In this day of trying to save our country, of attempting to restore it to its greatness, we all tend to quote our Founding Fathers because they did, after all, leave us profound pearls of wisdom. I often wonder, when they made such memorable statements, if they ever thought; “now THIS statement is going to go down in the history books!” Do you honestly think that a young teacher named Nathan Hale, while staring at the rope which was about to encircle his neck, thought, “I’ll say something really profound now, and that boy over there with the quill to parchment is going to write it down verbatim, and I will be a hero for generations to come?” I seriously doubt that the thought even crossed his mind. But someone DID write it down, and after his death, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country” has inspired generations of Americans.

I once wrote a song entitled “You Never Know” about the unknown effects our words may have on someone else. In it I say, “you never know who may be watching you, you never know who may be near, your words and deeds could be naught to you, but to someone else they show you care.” I learned that when a lady I did not know came up to me after I sang in a contest open to the public, and asked me if I am a Christian. I told her “yes” and asked how she knew that, in the midst of the crowded bar in which the contest took place. She replied that it was in my demeanor, in my words and gestures, and in my countenance. Wow. I never knew how much I could affect a complete stranger. All of this to say that we may never know the impact our words or deeds will have upon someone else. The full results, good or bad, may never be reflected in our lifetime, or even in our presence. I still remember excellent, inspirational statements that teachers said to me when I was a child, phrases that have impacted MY life.

That being said, perhaps we should all take note now as to what we as individuals are telling our kids and grandkids about this moment in time. Later, when we are gone, will they remember how their Grandpa (fill in the blank) rose up against a tyrannical President or a power hungry Congress and told them that no, he would NOT give up his arms to any government entity when he had the God-given right to freedom and to protect it at all costs? Will they reminisce about their Great-Grandma who stood toe to toe with the best the government had to offer and challenged them to “go ahead, take my property, but you will NEVER take my freedom!” Will “give me liberty or give me death” be OUR battle cry against a regime that has gone amuck with stealing our rights?

Every time any of us writes a Letter to the Editor of our local paper, or posts a comment on Facebook we may have an unexpected influence on our friends and neighbors. Here I sit at a laptop wondering what profound expositions I can make which will inspire my generation to become, not the ME Generation, but the Selfless Generation. We have sat back and watched as our rights are being stripped away and our values are mocked publicly. Most of us, at least until now, have remained exceptionally quiet about the whole process. Here’s an idea. How about if we turn this generation around and become EXCEPTIONAL instead? I am no more profound or wise than anyone else who may read this article. The only difference is that I AM writing about the state of the Union. I AM taking a verbal stand.

Will all that I am saying now come back around in the history books of future generations? I doubt it. Many much wiser and eloquent than I will probably be quoted instead and that is quite alright with me. This is not about me. It IS about speaking up and teaching your children to do the same thing. Do we risk ridicule or persecution? Of course. But at what cost will we let this country fall? I believe that I would die for my country even though I have never been nor intend to be in the military. The real question is: are you willing to LIVE for this country, and for your descendents’ freedom? Maybe one day the least of your words will become the mantra of the next generation. The words of Todd Beamer still ring in my ears: “Let’s Roll.” Simple, yet powerful. Perhaps we, right now, are history in the making of the restoration of this great nation.