Armed and dangerous? You bet! But only to criminals. On many occasions I have posted and written about the importance of American Citizens being armed. I have shown statistics, and proven through them the importance of a well armed citizenry. In my research I have looked at every point of view Anti-gun vs Pro-gun, and it always turns out the same. Gun’s help to save the lives of law abiding citizens.

According to FOX 30 WAWS and channel 47 WTEV two men came into the Dollar General with guns, faces covered, and gloves on their hands. It was very clear they meant business, and were intent on robbing the store. A customer that was inside Dollar General at the time of the attempted robbery was notified by the manager of the current situation.

The customer was a ccw permit holder and had his/her gun on him/her. The customer then used his/her gun and fired on the robbers. By the time authorities arrived on scene one robber was dead, and the other had taken off and was long gone. Authorities are still looking for the second robber. Authorities while trying to get there in time, were unable to stop what could have been another massacre. They arrived after the crime had been committed. Once again proving that the police cannot always protect you.

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