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Arizona Redistricting: Turning AZ from Red to Blue?

Written on Friday, July 15, 2011 by

arizona red state 2008

I have recently received inside information regarding Arizona’s current redistricting plans—a process led by Janet Napolitano.

The redistricting panel consists of 2 Republicans, 2 Democrats and 1 Independent, each hand-selected by Napolitano.

The company chosen to re-map Arizona’s districts, selected 2 – 3 by the Arizona Redistricting Commission, is called Strategic Telemetry (ST).

According to my insider, Strategic Telemetry’s bid was “double that of the other two applicants”, with the two Republican members voting against ST and the rest voting for it.

The reason the 2 Republicans voted against it is because Strategic Telemetry’s President, Ken Strasma, was the national target director for Obama’s 2008 campaign and worked for the redistricting arm of the Democratic National Committee.  Strasma was also a trainer for 21st Century Democrats, “whose mission was to train progressives and build a network for populist Democrats.”

If you’re not sure whether or not Strategic Telemetry is “fair and balanced” regarding this redistricting process, check out their website where it clearly states that Strategic Telemetryprovides valuable services to progressive campaigns and organizations.”

According to the Arizona Freedom Alliance, some of Strategic Telemetry’s past and present clients include:  Obama for America; One Wisconsin Network; MoveOn; Bloomberg for Mayor 2008, Inc.;  Progressive Majority – Wisconsin; Propteus Fund; California Labor Federation; Catalist; California State Council of SEIU; John Kerry for President; DCCC; Campaign for Change – North Carolina; Kentucky Democratic Party; Washington Democratic Party; Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund; Liberal Party of Canada – British Columbia; Maine People’s Alliance; Democratic National Committee; Democratic Party of Wisconsin; SEIU; Million More Voters – Ca. Labor Federation; WI State AFL-CIO; Minnesota Democratic – Farmer-Labor Party; Fl. Democratic Part; Coordinated Campaign Univision; New York State Democratic Committee; Democratic G.A.I.N. and many more.

My insider believes that the plan is to turn Arizona from a red state to a blue state.

“The progressives have been working on this since Napolitano was governor” the insider state, adding that it was a “very wisely played chess match on their part.”

“They selected all of the supposed ‘Independents’ on the IRC panel, guaranteeing that they would have a 2 – 3 advantage,” he continued.  “Some are suggesting, including State Senator Frank Antenori, that the DNC has already drawn Arizona new districts to favor Democrats.”

The Phoenix City Council and Mayoral elections are next month, with mail ballots going out on August 1.

“It certainly appears that the ARC was a stacked deck from the beginning,” my insider said, “and that the mapping company they selected, although …twice as expensive, is clearly and obviously in the tank for the progressive movement.”

The “Independent” Commission Chair is held by Colleen Mathis, who, according to the AFA, wrote on her application that she was ‘Independent’ and had ‘no possible conflict of interest’.  However, Mathis didn’t mention that her husband, attorney Chris Mathias, was a paid Treasurer for a Democratic candidate in Tucson and is a “Democratic activist”.

“Governor Brewer, with cause, can remove the current Commission Chair, supposed Independent Colleen Mathis, but the selection pool to replace the Chair are all progressive liberals,” the insider says, adding, “Napolitano and her minions certainly did an excellent job of building a foolproof mousetrap.”

The ARC is hoping to wrap up the redistricting in November—just in time for elections.

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  • SaneRepublican


    “According to my insider”

    “My insider believes that the plan is to turn Arizona from a red state to a blue state.”

    I love it when you people spout off your conspiracy theories…


    • patriot77

      Hey, asshole, put down the crack pipe-your welfare check just arrived.

    • kjk

      Yup and there is the problem in a nutshell,and how obozo got in, oops another conspiracy theory,those aren’t real are they?Toto are we in Kansas? Can’t wait to see em take you down,conpsiracy theory,I’m sure it’ll be different , or just frickin too late!

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      The elephant in the room grows larger and more hungry each day…and yet we continue to ignore it. The questions we must be asking now, are not…What is happening to us, or how is it happening to us…or why did it happen already.

      The question is, can we still resolve the problem peacefully, without violence, without MORE bloodshed? Or, have we already fallen off the cliffs and there is no longer a peaceful solution?

      When I hear peope say, well, I moved from California, or I’m moving to Texas, all I can say is, if you are running for somewhere else, don’t come to Texas. We don’t need you and we don’t want you…if you are not willing to stand and fight for your own land in your own state.

      Texans depend upon each other to carry thier own weight…SO, before saying your headed for Texas, ask yourself…why should Texas want you?

    • Apache6

      OneCitizen,only “GOD,GUNS,and GUTS”can save US now!!!!

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      Janet Napolitano is a fat pig dyke communist/marxist/socialist who worships the ground that barry hussein ovomit
      walks on.

    • Anna

      What a douche bag!

    • daves

      Oh nice comment you “alleged” Patriot.

    • Jo Ann

      hey moron, do you know what Patriot means? I guess not, you and janet and obummer and holder don’t know either, because you all came from another country illegally. and for you “alleged” must be working for the dictator clan, allegedly

    • URKiddinMee

      If they ever threw a party for all the regulars on this board, I’d wager that the LONGEST line would be of those waiting to kick YOUR ass.

    • murph

      I’m cracking up…….. You’re SO right!!
      Any good Republican KNOWS and SEES what the Democrats are doing.
      The problem is…….how to stop them
      Voting isn’t making any headway.
      Again……..we KNOW how to end his reign of terror.

    • murph

      PS They’re trying to redistrict in Florida too.

    • Apache6

      Murph,by all rights,WE should be SHOOTING BY NOW!!!!

    • murph


    • Drop Dead Fred

      Just don’t hit any “innocent” bystanders

    • Anna

      In the coming war, there will be no “innocent” bystanders. Too many citizens for far too long have been bystanders in the running of our country.

    • kjk

      Look up Agenda 21 ,theres a theory for ya!

    • Mark

      Once you had CRACK you never go back.

      See Ya Arizona. Gubba’mint cheeze, its whats for breakfast, lunch and Dinner.

      The Ghettonator hard at work. Seig Hiel Obama

    • buddy9210

      Cubbie, you got it wrong, in the Ghetto there is hugh consumption of beans!!! So, it is not Ghettomac cheese for breakfast,lunch and dinner, it is beans!! You know bean cola, bean coffee, beans-n-wennies!!!

    • curious

      Hey!What’s wrong with beanie-weenies?That was a staple food in the ‘Nam.LOL

    • Thomas Martin

      sanerepublican, you are anything but sane,an idiot 100%.Why do you hate America so much? did you not get you welfare?

      Please crawl back obama’s pelosi.

    • curious

      His momma found him chasing lap-rabbits in his shorts and evicted him from his cellar command-post,so now he’s back here just trying to get a rise from all y’all because he can’t get a rise–period.

    • mark ex calif

      hillary is the one who started the rightwing conspiracy theory back in the 90s with the white water investigation of the rose lawfirm

    • Apache6

      When insanerepublican’t was little his parents told him that when he grew up,he could be anything he wanted to be,so he became an anti-American,communist asshole,just thought I’D throw that out there,as I’M feeling especially pissed off today!!!

    • El Lobo Solo

      So, the panel for redistricting was picked by Janet from another Planet. She even picked the Republicans on this panel. I bet one of them was named Sane Republican.

    • Drop Dead Fred

      Heh,Heh,Heh, Interplanet Janet.

    • El Lobo Solo

      “Jupiter Janet” would be a good handle for the Home Land Secretary.

    • Ed

      “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean thay’re not out to get you.”

    • Verna

      The author’s question (paraphrased) is: Is Strategic Telemetry’s president, Ken Strasma a good choice to determine redistricting for the state of Arizona?

      I just checked out ST’s official website. The author is correct. ST’s site states: “(Strategic Telemetry) provides valuable services to PROGRESSIVE CAMPAIGNS AND ORGANIZATIONS (my emphasis by caps).”

      How, then, can we trust Ken Strasma to do support “fair and balanced” redistricting for Arizona?

      There is no question….Progressive Napolitano chose a progressive democrat shill to be on Arizona’s redistricting committee. Is that “fair and balanced?”

  • Gary

    Actually, sad but true: fact is that redistricting has been a “tool” of shuffling the deck against the “other” party for as long as districts have been around.
    Now Sane Repub, unless your MJ use keeps you form recognizing the obvious bias of janet, then you already know what the plan and purpose of this really is. A well known secret conspiracy of course…… ha ha!

  • kjk

    So, that would make it right? or constitutional?or by the people for the people?Duh!

  • http://http/ sean murry

    that lesiban bitch is going around the conition the peole have toelect who they want.

    • Anita Manninen

      Sean Murry says, “that lesiban bitch is going around the conition the peole have toelect who they want”. What? Please, learn to spell and type coherent sentences so the rest of us can know what it is you are saying.

    • sid

      dear anita- didn’t they teach you in school, “TO ASK QUESTIONS”? had you done that, you would have learned, that on many sites, mostly socialists, your post would be deleted, if it goes against their thoughts!!! i blog this way whenever i’m on puffington. they know i’m anti-socialists, and one time, they deleted, my post that said 2 words, “HAPPY FRIDAY”!!!

    • Whackajig

      I gave up on huff and puff. They have thrown me off so often I have run out of ways to get back on. Ever since AOHell and huff and puss joined forces, a conservative does not stand a chance. all of their moderators are communists.

  • tom dehart

    when i saw the governor back down from the feds over immigration, anything can happen in that state…….they allow their own to be killed and then go into the courts… arizona deserves anything it gets…….protect your citizens at all cost, brewer talks big ,but it is all political bs…

    • slapjack

      At least she has stood up to the Looney Tune that pretends to be Prez. The Homeland Lezzy is a serious joke cause she’s willing to do the dirty work for the lousy idiotstick Kenyan.

    • Byron

      She didn’t back down Bozo, it’s still in the courts and she is fighting for the law.

    • sid


    • Thomas Martin

      tom dehart, she never backed down, this is not over yet. Now go stick your head up obama’s pelosi, you harry reid looking liberal bed wetter.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate lauriesanchez

    More irrefutable proof that WashDC is in the grip of a criminal, Marxist enterprise. By the way, from the low tone of many contributions to this blog, I suspect some gofers for that enterprise are attempting to degrade the debate.

    • Ed M

      Maybe some Golfers should get together when barry is on the Golf course and drive some Golf balls into his head, maybe it would knock some sense into him!!!

    • http://PatriotNewsUpdate JOHN KING

      NO amount of golf balls would do any good, there is NOTHING there to have effect on!!!

  • http://google don

    Just some more of the Democrats underhanded dealings. Their true colors are showing. Their day is coming, and it won’t be too soon. The public is not stupid like they think. Most of us can see right through their crooked dealings. We are going to have to be on our toes come election time. Watch those ballots close..

    • Ed M

      Ballots are all fixed, they are all crooked!!

  • Don Wright

    Simple, tell the Feds that they can handle the redistricting. AZ is a war zone. This is just one more nail in the coffin of their demise by the Feds. Surely, there are enough red-blooded Americans to simply secceed from the US and handle things themselves. It is coming!

    • Whackajig

      Tell me when the hot air balloons will actually begin to do some of the shooting they are always talking about?

    • Ed M

      I,ve said it time and time again, Its time to Arm up America. Buy Guns and as much ammo as you can! We are going to need it soon enough!!! They can,t RULE over us IF We can Defend Ourselves!!

  • Carol

    One way to stop this crap is to get rid of the electoral college. I think it’s outlived its usefulness. Check out the actual statistics of who really got the most popular votes…… wasn’t Obama.

    • Jo Lara

      Amen! It would make all votes count, not just what the Dems want! California is a perfect example, with the unions telling people how to vote, illegals voting, buses taking people to several voting polls and getting paid for it. It goes on and on………..

    • pattik

      we need the electoral college…didn’t think so until i studied it….popular vote would literally devastate the red state votes…population of progressive states!!! obama could literally fly over the midwest and south, give us the finger and play to CA, and all of the Northwest and eastcoast and easily win….study the electoral college and also study what the progressives and George Soros have been working on …trying to abolish the electoral college.!!!

    • Ed M

      Thats what I don,t understand, How Did obummer get in if Mcain got more votes???

  • Old Bill

    That’s OK guys! I just learned yesterday that they gather up all the mentally handycapped that are not in instatutions and take them down and help them vote Demacrate.
    How about that one.

    • Soldier of Fortune

      handycapped? – instatutions? – Demacrate?
      Maybe if you learned to spell correctly your post would have more cred. As it stands it make you look ignorant thereby making what you wrote look like nonsense.

    • Allan

      Guess it “make” you look ignorant, too.

    • Majjohn

      Actually I worked the polls for years. The institutions bus the mentally challenged to the polls and help them to vote for the Democrats. Some of these voters want to vote for the bunnies and are saddened when they find out there are only elephants and donkeys.

    • ARMYOF69

      Best laugh I’ve had in days.

  • am2sweet

    Just another Nazi way to get things the way they want. They will do anything and have no morals in doing so. That Napolitano bag is Nazi through and through. That’s why Obama wanted her. She’s just another on the list that needs to go far away and I’d be glad to escort her.

  • ARMYOF69

    She is another bull dyke that Obama seems to have great fondness for.

  • http://0 krupin

    Just another ruse. NOthing connected to this administration can be trusted.


  • SageSees

    California succeeded in redistricting to put all republicans in just a few districts and spread the democrats across all other districts to guarantee only democrats are elected forever. The consequence of that gerrymandering is a State that is broke, in debt over its head, cannot ever recover, debt can only get worse until the State of California is forced into bankruptcy! The democrats are pushing the United States toward civil war with their selfish, sick, stupid, anti-America, anti-prosperity behavior!

    • Daniel from TN

      I believe civil war is EXACTLY what the Democrats want to happen. It will give them an excuse to call in the UN to restore peace, or at least their definition of peace.
      Marshall law will be declared nationwide, many of our legal rights will “temporarily” disappear, elections will be suspended indefinately, current office holders will remain in office indefinately, and the US will be ushered into the New World Order.

  • Earl Z.

    Why is Napolitano even involved… only one Independent for Brewer to select? Something smells.

  • http://x Washington22

    Interesting note……….Last night I watched “The Patriot” {Mel Gibson} on TV, just for a little refresher course on America. Rent it this weekend and watch it with your family. What a heart wrencher for all that we have gone through to win this nation and now, here we are again. Simple, plain, freedom loving citizens fought and died for all of us. We can’t forget that. They gave up everything………..and so should we. Give of your time and effort for the next 17 months. Do EVERYTHING that you can. Join clubs. Get involved. Work the polls in your city, don’t let them win. It’s all out war.

    • Whackajig

      War would involve active conflict, so go shoot something.

    • Joyce

      In my opinion, the most reprehensible thing our politicians have done is to deny counting the ballots of our service men and women fighting in foreign lands. The government sends their ballots to them too late to be sent back by election time, then disallows them when they finally do reach the polling places. The ONLY fair way to make sure their votes are counted is to refuse to certify ALL election results until EVERY LAST LEGAL BALLOT IS COUNTED!! Why should those who are in the line of fire for our country not be allowed to have their votes counted when they’re the ones trying to defend our right to freedom and free elections?

    • Verna

      I agree, Joyce…….It is truly A DISGRACE!!

      WHY ISN’T THE GOVERNMENT TAKEN TO TASK FOR THIS? I’m from Minnesota…..Our infamous Senator Al Franken was elected that way along with ACORN actions. Norm Coleman (Republican candidate, but not particularly my Republican choice) was defeated even tho he spent millions to fight Minnesota State’s progressive Attorney General, Mark Richey’s liberal judge pick, who wouldn’t allow relevant evidence to be presented and then ruled Franken as the winner. Minnesota is up to its eyeballs in political graft.

    • Verna

      I’ve not worked the polls, but have gone to many grassroots meetings and caucuses and found them to be informative and actually fun. I felt I might be able to make a difference.

      From the grassroots meetings I signed up to work on specific campaigns….door-to-door handouts, posting signs for candidates, and doing the phone calls at my candidate’s phone bank. I met a lot of nice, like-minded folk who were, like me, just trying to make a difference.

      And guess what….OUR CANDIDATE WON!!!!

      Doing something is a lot more fun than sitting on my hands grousing! GET INVOLVED and get some personal peace!

  • JOHN


    • Pete Bennett


  • Gardner Behrends

    I hope Jan can do something to make the process more fair. Of course, we’re seeing the Republicans control the redistricting in many other states, as conservatives are on the march. Onward Christian soldiers.


    OH PERFECT, I just left California to live here in Arizona because it was a RED STATE.,. I guess I’ll have to move to TEXAS

  • LLK

    I wish this article would have mentioned what an Arizona resident can do to stop this, like one poster here said, voting isn’t enough.

  • George

    Why don’t Gov. Brewer and the legislature throw the whole thing out and re-do it. If the people of this country don’t start standing up to this kind of sleazy politics they are going to wake up one day and wonder what happened to their country. Anybody who would trust an asshole like Janet Napolitano would have to be a little off if she told me it was raining I would get up and go over and look out the window that’s how much I trust that woman.

  • Richard Gibbard

    Come on, Arizona. You have the firepower, use it!

  • daves

    I wonder why the new Governor does not get to pick the commitee.

    Here in Minnesota it is the house majoritiy that gets to redraw the districts after a census.

    I don’t think there is a good solution to the problem.

    • Whackajig

      Isn’t MN the only state to have sent muslim swine to our congress? Is that a step in the right direction?

  • Sandra Brown

    How and why did Napalito select the Commission members? This makes absolutely no sense why she would have any input to this process.

  • mark ex calif

    has anyone notice the the progressive are blogging on the conservative website at an alarming rate

  • SHERMAN (like the tank)

    If big brother and his vengeful minions were not monitoring these sights so closely, I am sure language and suggestions to solution would be much stronger and accurate as to the feelings of True Americans. Hopefully, someone, someday will finally do something to end this madness, then hopefully we can again speak freely.

    • murph

      BLESS YOU.

  • Daniel from TN

    So why is the state of Arizona hiring someone to do this job? That’s what elected officials are for.

  • AL Orange Park, FL

    Does ANYONE “question” what the BO’s private agenda against our great Republic is?
    Truly does anyone out there?
    Let me know here.

    • David Roberts

      I don’t question it, I know Obama is working to make the USA a part of the NWO & Socialism.

  • Allan

    The legislature should abandon the subcontractor route and do the redistricting themselves.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Right On Allan:
      Not a Constitutional Lawyer myself, but your statement is what the legislatures of each state are supposed to do. (States Rights).
      Unfortunately, the Progs. have wormed their way into every venue of society & their poison is working its way through our veins.

    • El Lobo Solo

      The antidote:
      Get informed, get involved & get out & vote.

  • tweety

    The Democrats have redistricted Illinois too, making some districts as big as half the state in order to try to eliminate the young Republicans who were elected in 2010. One such district has combined the south side of Chicago with a well-to-do southwestern suburb. The district in Chicago has been represented by Jesse Jackson Jr. When the suburban district got wind of this, they were outraged, thinking that Jesse would never represent their interests. But the tide has turned here — Jesse is now in trouble because of the Blagojevich trials and may not be the shoe-in the Dems thought he would be. Meanwhile I’m out campaigning as hard as I can for young Adam Kitzinger.

  • David Roberts

    Democrats = Communist Party USA
    Communist Party USA Reveals: We’re Using the Democrat Party ^ | December 3, 2010 | Snidely Whiplash

    Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 11:29:17 AM by broken_arrow1

    Not too awful long ago I wrote about the Communist Party USA and their support for many of the identical principles endorsed by the Democrat Party here in the US. I listed the various similarities but now I have some even more honest words from the Communists themselves. Joe Sims, co-editor of the Communist Party USA online magazine Peoples World states among other things “the possibility that the communists may be able to “capture’ the Democratic Party entirely.” Read that slowly and carefully…”the possibility that the communists may be able to “capture’ the Democratic Party entirely.”

    Joe Sims is a proud little Commie. He goes on to brag that among other things, “heightened class and democratic struggle…all have combined to produce an unprecedented situation – and opportunity.” How long have I been railing on against this Democrat Party effort to frame the current political debate as one of class? Clearly even the ones seeking to wage this struggle freely admit that is their effort and how said effort is an “opportunity” for them?

    They are seeking to destroy this nation and they are using Democrats to wage class warfare, pitting imaginary groups of haves against equally imaginary underclasses. The US has no class structure at all…never has. Monarchies had them. Europe had them. China had them. India had them, but the US NEVER had them. NEVER! For anyone over 40 or so, does this sound like a good thing? Do ya remember the old time Communists?

    Communism is responsible for more human misery than the Nazi’s ever hoped to cause and by one big, huge, massive, overwhelming, undeniable margin. Even blaming Hitler for every death in WWII in wartime Europe, the Communists, since the October Revolution in 1917, makes Hitler look like a minor schoolyard bully.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …

  • James Sherman

    The liberal, progressive, socialist and sometimes communist Demonrat Party including their members define the word evil.

  • Buffalo John


  • Drop Dead Fred

    Slightly Off topic here (like it matters that much)
    I do not know how many of you out there (if any at all) read news of the weird. This weeks comic strip by this blatently liberal cartoonist (psudonym Tom Tommorow) made light of “Coservative” efforts to redistribute welth to those who are already rich.
    How friggen twisted can these liberals get. It makes me mad to think that they believe its proper for them to steal from “anyone” especially us in the lower/middle class who have no one to lobby for us so they can give it to a bunch of idiots who are to friggen lazy to get jobs. But instead play the welfare game by pumping out babies. Or supporting Illigals or their anchor children. As far as I’m concerned that falls under the EXPLIOTATION of childern in which the chldren should become wards of the state (We are paying for them anyway) and the parents kicked out permanently. If they wish to claim their children and bring them home with them then thats fine but their children loose all rights to citizenship.

  • Drop Dead Fred

    I believe that there are many actions that could be taken to regaining our once greate stature as a nation. Many need not be enacted on the federal level. (Remember all great things start small)
    1)Begining at lower levels of government. (Town/City) begin introducing legislation providing penalties for violating the oaths of any public office.
    2)Ask (demand of?)your polititions for a contract with defined penalties for them not upholding their campeign promises.
    3)(I know that there will be resistance in this) Begin writing up contracts for the privatization for your public services. Remember you at the local level have a lot more say as to the form of those contracts than on a larger scale. Form your own privatized service out of your existing public so each party involved has a vested intrest in how well it performs on both the public service and the corperate level. Lease existing infrastructure. Demand that in the lease that the infrastructure is to be inspected by third party inspectors with a vested public intrest(non corperate). Do not go with some huge conglomerate private firm keep the money and the service jobs within your comunity.
    4)Become more engaged with day to day events in your communitys legislative bodies, corperations, etc…
    5)Create or organize an activist group in your own community. Don’t just focus on one incident but keep going. Make a reputation for yourselves.The stronger that reputation the more serious your local government will take you.
    6)Run for local public office. If you have a Selectman, Alderman or any other local politition that you feel is underperforming or not properly representint their office or the will of the public then eithor do the job yourself or support someone who will do it right.
    7)Become your own investigative reporter and start a blog. Uncover all those little backroom deals that occure everywhere. Build a teem or support network to help uncover such items that your community would deem news worthy.

  • liberal puke

    It’s hard to defeat the communists when the system is rigged in their favor. I hope the commies start getting violent I really do

  • http://PatriotNewsUpdate JOHN KING

    it’s only a matter of time till they do start to get violent, then we open fire!.

  • chapter 7

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