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Best New Audio Book: “Weapon of A.S.S. (American Socialist States) Destruction”

Written on Friday, January 27, 2012 by

zo audio book

Anyone who reads my column knows I’m a big fan of PJTV political pundit AlfonZo Rachel.  I’ve conducted multiple interviews with him and written multiple articles about him and consider him one of our greatest Conservative voices in the media.

Recently AlfonZo sent me an advance copy of his new audio book, “Weapon of A.S.S. (American Socialist States) Destruction” and I’ve been glued to my iPod ever since.  Matter of fact, I’ve listened to it twice and am on my way to three.

In his perfectly Zo way, he lays it all on the line regarding the hypocrisy of the left, the whitewashing of the Democrat Party regarding the birth of racism in America and much more.

Chapter 4, “Right Wing Faith and Left Wing Fantasy”, is one of my favorites.  Zo talks about how the translation of ‘Satan’ means ‘The Accuser’—and as we all know, accusations are the Left’s favorite weapon against the Right.  He also tells us that the name “Lucifer” and “Christ” both translate to light—but Lucifer is a ‘dazzling’ light (the Hollywood type) while Christ is the light of the truth.  Very interesting stuff.

In his easy-to-understand way, Zo gives us multiple tools to use when liberals try to argue with us about everything from religion, racism, the history of the Republican Party, the Green Movement, the defense of capitalism and pretty much anything you can imagine.   And believe me—we’re going to need a LOT of verbal weapons to help us get through 2012.

I personally think it’s brilliant that AlfonZo is releasing his book in audio form.  One of Zo’s gifts is his ability to express his passion and straightforward-ness by using his voice.  His videos have inspired people in ways written articles could never have done—so hearing Zo’s book instead of reading it is SO very 2012.


AlfonZo told me that depending on the success of his audio book he will probably release a paper book at a later date.  I’ll certainly let y’all know if and when that happens (which I’m pretty sure will be sooner than later!)


Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction” will be available TOMORROW, January 27, 2012 via AlfonZo’s Macho Sauce Productions website.

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  • El Lobo Solo

    It would have been perferable if J.D. Hayworth beat McCaine in the Arizona GOP primaries in 2010. Hope he will make another try.

    • daves

      Alaska is the biggest American Socialist State.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      @daves: can you explain that claim?

    • fliteking

      I say Daves at the bus stop today. He said “My cats breath smells like cat food” .

      Man . . . liberals always have the deepest insights.

    • hollygreen9

      My puppies breath smells like decaying steelhead trout but I still love the little guy. By the way he is a 6 month old poodle.

  • Shane

    I like the title of the book!

  • Babci Cathy

    I hope his book does well…I really like him and his style.

  • Chito

    The Sunami is coming, and We dont see IT…
    2006 gold was $440.00 per oz. Today it is $1650.00 pe oz.
    1650 / 440 = %375 INFLATION [as measured in Gold] -S O S — S O S –

  • Mad Mike

    Like the Reverand Wright say’s, “The chickens are comm’n home to roost”! Obama’s wild spending and failure to make cuts are now causing inflation to go crazy. You will soon need a wheelbarrow full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread. “Obamanomics” at work!

  • jim letourneau

    I got a question Bush postpond paying for war left it out of budget and paying until 2017 which taxpayers will pay interest not the amount owed but extra 2.4 trillon, and tax cuts that were being paid by growth, GAO said worst jobs in history 700,000 per year, crazy Ragean had crisis Ecinimic Freedom Act rasied taxses created 5.6 millon jobs most in history, Bushsssssssssss left some much destruction, Obama is averaging 1.6 jobs for last three year, read, wikipedia read fact check, gas prices MMS fact check.