Shall not be infringed!

An Arizona Democrat has submitted three new legislative proposals aimed at ending gun sales between private parties without a background check and putting new restrictions on youth firearms use in the state.

Two of the measures proposed by Arizona state Rep. Randall Friese would make it a crime for residents to privately sell or buy firearms without the assistance of a federally licensed firearms dealer to conduct a background check.


House Bill 2118 would prohibit the current practice of private gun sales in the Grand Canyon State by legislative action. With few exceptions, it would require that most transfers first go through an FFL who would conduct a background check for which they would be allowed to collect a $20 fee.

Exceptions would include those for military and law enforcement, those loaned a gun for target practice at a shooting range provided it stays on the premises of the range, security guards using company-owned guns and those loaned a firearm by the owner for hunting as long as the owner accompanies them.

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