Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book in 2000 titled, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference.  He defines a tipping point as, “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” My question, one I have really wanted to ignore, is are we at the tipping point in America? Have we crossed over the point of no return?

The sixties were a turbulent, culture-changing time. I lived through them. There was real evidence of civil unrest and a desire by what was then a radical minority to transform (where I have heard that word before?) America. This was indisputably a left leaning attempt. Thankfully, it failed.

The radicals of the sixties are now the radicals in government, the media, universities, labor unions, and in many other areas of influence and power. These radicals produced radical children who are in turn spreading their influence throughout the culture.

The grandchildren of the sixty’s radicals are now learning as early as kindergarten about the important things in life like global warming and being gay or lesbian. It’s all cool. It’s all good.  It is really hard to beat the educational establishment. Tragically, too many parents do not know what their children learn at school.

What we may be failing to discern at this point in time is that what was radical then, in the sixties,–  the occult, pornography, abortion, and homosexuality is mainstream today. In which of these battle zones are we winning the war today? Few, if any.

Here’s the problem. When 50.1 percent of the people agree with these ungodly things or simply don’t oppose them actively, critical mass is reached. From this point, downward momentum picks up and profane change begins to creep through society. This is my take on what is now taking place.

One reason that I think this statement is true is based on the polls concerning Obama’s chances of reelection. Based on his cloudy mysterious history, track record, and economic failures, he shouldn’t have an iceberg’s chance in hell of getting reelected. But, he does. How could he unless the country has crossed over the tipping point?

Just recently, France elected a socialist and Greece elected the winning combination of communists and neo-nazis. Wow, that should help things. But, the point is that when people begin to actually feel the austerity  measures, they decide it is better to live with their heads in the sand and keep their pensions, long paid vacations, and jobs. This course is unsustainable, but in the short run it’s worth a try, right? I fear we will do the same thing here if Congress really begins to cut entitlements, raise retirement ages, or not continue to try and meet our every need.

This article may not encourage you so much as lend understanding to what is taking place in our country. I have to believe we have crossed over. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Only God really knows for sure. And, so far, we have not passed God’s tipping point and that is what really matters.

There is still hope, of course. God is in control. The hope we do have is not in the political parties, a charismatic leader, or the Tea Party. Please don’t ever embrace that idea.

Our hope is in Christ and Christ alone. We should still do everything we can to get godly men elected to office. We should vote and take part in what political freedoms we still have. God hears our prayers and He may just send another Great Awakening. Nineveh repented and turned around in three days. It could happen here. May God have mercy upon us.