Barack Obama has spent his entire six years in office demonstrating his preference for Muslims, secular humanists, Europeans, homosexuals, abortionists, and even golf over Christianity. As verified by his former “pastor” Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s only interest in Christianity is how it can help or hurt him politically. Further, President Obama has played a key role in transforming America into a society in which it has become not just acceptable but sporting to discriminate against Christians. Now his feelings are hurt because Christians are critical of him. We aren’t “loving” enough for the thin-skinned president. Imagine that. Apparently the President expects Christians to thank him for helping promote a culture that treats followers of Christ like lepers. Any Christian who is not critical of Barack Obama is either hopelessly out of touch or living in a state of delusion.

Apparently our pouting President thinks Christians are supposed to sit back and meekly accept the abuse dished out by liberals and homosexual groups who treat them like a punching bag. If the President had studied the Bible more closely—make that at all—he would know what happened when Jesus got fed up with the moneychangers in the Temple. Just as Jesus grew weary of the abuse and hypocrisy of the Pharisees, Christians are growing weary of the abuse of liberals and homosexuals. Frankly, Christians in America are getting tired of turning the other cheek when their religious freedom is being stomped on by homosexual bullies and left-wing zealots. Christians are also getting tired of being on the losing end of a double standard that favors every other group in society over them. For example, in recent weeks the owners of Muslim-owned bakeries have been covertly filmed refusing to serve people posing as homosexuals. Where is the outrage against these Muslim-owned businesses? Where are the charges of discrimination? Why is there a double standard in which Christians are always the losers while other groups get a pass?

Interestingly, it appears that those questioning the tactics of homosexual bullies may now include some on the left as well as an increasing number of homosexuals. When radical homosexuals use the same types of tactics that for years were used against them, their goal is vengeance not fairness. When they apply the same kinds of tactics used by Hitler’s thugs against Jewish businesses prior to World War II, they have crossed the line from protesting to bullying and coercion. Since Americans have an inherent respect for fair play, they are offended by these kinds of tactics. Americans are also offended by what they perceive as a double standard in which Christians are punished while other groups get a pass for taking the same stand. As a result, Americans in growing numbers are beginning to speak up when Christian businesses are threatened, coerced, and abused by people who have no qualms about stepping on the religious beliefs of others; beliefs that are explicitly protected in the U.S. Constitution.

It is one thing for homosexuals to expect to be served in restaurants and other businesses just like anyone else. This is their right and no one should violate it. But don’t be fooled by the distorted reporting of the mainstream media. This is not what is happening in Christian businesses that are being charged with discrimination and hounded out of business by homosexual bullies and government tyrants.  Christian businesses are not refusing to serve or hire homosexuals. Rather, they are refusing to honor specific requests made by homosexuals that violate their Christian principles. For example, if a homosexual walks into a bakery and orders a cake, no one should refuse to serve him simply because he is gay, and this is not what is happening. But if the same homosexual orders a cake that contains wording or images supportive of same-sex marriage, the business should be able to refuse because supporting same-sex marriage violates the proprietor’s Christian principles. This is no different than a Jewish homosexual asking a Muslim bakery to make a cake with an inscription that reads “death to Allah.” The distinction is one a third-grader could understand, but homosexual groups and their minions on the left refuse to even acknowledge the distinction.

Homosexual groups that use Nazi-like tactics to coerce Christian businesses into either violating their beliefs or being shut down are overplaying their hand. Right now anti-Christian groups are enjoying the upper hand and, as a result, appear to be drunk with their new-found power. But power is a funny thing. It can shift in the blink of an eye. Don’t believe me? Ask Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Ortega or any one of a long list of now deposed tyrants who became drunk with power and mistakenly thought it would last forever. Tyrannical power never does.

In every case, the downfall of tyrants occurs when they overplay their hand, stiffening the resolve of good people who finally decide they are not going to take it anymore. That’s when the backlash begins. This is the phenomenon that stiffened the backs of the allied soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who fought to bring down Hitler and Tojo. It is also the phenomenon that drove civilians in Nazi-occupied Europe to fight back as underground guerillas. The fickle winds of cultural change are blowing in their favor at the moment, but the bullying tactics of radical homosexuals and their leftwing minions are beginning to wear thin on an American public that believes in fair play and religious freedom.

Most Americans are repulsed by bullies, double standards, threatening behavior, coercion, and the abuse of power, and these are precisely the kinds of behaviors they are seeing from radical homosexuals. Americans are also put off by homosexual groups whose bullying tactics put good people out of work by shutting down businesses the owners of which put their Christian principles ahead of profits. Some Americans are beginning to point out—accurately—that the tactics of radical same-sex marriage proponents are not just wrong they are bad for the economy. In an economy as tepid as ours, anyone or anything that eliminates jobs is suspect.

A backlash is coming that will show up prominently at the ballot box in 2016. Politicians—Democrats and Republicans—who do not recognize this and respond by making religious freedom for Christians part of their campaign rhetoric are going to pay a price in the next presidential election. When the backlash comes—regardless of what forms it takes— Barack Obama, liberals, homosexual bullies, and the mainstream media will have no one but themselves to blame.