That’s how the headlines may read on July 5th if Adam Kokesh has his way. Adam, a pro-gun activist and former talk radio host, is organizing a march on Washington July 4th. The participants are encouraged to come with loaded rifles as an act of civil disobedience. I don’t believe this headline is what Adam Kokesh wants. I do applaud him for his willingness to stand up and voice his grievances. But, this is a really, really bad idea. As sensational as this headline is it could be something far worse like: “Casualties mount as investigation continues…” or “Conflicting reports as to who fired the first shot that led to….”

It’s our right as Americans to protest, to redress our government; actually it is our duty as citizens. Marching on the nations capital with an armed group will not be allowed and shouldn’t be. This is playing right into the hands of the leftist. Think about it, you know how this will be portrayed in the mainstream media, by doing this you will be providing ammunition to the propaganda machine. Yes, it is true; we need for the government to fear the people, this is liberty. If all was relatively fine in America, we were prosperous, the approval rating of the President and Congress was at an all time high, even under these rosy circumstances allowing an armed group made up of unknown individuals, to march upon our nations capitol would be stupid regardless of who was in the White House.

What is the advantage to an armed protest? None. With the possible exception of increased attention, the problem with this approach is that the percentage rate of sympathy to your cause is drastically reduced. What is the disadvantage? The media will portray all gun owners as nut jobs, and potential terrorists. You will be stopped at the border; there will be arrests, gun confiscations, and this will be if everything goes well. This plan only serves to confirm, what most of us already knew. Stupidity is not the private domain of the left.

The current administration has made it all too clear that they would like to disarm the people; they claim this is false, but action speaks louder than words. So let me get this straight, instead of waiting for the day that they to come and get your guns, (God forbid) you’re going to personally deliver them? Listen, if you were in that much of a hurry to give your guns away, I would make far better use of them than the government. Contact me, I would be glad to help you out.

By participating in an armed march on Washington D.C., that does have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, you will be subject to arrest; confiscation of your gun, and you know darn well passing any kind of background check after that will never happen. When you look at all the possible scenarios as the result of an armed march, none of them are what you are trying to achieve.

The thought has been voiced that the organizer may be a “false flag” planted by the left. I don’t think this is the case. Looking at Mr. Kokesh’s background the possibility of this is extremely remote. Even if I don’t agree with Mr. Kokesh’s stances or methods, I am very thankful for the diversity of opinion because that is one of the things that make America great. In this case I feel that Mr. Kokesh’s stance is hurting more that just his supporters. In view of this I must voice my encouragement to Mr. Kokesh to reevaluate his proposal.

There is nothing that can be gained by doing this armed. With an armed march the potential for loss is great. All it would take is a simple unintentional accident to turn this into a real disaster, and we know that the administration would not let it go to waste. There is also the possibility that the “accident” would be intentional; I would not put it past this administration to take steps to make sure that an accident happened, it would play so nicely into their agenda. Is this really an opportunity that you want to provide for them?

Carry signs, carry flags in your protest march, but don’t carry guns. Don’t give the progressive left this opportunity. In all likelihood, you would only be giving them something they would gladly pay for, but just haven’t been able to purchase. Mr. Kokesh, please look at all the possibilities of what you are doing, weigh the pros and cons of this action. You can achieve your desired affect to notify the government of your dissatisfaction, increase public awareness and increase support without an armed march. If you do it armed, you will find that it was actually counterproductive to your cause, unless I am totally wrong and you are a “false flag.” In that case never mind, great job.