, we now know that the Russians had repeatedly warned the FBI about Tsarnaev . The Obama Administration led FBI (surely with the words from Director Mueller and his latest instructional video on proper sensitivity and respect when dealing with Islam ringing in their ears) questioned Tsarnaev, found him to be an absolutely swell guy and then…left. Tsarnaev then goes to Russia, spends 6 months at one of the most radical mosques in the world and returns to the US to post hate filled and violent threats against the United States. None of this even raises an eyebrow in the Janet Napolitano led behemoth (and we now know breathtakingly ineffective) Department Of Homeland Security.

Fourth, on Friday, and with all of the above being known by everyone, the focus of our current President’s comments regarding Boston centered on not jumping to conclusions and being sensitive to Islam. There was nothing about his administration’s failures that led to the death and maiming of innocent Americans. The President went on with a few empty and meaningless clichés. The one that jumped out at me the most was “we are going to do everything we can to make sure this never happens again”. My reaction to that…no you won’t. The President won’t do a darned thing to stop the next attack that is surely coming because he refuses to even take step one.

All of the above happened because as this columnist has said several times before, we are led by yellow cowards. The tendency of all Democrats, some Republicans and most of the media to dither on ad-nauseum about nuance such as whether or not Jihad really means “to wage holy war” (it does) or “to better one’s self” (ludicrous if you read the Koran) is presented as a more intellectual and analytical approach to the problem. Instead it is just cowardice in disguise.
Twelve years after 9-11 and we still have not accurately defined the enemy! Twelve years, endless commissions, hundreds of billions of dollars, and we can’t even keep these two goons on the radar of the local police department? Why? Because no one has the courage to admit the obvious. Our struggle is not against a few radicals who have perverted an otherwise peaceful religion. Our struggle is against a political movement that has cloaked itself in a religion.
This has to stop. We the people simply will not survive if this is allowed to stand. Call your congressman now. Then call them again tomorrow. I just called mine. Demand that we change our policy on student visas to exclude those with radical Islamist ties. Demand that we stop this bone-headed moratorium on not profiling. We need to be profiling. Had we profiled these two would have either been in jail or Guantanamo Bay a long time ago. And finally, start looking now for men and women of courage to support in local and national elections. God knows there are not nearly enough Allen West’s, Ted Cruz’s and Michelle Bachman’s in D.C. now.
Whether or not we offend Islam should not even be a part of the conversation at a time of national tragedy like this. It certainly should not be our focus. American Muslims are not suffering any persecution over “stereotypes” that’s ridiculous on its face. We don’t do that in this country with the exception of extremely rare isolated incidents. Instead our complete and total focus should be on purging our society of Jihadists, those who promote Sharia, and the importation of more radicals under the guise of “students”. Then we should have a serious conversation about radical Islam…one that throws the politically correct out on their ear.
I said at the beginning of this column that everything changed on April 15th? How so? You may ask. It changed because as of that date you know, the world knows and most tragically, the terrorists know, that despite the heroic efforts of our military over the last decade or so, we are actually further away than ever from avoiding the establishment of a US based Islamic Caliphate.

Chris Skates has 23 years’ experience in power plant chemistry and environmental issues. He is the author of the novel Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing to Do With the Environment and an Adjunct Scholar of The Cornwall Alliance. You can follow him on Twitter or follow his blog at