The 2nd Amendment was highlighted in the Bill of Rights to ensure that citizens have the right to defend themselves. For some reason over the years that has gotten watered down to defending themselves against petty criminals but it extends passed that to be first and foremost a defense against a tyrannical government and those who would exploit their position at the cost of a innocent persons liberty.

A case in point is a situation that occurred back on Sept. 30, 2011 in Missouri. Jason and Laura Hagan, who home school their three children, were the subject of an investigation by Child Protective Services alleging that their home was messy. Take a second to let that soak in. They were under investigation for having a “messy” home. If that were actually true, how many of us would be under investigation? No. From the looks of it it would seem that the local authority might have some issue with the act of homeschooling…hard to get indoctrinated in an Obamanation when the government loses those 8 hours a day with your child.

While the home schooling aspect is a side issue, the harassment by the social worker is not. While the Hagan’s complied with the first inspection they refused when the social worker returned for another “inspection”, this time accompanied by Captain David Glidden and Sheriff Darren White of the Nodaway County Sheriff’s office.

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