The “Normalcy Bias”. Ever heard of it? The short definition is basically this: It is a state of mind whereby people cannot envision a particular disaster happening or its consequences because it hasn’t happened before. Or at least not to THEM. They cannot react properly to such a disaster because they’re in complete disbelief that it could happen. In the midst of an unusual situation they may even “take it too lightly”.


Many of us are wondering if 8%+ unemployment, huge government debt, over-regulation, millions upon millions getting handouts, loss of personal freedoms etc. is the New Normal. Maybe it is, maybe not. Maybe the New Normal isn’t even here yet.


The New Normal might be far, far worse than the crappy normal we’re in right now. I believe the Normalcy Bias is keeping otherwise intelligent people from thinking about it.


Can you picture the United Nations having the ability to dictate laws to Americans? Doubt it. Can you imagine the U.N. deciding what is best for YOU? Doubt it. President Obama and Progressive Liberals can totally picture it for you. It’s what they want for you and me. Please don’t let the Normalcy Bias get in the way of what is going on. Agenda 21 is not just a dream for the power hungry “Left”. The Progressives here and around the world want to own us, our freedoms, our guns, our food, our energy, our LIVES.


The real New Normal is all about Agenda 21 and is cloaked in nice sounding words like “sustainable communities”. Progressives and Libs love to manipulate words and their meanings. Agenda 21 is a great example. For example, go to this link (the U.N. Website) and have a look.


Here you will be at Section I, Social & Economic Dimensions…Chapter 4 where they talk about Changing Consumption Patterns. Have a nice read. It’s all about changing the way we live through changing what and how much we’re allowed to consume. It is but a TINY slice of what the Liberal eggheads are planning for you and me. It is about control on an international level. Kinda like world rule but done with innocent, friendly, compassionate sounding words. It is the plan, the blueprint for wealth redistribution on a global scale. Feeling that Normalcy Bias gnawing at you right now? You want to say “no way man”…..”nobody has ever been successful at ruling the WORLD!” You think it could never happen, right?


There are powerful people who want it to happen (George Soros, for example) and they’re determined to get it done. The phony idea of man-made global climate change is the rallying place. They are trying to use it to bludgeon us into submission. Know what a serf is? It is what the majority of us will be if they get their way. The self appointed Elites (wealthy liberals) want us, (the great unwashed) to live where and how they say and even for AS LONG as they say. Think I’m kidding? Get off you fanny and start doing some reading. Go to the link above and read in the U.N.’s own words what they are planning and read thoughtfully for what they are saying. It’s friggin’ scary.


I have friends and family who continue to whistle past the graveyard when it comes to the Liberal agenda for America. They don’t want to hear it. I get frustrated with them. They get frustrated with me. Some of them voted to put our fool of a President in, then back in office. These type of people have plenty of time to Facebook what their latest meal was or to share a photo of their cat but they have no time for our Country. No time to educate themselves about what is happening to America and how it will ruin the place their kids and grandkids will have to live after they’re gone.


Now just so you know, ALL liberals aren’t idiots. Check out Rosa Koire. Rosa is a liberal Democrat and a leading opponent of Agenda 21. Go ahead and look her up. Try this link:


You might start your self-education on the subject there. Rosa has important things to say and we should listen.


The time for looking away is gone. Whistling past the graveyard won’t work. Putting your head in the sand won’t work. If you ignore this you will see our America gone. Don’t let the Normalcy Bias rule you. Educate yourself, then your family, then your friends. The ones who won’t listen, won’t read, won’t educate themselves……to hell with them. Find those who will listen and who will act and start fighting Agenda 21.


My next column will look at Van Jones, former Obama “Green Jobs Czar”. He’s a real treat.