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A Tragic Time in America

Written on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 by

navy seals afghanistan

Tragically, on Aug. 6, 30 U.S. service members — 22 of them belonging to the same elite unit that killed Osama bin Laden — were killed when their CH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down during fighting in Afghanistan, allegedly by the Taliban. This was the deadliest incident for U.S. forces in the 10-year war.

During my two trips to Iraq, I had the honor of meeting many members of SEAL Team 6, and my brother Aaron is very close to many of them, as well. My wife, Gena, and I, along with my brother Aaron and his wife, Becki, send our deepest condolences and prayers to the families of these brave warriors. There are no words to describe the loss these families are facing, and they will need our greatest support, not only now but also in the future.

Prior to those 30 additional U.S. deaths, reported last week that at least 1,019 U.S. troops had died in and around Afghanistan since President Barack Obama’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2009. What that means is at least 64 percent of U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan have occurred on Obama’s watch.

A total of 1,618 deaths have occurred since Oct. 7, 2001, when U.S. forces were deployed to Afghanistan to expel the Taliban, who were harboring al-Qaida. In 2010, 497 American troops died in Afghanistan. Since January this year, 260 U.S. troops have been killed. In July alone, 32 U.S. troops died in Afghanistan. And already in August, 30 U.S. troops have sacrificed their lives. There have been at least 17 coalition and Afghan aircraft crashes in Afghanistan this year.

Considering all these casualties of war, one seriously calls into question President Obama’s abilities as commander in chief and this December 2009 promise he made to the nation: “Taken together, these additional American and international troops will allow us to accelerate handing over responsibility to Afghan forces and allow us to begin the transfer of our forces out of Afghanistan in July of 2011.”

Retired Gen. John Keane, former vice chief of staff of the Army, testified two weeks ago before the House Armed Services Committee, “The president’s recent drawdown decision of 33,000 troops no later than September 2012 has increased risk significantly and threatens overall mission success.”

This past week, myriad people on Facebook talked about how music star Amy Winehouse and yesteryear’s Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison made front-page news when they suffered drug-induced deaths at age 27. But service members Andrew Found, Daniel Prior, Martin Lamb, Steven Dunn and Graham Shaw — all killed in action in Afghanistan — didn’t make the front page when they died at 27.

What many people value brings me back to the wisdom of 19th-century Irish poet and dramatist Oscar Wilde, who said, “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Our sincerest gratitude is owed to those serving in the Middle East and Afghanistan, those who have left family and friends to serve abroad. And the real heroes are those who sacrifice everything for the cause of freedom — ours and others’. We also owe their families our greatest prayers.

With the anniversary of 9/11 on the horizon, we all need to double our efforts to extend our gratitude to them. And don’t forget to thank military support groups, such as Give2TheTroops, which sends continual care packages to our service members abroad, and Blue Star Moms, which has posted banners in the hometowns of many of those who presently serve, for example, Gena’s nephew Andrew Cox, who is on his second tour in Iraq.

No one likes war, least of all me. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman was right; “war is hell.” But Thomas Jefferson was also right; “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

My mother, my younger brother Aaron and I do understand the pain of the families that bear the special grief of losing a loved one on the battlefield. My brother Wieland paid the ultimate price in Vietnam on June 3, 1970. I never will forget when I received the news. I miss him still, all the time.

Wieland had a premonition when he was a teenager that he would not see his 28th year. A few months before his 27th birthday, he was killed. His death didn’t make front-page news, either, but his life always will be celebrated in the forefront of our hearts and memories.

My brother fought a foreign war, as many of our service members do today. Despite the political chaos behind Vietnam, I refuse to believe that he died in vain. I also refuse to believe that the thousands of valiant warriors who have given their lives in the Middle East did, as well. Their sacrifices bring reality to Jesus’ words: “Greater love has no one than this: that one lay down his life for his friends.”

To all of our living service members, we salute you, pray for you and hope for your safe return. But if, by destiny, like my brother Wieland, you should breathe your last breath on the battlefield, rest assured that your sacrifice will not be in vain, for you will have purchased some aspect of someone’s future freedom. Your legacy will continue, and you never will be forgotten. Fight the good fight; keep the faith; and press on for the prize!

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  • ARMYOF69

    Bring all our troops home, ALL OF THEM, NOW.
    I do not want to see anymore of our precious blood spilled in foreign lands anymore. We are NOT ROME 2000 years ago.

    • BimBam

      According to Michael Savage. This story has some abberations.

      The Chinook had all eggs in one basket.
      The Chinook was know to be a lumbering giant.
      Afghans are known to have penetrated the military.

      Was this all an eloborate set-up for revenge of osama’s death?

      We have a known Muslim President here and in Afghanistan.

      Leon Panetta is known to associate with communist.

      Are the American people being betrayed? It seems to have a history of that, with the people and military being sacrificed by traitors.

    • nax777

      I so agree containment is the best strategy and has been way before 9/11 and should have been demanded after. See what’s on my “Children” page. Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia flag, for English please press 2!
      P.S. Did you vote this week at “you cut”?
      They have removed the “and tell us what else to cut” link.

    • HOG

      Read the book Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.
      Written by P. David Gaubatz, former Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and Paul Sperry, author of Infiltration.
      Read it all the way through. Many times if need be. It explains all, and names names, and printed documents. –HOG

    • KYFAN

      Hog, I read it and it was great. It explains so many things we all have discussed.

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      How did one unknowned soldier with an IQ of 20 by himself and rpg,take out all those seals on a serect mission? I think they had inside info. They were on a special mission not just cruising around.Was this payment to the scum muslim world? Just a thought. My prayers go to all the families of those BRAVE and THOUGHTFUL WARRIORS who gave ALL for the service of their COUNTRY…. God Bless America and God Bless All of Our TROOPS.Without our BRAVE and WONDERFUL PATRIOT TROOPS,we would not be FREE.

  • warren reynolds

    everytime something goes down in another country America sends billions of dollars, lets just see if ANY of them send money to our government in a time of need, my guess they won’t because the turmoil is produced by our own stupid ass gongress. 90% of them should be going through trials for treason right now. PATHETIC.

    • Whackajig

      Know what is really pathetic? The following statement made by Warren………….”our own stupid ass gongress”

      Warren should know that GONGRESS is not even in session.

  • am2sweet

    I hate hearing about any of our military dying. But, this disturbs me as so many of those that got bin Laden end up dead as well. Was it an accident or was it a head for a head type thing? Our military need to be home and help clean up this country instead of worrying about all the other countries.

    • URKiddinMee

      Actually, while 22 of the victims were part of Seal Team 6, none were members of the unit which disposed of bin Laden. (If we can believe the reports)

      However, I agree that all of our young men and women should be called home and some of them put on active duty at our borders. Then just nuke the the middle eastern countries which pose a threat. Leave Afghanistanians (Is that a word?) to kill themselves as they have for previous millenia. There is NOTHING in that chit hole worth having any of our youth dying for.

    • Byron

      Or was it a set up from DC?

  • doris turner

    I blame Obama for their deaths since he ratted them and their unit out on national TV acting as if he was proud of them. God bless them and their families. They are true heroes. Mother of a hero!

  • http://http/ sean murry

    Thats what happens in a stupid war.

  • Adrian Vance

    Why can’t we learn the lesson we taught the world in 1775? No invading army can ever defeat an indigenous, armed people. They have you outnumbers 500 to 1 and can just sit and pick your off or wait until you roll over their IED and set it off. Get out and admit defeat, stupidity and corrupt payoffs to Senators for defense contracts.

    For sharp analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at Now on Kindle.

  • Dick

    Bring all the troops home now – even those in friendly countries. And place them at our southern borders.

    • Beruta

      Agreed, Dick. But not only the southern borders (though that’s the most infiltrated) but up Canada way. They’ve arrested illegals sneaking in through there.

      By the way, doesn’t anyone else remember that early in his pre or post-election days, Obama spoke of a domestic ‘army’. Never heard any more about that. Where are they hiding — and who are they protecting — us or him?

      We have been protecting and feeding much of the world for decades. Now, I’m all for doing good for the downtrodden — wherever they are — and contribute to lots of charities myself as do others, but we shouldn’t give them the life’s blood of our young men and women war after war after war. We will never be loved by the rest of the world yet they keep reaching into Uncle Sam’s deep pockets. Well, he, i.e. we, no longer have deep pockets anymore and we’ve given them too many of our young service people. Europe is covered with cemeteries that are the resting place of thousands and thousands of our WWII service people.

      We only have one friend in the world — Israel — and Obama prefers his friends of the PLO. Can’t even count on Britain with its socialist leanings now.

      Start pumping for oil, start doing everything to shore up our own country. If we don’t get Obama out of there, there could be fighting in our own streets. Then who would any army be defending? I don’t know how it reads, but I’m sure service people take an oath fo protect the country — not an individual man sitting in a chair he doesn’t belong in.

      God bless and help us! And that’s a prayer, not just words.

    • Whackajig

      We only have one nation which is our friend? Then you must consider England and Canada to be our enemy?

  • Patriot41

    Chuck, rest assured those men who died will always be remembered by those who cherish freedom. Unfortunately those who have made it home that were wounded and disabled, will not be so fortunate. They are quickly forgotten especially by the govt., that sent them off to war. I saw this with many Vietnam Vets and am seeing the same thing today.

    Congress took our victory away from us and the South Vietnamese people’s freedom when they withdrew before we had a chance to accept the surrender of the north. That taught me a lesson about the selfless sacrifice of our troops lives that I have never forgotten. While the men on the battlefield died with honor, their sacrifice was not honorable by this govt.

    I feel the same way about our troops now who are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan as they are being sacrificed for the sake of politics and to me, that is unacceptable and atrocious. There will be no victory for them either as this govt., will withdraw them without a sense of victory. For a soldier, that is one of the worst things for him to accept, it took me over twenty years to forgive our govt., for what they did to us in Vietnam.

    An honorable govt., would never send their most valuable assets into war to be destroyed without consequences. It would not steal victory from it’s military before the mission is complete. It would not sacrifice it’s men and women for the purpose of politics and Empire building. Such madness needs to be dealt with and there needs to be some serious thinking by this govt., about the value of it’s military personnel.

    Our troops need to come home now and only be required to fulfill their responsibilities under the U.S. Constitution and that is to protect and defend our citizens and the borders of this nation. Soon enough, they will be required to do so on our own soil.

    • KYFAN

      Patriot, I was so angry when obama said he would take money from SS and from the soldiers pay. If he had done that, I think he would have really have had a revolt on his hands. How dare he say that even if he was only bluffing. Our fine soldiers are over there away from their families, depending on the government to take care of their children while they are fighting for obamas skinny butt.

  • John

    I began studying the Vietnam War in 1979. During the war years the news media was continually creating the image that the USA and the American soldiers serving during the war were nothing but evil.

    This message just did not make sense considering the history of our nation, the use of its military and the American soldiers conduct.

    I grew up in the 1960s-1970s and was absolutely appalled then and now regarding how our military men were scorned and ridiculed by “my generation”.

    I vividly remember countless arguments with friends and school mates about the men that fought and died in Vietnam. These supposedly “love children” from the “peace loving” generation were completely clueless, heartless, ignorant and selfish in their actions and words.

    Below is some of what I learned from numerous sources; citing facts from American and formerly North Vietnamese politicians and NVA generals that faced our generals on the battlefields of Vietnam.

    You should know that all “facts” (not opinions) point to us winning the Vietnam War. The popular notion that we lost the war is a myth. The more you tell a lie the more it becomes the truth. We have been beating ourselves up with guilt for over 30 years based upon deception, lies and myths.

    When any soldier from any war describes their experience, they are telling their own little view of the war that happens directly to them. All combat veterans can tell stories of horror and mistakes from any nation’s army. Many of these are not mistakes, but the soldier’s perception in his little arena. The perception of a company’s office daily progress would differ from manager and worker. The soldier and worker in the trenches do not see the big picture because of their limited views. Rumors and myths thrive from this.

    The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) was created in 1954 to stem further communist takeover of countries in the Pacific region. SEATO was created as part of the Truman Doctrine to create anti-communist bilateral and collective defense treaties. These treaties and agreements were intended to create alliances that would contain communist power. This is why the United States initially became involved in South Vietnam to fight the communist movement under Ho Chi Minh of North Vietnam.

    Representatives from Australia, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States, under the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty, (from which SEATO was formed), pledged to defend against what it saw as an escalation of communist military aggression against democracy.

    The Democratic and Republican administrations during those years prevented the US military to fight the war as it should have. Our troops had these ludicrous “rules of engagement” and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) had none. Militarily, our men were severely restrained. However they still accomplished all objectives and forced North Vietnam to admit defeat and sign the peace agreement.

    At that time our government was afraid if we were too aggressive that China would send troops against us, as in Korea. A little research would have proven this was not going to occur. China admitted this to be true after the war. The memories of us decimating them in the Korean War were still fresh in their minds.

    North Vietnam knew they could not defeat the US. They developed one of the world’s largest propaganda organizations (Dich Van) to defeat us psychologically. They successfully divided us by pitting the US population (especially naive college students) against our politicians and soldiers. The news media played into their hands without researching facts or sources. The public was “suckered” by the repeated disinformation from North Vietnam along with Communist and other dubious sources from within our nation. For some reason our government was not able or prepared to adequately counter this form of warfare.

    The NVA was equally trained as well as the US army. They also were just as well equipped- supplied from China and Russia. They actually had better field artillery equipment (Russian). We had the advantage in air power. Records reveal the so-called “Viet Cong” actually were largely NVA trained, not always the poor farmer that was depicted in the news media.

    You can not focus on one company, platoon or squad during battles as the news media did. It is the end result of the total mission that determines success or failure. Due to our strategy and aggressive tactics we were always successful in battle.

    By their own estimates we killed 1.2 million of their soldiers-far more than we estimated with the “evil” body count. Can you imagine the length of their war memorial wall? It became obvious that North Vietnamese men were going to war, never returning and families not notified. It was later shown that the NVA had a tremendous desertion problem and men doing all possible not to be drafted. The young men had a saying, “Born in the North to die in the South”.

    There was increasing unrest within North Vietnam because they had no access to the factual progress of the war. As in all Communist governments, they had no freedom of speech or press and they still do not.

    CBS “60 Minutes” verified during and after the war, the North Vietnamese government secretly hid the badly wounded soldiers from their families and the public because of the enormous casualty rate. The amputee soldier was confined to asylums away from the public. I do not know how long this disturbing policy was in effect.

    Throughout the war the North Vietnamese government had a detailed and systematic plan to execute and murder South Vietnamese citizens they deemed as threats. Also, Ho Chi Minh was absolutely vicious to the people in the North. R.J. Rummell estimates that from 1957 to 1975 the North Vietnamese government executed around 50,000 North Vietnamese civilians (most were executed by 1960). Source: R.J. Rummell (1997). “Vietnam Democide: Estimates, Sources & Calculations”.

    North Vietnam’s brutality did not stop at the war’s end. An estimated 95,000 South Vietnamese civilians died in the communist “re-education” camps, another 500,000 were involved in forced labor projects, which killed 48,000 civilians. Another 100,000 were executed. Finally, 400,000 people died while trying to flee Vietnam. This does not include the unknown fate of thousands of indigent people enslaved for laborious work on the Ho Chi Minh trail throughout the war.

    I find it disturbing when everyone (seemingly) rips the USA apart because of the much publicized My Lai Massacre. Clearly this was committed by a few individuals and not US government and army policy. Some soldiers refused to participate and some simply walked away. This came to an end when other US troops protected the civilians and threatened to shoot their fellow soldiers. We that have never experienced the tremendous stress of war could never imagine committing such an act. This is not to be used as an excuse. What these few soldiers did was wrong. This terrible event amounts to nothing, compared to the planned and premeditated slaughter of civilians, throughout the war by the North Vietnamese government and NVA official policy.

    In 1972 Nixon finally gave permission to the air force to conduct military bombing their way. This should have been done years earlier.

    In a matter of days the effect was so devastating that there literally were no more targets left to destroy in NV. All SAM sites destroyed and their entire missile supply depleted. The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) did not dare make any movements. The civilians in Hanoi believed they were defeated, began hanging and waving white flags at U.S. planes. The NV politicians were so frightened that they quickly contacted the U.S. and signed the peace treaty.

    North Vietnam signed the peace treaty January 27, 1973. The last American troops left South Vietnam March 29, 1973. Two years later North Vietnam violated the peace treaty, invaded and defeated South Vietnam in 1975. This had nothing to do with us. The USA was long gone by then.

    Regarding the embassy evacuation; this occurred in 1975, more than two years after all of our troops were gone. The embassy scene was “the perception of defeat”. Perceptions do not make truth. The U.S. only had an embassy in South Vietnam (SV) after the war like any other country. It was staffed with the normal “handful” of Marines. The news media falsely connected this scene to the loss of the war. This event occurred more than two years after all of our military was gone and had nothing to do with the war that we had won.

    Yes, panicked South Vietnamese wanted to leave, knowing the fate that may await them. Actually, the NVA were under orders to halt all further advance into Saigon until the evacuation was complete. They had not forgotten the military might of the U.S. that nearly destroyed them during the war. They also knew our naval force was close and that the carrier alone had enough power to defeat them.

    Our mistake was that we left South Vietnam after we overwhelmingly defeated North Vietnam. We stayed in Germany, Japan and South Korea. We left South Vietnam because of public sentiment based upon pseudo information. Which of these countries are better off? Which of these governments and countries would you now choose to live in?

    Americans always wanted to forget the war and most will never study what actually occurred.

    There are a few “objective” books written after the war, but I believe “Unheralded Victory” by Mark W. Woodruff is easiest to learn what really happened in Vietnam. This eye opening book was written in 1999. The book’s data and sources come from American and Vietnamese well after the conflict to erase emotions and patriotism. has used ones available for very little cost.

    My guess is that once you read this book, you will be in awe of the veterans’ accomplishments, despite having to endure all the restrictions and ill-placed public negativity. Because of what our men in uniform endured from the enemy and the disgraceful attitude at home I consider the Vietnam veterans to be the “Greatest Generation of Soldiers”.

    In general, our nation and veterans have nothing to be ashamed of regarding our participation in the Vietnam War.

    • Byron

      Excellent piece.

    • Ron

      A great deal of the desire to give-up by the NVA was the bombing of the Communist war maching-supplies, ammo, and medical in Cambodia and Laos. This was so effective because the Air Force bombed night and day-having learned that the NVA were good at rebuilding after the most recent bombing. After the TET Offensive, each prisoner captured had not eaten for days-3 to 4- because they had been told that the people of Saigon would feed them; it never happened.
      Saigon was a city of 250,000 or less and approximately 2.5 million shortly after the war escalated. Eighty percent of the people were from the North-it was a most alarming thing to walk down thru Saigon and speak with people stating they’re from the North.
      Its a pleasure to see that the truth is finally coming out that we-the USA-won that war. Also, an added note-there were 50,000 South Korean troops constantly in South Vietnam-fighting along with their American allies against a familiar enemy-Communists.
      It is my hope and prayer that the Facist-Socialist-Communists are thrown out of the government after 2012 and America gets over its experiment with guilt and follows Constitutional Law-NOT SHARIA law.

    • Patriot and an American

      Thanks John. Your post was a very interesting read. This is also explains in more detail of what goes on within our government offices.

    • John David Welch

      John ,I was delighted to read your article. You see I was in Vietnam in late 1967 until early 1969.This time in the war was a very bad time and I still have issues when I think about it.
      A no more truth could have been said than what you have put into words.Thanks for studying and remembering our friends and our fighting men that gave all.

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      America’s Mighty Warrior Soldiers do as they are told and they do not pick the conflict,they settle it. God Bless America and God Bless Our TROOPS.obama has never run even an ice cream store or fought in our military,so what does he know about creating jobs or what it takes to secure and keep America free. No more obama. Give us a True American Patriot who will lead and not blame and make excuses.

  • ladyj

    Have any of you heard about the IBM CEO S J Palmisano’s offered Gift to Obama & Obama & his Advisers turned him down? A program that would have saved the Gov aprox a TRILLION $$$$ a year? CHECK IT OUT..

    • Whackajig

      I know about ovomit turning down IBMs offer to do all that work for no cost to the American taxpayers. Makes you wonder if our government employees are selected from the dumbest shits on earth.

  • oldgringo

    It will be suicide to leave continuous troop in Afganistan once the number of US Troops have conformed to that of a full pull out….The Taliban will over run the country killing anyone who supported our effort in that Country including those troops we will have left behind to help support the Afgan Military and or Government. If we pull out all of our US troops must leave or they will be murdered in the streets by the Taliban.

  • http:Google C.B.

    A tragic ending for these brave soldiers and their families. It is ironic that so many Americans were concerned as to the war in Iraq turning into another Vietnam. Well so far these gut feelings were warranted. Afghanistan is a wasted effort and lives are lost for what? Our nation is in financial peril and yet the Commander in chief plays on as he keeps us fighting in Afghanistan and now has up involved in Libya etc. Did we not learn from Vietnam? G.W. was criticized and drug through the mud by celebs ; Pelosi, and all the Dems who could have just stopped the funding for the Iraq war , but instead tried to make fools out of us all by making George the fall guy. Now this new pres is praised even when he continues to drum up outrageous debt and lowers our credit standing and still refuses to balance the budget. Partisan indeed. More like make it look like the GOP is the reason. Pass the buck Obammmmer who should really be in the slammer. And shame on you;;;our boys deserve a lot better. God bless our troops.

  • Ron

    I used to believe that American troops were ok to be MUslim countries to help create an allusion of freedom. However, my thoughts changed when I read about how these countries were taking the freedoms of religious expression away from Christians, not just in Iraq,and Afganistan, but alos all over the world and attempting to do this even here in America. Sorry, but its time to bring all of the troops home and exile all those Muslims that won’t pledge allegiance to and for Constitutional law. Stop the abuse and the killing of children both of the children of Muslims via Honor Killings and the making of children into a bomb.

  • Ron

    I apologize for the typos and hope that people begin to realize that helping Islam- is helping to seal the fates of Christians and Judah to a life of hell on earth while living in an Islamic controled society.

  • Jeffrey Clark

    God Bless our men an woman who protect us each and everyday

  • tod

    Bring all our troops home and gaurd our borders and pick up all aliens and ship them home.

  • CW3

    Well written tribute to our fallen heroes written by Chuck Norris. I am unable to add anything of value to it that would not detract from such prose.

  • K

    Why would a large seal team all be put in one large helicopter for a mission? It would seem that the best way for a mission
    of this type would be to place smaller groups of men into several smaller helicopters. Bad mission planning?

    • Whackajig

      Not bad mission planning. They used the only heliocopters capable of the mission. Blackhawks and Apaches etc. cannot fly at those altitudes.

      It is excellent second guessing on your part, though.

  • http://Patriot Proud to be an American! Karen

    Very excellent piece John!! I was a teen during that era.. and it was so wrong to not welcome our soldiers back.. that made it back. My heart still pains from the treatment they received. They fought well and died most honorably! Hippies, draft card dodgers, flower children, and the communes..a time in history, just like the VietNam war was..We love our troops, and want them ALL HOME NOW! No more bloodshed on foreign soil.

  • http://Patriot Proud to be an American! Karen

    This is such a very suspicious mission that all 30 died!!!! Nuke Afghanistan. and bring our men home!

  • 820 RED HORSE

    I hate the fact that we lost troops in the other A**hole of the world, it is a tradgedy,but let’s not forget there were also USAF Special Ops troops and USA pilots on that Helicopter as well ,I know USAF Special Ops and the USA pilots don’t get the fanfare the SEALS do,but their all G.I.’s that died in the line of duty. All I’ve heard about is the SEALS dying ,Don’t forget about the others, they were all American’s not just SEALS. GOD BLESS THEIR FAMILIES AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • nvrpc

    First of all I’d like to sya we are waiting our time by sending in ground troops to take out major targets. We have the technology to spot these goons using drones whereby we acquire positive identification along with their exact GPS coordinates. The use of more GPS guided bombs delivered from far away in the middle of their supper table during a family gathering would be a much better way to take out the adversary and any of his or her comrads regardless of how many civilians we have to take out with them. We can not worry about world or poltical opinions. We must do what we have to do. These same tactics need to be used agaist the drug cartel drug lord world wide since they are as big of an enemy as is the terrorist.
    We also need the use on contract hit men would be much better. Then finally we need to abolish EO12333 allowing us to surgical remove radical anti-American leaders from anywhere in the world without warning who are causing us grief of any kind, instead of going to war.

  • proudamerican

    It was a tragic time in 1775 also and look what happened! This will be no different-here comes millions of ex military veterans with tons of experience and know how-not to mention resolve! The enemies of America will pay dearly and be massacred. Oh well-you mess with the bull you get the horn!

  • Beverly

    I cannot believe it but again a cover up by President Obama. Is it not odd that the same Unit 6 Seal were killed that knew the real facts of Bin Laden death! Was this a cover up that killed our troops? My prays go out to those family who have suffer a great lost and those fighting for our freedom and others. Obama you made a big mistake by tell the world you were planning to pull troops out, now our troops are in danger by you doing this. Obama is trying to take down the nation! Obama birth certificate is not of the Unite States or he would of shown it, bottom line and his health care plan was another trick of his, rushing it threw so no one would have a chance to read it. The Unite States needs to remove loop pole and taxes on business and we need a balance budget so we can show that the government is stable for these companies to start hiring.

  • scott

    Almost looks like someone in the white house let the taliban know where the helicopter would be!