I have recently received inside information regarding Arizona’s current redistricting plans—a process led by Janet Napolitano.

The redistricting panel consists of 2 Republicans, 2 Democrats and 1 Independent, each hand-selected by Napolitano.

The company chosen to re-map Arizona’s districts, selected 2 – 3 by the Arizona Redistricting Commission, is called Strategic Telemetry (ST).

According to my insider, Strategic Telemetry’s bid was “double that of the other two applicants”, with the two Republican members voting against ST and the rest voting for it.

The reason the 2 Republicans voted against it is because Strategic Telemetry’s President, Ken Strasma, was the national target director for Obama’s 2008 campaign and worked for the redistricting arm of the Democratic National Committee.  Strasma was also a trainer for 21st Century Democrats, “whose mission was to train progressives and build a network for populist Democrats.”

If you’re not sure whether or not Strategic Telemetry is “fair and balanced” regarding this redistricting process, check out their website where it clearly states that Strategic Telemetryprovides valuable services to progressive campaigns and organizations.”

According to the Arizona Freedom Alliance, some of Strategic Telemetry’s past and present clients include:  Obama for America; One Wisconsin Network; MoveOn; Bloomberg for Mayor 2008, Inc.;  Progressive Majority – Wisconsin; Propteus Fund; California Labor Federation; Catalist; California State Council of SEIU; John Kerry for President; DCCC; Campaign for Change – North Carolina; Kentucky Democratic Party; Washington Democratic Party; Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund; Liberal Party of Canada – British Columbia; Maine People’s Alliance; Democratic National Committee; Democratic Party of Wisconsin; SEIU; Million More Voters – Ca. Labor Federation; WI State AFL-CIO; Minnesota Democratic – Farmer-Labor Party; Fl. Democratic Part; Coordinated Campaign Univision; New York State Democratic Committee; Democratic G.A.I.N. and many more.

My insider believes that the plan is to turn Arizona from a red state to a blue state.

“The progressives have been working on this since Napolitano was governor” the insider state, adding that it was a “very wisely played chess match on their part.”

“They selected all of the supposed ‘Independents’ on the IRC panel, guaranteeing that they would have a 2 – 3 advantage,” he continued.  “Some are suggesting, including State Senator Frank Antenori, that the DNC has already drawn Arizona new districts to favor Democrats.”

The Phoenix City Council and Mayoral elections are next month, with mail ballots going out on August 1.

“It certainly appears that the ARC was a stacked deck from the beginning,” my insider said, “and that the mapping company they selected, although …twice as expensive, is clearly and obviously in the tank for the progressive movement.”

The “Independent” Commission Chair is held by Colleen Mathis, who, according to the AFA, wrote on her application that she was ‘Independent’ and had ‘no possible conflict of interest’.  However, Mathis didn’t mention that her husband, attorney Chris Mathias, was a paid Treasurer for a Democratic candidate in Tucson and is a “Democratic activist”.

“Governor Brewer, with cause, can remove the current Commission Chair, supposed Independent Colleen Mathis, but the selection pool to replace the Chair are all progressive liberals,” the insider says, adding, “Napolitano and her minions certainly did an excellent job of building a foolproof mousetrap.”

The ARC is hoping to wrap up the redistricting in November—just in time for elections.