Sinister shadows keep leaking out of Washington, D.C.  We have
been hearing of the possibility of the master deceiver afflicting
us with atrocious philosophies now for over six years.  One of
these could be the declaration of martial law; this being, of
course, to afflict us with unnecessary intrusions into our
peaceful, normal lives.  The true purpose, of course, would be
“CONTROL.”  Ever heard of that?

Over 600,000 illegal immigrants being given social security
cards; overriding our immigration policies that Congress should
be care-taking and infiltrating our cities with Muslims from the
Middle East should cause deep concern among all legal citizens.
On the heels of these, and multiple other questionable actions,
comes the “Jade-Helm 15” drill.  What is this?  Glad you asked.
It seems that it is a country-wide military operation of
questionable purpose, but intended to see if the government can
effectively control every person’s life in these 50 united
states.  The term “extraction” pops up, a term used to bust into
any person’s house and “extract” a hostage or two with no fore-
warning, with total military control, using heavy weapons, attack
helicopters, military mobility, etc.  Camps set up to imprison
the arrestees, all in an effort that could conceivably lead to
actually firing on fellow citizens.  Should we be concerned?

When was the last time these type actions were tried on a
peaceful populace?  Can anyone remember Nazi Germany?  Or Mao Tze
Dong and Communist China?  Or Pol Pot in Cambodia?  It’s
important to remember history and how evil men are always
available to twist humanity into a pretzel, even while they watch
in unbelief.  We are watching our constitution being shredded;
our very form of government based on Judeo-Christian principles
being trodden down under political-correctness actions and
hostility toward the greatest historical document ever given to
mankind: God’s Word.  When intelligent rules and advice are
thrown out with the garbage, chaos results.  We are on the verge
of the latter at this point in our illustrious history as “the
shining city on the hill,” when people from every country used to see
America as their ultimate destination.  It still is, in the minds
of millions, but the “Big Rock-Candy Mountain” no longer exists.
It is being shredded daily and there seems to be no brakes to
halt it; Congress has all but forgotten why they were elected –
or they never knew to begin with.

Most, if not all, universities are now run by the anarchists of the sixties and “order” and love
of country are shunned and rejected by the tenured elites who
could care less about the health of this fading “city on the
hill.”  There are still groups and organizations that care, and
care deeply, about the erosion of our society.  They are the
Heritage Foundation; Hillsdale College; Leadership Institute; The
Madison Project; Judicial Watch and others, but “Congress” is
missing.  Are they on life-support?  Perhaps lots of hand-written
notes to them concerning our hopes, dreams, advice and
frustrations might strike a chord with them; who knows?