We have, without a doubt, the most arrogant president in our history.
Here is a man who literally thumbs his nose at the “balance of power,”
common morality, excessive spending (of other peoples’ money),
refusal to enforce the laws of the country (those he dislikes),
encouraging fraudulent voting…and the list seems endless – but keeps
on growing. Is there no stopping an unscrupulous reign of terror?
It should be apparent to most people (especially Congress), that when
you have a belligerent and misbehaved child, the allowance is cut and
some restrictions imposed. Not so, with a president who meets all
those conditions: you send him to Africa with $100 million to spend!
Mind you, that’s just a pittance to this man – he can raid the cookie
jar any time he gets a chance; who’s to stop him? Schumer? Reid?
Ya, sure, you betcha.

As Marguerite Thatcher wisely stated, liberals do okay until they run
out of other peoples’ money. President (and Commander in Chief)
Barrack Hussein Obama doesn’t seem to have that problem – even though
the House of Representatives could put the brakes on some of that ill-
gotten largesse; he seems to find endless ways to spend our country
broke. After all, he needs to go to Africa – with the full support of
the Navy, the Air Force…and, who knows, maybe a passel of IRS folks,
the FBI, the CIA and anybody else that needs “to see the continent,”
to buy more friends. Air Force One will probably carry enough “gold,
incense and myrrh” to whet the appetites of our good friends in Kenya,
Uganda and anyplace else of great importance to our existence. With
an unlimited checkbook at his disposal, who needs an accountant? And
don’t bother balancing it at the end of the month – only those who
actually work for a living have to do that. Oh, the House? Naw,
they’re too busy compromising on his “must do” list. Maybe if someone
quit spiking their punch, they could see clearly enough to recognize
that they actually have a duty to not only pass legislation but, as
the medical profession professes:, to do no harm. Ouch…as President
Reagan once said: “There you go again.”

Maybe there is another reason the Prez must go to Africa: maybe he can
find another aunt to “bring home to America.” Should keep the family
together, after all. Well, I have no objection to that – it’s nice to
extend a hand to family members who are in dire need of a country to
support them. Acorn comes to mind; family? Or, birds of a feather?
Hey, this is not about race! It’s culture; understand? The culture
of getters versus givers. There was a time when private individuals,
fraternal organizations, churches and foundations took great pains to
look after the widows and orphans. Big government weaseled their way
into this mix to make it look like free money to everyone was there
for the asking. Twenty six weeks of unemployment became two years of
the same – thus millions of able bodied “workers” now are able-bodied
welfare patients. I say “patients” because anyone who takes other
peoples’ money “for life” is sick and in need of care. What happened
to the work ethic that made this country the most admired country in
the world? But, I digress…maybe the prez will return with some good
Kenyan coffee. Or, sign all the growers up for unemployment.