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Backing Bachmann: why Michele should be elected President

Written on Friday, July 15, 2011 by


As we prepare for November 2012, it’s vital that Patriots avoid repeating the mistakes of 2008.  Rather, we should try to repeat the successes of the greatest presidents of the 20th century, Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan.  Both were principled men who knew that “reality has a conservative bias”, and could explain, defend and practise what they believed.  Their policies of lowering taxation and shrinking the government rescued America from bad economic recessions.  Both their presidencies featured great economic growth, entrepreneurship and low unemployment.

This country simply can’t afford yet another term of the pro-infanticide Community Organizer in Chief.  Not as our country falls over an economic cliff, the EPA taxes the air we exhale, the TSA gropes our children, healthcare rationing including death panels becomes a reality, the Supreme Court is packed by leftist pseudo-legislators as the constitutionalists retire, Israel is fed to the Islamofascist wolves, and Iran develops nukes.

We need another high-quality conservative candidate like Coolidge and Reagan, not a RINO like John McCain, Jon Huntsman aka McCain on Wheels, or the gay-marriage–enforcing inventor of RombamaCare.  Fortunately, I believe we have one, in a 55-year-old Iowa-born Congresswoman representing Minnesota, and a Tea Party favorite …

Michele Bachmann: the all-round conservative

The conservative movement traditionally has three strands: national security, free market / small government, and social conservatives.  Leftism has such a stranglehold on the media and education system that conservatives will have trouble unless all these three strands are united.  Bachmann is one who stands unashamedly for all three.

Social liberals have long tried to diminish the social conservative influence in the Republican party, but this underpins all the others.  Just remember how disastrous Schwartzenegger was as California governor: he seemed to have the right fiscal conservative credentials, but lacked the moral fibre to practise them.

Social issues

A vital issue is the pro-life cause.  If there is no right to life, then no other rights “rights”—to housing, education, jobs or anything else—matter at all, since people must be alive in the first place to benefit from them.

Reagan wrote a powerful pro-life book in 1983 book, Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation. Likewise, Bachmann is probably best known for her social conservatism, including  impeccable pro-life credentials, calling for defunding Planned Parenthood, calling it “the Wal-Mart of big abortion” back in 2008.  Any pro-abortion candidate should be rejected in the primaries, and this likely includes flip-flopper Romney.

Also, as the great economist Milton Friedman pointed out, “this is really a family society not an individual society.”

Thus if we want to prosper, we must strengthen the family, not ruin it as leftists and some radical libertarians would do.  Bachmann certainly has impeccable pro-family credentials: she has and raised (and homeschooled) five biological children, and also took in 23 foster children.

Also, a vital role the president plays is appointing judges: we need one to appoint constitutionalist judges rather than leftist pseudo-legislators with “empathy” for the leftist-decreed victim groups, like the racist Latina Sotomayor.  It’s notable that in November 2003, when the simular pseudo-legislators in the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples had a legal right to marry, Bachmann proposed a state constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman.

Free market

It was most encouraging to read in the recent Patriot column What Michele Bachmann Really Thinks; that she admires great free-market defenders.  This includes Dr Friedman; his student then colleague Thomas Sowell, the greatest living conservative columnist and thinker (now on Patriot); Art Laffer of “Laffer Curve” fame, showing that reducing tax rates often leads to more tax revenue (see Patriot column Taxing the ‘rich’?); and Ludwig von Mises who intellectually destroyed socialism back in the 1920s (see Patriot column Socialism: Stupidity and Arrogance). And she herself is a qualified tax attorney, with postdoctoral qualifications in tax law.

This suggests that her free market support is not just expedience, but deep conviction backed by sound understanding, like Reagan. She has shown herself to be a Conservative more than a party loyalist.  Thus she opposed the “Big 3” bailouts under a GOP president, and fought “Neville” Boehner’s appeasement of the big-spending Dems.  And her first political success was defeating a 28-year incumbent, RINO Gary Laidig, for state senate.

This would explain why she did so well in the 2nd GOP debate, impressing a fellow Patriot columnist:

“my own personal opinion the overall “winner” by far was Michelle Bachmann.  I thought she was amazingly articulate, level-headed and her answers were the biggest crowd-pleasers of the night (based on the applause she generated after almost all her answers).”

Evidently many Republicans agree, as shown in the Patriot column Bachmann surges to primary lead, and her recent surge to the lead among Iowa conservatives. This skill will be important in exposing the fact-free oratory of the Socialist-in-Chief, as she did in the debate:

“I want to speak of someone who’s far more eloquent than I; someone who said, ‘Just dealing with the issue of raising the debt ceiling is a failure of leadership.’  And that person was then-Senator Barack Obama.  He refused to raise the debt ceiling because he said President Bush had failed in leadership.  Clearly, President Obama has failed in leadership.  Under his watch in 2 ½ years, we’ve increased the federal debt 35% …We have to have serious spending cuts.”

With a good understanding of those outstanding economists, Bachman should be on a higher intellectual plane than the demagogues in the Democrat Propaganda Wing, aka the mainstream media.

It’s also encouraging that she calls a spade a spade, or the Obama administration a ‘gangster government’ for ramming through Obamacare.  And she has led the charge against the crass ecofascist ban against Edison bulbs, forcing consumers to use dim bulbs with toxic mercury (although Congress banned mercury from street lamps!).

Furthermore, she is vocally against the Dem’s anti-drilling policy that keeps gas prices high:

“We’ve got so much,” she said. “And here you’ve got Denmark trying to claim ownership” of territory in the oil-rich Arctic. “Denmark?” She waved her hand dismissively. “Get out of here, you pipsqueak! This is ours! We should be drilling everywhere for oil, and natural gas, and shale, and all of it. Do every bit of it.”


Mrs. Bachmann actually gained her start in politics when she realized that the government schools were appalling.  Her foster child’s 11th grade math class homework was coloring in a poster with a crayon! When she investigated further, she found:

“What you might call a kind of radical left political indoctrination was coming in that wasn’t necessarily reflective of the attitudes, values, and beliefs of parents.”

The importance of challenging the government school monopoly is lost on many conservatives.  Then they are surprised and horrified when their children vote Left as soon as they are old enough to vote—even  30% of evangelicals under 30 voted for Obama.  But why should they be surprised?  It should be obvious that 30 hours a week for 12 school years bathed in indoctrination from teachers in Democrat-supporting unions is going to have an influence.  After all, the kids reason, they must be the experts, otherwise why would their parents entrust them to the schools?  Less obvious, the very fact of sending kids to the government schools is a concession to the Left: government knows best (in this case, what to teach children).

National security

Bachmann is right to point out, “As bad as the economy is, my concerns are the greatest on the foreign policy front.”  She now argues that Obama’s declaration of an illegal war in Libya takes “his eyes off the real issue in the room, which is Iran with a nuclear weapon.”  Thomas Sowell likewise points out:

“The point when they get that bomb will be the point of no return. Iran’s nuclear bomb will be the terrorists’ nuclear bomb— and they can make 9/11 look like child’s play.

“All the options that are on the table right now will be swept off the table forever. Our choices will be to give in to whatever the terrorists demand— however outrageous those demands might be— or to risk seeing American cities start disappearing in radioactive mushroom clouds.

“All the things we are preoccupied with today, from the price of gasoline to health care to global warming, will suddenly no longer matter.”

Bachmann is also a long-term staunch supporter of Israel, the only free country in the Middle East.  She has even made “speeches at local Republican Jewish Coalition events where Bachmann has brought cheering audiences to their feet.”  This, combined with Obama’s anti-Semitic demand that Israel commits geographical suicide, might help win over some of the heavily Democratic Jewish voters.


  • Unelectable?  So was Reagan, according to the Leftmedia and Republican Establishment.  Yet he convinced independents, moderates and the “Reagan Democrats” that conservatism was good for them.  And remember how the Leftmedia convinced gullible GOPs that McCain was moderate enough to be electable, then trashed him as soon as he was the candidate.
  • A House member can’t win?  But a community organizer and the junior senator from Illinois won last time, with far less experience as a legislator (voting “present” 129 times in the State Senate), let alone in the real world.

Even the überleft NY Times admits:

“Ms. Bachmann has a lot of natural talent, as was on display during the debate. Unlike Ms. Palin, she seems to recognize that it takes a village to run a presidential campaign, having surrounded herself with competent advisers like Ed Rollins, who managed Mike Huckabee’s overachieving campaign in 2008. Even those who are skeptical about her candidacy would probably concede that she has a good chance of winning Iowa, where she was born and will devote much of her attention.”


Michele Bachmann is an outstanding conservative candidate, with proven conviction and ability.  It is important for Patriots to unite behind one good candidate quickly.  Too many conservative candidates will split the primary vote and allow a repeat of McCain—and we can’t let that happen again.

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  • Pavel Goberman

    US Repres. Bachmann, I a few times wrote letter to her with request to point out to the Chairwoman of the EEOC j. Berrien to perform her job and obligation: to investigate my Complaint of violation of my civil and human rights and illgeal termination, but she did answer. It is a violation of our law: USC T 5 Section 2302.
    She may not run for President.

    Pavel Goberman – Candidate for US Repres.

  • Pavel Goberman


    Please change words to: ILLEGAL
    and add: she did NOT (I missed “not”)

  • gundoctor


    • http://! Bobcat

      Jesus said He will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel,that is why we should support Israel.
      That’s my girl, go Mischelle

    • PAT

      MICHELLE BACHMANN is the best possible Pres in a long time. She is smart and real and very American. I back her 1000% and whoever she wants for VP. I really like West,Cain and Palin. She may know them better. Be sure to check them out better than O did anything.Can she urge someone to get his impeachment, imprisonment going for nonnatural born, fake bc, fake ssns,etc.? She deserves to defeat him as a true patriot and way better person. I am so glad she is not corrupt, greedy, selfserving, lying, etc. puppet of spooky dude Soros like O and minions are. They need to go. Yaaaay MB. Thank God for you.

    • letitsnow1

      i said i would not vote for Michelle B, but i heard her speak, and i would surly vote for her, just so she does not change once in the white house, stay true to herself and the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    • Calvin

      I’ve got a real problem with anyone who says “God told me to run for president”. I can’t vote for anyone who says this. I hope that the Republican gets a serious, unifying conservative (yes, like Reagan) to unify both the party and the nation. Polarizing individuals like we’ve seen from the Republican so far are a recipe for failure.

      BTW, if anyone says, “Christie”, let me tell them, I’m from NJ and the man is a joke and a RINO only. Yes, he’s for ripping apart those who have dared to defy him, but as the article says quite succinctly, without the social conservative part, there is no “glue” to hold together the other parts. Christie may just be the most dishonest governor we’ve had yet. He’s for muslims who’ve defended terrorists on state benches, wiped the prolife plank off his website when he ran, is soft on illegal aliens, uses state copters used to patrol for terrorists on our coastline to go to his kid’s ballgames.

  • bonhomme2

    Go get’em Sister!

  • commonsenseisdead

    she voted to re-authorize the patriot act…….

    just like romney.. she needs to read the ORIGINAL Constitution..

    wtf is wrong with everybody.. after ever election you scream WE WON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!!! and every time you fall for the same old shit

  • dago dave

    What agood canidate would add to their stand ,is would they be willing to put these free loading butt wipes into the same catogory of the working americans. No more life long retirement checks and protections,and medical and education for their off spring. Two year severance pay and you go back to work like everyone else!To coin an old phrase-PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!

    • Forevermyrtle

      dago dave, you are 100% correct. Why should anyone get lifetimf salary just becausee they spent 2 years destroying America. NO, no, no. Please let us not pay him anymore for the “never to be able to recover evil acts that he has done to us.”

  • Bill Lee

    Excellent article that helps give a balanced overview of Bachmann’s viewpoints and why she should be on the GOP ticket with Perry in my opinion.

    • US ARMY 66-68

      @Bill Lee. Bachman YES: Perry NO. Perry’s entry into this primary [as well as several others without a chance of beating Obummer] is nothing more than as a SPOILER, LIKE Ralph Nader, Ross Perot and others. That does not mean I didn’t like Nader or Perot, but they didn’t have the mojo to draw enough votes. I liked what both of them had to say].

      All that the many “halfassed” candidates in this large GOP primary field will do is to DILUTE the vote and we’ll end up like last time, getting a candidate like the RINO McCain.

      Bachman is a STRONG candidate, and she should be teamed with one of the other NEW but strong candidates, possible one of the outstanding Black candidates which would tend to DILUTE Obummer’s Black vote, AND allow a lot of the “discrimination guilt ridden” white voters to support a Black GOP Conservative candidate.

      Also, Bachman will drain off a whole lot of women [White, Black, and Hispanic] who voted for Obummer.

      Bachman for President, with Cain, West, or Palin for VP.

    • G Carson

      Bachmann-Cain 2012.

    • tod

      Bachmann and Ron Paul

    • Kelly Kafir

      Ron Paul is naive about the threat of Islam – I don’t want him anywhere near the White House… he actually does more good as a congressman and that is where he needs to stay…

      Bachmann/West would be my dream ticket… Although I do like Cain too.

      I did like Pawlenty until I found out that he implemented a Shariah compliant mortgage program for Muslims where they didn’t have to pay interest based on their religion! Oh, and he shut it down when he was caught – 18 MONTHS LATER!!!

    • ARMYOF69

      PERFECTION:::::Bachmann and Cain…

    • Anonymous

      …or West.

    • Frank

      Cain has already flip-flopped on being pro-life by not signing the SBA to stand against abortion. He is not as conservative as he claimed to be.

    • James Marvel


    • Dark Knight

      Now this is the “dream ticket” I am talking about US ARMY 66-68! Bachmann/ Rubio or Bachmann/ West for 2012…Let’s Roll!

    • Frank David Harrisson

      Bachman and West what a combination that I do believe will have great support from all walks of life. Maybe we can get some respect back into the whitehouse.

    • Hank, MO

      Rubio may also have ‘natural born’ citizenship problems. Not so fast, here. We don’t want to have to support that which we have just condemned.

    • WHUT?

      No Rubio, he is for amnesty.

    • http://! Bobcat

      Bachmann/Palin 2012

    • Buffalo John

      Palin & Bachmann—- Bachmann & Palin that’s the ticket I would like to see.

    • Norm Lindsey

      I’m with you all the way, but my bumoer sticker reads-Palin/Bachman. I would like it to read Bachman/Palin. Go M. Bachman!!

    • chix

      Bachmann/West would be a solid conservative ticket!!

      Salt and pepper, a perfect combination.

    • American with a birth certificate….

      I’m with you patriot soldier. Michelle and Allen West would be great but Palin or Hermain Cain would do as well.

    • dodi

      Bachmann – West. I like what I hear coming out of West and I think that would be a strong ticket.

    • Mike

      You like what Nader and Perot had to say? Really? I believe that both of them were against free markets….Perot in particular ran on a platform that predicted that NAFTA would be a bad idea for American workers….Seems he was right. That giant sucking sound is still taking living wage jobs out of the Country. All we are doing through free trade is making the ultra rich richer and our middle class into working poor. Oh, and the garbage that Coolidge and Reagan rescued us from bad recessions are just not backed up by historical data; it’s a figment of some Conservatives’ imagination!

    • David

      Ezekiel 39:6

    • Verna

      Mike…….I lived through the Jimmy Carter recession period. A few specific things I remember from that period are:

      1. A co-worker bought a new house with interest rate at 21%.

      2. We sat in lines to get gasoline which, for my car, went from approx $4 per fill to $17 per fill.

      3. I stood in line to sign up for unemployment benefits because I was laid off. The corporation I worked for simply could not meet payroll due to the economy being in such a slump. The company could never recover because the union would not altar its contract to fit the times. Therefore this corporation filed for bankruptcy and later failed. The union stewards (not the union) apologized to us for their part in the company’s failure. In the mean time I found another job that did not pay as well and had NO benefits.

      3. I truly do not remember what the federal income tax rate was when the next term president, Ronald Reagan was elected, but I do remember my paycheck increased by upwards of $40 per check when he cut the tax rate. I was making about $13,000 per year.

      Ronald Reagan understood economics and the problems of the nations. He brought back this great nation from a path of ruin to firm foundation by instituting the principles of the U. S. Constitution. He was a friend and hero of America.

    • Apache6

      I agree 66-68,any combo of the people you mentioned would be MY choice too,TEAM BACHMANN all the way to the White House !!!

    • letitsnow1


    • http://yahoo patriot67

      I think given a chance Cain would do well with BACHMANN.kind of two minority hmm .

    • M. Thoms

      Cain needs to keep “pushing pizza!”

      Have you really listened to what he says…I have heard him many times and he just hasn’t “got it.” Everytime he sounds like he really knows less and less…but, then again, it seems as one only has to be black.. everyone wants to vote for color…again! I don’t get it!

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Glad someone else realizes the “spoiler” problem. The RNC probably keep it for the same reason: it helps split the conservative vote and lets RINOs like McCain win.

    • Judy

      I accidentlly hit the thumbs up when I meant to hit thumbs down. We do NOT want Perry, he has you fooled along with a lot of others, he is not the conservative, honest person he tried to lead us to believe. I’ve already caught him a couple of lies, especially taking credit for something he did not even want. With Michele, what you see is what you get & that is the only kind of candidate that will save us.

    • Forevermyrtle

      Let’s leave Cain out of it. Bachmann, yes. I have, from the start of this seen several people that I thought would make a good president and have changed my mind when I discovered what they promoted, among them was Cain. I would like to see DeMint/Bachmann or DeMint/palin or Bachmann/Palin. Possoible candidates who I have not nixed are Alan Keys or Allen West

    • Gman

      One more thing about Perry is that he and Al Gore once worked together in some capacity. I think he worked on Gore’s campaign team. Anyway, do we trust someone who once worked for “global warming” Gore?

    • Leslie

      Many of our very good presidents did not have any real military or even any foreign experience so I don’t think that is based on fasts – just feelings. Seems like it ought to be right, but that’s why Presidents have tons of staff to gather and present the facts etc… Has worked for plenty of them including Reagan.

    • Ben Midulla

      Why Michele Bachmann should never become the Republican candidate and especially with Rick Perry. Think this through for she has not the experience to debate smooth talking Obama. Only Ron Paul can take on Obama, can expose the fraud Obama is and not Bachmann, and do so in a manner that will awake those who have been sheep and turn them into lions. She is wrong for America on so many levels.

    • PatriotGal

      Bachmann – YES; Perry – NO! I would love to see Bachmann and Allen B. West – that would be an UNBEATABLE DUO!

    • PAT

      Michelle has American guts. West is so smart and disciplined too. They would make the best combo. Really, really like and believe they could fix domestic and foreign probs. Tea party/repub 2012, but let us oust O from office due to fake bc and fake ssns now. He needs to be in jail. Hillary is a world puppet of Soros,evil spooky dude.

    • http://patriotupdate jlbs

      I agree with Bachmann and West. I’ve read where people argue that Bachmann doesn’t have experience with foreign policy—–well, West would take care of that!

    • richard

      Rick Perry? He’s no conservative. you been watching too much OLD MEDIA! Perry is a RINO.
      Rick, Texas

    • Qwyatt

      I didn’t see her stand on the EPA as yet. This over-reaching useless org. is bankrupting the country. How much Govt. money did Rockefeller get to start up his gas stations, refineries, etc.? Why does “green” need How did EPA exceed its clean water mandate to become the rule-maker for our freedom, or lack thereof?

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Given her outspoken denunciation of the global warm-mongering scam and her support for lightbulb freedom-of-choice, what do you think her view on the EPA is likely to be? 😉

  • Bruce

    I don’t know how you could find a better candidate for President of the U.S.A.

  • dodi

    I heard her on Hannity last night and she made more sense than anyone else running. She is campaigning on the things that matter to us, the American people. I have no doubt that she can knock the socks off Obummer.

    • LadyLiberty

      Dodi, I didn’t know that Bachmann had such a wide range of knowledge and passion on every question that Hannity asked her. Bachmann was fantastic!!

    • American with a birth certificate….

      She is a patriot and smart,the far left liberal democratic media will try to make her look bad but we can not let them win……

    • Dark Knight

      Yes Dodi, you are correct and I agree with your assessment. Michelle Bachmann can clean the vacationer-in-chief’s political “clock”! Which is the reason I believe that all the 0bama supporting polls out there have Romney out in front. You see, the left knows with Romney in, 0bama has a better than good chance at defeating him and returning to “…business as usual…”. The first miniority in the White House was the historical “mantra” in 2008 and how he got in. But the tables are no longer in 0bama’s favor for 2012 with a solid chance for this nation’s first true American conservative woman who is actually voicing the concerns of many Americans that need immediate addressing. I am looking for a fiscally conservative candidate who will not throw anymore of our allies “under the bus”, who will reduce the size of the government without stealing anymore of our liberties by disregarding the Constitution and who will begin the process of un-doing what has been done to destroy this country. I could careless about the gender or race of an individual. “A man should not be judged by the color of his skin but instead by the content of his character.”
      ~ The late Dr. Martin L. King Jr. from the “I Have A Dream” speech ~
      Why have we strayed away from this and so many other important concepts like this one?
      My dream ticket for 2012: M. Bachmann/ M. Rubio or M. Bachmann/ A. West for President/ Vice President.

    • Goatie

      Dark Knight. Excellent. Totally agree.

    • 2think55

      I was originally impressed with Perry after reading his book … Fed Up … but I’m beginning to see his slick politician side. I’m going to have to give Bachmann a closer look … Bachmann/West or Bachmann/Rubio … that just might work!

    • WHUT?

      Once again no Rubio, there have been approximately 10 bills come up on amnesty or immigration since jan 2011 and Rubio has not voted on one of them. He pulled one over on the Fla voters he is nothing more than a progressive, he lied to us.

    • Tenderfoot

      I love Marco Rubio too, but he doesn’t qualify as “natural-born”, so he would be ineligible for the Presidency or Veep.

    • Buffalo John

      Dark Knight,I agree with you up to a point.I do not know how old you are and if you were not born when MLK was doing speeches all over the country.I was,and I REMEMBER that every time MLK did one of his speeches after he left there were RACE RIOTS.The NEGROS STARTED RIOTS and burned down vast parts of the cities they RIOTED IN.MLK WAS NOT FOR PEACE MLK WAS A RACIST.Don’t let anyone tell you anything different

    • Apache6

      Buffalo John,I also read that MLK got big support from the COMMUNIST PARTY,HE wasn’t the person we were lead to believe he was,he was a COMMUNIST PROGRESSIVE !!!

    • Dark Knight

      Hey Buffalo John, not trying to impune you or anyone but how old I am is irrelevant. I am merely stressing the point of what Dr. King said to strive for. Dr. King did these things you say? Well, seems to me if you wish to discuss wrong doings then let us mention how the Native American Indians were treated right in THEIR country from the start! I really do not think for one minute that we should be talking about all the “racist wrong doings” over the past years other than the fact that there were too many, on both sides for too damn long!

    • ARMYOF69

      So what you’re saying they were behaving normally, as in S. California riots etc.

    • Apache6

      DITTO,Dark Knight,the PIMP STREAM MEDIA,and FOX NEWS as well are obviously pushing Romney on us.Just reading the POSTS here,and what’s being said on TV,I just DON’T believe that Romney is beating BACHMANN,and the FACT that the PIMP STREAM MEDIA is hammering BACHMANN the way THEY are tells ME that SHE’S winning!!

    • ARMYOF69

      At least there are two of us NOT being fooled.

    • http://! Bobcat

      now to find a good running mate???

    • Apache6

      Bobcat,since PALIN hasn’t threw her hat in the ring yet,and WEST saying no way,I think the BEST ticket at this point might be BACHMANN-CAIN,that’s my thought anyway!!!

    • http://x Washington22

      Not Herman Cain. He’s a nice man who totally lacks political experience……….No time for learning on the job or being a heart beat away from “running” the United States of America……………….

    • American with a birth certificate….

      I saw that as well and you are 100% correct. She is down to earth and Loves America and has real time knowledge of whats going on. GO MICHELLE lets take our nation back. The first step to socialism is a socialized medicine program(obamacare). Still want change? keep America free,no obama and no more lying democrats.

    • Anonymous


  • bill

    my first choice was palin,but i could vote for bachmann as president

    • http://! Bobcat

      Bachmann /Palin

    • ARMYOF69

      Where on earth is Sarah……making money is where.

    • Goatie

      Sarah is outstanding, but she would do better this time raising money, etc for conservatives. I would like to see her serve in the senate first, then in a few years she would have a better chance as Prez.

    • dodi

      Sarah does an excellent job making the money. The press was so hard on her and her family I don’t think, if it were me, that I would ask for that again especially with the little one with his medical problems. I would like to see her run for a Senate seat. Then run for president.

    • R. Cook

      The Palins just bought a house in Arizona. She should run for Senate and get rid of McCain.

    • http://x Washington22

      Are you kidding me? Sarah is strategizing……..Sarah is making her way around the country checking it’s pulse. She is leagues ahead of those running, planning her next move…………..Wait for it.

    • ARMYOF69

      With bated breath.

    • http://firefox josie

      My choice, Palin and West. Michele is supposed to be a defender of the constitution. Why did she vote for the unPatriot Act which has taken us into a police state and taken away our constitutional rights. Porno scanners and molesting is outrageous and they’re not going to stop with airports.

    • PAT

      how many terrorists do you want to let in? at least try scanners to detect knives and guns and bad stuff. maybe profile all muslims and mercenaries and drugged looking people who might be suicidal. or just stop flying.

    • PAT


    • http://firefox josie

      Pat, The porno scanners and the molesting hasn’t stopped any terrorist. Muslims wearing burqas get a free pass. Israeli airline El Al has the longest running safety record in the world. They profile! The scanners aren’t safe. TSA agents are having serious health issues. Why are children being molested and drug tested? Because our congress voted for the Patriot Act and Homeland security. There was an article awhile ago showing how to apply explosives to the body and beat the scanners. What ever we implement to stop a terrorist, they find a way to circumvent it.

  • Paul Schnake

    At this time America need a real conservative, not just a fiscal conservative. Michele Bachmann is that total conservative that symbolizes what our founding fathers ideal was. The only other possible candidate that I would vote for in the Republican primary is Jim Demint and probably would not be on the ballot.

  • A. R.

    America needs to return to the basics…upholding American values, conservatism, protecting our borders, undeniable support for Israel, individual rights AND responsibilities.
    God bless America and Michele.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that!

  • Darrell

    I like what Bachman stands for and that is good! BUT…How can we trust her or any candidate who has turned a blind eye to Obama’s eligibility and treason issues, and as a member of Congress, has done nothing to fix the corrupt system that has made and allowed Obama’s Regime to be possible? You can’t successfully run the train of hope on a broken track period!!!

    • oneAmerican

      You’re right on the money, Darrell. She has yet, to my knowledge, acted or spoken on the massive security issues we have on our own Borders & the violence against Americans ir brings with it. Anyone that does not speak loud & clear about Americans living in fear, not freedom bring A LOT of questions. Inspite of many virtues, she seems a tad robotic or canned. Which may not mean a thing other than a personal annoiance. I could vote for her…my big question is “Will other countries respect any woman in this job?”

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Like Margaret Thatcher? The world certainly learned not to underestimate her!

    • Jackie

      How many other countries respect our president (gag) now, except for muslim countries, of course?

    • dodi

      Obummer has done nothing but run down our country to everyone and he makes enemies with foreign countries. He has absolutely no diplomacy and is not the person I want answering the phone at 3 in the morning. So, he must go. One term president for this jerk!

    • Aberdeem

      Muslims do not respect him they play him

    • Goatie

      Amen. Margaret Thatcher was outstanding and America could certainly show the world that values and principles under God are what counts. Look at what stupidio Obummer has done to us. For 235 years, America has been the most outstanding country to exist, but not under him. He has kicked our Constitution under the rug. We are drowning! Michele Backmann is our Superwoman coming to save the day. God Bless America!

    • Mac

      One American, actually she has the highest ranking on immigration issues of ANY of the candidates running according to Alipac’s scores she is at an A- which partner these days isn’t too shabby with the amount of politicians pushing for a free pass for illegals. My only concern w/ Ms. Bachman is she a candidate the mainstream GOP will get behind and not do their best to make sure Obozo gets another term. I really like her just wish she would get a bit more forceful like kicking Holders A** or something !! Just kidding but she will have to get forceful to get the old goats to back her.

    • oneAmerican

      Mac, I get ALPAC’s updates, but did not see the one w/ ratings you mention. She appears to be a uniter & we sorely need that in the GOP. If she’s the choice, it would be easy to work on her campaign. I’m still making my yea & Nay list. Like most, I don’t want to vote ‘just against’ the imposter. I believe this will be the best informed group of voters in a very long time. Most of us realize this is the election of our lifetime, not Burger King & we may not have all the ‘extras’ we want, but still get a darn good burger. The important thing is to field a candidate that can WIN & take the Senate. ‘Like’ should not be the main key.

    • Oldminstrelman

      July 2, 2011 at 1:01 pm
      One American, actually she has the highest ranking on immigration issues of ANY of the candidates running according to Alipac’s scores she is at an A- which partner these days isn’t too shabby with the amount of politicians pushing for a free pass for illegals. My only concern w/ Ms. Bachman is she a candidate the mainstream GOP will get behind and not do their best to make sure Obozo gets another term. I really like her just wish she would get a bit more forceful like kicking Holders A** or something !! Just kidding but she will have to get forceful to get the old goats to back her.
      To Mac: Your post clarifying and pointing out Congresswoman Bachmann’s stance on illegal immigration was needed and much appreciated.
      In reference to your concern and fears that the so-called mainstream GOP will not get behind a Bachmann Candidacy, I say, “Big Deal and Who Cares”!!!!

      The Checkered-pants GOP are an insignificant speed bump in this upcoming election. Things have changed!!!

      These so-called GOP political analyst’s/strategist’s and high-ranking and long-serving politicians believe that they and their ilk, have complete control and absolute dominion over the subservient minions identifying with them. I say, they may think they own the GOP Party, but they do not own the American People.

      To allay some fear in this matter, I would like to point out that We, the American People outnumber the “Hard Left GOP Leadership”. They (RINO’s) have been ever present and have and will use all of their influence and might to drive the “Primary” in the direction of nominating another “Toady” to subvert the will of patriotic Americans, who are determined to see this nation through to prosperity and strength once again.

      The RINO’s are a deceptive stratagem of Marxism and the “Statist Left”, who’s purpose it is, to keep the country moving to the left when the “Sheeple” become untrusting of the Democrats.

      It is not hard to understand the purpose and reasoning of the “Statist’s” and their followers:

      #1; Influence in selection of an opposition candidate that is an imminent loser, if at all possible. A RINO would rather suffer defeat in an election cycle than lose one tyrannical edict that their cohorts and collaborators have imposed on a free society.

      #2; If #1 fails, then influence the selection of a candidate who shares mutual leftist ideologies. During the administration of a RINO, then pass as much legislation that is counterproductive to an economy as possible. Shut down the engines of production (energy, agriculture, mining) with these three stifled and not producing adequate to the needs of national interest, then the possibility of an unfortunate (for the statist’s) recovery through manufacturing jobs is nil.

      #3; If #2 fails, then work for the defeat in the general election, of any true patriot candidate that manages to slip past the cracks and should win the nomination.

      #4; If by some fluke a patriot (or even a perceived patriot) is elected then the “Statist’s” and their fellow travelers will work to discredit and find fault with the administration of that President for at least four election cycles into the future, while continuing to stifle the economy.

      #5; Always remember, the Statist’s, Marxist’s, Rino’s are complicit in bringing about the defeat of the will of the inhabitants of this nation. They are aware of the vast resources that are abounding throughout this great and blessed land. They have determined that they must divide and conquer this people and displace them from their property and cast them out their abodes in order to subjugate them to indentured servitude.

      They believe that they are well on their way to accomplishing this goal,finally by continuing to drill it into our heads that we are in a state of indebtedness that we can never repay and our futile attempts at freedom will come to naught. I guess they have never heard of a” jubilee”. Hmm! I wonder how that would work?

      One only has to remember the Classic Example of their (liberal media) unsuccessful attempt at destroying Ronald Reagan’s candidacy. We, the American People can and must and will once again, THWART the attempts of the Left to pick our candidate before the Primary.

      The Democrat’s and the RINO’s are more terrified of Congresswoman Bachmann, than any of the others. They (media) continue to be reserved in their attempt’s to discredit her, because every lame attempt fails to stick. Every example of ridicule has failed miserably and her message continues to expand and resonate with the people.

      The article above and some of the posting’s below are a testament to the evolving understanding of where she stands.

      I am convinced that she will be a strong and decisive Commander-in chief, who will not commit our national treasure frivolously and will not send American service men and women to be maimed and die in unjustified actions that serve no purpose in defense of our nation.

      Congresswoman Michele Bachmann reminds me of the “meanest mother hen” in the barnyard who is relentless in defense of her chicks and also in the defense of the chicks of others. She is not fearful of the badgers nor the foxes.

      She should be likened to that of an “elder sister” who loves and appreciates and encourages her siblings to be brave and not withdraw when defeat seems imminent. GOD BLESS MICHELE BACHMANN!

    • James Marvel

      @Oldminstrelman, I think you should hire on as Bachmann’s assistant and key speaker. You would do well, in support of her. thanks for your comments.

    • Kelly Kafir

      You guys don’t even know the half of it!!! She is on the House Intelligence Committee and she is ONE SMART COOKIE!!! You should hear her ideas for border security in the south…(think Israel) and she knows about abbrogation so she is very well versed on the threat of fundamental Islam. She has plans for the economy that make sense and will allow BUSINESSES to creat jobs (although so does Cain)…

    • awakenow

      Like what? Cain is a former Federal Reserve Board Chairman (Kansas City).

      Do you like this private banking system, accountable to no one in government, controlling your money?

      So, one third of the TARP money, our hard-earned tax money, went to bailout foreign banks.

      How do we now that, since the Fed’s activities are private? Well, Ron Paul got them to reveal a detailed report of the TARP money when they were sued via the Freedom and Information Act.

      Bachmann, Romney, Cain, Pawlenty, Huntsman, are all faux candidates. None of them represent candidates that the Founders would vote for.

      But there is one I think they would support. Ron Paul.

      How free do you really want to be? What does your liberty and adherence to the Constitution really mean to you?

      Please think about that as you think about each of these candidates.

    • Apache6

      Awakenow,GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oneAmerican

      Kelly, I would love to hear her views on the Borders. I get her newsletter updates at least 2x a wk for the last 8-9 months, checked her posted profile, listened to speech clips & know nothing on her stand on illegal crimina trepassers. It doesn’t particulary bother me that she & hubby worked for Carter’s election or that as a State Senator she was asked to step down from the Asst Minority leader’s post after 8 mos. or that on ’05 the GOP cavus removed her. I believe SHE CAN RALLY AMERICA & di we ever need it! I’m one of those that lives daily w/ the threat of illegal border jumpers, & drug violence. So that is why it is so important to me. I LIKE HER, just need to hear more on this

    • TooToo

      If you go to you can view the immigration “scorecard” for each of the conservative candidates. Bachmann scores the highest for securing the borders and is not in favor of mass amnesty. Check it out.

    • David

      Bachmann is on the wrong side of the phony birth certificate issue and can’t be counted on to enforce the Constitutional issue of natural born citizenship…She won’t go on Mike Savage radio show and is silent on putting tariffs on imports and bringing the jobs back home…Bachmann is a lawyer and you can’t trust lawyers. Obama is a lawyer.

    • http://! Bobcat

      bring our troops back and defend our borders, we don’t need to be off policing the rest of the world

    • Apache6

      ONEAmerican,the campaigns are just starting up,give BACHMANN time.AS for other Countries respecting a WOMAN PRESIDENT,let just say this “who gives a shit if they do or don’t” this is about saving AMERICA,not Europe,or the middle eat!!!!

    • http://x Washington22

      And where does Bachmann stand on illegal immigration? I’ve yet to hear.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      So if a candidate is not perfect, you’ll stay home (or waste your vote on a third party, which is basically the same thing) and let Obama win again?

    • oneAmerican

      OK, Nathaniel, you got me (sorta) but let’s remember that in Thatcher’s time, we weren’t dealing with the muslims 7 we know how us gals are percieved by them.
      STAY HOME ? NOT ON MY LIFE!! I will be involved in the election of our candidate & was usual will either be a poll watcher or driving thoses that need a ride. I’ve been part of a campaign staff or in the voting aspect for a number of years. I also write a monthly e-mail article, usually on immigration or vetting candidates.

    • dodi

      Keep up the good work! We all need to help with this campaign and don’t under estimate the importance of helping to get people to the poles. Probably the most import job there is especially this time around.

    • Jackie

      If Obama wins again i think we’re going to have blood in the streets because he can’t win in a fair election and that will be “the straw” . . .!

    • David

      If Bachmann compromises with the Marxists on the debt ceiling, then she and the other Republicans are finished. The Tea Party people haven’t been doing anything for us but letting Obama roll them on everything.

    • Patriot41

      David, that simply is not true about the Tea Party. If it were not for the Tea Party the GOP would not have a snowballs chance in hell, in fact they would not have gained the majority in the Congress.

      Tea Party elected conservatives have been busy working both in the Congress and the Senate every since they got elected.

    • http://x Washington22

      Patriot, you are so right.

    • Hank, MO

      The best way to defeat Michelle Bachmann is to brand her as a fanatic like they did Palin. She is not the one to bring charges against Obama because it would destroy her chances to become president with a futile attempt which would be destined to defeat in the Democratic Senate. There are others in the House (such as Boehner or any of the other representatives) who could pursue charging Obama under impeachment proceedings if it seems reasonable to do so. As much as I’d like to see that happen, I have become convinced by the argument that it would paint the Republicans as vindictive crackpots and result in their defeat in 2012. I believe this is why such an obvious forgery was issued as Obama’s birth certificate– it was bait, and they hoped the Republicans would bite it. I also think Trump is a player in that gambit and that he will run as an Independent spoiler candidate if we don’t fall for the bait. That’s the back-up plan. If Bachmann takes the bait, she will have committed political suicide.

    • oneAmerican

      Man ‘O Man, wish I could say you’re wron, but Hank, believe you’re on to something. I’ve thought Trump is the ‘trump card’ in the game from the start. I just hope all the bloggers will follow up with action beyond words. We’ll need feet on the street & driver’s at the wheel to win this race. Also as a general caution, our BFF or neighbor may not know the ‘facts’ so we need to do our own fact checks. STAY ON OUR TOES

    • a constitutionalist

      That’s interesting, I believed that Trump was a plant and a spoiler from the start. It’s great to see others that see the same things.

  • Ronald Johnston

    Bachman and Palin can save our country and throw out the criminals infesting our government.

    • http://! Bobcat


    • Patriot41

      I don’t know that Bachmann & Palin can throw out the criminals by themselves. It takes and active electorate to do that. They could sure as hell make it very uncomfortable for the libs and the RHINO’s though and that I would love to see.

  • Ellis W. Moses

    Gives very convincing interviews and speeches. Has a good legislative voting record. Am not sure about ethanol and farm subsidy stance. These issues need further investigation.

    • Forevermyrtle

      I say, “Get rid of the ethanol. It is a plague to America.”



  • http://http/ sean murry

    You go michele i will be rooting for you she understands what it means to be a American with her consertive values.

  • DaNangMe

    I have a great deal of admiration and respect for Michelle Bachmann for all the aforementioned experience and genuine integrity that comes with her bid for the nomination,which if achieved,will garner my support.However,as I have posted in previous comments on this site,we desperatly need a Commander in Chief with Military experience and I’m still praying for that individual to step forward and declare their candidacy.Meanwhile I lend my support to Bachmann and all others that want to end the reign of the Obama regime with one term!

    • awakenow

      So, do you support our continuing involvement in “undeclared wars,” which is a direct and horrendous violation of our Constitution?

      Our country is now in three “undeclared” wars, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. While we are crumbling here at home.

      Bin Laden is dead, as they say, so why didn’t Obama bring home all the troops, immediately? After all, that was supposedly the reason we were over there, wasn’t it?

      Wasn’t the getting of Bin Laden the reason we went to Iraq, along with the supposed threat of Hussein’s WMDs, which did not exist?

      When did Conservatives decide that not questioning what the billions and billions of dollars in “nation building” and the alleged “taking the fight over there” become unpatriotic?

      Please stop being blind to the reality that BOTH parties are controlled by those with enormous wealth and power.

      In 1961, President Eisenhower warned the nation about the military-industrial complex unfolding … yes, a military general warming about this.

      Sadly, his prophetic warning went unheeded as the nation is embroiled in one undeclared war after another.

      Now, our nation is in grave trouble economically. The current national debt is nearly 15 trillion. By 2015, the debt will be 24.5 trillion but our UNFUNDED liabilities will be a staggering 144 TRILLION.

      These figures represent a yearly debt increase of about 2 trillion, which is based on the amount of debt that has already occurred.

      When do we stop electing people who lie to us and work for the true shadow government that has run our economy ever since the bankster created the privately controlled, Federal Reserve Banking System back in 1913?

      The collusion and control between the banksters and the government should be alarming to anyone who is paying attention.

      Big bank bailouts, come to mind?

      We as citizens, have no real control our money. Read the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin to see how the banksters engineered a fiscal crisis and then took control of our money.

      I promise you, you will be horrified and angry.

    • DaNangMe

      Perhaps I should have been more precise in describing why we need a battle tested CIC.My point is that a Combat Veteran knows what conflicts to avoid as much as which to pursue.They know not to change the rules of engagement to favor the enemy,and once engaged,they seek victory without apology to the enemy or insult to our allies.They also know the dangers of ignoring National Security,the 4th War which has taken more lives in less time than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.By the way,I’m well aware of the extent of corruption on both sides of the aisle in Wash.,D.C. and there were WMD’s found in Iraq.We didn’t go there to kill Bin Laden,we captured Saddam Hussein and the Iraqis executed him.I don’t know if you ever served in the Armed Forces,but if not,I sincerely hope you don’t consider your vote for Obama a patriotic act and I see no evidence of you being awake now!

    • Patriot41

      DaNangMe, you have some very good points, but Awake also is correct about the wasted money and human life with wars that are not justified IAW our Constitution. As a sovereign nation our Constitution only justifies war in the defense of our nation, not other countries around the world. No where in our Constitution does it justify our nation acting as a world police force or as an Empire builder. Nor does it allow for our troops falling under the command of foreign soldiers. I could go on, but I think you get my point.

      Our govt., needs to rethink it’s war strategy to the point of protecting and defending our nation and not the rest of the world. The men who wrote our Constitution did so rejecting the British King and his Empire building ways. That is why they designed this Republic and stressed it’s sovereign status.

      Our nation has come about 360 degrees and has regressed back to the ways of the British Empire. In the process our lawmakers have ignored our Constitution and in so doing created a hell of a mess for this Republic.

    • Oldminstrelman

      Patriot41, Likewise for you but it is counterproductive to keep trying to put words into DaNangMe’s pen. He merely said that he would prefer a commander-in-chief with military background, and I agree with him on that. But in this election I don’t see that happening due in large part to the elimination of the Selective Service Boards. I still believe that Bachmann is the closest to understanding of the plight of defense of this nation, if for no other reason, is that she is a mother.

    • Oldminstrelman

      awakenow, Please lighten up, you have brought forth a lot of good points, that I and a lot of others understand and relate to all too well. Your knowledge is astounding, but your abrasiveness to DaNangMe was remarkably rude. I do not believe for one second that either of you ever voted or will ever vote for Obama.

    • Hank, MO

      Taking the fight over there makes perfect sense to me. Would you rather fight here? As for declaring war, which nation do you think Congress would have declared war on? Al-Quaeda is not a nation, remember?

      Though it may be true in many cases, I am suspicious of those who continually rant about how both parties do this and both parties do that. We all know that any party would screw up now and then. Continually harping on that serves to equate the two parties when no equation is due. Never in our history has our nation been so imperiled, and it sure isn’t the conservatives who have been promoting the laws and ideas which are poisoning it.

  • Victor

    Bachmann has the background we need as well as the conversative values we need. She also knows how to communicate effectively.

  • denny

    we need to put her in to get rid of the clown thats in there now. 2012 is coming if the country can last that long.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I agree with you 100%! In with Bachmann and OUT WITH OBAMA!!

  • JibJab

    Lets put a TIGER in the Peoples White House, Michele Bachmann has my vote.


    Pawlenty is far to mild mannered, Mitt keeps shooting his own foot, Caine is still a strong reasonable voice, Bachman is a force to be reckoned with but the guy yet to be heard from is Perry and I am wondering when that might happen and I imagine there are a lot of libs nervously holding their water at the coming of this event. The Republicans need to stop only the RINO’s from screwing up this coming election.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      But as I said in my last sentence, too many good conservative candidates will cancel each other out.

    • Hank, MO

      It is not possible to have too many good conservatives. Let the cream rise. That’s what primaries are for. If we have a dozen ‘good conservatives’, it simply means that we will have a ‘good conservative’ on top. So what? You intend to then vote for Obama if that should be the case? Doesn’t make sense. Let them all run and, hopefully, we’ll end up with the pick of the litter.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      You miss my point. Under the crazy “first past the post” system that’s used in the GOP primaries, lots of conservatives could split the vote. That way, Romney could beat them all, divided and conquered–just as McCain did last time!

      In an earlier column, I made a suggestion that Tea Partiers should strongly campaign for, which will avoid this glaring problem.

    • awakenow

      Rinos? Libs?

      Please wake up and realize that there is a false left vs right paradigm at work.

      Why is it that we think we are electing a conservative or a liberal but in reality, once they are in office, their policies seem to be the same?

      For example, there is the debt ceiling crisis.

      Please understand that our government, under Republican and Democratic leadership, has raised the debt ceiling numerous times.

      According to the Congressional Research Service, since 1962, the debt ceiling has been raised 74 times … 10 of those times have occurred since 2001.

      Yes, when Pres. George W. Bush was in office.

      Do you see how BOTH parties use your hard-earned money to fund BIG GOVERNMENT?

      Who among these candidates will reverse the course we are on, which must involve the dismantling of wasteful, bloated, unnecessary, departments like the Department of Education and others?

      How many of us conservatives are willing to give up our social security checks, even as we rail against Big Government and socialism?

      You can’t be against socialism and still embrace the very socialistic, SS system that good old Republican Teddy Roosevelt created.

      Herman Cain? Wow. Do you know he was once a Federal Reserve Board Chairman (Kansas City 1995-1997)? And, he doesn’t think this private banking entity needs to be audited by the government because they do a fine job of auditing themselves.

      So, Herman, where are those audits made public, anyway???

      Pawlenty. Union guy. ‘Nuff said, I think.

      Perry? So, do you agree with his forced vaccinations, sans the forced vaccinations of young middle-school aged Texas girls with the HPV (human papillomavirus)to supposedly prevent sexually transmitted disease?

      Despite questions over the long term safety of this vaccine and whether the government should usurp parental determination in this sensitive matter?

      Also, Perry has close ties to Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil. Read more on this, Real Clear Politics dot com, June 4th.

      Perry’s law was overturned by the Texas State Senate.

      And then there’s the charming Michele Bachmann, who will work tirelessly to overturn ObamaCare.

      Yes, she should do that but as a Tea Party supporter, shouldn’t she also be very concerned with the bleeding dry of the American taxpayer via the constant undeclared wars and defense spending? 800 BILLION for FY12??

      Where is the money for that? Aren’t we already bankrupt? Yes, we are.

      Then she signed that freedom loving document called jokingly called the “Patriot Act.” The act which allows thousands of law enforcement agencies to literally spy on you and me.

      At any time, they can read our personal emails, get into your bank account records, and anything else they want to … without a court order. It is done every single day.

      The only people who are being penalized are us, the formerly private citizens of this great country.

      We are losing our precious freedoms one by one. The question is, do your really care?

    • ARMYOF69

      As long as we have the current screwed up voting system, not much will improve.
      Who do you think 51% of all US households will vote for , the same households who pay ZERO taxes, many of whom are on EBT and other taxpayer goodies?

    • Hank, MO

      Here you go again with the “both parties do it” theme. But I notice that your criticism is largely directed toward conservatives and, yet, you talk as if you are one. I don’t think so. You’ve found something wrong with every candidate (except the one in the White House) as if you expected to find all of them perfect. I think we can support any of them, even with a few flaws, in preference to the puppet now pretending to be the president. If you can’t and if you can not find one who IS perfect to recommend to us, then perhaps you should declare yourself as a candidate so we can all become acquainted with what conservative perfection truly is.

  • Glenda

    I totally agree with this article. I like everything she said on Hannity last night. She’s great on the economy and foreign policy.
    I especially like that she criticized political correctness for making it difficult to fight terrorism in our own country. I would like to suggest that there be more or better proof reading of these articles. There were a few incomplete thoughts and repeated words. It may be “nit picky”, but it would go a long way toward being taken seriously.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Easy enough to fix. But if we dismissed everything with typos in it, there wouldn’t be much left.

    • oneAmerican

      Glenda we’re about opinions, not a school essay or publications. IF the thought is conveyed, it is proper, typos & all. Some of us have physical infirmites that make any typing difficult. I think I prefer clumsy fingers over dull minds.

    • Hank, MO

      Good for you, Glenda. I agree, and I particularly like the way you unabashedly announce your approval of Bachmann. After reading awakenow’s comments, I was beginning to believe that being conservative meant we had to put forth the perfect candidate or none at all. Glad to see some folks can accept someone decent even if they may have strayed slightly at some point. I’m not from her state, but I admire her enough that I have been contributing to her campaign even when she was trying to be re-elected to her current position in the House.

  • David

    I hope Bachmann doesn’t emulate Reagan and his disastrous policies. With Reagan it was words, just words, and he actually practiced liberalism…This trird-rate president started the trends that by the end of GW Bush’s term had thoroughly devastated the country and brought us Obama…First, he started the deficit spending trend and tripled the national debt. Second, he changed America from a trade surplus nation into a trade deficit nation, costing us tens of million Middle Class jobs and trillions in trade debt. Third, he had an Open Border policy(amnesty) and gave us 38,000,000 illegal aliens and most of the problems we have today. Fourth, he had a disastrous foreign policy and was actually aiding enemy nations (He was almost impeached for this). Sixth, like with everything else, he was words, just words, when it came to the social agenda. He didn’t pass any of the agenda. etc

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Come off it. I hope she does emulate Reagan, for reasons explained in my previous columns The Reagan Century Part 1 and Part 2. Someone must be thinking of the Obama-like Carter stagflation and a time in fear of the Soviet menace.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, shut up! Who cares what you have to say?

  • Rick Walls

    I agree with the majority of comments. They seem to have left out that Ms. Bachman voted for the Patriot Act. Any concerns from anyone in that regard?

    • awakenow

      Indeed, Rick. Bachmann purports to be against big government and supportive of personal freedoms.

      However, her support of the freedom-robbing Patriot Act, which is anything BUT patriotic, is extremely troubling to me.

      I wonder what the Founders would think about the Patriot Act? These men, and countless other true patriots, risked everything they had to fight the tyrannical control of England … to give birth to a form of government the world had never known before.

      A form of governance where freedom from the watchful eye and control of those who rule us is extinguished.

      Further, and unless you agree with our constant attempts at “nation building,” a Michele Bachmann presidency will not change that philosophy.

      The military-industrial complex, at the hands of the elites, will continue as you and I continue become poorer.

      As our economy continues to crumble, under her watch, we will continue to spend billions to fight undeclared wars … with money we do not have.

      The Empire of Rome died in just this same manner. As Judge Andrew Napolitano correctly stated recently Fox Business Channel “Freedom Watch”, the Romans debased their currency, while spending hugely on military conflicts (and conquest), while they kept the people distracted with bread and circuses.

      Eventually their empire collapsed under its own weight. The parralels are indeed striking and very real.

      Yes, we must have a strong military to protect our country. But why would Conservatives believe it’s fine to spend money we do not have to change cultures we cannot, nor should not, change?

      Afghanistan will always be a tribal nation with a huge degree of illiteracy and government corruption.

      Then there is this. How would you feel if our country were no longer a superpower but we were embroiled in a civil war, sans Libya, and a superpower nation (perhaps China or Russia) decided they needed to save us from ourselves by bombing us, or sending their soldiers in, or by establishing a base or two?

      What you think about that? I don’t think much. Yet, this is exactly what our government has been doing in other countries for decades, ever since the last true and “declared war” … WWII.

      Since then, we have lost thousands of our bravest soldiers … over 30,000 alone in Vietnam. Now, over 4,400 in Iraq and over 1,500 in Afghanistan … that same country who steals billions from OUR hard-earned tax dollars.

      Billions in government contracts are unaccounted for … just watch a few minutes of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee hearings on CSpan this past week.

      Testimony goodies like: 3 MILLION per mile highway construction. $400.00 dollar a gallon gasoline. A 300 MILLION dollar “white elephant” power plant which is too expensive to run.

      Problems and confusion with some 150,000 contracts so far, at a cost of 61 BILLION to us, the American taxpayer.

      Yet, Obama (per the Defense Department) wants 17 BILLION more of our tax money for Afghanistan.

      We are up against the wall economically and we cannot sustain this continued, massive defense spending … over 800 BILLION for FY12. And, the combined costs of Afghanistan and Iraq are over 1 TRILLION.

      If you are a true Conservative you will recognize this is the wrong path and you will also recognize that this country is in serious financial trouble.

      Therefore, your support of the highly personable but extremely troubling positions of Bachmann regarding your liberty and your wallet should signal a huge red flag.

      Stop voting for the most likable candidate and vote for someone who will work to restore this nation to some semblance of what our Founders worked so hard to establish.

    • A patriot

      Voting in Bachman would be a mistake. If she
      supports the Patriot Act, that alone is reason enough to reject her. Indeed there are
      problems with every Conervative candidate, note of them are perfect. With so many candidates, we Conservatives are divided and, “divided we fall”. The only candidate I
      would support is Ron Paul. Any other person woul drive me back to third party, The Constitution Party. In the end we have to justify our vote to our God.

      I’m also afraid that we are so deep in the morass of Socialism, that even the perfect choice can’t save this nation. I’m afraid that it i a case of “too little,too late”.

    • Gwendolyn

      Awakenow, you are indeed a very wide person. Americans have frequently been swayed by personalities, instead of deeds. Many people, to our detrement, just vote for the name they find most pleasing. The young “heads full of mush”vote for whoever strikes their fancy, or whoever the media is pushing. It’s past due time for “we the people” to do the homework in great detail before voting anyone into any office of power in America.

    • Patriot41

      And who would that be Awake?

    • Oldminstrelman


    • Dark Knight

      He is a Ron Paul supporter, Patriot. It would be nice if awake just went back into whatever slumber he prematurely came out of until 03 Nov. 2012 so as to not waste a vote…or our country for that matter!

    • awakenow

      My candidate is Ron Paul. Why? Because he has never swayed from his support for the Constitution and our very liberty.

      Both parties mock our Constitution. They have marginalized it, as the federal government has grown into a massive entity … sucking in our hard earned tax dollars. Ron Paul will dramatically cut the size of the federal government. As we well know, the Founders intended that the “states” should have far greater power and reach over its citizens, due to its localized nature, than the far away federal government.

      As such, Paul is all about states’ rights. As a Conservative, I find that very appealing.

      I find it interesting that Ron Paul would not have begun a massive military involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan in order to find Bin Laden, his top people and dismantle Al Qaeda. Rather, immediately after 9/11, Paul said that our special forces should be used to for this … a belief that he recently repeated and received a lot of flak for. It is interesting to note that, in the end, Paul’s plan is exactly how we got Bin Laden. It will also be the way we get all the other top Al Qaeda/Taliban leaders.

      Thousands of our best and bravest would not have died if Ron Paul were president.

      Interesting comments about our cutting and running in Vietnam. I wonder if you missed reading the declassified 1,100 page Senate Foreign Relations transcripts from the Vietnam era?
      Transcripts stating that senators questioned whether they were being deceived by the Johnson administration over the Gulf of Tonkin Incident? (New York Times, July 14th 2010, Elizabeth Bumiller, “Records Show Doubts on ’64 Vietnam Crisis”) . Or, the National Security Archive, “LBJ Tapes on the Gulf of Tonkin Incident” Aug. 3rd, 1964 — Pres. Johnson Discusses Gulf of Tonkin Incident with Def. Sec. Robert McNamara?

      Then there is Operation Northwoods.

      Recently released, declassified documents on the Cuban Missile Crisis and how our top generals/CIA were thinking about creating a reason to go to war against Cuba. This, to create an incident that would kill Americans and create acts of terrorism in U.S. cities in order to provoke war with Cuba. Fortunately, Kennedy said no way.

      The papers are in the NSA archives. Do a search for “Northwoods” and you’ll find the actual pdf NSA document. Please educate yourself on these things. The truth is there, if you seek it. Wake up and realize that our government considers doing things, or does things, that would turn your stomach in the name of our purported “national interests” … whatever and whomever those interests are for.

      So, exactly what are our reasons for being in Libya? When Gaddafi was our friend, whom we give billions to, just a few years ago? What are our reasons for continuing in Afghanistan after 10 years? When Karzai steals billions from you and I? Do you like supporting his corrupt regime with your tax money?

      Afghanistan is an ancient civilization with tribes who occupy miles of extremely rugged, mountainous terrain. These tribes are mired in beliefs, customs and traditions long established. None of which resemble democracy or our attempts to instill it, which they have lived without for centuries.

      Where do we stop our military involvement around the world? Should we send our troops to North Korea to stop the starving of its citizens by their regime? What about red, Communist China? Should we send our troops there, as they continue to imprison and execute anyone who dares speak out against their regime while they take our jobs away?
      Will we also go to war against Syria, or Pakistan, or Yemen? Because they all harbor Al Qaeda and the Taliban, even as Pakistani farmers are putting down their plows to take up arms against the U.S.?

      Where does this end? How many wars can we fight as our economy fails? Every great empire has died due to massive world military involvement as the empire collapses from within. Study history, and you will realize this country on the very same path.

      I love our great country very much. We are a good people but we are lied to on a daily basis by our government because we are largely asleep, uninvolved, and successfully manipulated by the mainstream media. I am a long standing Republican who has woken up to the unsettling reality that BOTH parties are greatly controlled by the corporatist/bankster/military industrial complex, the same powerful entity that Eisenhower warned us about. Their God is power and money and greed. This is the tyranny the Founders feared.

      I hoped that Michele Bachmann would stand with our Constitution, yet her signing of the Patriot Act signals her true allegiance, which is not in support of our Constitution. Bachmann will keep our troops in Afghanistan until we “finish the job.” Whenever that is. This same policy bankrupted the Russians. It is also bankrupting us, too.

      If we live under a tyrannical control, then we willingly give up our freedoms and we willingly surrender everything worth fighting for.

      Precious few of our politicians stand against this tyranny and with the Founders and our Constitution. Ron Paul is who stands.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Ron Paul realized that third party politics was not the way to go, so joined the GOP, as has his son. So it’s quite amazing to see how many of his own supporters haven’t learned his lesson, threatening to stay home if he isn’t selected as candidate.

    • Hank, MO

      “…but we were embroiled in a civil war, sans Libya, and…” What does that mean, awakenow? ‘Sans’ is a French word meaning without. So if we were no longer a super power but we were embroiled in a civil war ‘without’ Libya… What’s Libya got to do with it? You misused the same word in your previous post, also. Does using foreign words inappropriately somehow make you mysteriously knowledgeable or creditable?

      Your comments would lead me to believe that all the evils of the world are directly attributable to Michelle Bachmann. The list is long, and apparently extends all the way back to the fall of Rome! I hardly think she deserves credit for all that. You’re right about one thing though: we did lose “more than 30,000″ men in Vietnam– yeah, more than one and a half times that many, as I recall. A good many of those lives were likely lost because the nation came under the influence of defeatist voices such as yours and Jane Fonda’s. I am not at all convinced that we should have ever been in Vietnam, but I am convinced that, having decided to fight there, we should not have allowed defeatists to tie our hands in that fight with ridiculous rules of engagement as they are now doing in Afghanistan.

      You seem to be very concerned with the wars but not at all concerned about wasting all those men’s lives if we cut and run without accomplishing our objective, and that objective was NOT just to kill bin Ladin. Our objective was / is to eliminate the threat to this nation from an extreme group of Islamic radicals of which bin Ladin was only one. Though helpful, killing him did not complete the mission, and walking away at this point means that all the money spent and all those young men’s lives have simply been written off and wasted. I don’t want to live with the thought that those men gave their lives for nothing because we grew a little tired of war and, once again, surrendered to the Jane Fonda voices among us. That threat, though weakened, still exists, and we must continue to fight until it is no longer viable. That may be a long time. Meanwhile, we need a leader in whom the nation can place its trust. We do not have that at the moment.

      You seem to be running a campaign of negatives with regard to Michelle Bachmann. Yet, in all of your lengthy posts that I’ve read, I haven’t seen one instance where you announced the candidate whom you support. Why is that? None of them quite good enough? You just can’t make a decision? You’re actually a liberal in disguise and scared to death she’ll defeat ‘the anointed one’? Or, maybe you’re a liberated woman petrified by the thought of the changes a successful, conservative woman might bring to your little world?

      Whatever the case, your disparaging remarks toward Bachmann are unjustified. She may not be perfect, but I’ll take her any day over the self-important ass now pretending to lead this nation.

    • awakenow

      Hank, I am not a liberal in disguise. I am a Republican and Conservative. So please do not assume you know my political leanings.

      As for my usage of the word sans, yes, this was used in error. It was unintended and a result of a changed thought process than what resulted in text. This error also suggests that I do need to read my posts before I hit the post comment icon, so thank you alerting me to this. I do stand corrected.

      Now, it seems the method you employ is to go on the perosnal attack against differing views than your own. I have not personally attacked anyone who offers their opinions or support of any candidate.

      To suggest that I am another Jane Fonda is insulting to me as Republican and Conservative who voted for Bush senior, Reagan and Bush junior.

      At any rate, I do hope we can discuss the issues and our rationale for supporting a candidate, rather than making wild accusations against people we do not know.

      Now, the issues. I believe that you are wrong, Hank. The majority of Americans want us out of Afghanistan “tomorrow.” This is bipartisan and it is correct.

      We cannot win there. We will never win there and countless more of our brave soldiers will die in the process. Does doing more wrong suddenly make it right?

      I supported our involvement in Iraq for years until I realized that Hussein had no WMDs and glaring fact that the 9/11 attackers were Saudis. Also, that Hussein had no jihad, religious, motivations because he was a secularist.

      These are interesting facts that continue to escape the consideration of many people.

      A few years ago, I was like you and I believed and supported the “party line” of “taking the war over there” until I woke up and started realizing that we are literally going broke doing so and we are no safer as a result with porous borders where a suitcase nuke could be easily smuggled in.

      However, we are certainly less free as our emails are not private, our bank accounts can be easily seen, and roving wiretaps are done every single day without a court order … all courtesy of the Patriot Act.

      Oh, and then there are those liberty loving TSA patdowns of 6 year olds and dying grandmothers in wheelchairs.

      Yes, this is what Michele Bachmann supports.

    • Hank, MO

      No concerns, Rick. Remember, when the Patriot Act was first passed, we had just had one of OUR major cities bombed. Passions were high, and we were not certain exactly who our enemy was. We were suddenly at war, and we were willing to temporarily risk some of our Constitutional protections in order to quickly ascertain who our enemy was and how best to strike him. I would be more concerned under those circumstances if she had not voted in favor of that bill. Its recent renewal, though, does give me pause because I do not trust the present administration even to the first degree. However, this administration has no regard for the law, so repealing it probably would not have restrained them anyway. I have no doubts about Michelle’s patriotism or her loyalty to the Constitution.

    • Tim

      They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

      –Benjamin Franklin

    • awakenow

      Hank, so it was okay to support the Patriot Act when we had a Republican president? But now that we have a Democrat, we should be suspicious of this administration’s motives and the act itself?

      Yes, I get what you’re saying and I do agree that Obama is a shady character and fraud, to say the least. But, the Patriot Act extension is virtually the same act that Bush signed. This is still an afront to our Constitution, no matter which party occupies the White House and signs or resigns it into law.

      I believe the Founders would be greatly alarmed with its passage.

      I do know that Ron Paul never supported the Patiot Act.

  • Popeye

    Bachmann/Cain in 2012 with Palin as AG. Let’s send the Commies packin.

  • LadyLiberty

    You’re right, but, I have to vote for the person that I feel we can count on to win in 2012; and that she will do whatever she said; like making Obama a one term president and she will get rid of Obamacare. The second thing is we have to win the Senate and the House…that would help to change the Patriot Act!!!

    • Johnf1234

      The Good Lord knows that I soooooo want to make Obama a one term President, but whats crucial is to make sure we vote to get the SENATE back into the GOP hands, we need both houses.. Even if Obama got re-elected “GOD forbid” but if he did and it was by voter fraud, then at least having both houses, an Impeachment is more likely to happen, because Harry Reid could not stop it… and thus if Obama tried to use his Executive powers over both houses, that could spell TREASON for him for Impeachment as well…

    • Guest

      Hey John,
      You’re so right. I live in New Jersey and both Senators are Democrats. I’m so tired of these two jerks…they have been around for too many years. I am willing to help support two Conservative candidates with whatever help they need. Stuffing enevelopes, making calls, whatever they need.

    • LadyLiberty

      Quest: That is a very good way to get to know the candidates; by getting involved with their campaign…good job!

    • Hank, MO

      Guest, I’m curious– Are your two Democrat senators currently running radio ads proclaiming how hard they are working to save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for the people and that they are so dedicated that they even voted against their own party’s budget proposal this year because they didn’t feel it did enough to control spending? That is the gist of the ad Sen. McCaskill is currently running here in MO. She conveniently forgets to mention, however, that NOBODY voted for that proposal! Yes, she voted against it, but so did every other senator, Democrat or Republican. The vote was 97 against, 0 for it. That’s because Obama put forth a silly, ridiculous budget proposal which was never meant to be seriously considered but which would provide Democrat senators cover in the next election. They could then go back home and claim that they were so concerned about the nation’s finances that they even voted against their own party’s budget plan. How do you like that for truth in advertising? Smells like a rat, or rather, a Reid to me! This bunch will stoop to any level to get re-elected.

  • Chris Wilson

    Here is my dream team/slate for a revitalized USA-Bachman for pres, Cain for VP, Walter Williams for Economic CZAR, Rush for white house press secretary/spokesperson/media czar, any combat veteran/field grade officer for head of homeland security(with liason officer from IDF), Col West for JCS, Pallin for DOE, Sherriff Arpaio for FBI, Bob Dylan for National Poet. get my drift

    • Gwendolyn

      With one change; Palin for President!!! Go Sarah!!!

  • NIELS OLSEN kimberly, idaho

    2 questions for this leading lady:

    • Johnf1234

      Both Michele and her husband are federal tax attorneys, she knows the laws of taxation…
      Being in that profession and that she is a strong Tea Party “Taxed Enough Already” backer, I believe that she would do something to change the CORRUPT UNFAIR TAX CODES…… Take on the IRS, DE-Regulate tax codes, reduce taxes, but then maybe use a more fair system, such as a flat tax, or fair tax, or sales tax system that EVERYONE “NO EXEMPTIONS ALLOWED” like the dems always corrupt with, WOULD HAVE TO ABIDE BY…EVERYONE…………..Including GE and all Obuttheads CZARS…. and UNIONS too… and federal employees too….

  • sleepergirl

    Bachmann impresses. So far she is one of two favorite primary candidates. I’ll be rooting for her and watching. Wouldn’t it be fantastic for the GOP to win with the first conservative woman president?

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Of course, the Leftmedia won’t be gushing over Michele Bachmann as “the first female US President”, as they did so obsequiously over rabid leftist Nancy Pelosi as “first female Speaker of the House”.

    • Hank, MO

      If she wins, we don’t need their damned gushing.

  • Johnf1234

    I know that Bachmann is high on Rep. Jim Demint…. If she would get the nomination, I bet that she would ask him,,,, Jim Demint to be the VP running mate…….. both are on the same thinking page…. Both are Tea Partiers, and strong Conservatives…
    Bachmann is the real deal……

    • Patriot41

      Best idea I have heard yet Bachmann and Demint. I had been wondering who she could pick that would carry the South and I think you hit it on the head. The one problem I see with that team is that moderates and libertarians probably would view it as being too conservative. Hopefully the Tea Party would take up the slack. If women go for Michelle that would definitely be a winning team.

    • Chuck

      Demint is part of the big government mainstream establishment Washington, DC machine and possible RINO. Demint is really no different than Romney, Pawlenty, Santorum, Huntsman, Gingrich, Perry and possibly Cain and Bachmann. They are all puppets for the global elite.

    • Patriot41

      Chuck, couldn’t disagree with you more. Demint has been leading the conservative cause to elect conservative candidates. He formed a PAC just for that purpose and has done very well with it. The Washington elite as you refer to, has been trying to cut Demint’s feet out from under him for quite some time now. He was among the first of the senators to try to warm the people about the coming bankruptcy of the nation because of excessive spending. The man is truly a conservative !

    • oneAmerican

      Not a bad choice. DeMint has a lot ot offer

    • Leslie

      Bachmann appeals to fiscal conservatives though as opposed to mostly social conservatives. I had someone ask me IF she even was socially conservative! lol

  • skip gainer

    Michele Bachmann is the best candidate out there right now. Even though the democrats and the main stream media try to make Michele unqualified and not very bright. The democrats and media should take a good long look at who they are backing, because who they backed the last time turned out to be a real buffoon and highly intellectually unqualified for the job of president and has not improved since taking the office!

    • Patriot41

      When the liberals and the media go after a candidate I know that is someone I should be looking at. If the democrats despise someone you can bet they fear that person.

    • Chuck

      When the liberals and the media go after a candidate they attempt to discredit them. The same is true when democrats despise someone. However, usually when the media and democrats despise someone, they try to marginalize them by ignoring them. When they are trying to push a candidate on their opponents, they go after them, but not sufficiently to totally discredit them. Much like what they have done with Bachmann, Cain, Pawlenty, Romney, Santorum, Huntsman and Perry. Democrats and the liberal media want you to choose one of these candidates because they know they cannot beat Obama. If Democrats and the liberal media demonize a candidate or totally ignore them, that’s the candidate they fear the most. So, as it stands, now, the candidates Democrats and the main stream media fear the most are Sarah Palin and Ron Paul. It’s called reverse psychology. Democrats, with the help of the liberal media are very good at this.

    • Chuck

      Although I cannot agree with you that Michelle Bachmann is the best candidate, I do agree that Obama is a “real buffoon” and is highly unqualified to be President, both Constitutionally and intellectually. However, you can bet his puppet masters are going to use every dirty trick in the book to get him re-elected or put someone just like him in his place. So, I suggest you be very careful to ensure that you choose the best candidate for America and not one the media has selected for you.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Sure, try to choose the best, but don’t stay home if only the second or third best is chosen.

  • Rick Walls

    No argument Sleeper but isn’t it time we hold ALL candidates to a new standard.. err, the American standard. I will find it difficult to swallow that somewhere in this incredible country we cannot find a TRUE Statesman/woman to step up and abolish all this CRAP we’ve allowed ourselves to swallow. Although there may be one or two in the race, currently there is much more vetting to be done before we consider jumping on anyone’s bandwagon.

    • Chuck

      Judging by what most are posting here, you are all expecting an awful lot from whom ever becomes President. A president can only do so much legally. So, if you are expecting all the changes mentioned here, what you want is someone just like Obama. In other words, you want another dictator.

    • Hank, MO

      I don’t agree in the least, Chuck. At this stage, we are right to closely examine each candidate and judge him/her against pure standards. Each will come up lacking in some respect, but hopefully the last one standing will be the very best that we can put into the fight. Remember, the battle doesn’t really begin until it comes down to one candidate versus Sir Arrogance.

  • Red Rock Bob




    • Hank, MO

      Have a little faith there, RR Bob. The American people were fooled once and have paid a heavy price for it. They won’t be so easy to fool the second time. Besides, I doubt if very many of the Democrats even want to listen to another four years of Old Flopears’ teleprompter speeches. “Let me be clear.” “That’s not acceptable.” “We have made progress, but much work is yet to be done.” “Big oil, fat-cat bankers, we inherited a mess, they drove the car into a ditch………..” You wanna hear more of that?

    • dlsimm

      A quick review of Obama’s speeches reveals his most common euphemisms seem to show a pattern of deception, obfuscation and misdirection. In President Obama’s lexicon, words have different meanings; to decipher the message and understand what the President is saying requires a special Washington Dictionary.

      Here are some samples from President Obama’s special dictionary:

      • Investment is the president’s word for government spending. When he says we need to invest more, he really means he wants to increase spending on some special project. Obama knows that the word “investment” is reassuring to most Americans and implies that at some point in time a good investment will return a decent profit. But, no return is envisioned with Obama’s “investments”. In fact, to Obama all government spending is an “investment”.

      • Millionaires and Billionaires – Obama often talks about the need to increase taxes on the millionaires and billionaires. Of course, what he really means is higher taxes on any family making more than $250,000. Obama’s math skills must be sufficient to understand that there is a huge mathematical difference between 250,000 and a billion, but he chooses to ignore the difference to better stoke class resentment, all while hoping that average Americans are just too stupid to understand.

      • Working People is invoked to demonstrate commitment to average Americans. Of course, what Obama REALLY means is that he supports the primacy of unions over other American workers. According to Obama’s definition, the vast majority of Americans, including small business owners, are not working people at all, regardless of how many thousands of hours they work. In Obama’s dictionary, only union members are working people and deserving of special preferences and consideration.

      • Spending Reductions in the Tax Code means more tax increases. President Obama likes to wear the mantle of spending cuts, but lacks the courage to call a tax increase what it really is.

      • Paying Their Fair Share is the president’s phrase for wealth redistribution. What Obama really means is that entrepreneurs and other successful business owners are not paying high enough taxes, and that all of the money they earn should be “contributed” to the government for wealth redistribution to those that Obama considers worthy. Of course, Obama’s supporters, the bulk of whom do not seem to pay income tax, are, according to this definition, already paying a fair amount of tax (zero). It is the rest of America that is not paying their “fair share”. Obama offers no criteria to what is fair or not, so that is why he seems to think it is perfectly acceptable to require 20% of American to pay 78% of the taxes and then try to criticize them for not paying their “fair share”.

      • Green Jobs and Green Economy These are the jobs that President Obama believes are much more important and more valuable than any others, even if creating a “green job” that pays $40,000 actually costs the taxpayers $300,000 to create. Moreover, if creating only one magical “green job” results in the loss of 10 or more jobs that were dependent upon cheap, reliable power, that too is of no consequence. A green job has magical properties that do not conform to economic principles.

      • Unprecedented. This is perhaps Obama’s favorite word, which he uses to describe most of his actions. This word actually has no meaning to Obama, but reflects his belief that he is just so special that everything he does or says must be admired. Obama is so, fundamentally, unaware of American history that he thinks that the challenges and issues that he faces are unique. (Move over George Washington!)

      Unfortunately, our President seems unaware that the dangers of repeated, euphemistic bastardization of the English language erodes his credibility. Increasingly, now more and more Americans know they cannot trust what Obama says.

      And so, President Obama is likely to tell Americans:

      “In response to an unprecedented challenge we must provide more aid to working people by increasing investments in green is jobs. We will implement savings in the tax code that will only impact millionaires and billionaires who are not currently paying their fair share”.

      And yet what Obama really means is:

      My policies have failed. The stimulus was a disaster, and the country is broke. We need more money to keep the Unions, and my special constituents who pay very little or no taxes, happy, so I need everyone else to pay more, otherwise I won’t get re-elected.

  • Johnny American

    I do hope that Bachmann’s will keep her eyes and ears open its is getting close to the Obama teams to clean out the teams bath room and throw the mess at Bachmann as they did too Pallin in the last election Pallin was 100% better to be the President than Obama and Bachmann is around 110%+ more better than Obama this lady will get my vote and I know some a lot of Black Voter that are going to vote for her they say Obama made a fool of them and they are tired of his back door dealing,,,SO I SAY GO Bachmann there alot of voter that will be there on the day to put you into the Whitehouse

    • http://! Bobcat

      go Bachmann/Palin

    • ARMYOF69

      I’ve given up on Sarah…she’s out there just making money….why not Michele and Herman?

    • ES

      Sarah Palin is not “out there making money”.Just like 2010 she was out there raising money for the candidates and supporting. Why do you accuse her of making money when other current candidates were going around raising money? She doesn’t rush into the “ring until she is very sure that that’s what she should do. She could be debating whether she can better serve the country as some one helping to put the right people in the White House and Congress, or she can better serve the country by running as president. Think about it! Whatever is good for the country is her aim and not for self. I admire her for that.
      I never heard of Bachmann until Sarah Palin campaigned for her. From then on she followed Palin around for the Tea Party and she seized the opportunity to use the Tea Party for her purpose. Bachmann’s speeches sounded repetitious and canned. As for mentioning all those books, I suspect that she was prepared not to be caught like Palin. Any one who had read Palin’s books would know that she really know that she is an avid reader of books. I can give you a list of books but can I prove that I have read them unless I can give you quotes from specific books.
      I am still waiting and praying for Palin and I know I am not alone.

    • Nik

      @es you’re right ES. You’re not alone in praying for a Palin candidacy. Barack Obama is praying for one too.

    • Patriot41

      With all of the ridiculous lawsuits and scurrilous attacks by the democrats and the media, Sarah had to get out and raise some money to protect her family. Don’t forget all of the money she has raised for conservative candidates as well. Give her a break Army, she is doing what she has to do.

    • ARMYOF69

      Look, I have nothing against Sarah, if you look backwards on this site I have been pushing for both Michele and Sarah, but now it starting to look like she is NOT running. Good luck to her in her endevours, I wish her only the very best for herself and her family.

  • charlie

    please don’t forget about rick santorum. Rick is a costitutional conservative with strong convictions and a strong record. I am a bit upset that I don’t hear his name coming up in the conservation. Please consider him

    • The Enemy

      charlie: I too like Santorum better than any of the others except Bachmann and Cain. Since we know the black community prefers to vote for someone of their same race, a Bachmann/Cain or Santorum/Cain ticket would be good, yes?

    • http://! Bobcat

      cain NO west may be ok!!

    • Chuck

      Santorum, Pawlenty, Perry, Romney and Huntsman are all RINOs. It’s quite possible Palin, Bachmann, and Cain are RINOs, also. I don’t care how much rhetoric they spew, I don’t trust anyone, except Ron Paul. He’s the only one who has been true to his convictions and the Constitution.

    • Hank, MO

      And doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Unfortunately such faulty thinking is rather typical of far too many Ron Paul supporters. I’ve seen others who would stay home unless Paul is selected as candidate, allowing Obama to win again. Some of them would vote for those egotistical spoilers in the Constitution Party–ironic since Paul only achieved prominence when he left the Libertarian Party and started with one of the two real parties.

    • Dark Knight

      Ron Paul is not going anywhere. Once he sided with Barney Frank, the one who could have been the hero back in 2006-08 concerning the housing debacle, over legalizing drugs he pretty much shot himself in both feet with one round! Besides, Ron Paul may have grand ideas every now and then but sooner or later he’ll slide off into the deep end with beserk jiberish that just is totally unbelievable for a rational individual to take seriously.

    • oneAmerican


    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Please fix your sticky caps lock key. All-capitals is considered “shouting”.

  • http://FindmeonFacebook Garrett

    Ron Paul/ Michele Bachmann 2012 or Michele Bachmann/Ron Paul 2012!

  • Scottie

    I trully dolike Michelle , but just not sure she will be strong enough for this job.Michelle has gone along with Obama and the Demorats before .We need someone who one whowill not be walked over, ,someone who will bring the jobs to America lower our debts to China ,and will also get the Oil Flowing to this Nation ,and Sarah Palin is best the one for this job,she would be the best ass kicker in this race and White House ,she knows how to handle the big Oil company,s.So if Sarah runs for President she will get our votes ,and I would say Michelle for Vice !!God Bless America !!

    • The Enemy

      Scottie: On what issues has Bachmann thrown-in with the Democraps?

    • Chuck

      Bachmann voted to extend the Patriot Act. That’s enough for me not to vote for her. Besides, she is nothing but talking points.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Completely ignoring my column of course. I would remind Patriot readers of my earlier column Why conservatives should hold their nose and vote Republican: A search for a perfect candidate will help elect the worst..

    • Hank, MO

      You have doubts that a woman who has raised or helped raise 28 kids is strong enough to handle the job we trusted this pipsqueak to do? Wow…

    • Nik

      @Hank. That Michelle does loves kids doesn’t she? She made 9-year-old John Quincy Adams a Founding Father after all!

    • Hank, MO

      Yeah, Nik, I can understand that you don’t make the connection. Your knowledge of politics and history probably doesn’t extend any further than your Facebook page. Even a nine year old, however, is likely to have more maturity, judgement and love of country than the imbecile currently residing in the White House.

  • Gwendolyn

    We don’t need another Michelle in the White House! Look into the past, deduct all lawyers from the running. They all think alike, so are not attuned to the needs or the will of “The People”. Too many lawyers writing up bills with too many pages has been a big problem for far too long. Time to think straight, and choose a “go get em” President, like Sarah Palin.

    • The Enemy

      Gwen: Palin isn’t running, at least not yet. Michelle Bachmann and Micheele Obama aren’t even in the same universe, politically. Bachman’s record shows she’s a true conservative.

    • Viva

      Rubio is NEEDED in the Senate; stop whining for West. He wants to serve the people who elected him! Palin would be best as Secretary of the Interior! People should serve where they can do it the best! Palin worked directly in that area, as Alaska Governor! Bachmann has experience, knowledge and speaks out more intelligently. BUT she needs to learn to be prepared with what SHE knows to be the truth. John Wayne was NOT born in Waterloo, Iowa! And SHE should have known that! The media makes much of that and strengthens her opposition. She should, at the first opportunity, amend her remark, with humor, to take the offensive away from the media! Reagan used humor very effectively. About Cain – he is running for the PRESIDENCY! Don’t insult him with the idea he would be a good V.P. for someone else! Most important, we ALL should agree to support the same candidate, (just as the liberals have only one to support,)and overwhelm Obama at the polls, 2012!

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      See Liberal Assault Machine Out in Full Force Against Michele Bachmann, where Ann Coulter puts this leftist attack re John Wayne into perspective:

      HANNITY: Yes. And, you know, the interesting thing is, Congresswoman Bachmann, she said Monday, you know, that John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. John Wayne, the actor. John Wayne is from Iowa. And his parents were from Waterloo, Iowa.

      COULTER: Right, I’m glad you mentioned that. Because this is just a perfect example of the elitism and idiocy of the left. They assume that if Bachmann says something or Palin says something, it must be stupid. So, let’s hear what she said and then we’ll reason backwards and figure out how it was stupid.

      In small towns across America, anyone who has some slight connection, their grandparents could have passed through the area and people say the celebrity is from that town. That’s not common in New York or Los Angeles.

      You know, when I went, before “Treason” came out, I went to Joe McCarthy’s birthplace in Appleton, Wisconsin, they have a whole museum to Houdini. Houdini lived in Appleton, Wisconsin, for like six months. He wasn’t born there, he didn’t die there, he wasn’t race there. But Houdini museum and Appleton, Wisconsin. Any celebrity who has a grandparent who once lived some place, they say he’s from there. But liberals think, Bachmann said something, she is stupid, so let’s reason backwards and figure out why it’s stupid. Oh, it must be John Wayne Gacy.

      HANNITY: Yes. Ronald Reagan is honored where he was born. He’s honored because he was on WHO radio in Iowa. He’s honored in California as being governor.

    • joel

      The vote for the Pelosi stimulus in 2008 troubles me and I truly don’t think she is skilled enough to handle the Obama machine. Ron Paul can handle Obama and has a real plan for the future. Michelle praises Ron here:

    • Hank, MO

      The problem with that is Sarah cannot win, and she knows it. Even she was surprised when she was suddenly thrown into the fight by McCain, and though a great many of the people, myself included, love her, the liberal media were very successful in tainting her with their unscrupulous attacks. I think she would be foolish to step into the ring at this point. But if she does, it will be one heck of a fight, and I’ll support whichever one comes out on top.

    • http://! Bobcat

      it’s only a name, Bachmann is better than the cow obama any day.

  • The Enemy

    Michelle stands way out in front of the GOP pack, including Mitt Romney.

    I’d like to see a Bachmann/Cain ticket. We simply can’t afford any more RINOs or weak, so-called “conservatives”. We need STRONG, PATRIOTIC, UNWAVERING, CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES like Bachmann and Cain!

  • American with a birth certificate….

    We just have to wake up the people. America under obama is moving in the direction of socialism. We must keep our freedom and stand for what all of our brave military men and women have fought for all these decades,freedom and honor. Lets all do what we can little or big to get the word out. No more obama. Lets vote for a Patriot.Michelle in 2012. Lets give the Ladies and shot a fixing America,The women fix most all of the other problems we create so lets give Michelle a shot at fixing America.Michelle is a patriot and obama is a socialist. No more democrats.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t need convincing….I’d vote for Michelle in a heartbeat.

  • richard

    I saw two commentators on CNN praising Romney and Huntsman. That means to me that they think that Obama could beat either one. Michele was not highly regarded which means to me that she is feared. Just like Sarah.

  • R. Cook

    I read and blog on several sites and there is an undercurrent running through several. It is a shocker but the rumor started with some statements Obummer himself has made. He apparently has made statements that his family has not been overjoyed with with him being president. The rumer is he may not even run in 2012.

    Is it credible? I am not sure but if all the negatives begin to add up along with the gunrunner and fake BC and if he is found complicit he may not run. Of course the best thing would be if he was found inelligible and everything he has done was nullified.

    Hey I can hope can’t I?

    • http://! Bobcat

      one can only hope

  • Chuck

    Why is it that when I hit the thumbs down it indicates a thumbs up? Is it possible this is rigged just like the polls and the elections?

  • Carpenter

    I’m hoping that the GOP has the good sense to just get out of the damned way! Bachmann (or Palin) and Ron Paul or vice versa.

    And when the elections over and the dust clears we will see the BIGGEST Landslide victory in world History. It will be a 50 states to 0 states wipeout!!

    The only way to reverse the Hostile Takeover is to Go with Ron Paul (or Palin or Bachmann) and then just stay home.

    I’m not voting Tea-tarian. I’d rather have Obama than a “RINO Libertarian” that has NO buisness in the Republican Party.

    • Carpenter

      I am right about the Tea Party being a bunch of RINO’s. They are. Most are Libertarians or Radical Anarchists who have sworn an oath to either OWN or to destroy the Republican Party.

      And I am not saying that the Republicans are perfect. Far from it. But to go with the Real RINO’s (the Libertarians) simply as “fashion statement” is just plain stupid.

      The only way to reverse the “Tea Effect” is to let the “Tea People” lose all 50 states to the worst President in History. So Bachmann is fine with me. And lets get her a History book (or get her a tutor) so she doesn’t make you all look like idiots before you lose all 50 states.

      And you will lose all 50 states to the worst President in History.

    • Hank, MO

      @Carpenter– I think you mean all 57 states, don’t you? And speaking of history, ya think we might expect the president of the United States to know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day? or to just hear himself when he says (paraphrasing) that we have come here today to honor our fallen heroes, many of whom are in the audience today. He was seeing ghosts or what?
      If you want to nit-pick about some mis-spoken bit of history, Carpenter, I think you’re going to have a very hard time defending your hero. But its not about the nit-picking, is it? It’s about the overall state of the nation, and I KNOW you’re going to have a hard time defending your hero in THAT respect! Rock on, Duuude!

    • Hank, MO

      I think you’d just rather have Obama, period, wouldn’t you, Carpenter?

  • David

    The prophecy is that our last president before nuclear destruction (Ezekiel 38:6 and Jeremiah 25:32-33) will be an attractive lady…I don’t trust Bachmann because she is coming down on the wrong side on some of the issues (like Obama’s phony birth certificate) and keeping secret her views on illegal aliens and Free Trade.

    • Hank, MO

      Oh, yeah, and I hear she has bad breath sometimes and her dirty socks stink, too. No way we could trust her! Let’s just go ahead and run McCain again, doncha think?

    • The Enemy

      What a stretch of prophecy, claiming that Beth Torgamah “of the north country” means a president of the U.S.!

      North of Israel, we find Russia, not America.

  • The Enemy

    Sarah Palin was vociferously attacked and slandered by the government media for her assertion that Obamacare contains “death panels”.

    Now that we all know that it does, will the media who trashed her apologize? Not a chance. They duped the ignorant and they will keep them duped and brainwashed.

    • armyvet

      That was the media’s intent all along, was to try to discredit Sarah, that she was incompentant, to make her unelectable! In short, she is too honest and they are afraid of her. She would rock their little boat.

    • Hank, MO

      I agree, armyvet, but I think they were so successful in painting her as a fanatic that she would have little chance running against the real fanatic.

    • http://! Bobcat

      you should take what he mainstream media says with a grain of salt, i don’t trust them.

  • Nik

    The mere fact that Obama crushes, and I mean crushes Bachmann in every single poll should not dissuade y’all from supporting her. After all, its what the President wants you to do!

    Read and weep:

  • nonyabusinessinpa

    She is just another member of the ESTABLISHMENT blowing smoke up everyone’s ass just like they ALL DO!!

    • roqrome


    • Hank, MO

      Defeatism is rampant.

    • http://! Bobcat

      if you believe that, i have a bridge in san francisco i will sell you.

  • Duane Bass

    This may be of historic consequence . . .
    The Bachmann resume looks better all the time. A real conservative!
    Hurray. . .
    I just hope she is tough. . .
    23 foster kids? She is tough enough, to beat Øbama. . .
    And tough enough to take care of Iran!

    • http://! Bobcat

      media and everyone is afraid of her and palin and that is what we need in there. they wont take no bull from anyone

    • ES

      You really think she took care of those 23 kids all at one time without help? She got plenty of money for them and probably had a lot of help.

  • CJB

    Although the Tea Party Caucus seemed to fizzle and may have been overpowered by the establishment GOP traitors, they should at least be heard. Bachmann may be scared by the media to address the cover-up I call Obamagate. Romney, Perry and Newt are Bilderberg schmucks. Pawlenty sucked up to the CFR and Cain is a Federal Reserve minion, so what do we have left? We the People need to expose Obamagate for what it is before the year is out and maybe the traitors in DC will self destruct before we get election fraud on steroids.

    • joel

      Ron Paul of course. Listen to Michelle in this video:

    • Hank, MO

      Real good, CJB. That’s just REAL good. The TEA Party fizzled; the GOP are traitors; and Bachmann is scared of the media, and all of the others have flaws, too. Now, that’s just REAL DAMNED GOOD! So, what do we have left? Why, Obama, of course! Is that your answer?

      By “Obamagate”, I presume you mean the fake birth certificate issue. That’s sucker bait and political suicide for any candidate who bites it. It’s an obvious fake, but if you charge him with it, the impeachment will simply be acquitted in the Democrat controlled Senate, and you will be painted as a radical lunatic. That’s not a winning hand for Bachmann, and she’s wise to avoid the issue if she can.

  • http://yahoo William Osborne

    I don’t know whether a woman can win the election even after everything Obama has done to this country. But I believe in Michelle Bachman, I believe she is a hard nose, dedicated soman who would get the job done and not back off from anyone. She is decent, believes in the right things, wants to bring America back to what it once was and most of all believes in the American people and wants what they want. A strong America, not bowig to anyone, a good friend to Israel, and most of all doing what the people are demandig that she does as a President. My vote and my friends votes are for her and may God bless her in her attempt to become President and get this evil atrocity out of office.

    • Hank, MO

      Hear, hear! William Osborne. If you can recognize her decency and leadership ability, I am confident millions of other Americans can as well. Can Michelle Bachmann, a decent, intelligent, conservative WOMAN lead a nation? Did Joan d’Arc lead the French? Did Golda Meir lead the Israelis? Did Margaret Thatcher lead the British?

      Women are problem solvers, and we have one hell of a problem. Michelle is certainly better qualified to lead us than some arrogant, narcissistic egotist who thinks himself to be the new Mussolini.

    • Archangel

      Hank, and for all the rest of you, I AM AN AMERICAN I don’t have a leader, whether it be Michelle Bachmann or Barak Obama, I am not their servant, they are my servants and they all need to understand that concept that were hired to do a specific job and they have all failed miserably!Obama is just a piece of human garbage and Bachmann after all her B.S. regarding how the government should be confined and limited by the CONSTITUTION turned right around and voted to renew the PATRIOT Act. When it was time to vote to protect the right of the AMERICAN WORKER to be able to pursue his or her occupation without being intimidated and forced to belong to a COMMUNIST UNION, she wasn’t there for that vote. You people are all full of shit with your pathetic cliches like Live Free or Die, or Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, or I Prefer My Liberty and Freedom Over My Safety, etc, etc,! You people better do some serious research on all these candidates and quit believing the standard line of BULLSHIT you’re continuously being fed!

    • Leslie

      Well, Obama won in my small rural almost all white county… so I just don’t think it will be that difficult for a woman now either. Time Americans caught up with other nations like Israel, England, Germany etc…

  • roqrome

    If Bachman get the nomination she will not when. Listen to hear speak she is just like Obama, a prepared public speaker. She tells you what you want to hear at the time. She is not telling in plain english what she plans to do to fix the problems. Please do not let her get the nomination. She is just as fake as all the rest of them. The only two who says what they mean is Ron Paul, and Chris Christie. Seems like people would get tired of the same old crap all the time. Just because someone says they support the tea party, does not mean they have the same values. Democrats and Republicans have had over 200 years to get it right and they still can’t because they can’t get out of their own way, much less give a crap about the country. For heaven sake give somebody else chance they can’t screw it up no worse. Look at Ron Paul or a Libertarian.

  • Patriot7

    Because good men have not taken steps to do what is right for our country, God has raised up good women to do the job. Michelle has been called of the Lord to take up the battle for our country. Perhaps this will shame these men in authority who are dropping the ball and they will step up behind her to help her. God Bless America!

    • Carpenter

      Patriot7 said:
      “…God has raised up good women to do the job. Michelle has been called of the Lord to take up the battle for our country…”

      Are you for real? Which “god” are you talking about? It certainly says nothing of the sort in the Christian Bible. Give Romans a look and then read the Gospels.

      You must be talking about some of that XTRA (non)biblical stuff that has been added later by the Mormons, Moonies and political agitators who change holy scriptures to fit their worldly political agendas. Thats a BIG sin pal!

      And that ain’t the Lord whos been talking to ya! Don’t you know who the very first Libertarian was?

      OK heres a clue. He was the first one to offer Freedom and LIBERTY to Eve.

    • Hank, MO

      It may not be the Lord that Patriot 7 is hearing, but it’s sure as hell not Mohammed, either, Carpenter!

  • ARMYOF69

    It’s Michele Bachmann, do or die….

    • Josh

      It’s another slimebag obama/bush clone like romney. Do and die. Do some research.

  • Buddharoger

    Bachmann is a crook haha. Instead of answering questions in the NH debate, she took the opportunity to announce that she was running? Meanwhile Ron Paul stands there in bewilderment at the laughable fact that anyone was calling that a debate. That was the most horrendous debate I’ve ever seen and the questions and answers from most of the other candidates were comparable to a 5 year olds. It is clear to me (as I wish it were to all of you) that Bachmann is another puppet, which others pulling the strings. She will continue what Obama has continued that Bush and other preceding presidents started. I cannot vote for someone who voted for the Patriot Act. Not once, but twice this woman has. Ron Paul is one of two Republicans to not vote for it initially (the extension yes, only to vote no on the final). His ideas of NON-INTERVENTIONISM (note I put it in caps for you because some of you guys continue to say isolationism… which is incorrect) are key right now in our debt ridden country. Vote her in, you’ll soon find out she’s not for any of your interests, only then benefiting herself and her husband. I challenge all of you to do more research before spewing opinions out like this. She’s for the Constitution? Yeah right. She’s parroting Ron Paul, just like the other RINO’s.

    “A slender acquaintance with the world must convince every man that actions, not words, are the true criterion of the attachment of friends. ” George Washington

    “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon. ” George Washington

    “I conceive that the great part of the miseries of mankind are brought upon them by false estimates they have made of the value of things. ” Benjamin Franklin

    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” John Adams (1814)

    “The true danger is when Liberty is nibbled away, for expedients.” Edmund Burke (1899)

    “[On ancient Athens]: In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.” Edward Gibbon

  • Adrian Vance

    This nation is so sick-and-tired of all the old white men running things in the ground and stealing us blind with wars for profit that it is time for a woman. They are more trustworthy and reliable. Anyone who went to elementary school knows girls are smarter. Michelle Bachman for President!

    For political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative, Now on Kindle daily.

  • Josh

    Why vote for someone who’s husband and herself are bible thumping gay hate supporters?

    Learn your shit folks.

  • joel

    Specific reason to reject Bachmann:

    In 2008 Bachmann voted for the Nancy Pelosi stimulus bill.
    Bachmann supports the “Patriot Act” which takes away basic rights from citizens
    As a legislator in Minnesota, Bachmann proposed US$60 million in earmarks.
    She doesn’t have a plan or a vision on where to lead this country. I see no Bachmann plan on how to solve the debt problem or how to help the economy
    She is not against all the other unnecessary wars that we are currently fighting, Why is she only against the war in Libya?
    She just doesn’t have the integrity or the guts not to compromise with issues of principle.

    The only candidate which has a credible plan to overcome all the Bachmann shortcomings and the personal integrity to actually implement these solutions is Ron Paul. Even Michelle sings the praises for Ron Paul in this video. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Jason

    She voted for the patriot act. She is on the same team as Obama. I dont think I could sway anybodies opinion here. I dont want another war monger as president trying to set policy based on religious views. Ron Paul has the record to back up what he says no other candidate does. I choose freedom not tyranny. Any one other than Ron Paul will bring Death to America. Ron Paul is the only politician with guts to stand up for what right. Bachmann will keep our prisons full of nonviolent drug offenders and keep occupying nations we have no business in. you cant give democracy to people that dont want it and try to bomb them till they agree. its all about money and Ron Paul is the only one i have heard say that. Ron Paul knows the threat of Islam he also knows we insight there hatred towards us by occupying there countries and killing the women and children. Its like 9/11 every day for people over there and everyone else besides Ron Paul wants to continue that. Why does everyone have such a hard time thinking how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot? maybe those people want to live like that. Maybe we should stop giving billions to dictators that oppress there people. Ron Paul may not become president but neither will Bachmann. The difference is Ron Paul ideas will never die and Bachmann will fade into history and be forgotten. Is is the same as what we have now a liar and a tyrant.

  • Ged

    I’m sorry, but I can’t get past her fake smile, phony enthusiasm, and catch phrases. She is all about trying to seduce me. I’m not impressed. There is absolutely no substance about this woman whatsoever. She makes the issue all about herself and not policy. The depth of her conversation is about as shallow as Sarah Palin’s “family values” and just as hypocritical.

    If you want intellectual honesty and a person advanced in economic and constitutional education, look no further than the godfather of the Tea Party—Congressman Ron Paul. He predicted the housing crisis, the never-ending wars, the ongoing recession, the abuse of civil liberties, and is many years ahead of our time still. Best of all, he cannot be bought out, unlike Bachmann will will go on her knees and suck it to get elected without thinking twice.

    So WAKE UP AMERICA! Stop wasting your energy on spectacles. We’re spending our country into oblivion first with Bush, and now even more with Obama. Only Ron Paul has proposed answers to balance the budget, restore our freedoms, end the wars, allow for a sound money, and provide effective national security.

    Vote Ron Paul or never see a day of peace in your life and be owned by the banks. Simple as that.

  • Tim

    Bachman is a Neocon. She’ll be the equivalent of McCain in 2008 if she gains the nomination.

    In the last debate, she said nothing except Obama needs to be a one term president.

    She supported a candidate last election in Minnesota who voted for TARP.

    She also voted to extend the Patriot Act. You know, that piece of legislation which destroyed our fourth amendment rights as citizens of this once great bastion of freedom.

    She will never have my vote. I would rather write in Ron Paul, who consistently is a voice for strict adherence to the boundaries set up by our Great Constitution. You know that piece of paper which outlines the boundaries our government must operate within.

    The same paper that Bachman ignored when she voted to extend the patriot act.

    Of course, it doesn’t surprise me that the same people who are supporters of Bachman also like Cain.

    Cain who worked for the FED. Cain who is a minister of a church that belongs to the national baptist association, which belongs to the world council of churches, which preaches Social Justice, or marxism for christians.

  • bdevilandcanes

    There are two very important points in this article that needs repeated and remembered:

    (1)If Iran gets the nuke bomb then not only is Israel threatened and probably a target but the whole western civiliztion is in peril and exposes us for our weakness and sets us up for blackmail of all types.
    (2)The fact that we are debating the raising of the debt limit reveals a crisis in our leadership. BHusseinO is our leader.
    Think about these two. Live free or die.

  • Hank, MO

    We cannot field a perfect candidate, but we cannot field ANY VIABLE candidate if we allow the news media and others to shred each of them over minor missteps, peculiarities of personality, race or gender. The candidate we choose must stand out from, but not above, the crowd because he or she reflects the image of the America we remember, the America millions of immigrants clamor to get into, and the America we want to BE here for our children and grandchildren. Michelle Bachmann does stand out for those very reasons and certainly projects the image of an America I would want my children and grandchildren to live in. Decency in our schools and in society at large; honesty in speech and actions; loyalty to a nation renowned for its charity and basic goodness; intelligent, responsible fiscal management; charismatic humility; foresight and vision; and a common, human link to the American people– do you need more reasons to select Michelle as a leader?

    • Tim

      I would need her to not destroy personal freedoms by voting to extend the patriot act. I would need her to stand up for the constitution rather than trample all over it.

  • Arthur Griffin

    I hope you climb to the top on the prayers of concerned Americans. Every day our foundation crumbles further under the Presidency of Obama.

    Come out of the fog and get behind Michelle Bachman GOP, and don’t drag around as though business as usual.


  • MB, Kansas

    It’s a sad day in America when we have to put women in leadership because the men either aren’t worthy or won’t step up and do their duty. Throughout history, whenever a woman was called into leadership it was because the nation was desperate. From women heading their homes, to women leading churches, to women in federal government, we can see where it’s getting us — and we must admit, it’s very discouraging. We are, indeed, desperate.

  • Betty Liberty

    People, have you looked at voting records? They say all these wonderful patriotic things, but do the opposite! Michelle Bachmann voted for the Patriot Act, and the enhanced war powers act. She’s got an LLM in taxation, and is a former IRS central planning agent! She AND her husband collect government subsidies. Herman Cain was chairman of the board at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas, he’s in favor of NAFTA, CAFTA & TARP! Rick Perry is a Bilderberg attendee. He tried to force every little girl in his district to get the Gardasil vaccine. Turns out he was getting kickbacks from Merck to do so. He’s been instrumental in the North American Superhighway fiasco. Please check voting records. Don’t get fooled again!!! Ron Paul 2012.

  • Daryl,Houston

    What’s all the fuss about Bachman? What about the original, Ron Paul? He has been toting the load for all of us for 20 years and preaching the exact same message. He is far more brilliant-just not as pretty. You never paid any attention to his writings, speeches, or lectures. You just wrote him off as a loon. But now you wan’t to back an intern. Shame on you!

    • awakenow

      Daryl, I am with you on Ron Paul. See my posts further up in support of Dr. Paul.

      You are so very correct. Dr. Paul is truly the real deal. His prediction, back in 2003 to the Senate Banking Committee, that the economy was heading for a major fall as a result of the bankster-created housing crisis
      were ignored.

      Back then, he told them that this housing bubble would happen and it would then burst, and people would lose tremendous amounts of equity in their homes.

      He saw the greed and corruption within the banking industry as the banksters ignored property laws requiring the proper recording and assigning of loan documents in county recording offices around the country.

      He knew the banks would run to their friends in Congress and the Treasury and they did, as they will again.

      As we are beginning to see, the big banks are starting to be sued as the investors realize they have been had.

      They now know that they invested billions in worthless mortgage-backed certificates because the mortgages were never securitized, never recorded properly, and because these loans were illegally changed from negotiable instruments to stock certificates.

      Just last week, we read that 22 investors sued Bank of America and BofA reportedly settled for 8.5 BILLION.

      Just “22” investor companies.

      Also in the news, the five major credit unions announced their lawsuit of 800 million against JP Morgan Bank, Bank of America, Citi and Wells Fargo, with more lawsuits to follow.

      Lawsuits will be forthcoming from many different entities, including Mainstreet.

      Yes, Mainstreet America is also affected. Original loan documents are now lost, or destroyed, because an artificial electronic entity was created, MERS, during the “go go” years of real estate.

      Read about the Mortgage Electronic Registration System and weep, for its creation and the huge mess created will affect us all, as we will be required to pay for its cleanup.

      Too big to fail all over again, only this time, in spades.

      Btw, everyone reading this, who has done a loan (new or refinance) in the past ten, or so, years might want to check out MERS’ loan lookup tool to see if their loan is, unfortunately, in their system. Although even if it isn’t there, is no quarantee that a loan does not have a clouded title issue due to it being sold as a Mortgage-backed security to thousands of investors, without it being properly recorded and violating state laws.

      Quite simply, fraud, on a massive scale has been committed by these big banks. And, this will effect millions, good standing mortgages or not.

      Dr. Paul saw it all coming.

    • awakenow

      A correction to this post.

      Ron Paul warned the House Financial Services Committee rather than the Senate Banking Committee.

      Of course, this would be so because Paul is a House Representative and not in the Senate.

      Please check out his prophetic testimony before the House Financial Services Committee, September 10, 2003.

  • Art Mai

    Sounds great.

  • Evan

    Michelle Bachmann voted every time for the Patriot Act. She recently voted for the Patriot Act extension:

    She voted for the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.

    Here are her votes:

    Prior to politics she was an attorney for the IRS.

    Guys, look at records. The ONLY person whose votes and actions match exactly the talk is Ron Paul. He has never voted for anything that was not constitutional.

    Don’t let another pretty face and charisma sway you. Go BY VOTING RECORDS.

  • Another Old Buffalo

    Buffalo John is “right-on” re. his MLK oppinion. Riots and destruction followed his “public” visits to every City. It wasn’t because the KKK was seeking publicity. The philandering MLK movement taught the Sharptons, Jacksons and Panthers how to organize. The blacks at the time were in great need of a “Hero” to look “up-to”. The likes of the Gov.Faubus racists and other non-Christian haters were on the threshhold of extending the discrimination for many years to come. Local, State and National politicians saw MLK as a way to pacify this need, thereby preventing expensive destruction of life and property in their
    respective domains. The Mania of renaming streets and buildings during the cannonization of MLK was moranic. The Mass Media, not quite as dishonest as now, was quick to spread the Bull. However,I don’t recall that there was ever a public sentence uttered supporting this oppinion.
    To Dark Knight, age does make a difference in discussions about History. Conclusions drawn with the benefit of all five senses are usually going to be more accurate than a perspective drawn from only one sense. Example; you may be old enough to use all five of your senses in recounting the “OJ” trial.
    Powers-To-Be didn’t want another Rodney Hill or Haight-Ashbury day. Geraldo, most of the media and politicians behind some closed doors performed one of the most corrupt unjust activities this Old Buffalo can recall. Blacks were Estatic, a City was Spared and Ms Justice cried, but it isn’t going in history books this way, yet.

  • Another Old Buffalo

    Apology for the typo. Rodney King not Hill. I was thinking of another mis-justice, similar context of Anita Hill

  • Archangel

    Bachmann voted to extend the P.A.T.R.I.O.T.Act???????????????????????? I don’t call this a minor miscalculation! This act attempts to destroy the protections of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments of the “Bill of Rights”. If this woman professes such a strong belief in Freedom and Liberty why did she vote in favor of that abomination????????????????????????? So far, the republicans haven’t produced a viable candidate!