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Blacks Leaving Obama

Written on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 by


Behind the president’s whining to the Black Caucus, begging them to “quit grumbling,” is a decline in his personal popularity among African-American voters that could portend catastrophe for his fading re-election chances.

According to a Washington Post- ABC News survey, his favorability rating among African-Americans has dropped off a cliff plunging from 83 percent five months ago, to a mere 58 percent today — a drop of 25 points, a bit more than a point per week!

Nothing is more crucial to the president’s re-election strategy than a super-strong showing among black voters. In the election of 2008, he was able to increase African-American participation from 11 percent of the total vote in 2004 to 14 percent. He carried 98 percent of them. This swing accounted for fully half of his gain over the showing of John Kerry. Now, his ability to repeat this performance is in doubt.
And the emergence of Herman Cain as a serious Republican candidate could not have come at a worse time for the embattled president. Cain’s alternate narrative — self-help, entrepreneurial skill, hard work and self-improvement — stands in stark contrast to the victimization and class warfare argument that the president has adopted.

Over all, how’s that class warfare working out for you, Mr. president? Well, here are some unpleasant numbers for you:
Before Obama’s speech to Congress and the nation –watched by 34 million families — his job approval averaged 44 percent. Now it averages 43 percent, according to He deployed his ultimate weapon — a nationally televised speech to Congress — and came up empty.

The president’s personal favorability has taken a big hit even as his job approval has shown no gain. The Washington Post-ABC News poll has his rating down to 47 percent, the first time in his presidency it has dropped below 50 percent. Clearly, the spectacle of a class warrior leading the country is grating on most Americans. Usually, despite drops in his job approval, his personal ratings have stayed high. Not anymore. The most recent New York Times-CBS poll had his favorability actually lagging behind his job approval by 4 points — the first time it has ever done so in their polling.

Young people, the core of Obama’s base, now hold equally favorable and unfavorable views of the president they once adored. And his favorability among self-described liberal Democrats has also dropped. The percentage of those who say they are strongly favorable has fallen from 69 percent in April to 52 percent now. For a president whose re-election chances hinge on his ability to turn out his base, these numbers are depressing, indeed.

Obama’s advisors likely think that fervent appeals to liberal views, including class warfare, are the best way to repair the gaping holes that are now appearing in his political base. But this is a conviction born of instinct and intuition, not generated by polling data. The fact is that as the president has ratcheted up his class warfare rhetoric, his personal popularity has fallen and his job approval has slightly edged down.

Obama stepped on his own jobs initiative speech a week after he delivered it by proposing a class based tax revenue plan. He poured on the class rhetoric, dwarfing any focus on the job creating aspirations of his spending program. So the message we get is that the president proposes to solve our economic problems by taxing rich people. To some this is counter-intuitive since the top 2 percent spend 33 percent of the money in this country. To others, it seems like an irrelevancy as the president once again indulges his agenda for social reform rather than promoting economic recovery.

With only 26 percent of Americans approving of Obama’s handling of the economy (Fox News poll), the president’s ratings are bound to drop further until and unless he can post real economic gains on the scoreboard, something his rhetoric alienating the GOP House of Representatives and scaring the daylights out of the business community is unlikely to achieve.

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  • El Lobo Solo

    OK Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton. Accept no substitute in 2012. Vote for some one with some “real skin in the game”. Vote for the Black Man & not the Hack Man.

    CAIN-WEST in 2012.

    • Ed Caouette

      We are either Sons of Adam or because of the new birth Sons of God through Jesus Christ (these are the only two racial choices).
      Black cultural thought has been dominated by modern liberalism, government handouts and the hood mentality where Dad’s don’t participate in child rearing and leadership.
      Herman Cain does not fit that bill. Barack Obama does with one exception that he is more polished. IMHO

    • seabee combat vet

      Polish scrathes REAL EASY as is shown by oblowholes thin outer skin, I mean polish!!!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Even the lowly flea knows when to leave a dead dog!

    • Patriot and an American

      I don’t call Obummer polished. He game is trickery, a far cry from honesty, dignity, integrity, fraud, corruption. Put a polished suit on someone and call him polished. Sorry it’s not impressive

    • Patriot and an American

      fraud and corruption is his game. He is good at lying, manipulation and trickery. He has no dignity, integrity, no polish!

    • Whackajig

      I notice that you do capitalize his name. Why exactly, do you afford him this honor and respect?

    • coot

      It did get your attention but really he’s making a point

    • James

      Yeah. While the door is cracked open, run them all in before the door closes again. The others are only getting into sheeps clothing to get democrats re-elected.
      p.s. Close the back door too.

    • Kenai

      That’s right El Lobo Solo, you took the words right out of my mouth. Lets cram the race card up Obama’s butt and pack it hard!

      CAIN-WEST IN 2012!

    • Patsy Cochran

      I can’t think of two better men to run. Both have exemplary reputations and have the guts to stick up for what they believe in. Also West is not afraid to take the heat for decisions he makes when it comes to his troops. I am sure he will always make that kind of decisions where our military men and women are concerned.

    • Red

      You obviously think the jpb of being president of the USA could be handled by anyone with or without experience. That kind of thinking is what got us the inept dictator that is in the WH now.

    • http://x Washington22

      Red, as much as I like the two mentioned men, Cain and West, I gotta agree with YOU. These fine, competent men, are NOT experienced. Both need a bit more to be President of the Untied States. Either would be a excellent choice for VP, tho. Either is intelligent enough to learn while on the job!

    • kokkienkc

      Herman Cain is smart enough to be president… He is smart enough to know that if he doesn’t know the answer he will talk with people who do…… Alan West is a good man also but I believe that Cain as president needs a man behind him that knows in the ends and outs of Washington and that is Newt. Newt could help greatly with the Foriegn affairs issues. , and Cain is smart enough to form he own opinion after he has sort advise from people who are in the know. He will not blame things that don’t work on others… The buck will stop with Cain. He has been my man since way before he said he would run for President. He needs all of our donations to win this battle. GO CAIN

    • T Lady

      I could not agree more. That sucker sounds like a broken, scratched LP that has seen more than its fair share of days on this planet. As I shared with a fellow Christian earlier, I pray it doesn’t take even more people losing their homes or jobs before realizing what a colossial failure Obama truly is. Especially when you consider the unemployement rate among Blacks is nearly double that of the national average. If the figures in the article are accurate, this is a good sign.

    • http://TalkTalk johnny h

      T lady look at the overseas news channels and read what a mess the USA is in according to those with NO media axe to grind.
      Obama did not just add to the GWB mess, he knew there was a mess, and then just KEPT ON spending!!
      If you have debt as big as what was left by George Dubya, it takes real skill and aplomb to be able to triple it (and some), and get away with pretending that HE didn`t do anything really, or that he “Spent to stimulate the economy”….which has resulted in the biggest tanking of economy since the Dustbowl!!
      Yet, SOME (democrats and blacks all) actually believe the man!!!!
      Listen folks, he lied! He continues to lie, right into the election.
      WAKE UP USA!!! 2013 may be TOO LATE!!

    • Obamavitch

      The nation tried the black thing, and as I recall, it did not work out very well.

    • Tom Stewart

      Your Right-On Everytime El Lobo Solo, However Colored Folks With Govt Jobs Will Not Jump Obamacares Sinking Ship USS Rope-A-Doper, Very Interesting AFL/CIO “Haves Gang” Plus “The Have Nots” Have Already Jumped-Ship. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots With Sarah Palin.

    • Lou

      Sorry dude I don’t trust Black dudes anymore

    • El Lobo Solo

      Times have changed. Be an FDR* Republican next year.

      *Frederich Douglas Republican.

    • just wondering

      Forget race, go for the best person. Prove you’re intellegent, not racist.

    • Patsy Cochran

      Unfortunately, a lot of people thought Obama was the best person. So much so that a lot of folks voted more than once. Some of them that voted were even dead. I wonder how they decided who to vote for. I wonder also how many people decided to vote for Obama because of the threats from thugs placed at the voting centers.

      We all need to educate ourselves and make sure that Obama only gets to serve this one term.

    • http://facebook Ruby Franks

      Don’t worry I am doing my part. no vote for OBAMA

    • jmj

      I agree with you 100%! So far the only one that has offered a plan for economic recovery IS Herman Cain. Everyone else is just talking.

    • http://HELP Believer

      VOTERS OF THE NEXT ELECTION: You vote people in because they are 100 Percent the right candidate. You vote people in because they have been 100 Percent VETTED. You do NOT vote people in because of “WHITE GUILT”. There should be NO SUCH THING. Cain & West are good men, but you vote for them because they are the BEST CHOICES.We have 14 months to go before we vote. We must take our time in making up our minds on these candidates.I am going to look at the records of the individuals, and see what they plan to do about this ECONOMY, JOBS, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION
      and the BORDERS,also their views on TERRORISM, getting America back to being #1 in the WORLD’S STANDING, TRADE POLICIES,and yes GAY MARRIAGE,which is detrimental to a normal society. We can NOT put people in office, because of their COLOR.

    • http://x Washington22

      Well thought out, Believer. I agree 100%.

    • coot

      You are totally correct but may I add Cain is a self made man who has owned and run some of the biggest bussiness in America .He is more highly educated than Obama, more common sense than Obama, More American than Obama.
      Obama never owned or ran any kind of bussiness,his education is a mystery,his birth is a mystery,actually his country is a mystery, his qualifications for President was a mystery,the Constitution doesn’t mean anything to him.
      Top ranking military make decisions and the President approves.If you think Obama made the Kill decisions on Al Quida WRONG.Military comanders did .Obama just x them.He has shown the Muslam side of himself to America so to him it was a political decision and I doubt one he truly wanted to make.
      Cain on the other hand loves America,has never rode the racist issue, never claimed to be Afro American but just American,he believes in the Constitution.And yes he can lead instead of follow.
      Wheather he would make the best choice we don’t know.BUT;
      Wouldn’t it be nice though to see him run against Obama and wax his butt.
      Yes Cain can learn,Obama did not know crap about military or foriegn affairs and condemed our military and admistration but now has followed most of the Bush adminstration policys to the letter.

    • joe


    • EnoughStupidity

      Can understand but Cain got “skills” and is not a racist or marxist. Besides we need someone to run this country as a business not a political affair that cost us tax payers sooooo much. This man has business experience, Obama had his attorney license revoked as well as his wife’s. But Illinois don’t care just so long as you don’t get caught…ASK ROD!!!

    • Guitar Player

      It’s OK to trust black dudes, just don’t trust anybody from Chicago politics.

    • TakeAwayTheirRaceCard

      Stupid comment and insulting to a couple of the best men in the public forum today. Alan West and Herman Cain are not afraid to lead us through the tenuous times we find ourselves in and I’m willing to follow.
      Too bad Christie refused to run, because for the same reasons I would have voted for him as well. Anyone that didn’t hear his speech yesterday should go give a listen.

    • http://x Washington22

      Take, are you aware of Christie’s stand on the second amendment? He’s also weak on immigration and appointing Muslims to judgeships…………..I’m glad that Christie isn’t running so that we have more years to watch him from afar………………….We need strong supporters of the second amendmant and someone who does not have liberal tendencies. I fear that Christie isn’t conservative enough in all areas.

    • Obamavitch

      Cain has just jumped over Romney into the lead in a recent poll.

      Doing the wrong thing one time can be considered a mistake. What will you call it if the nation makes the same stupid mistake a second time? obungle looked great to many people prior to his being elected.

    • Mike Sorgester

      “Character is higher than intellect, a great soul will be strong to live as well as strong to think.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson. Mr. Herman Cain is an intelligent man of great character including high moral courage, a reverence for the truth, the integrity of self-reliance, the honor of personal responsibility, a passion for individual freedom, a clear understanding of the US Constitution and how to best serve Americans.

    • billy

      Teach a man to fish and you lose a Democrat voter. Blacks have been smothered with gov’t freebies for generations and most accept that dependency. Herman Cain offers to lift them up and set them free via personal responsibility, self suffiency and an entreprenueral spirit. Big contrast with Obama who preaches wealth re-distribution and class warfare.

    • Obamavitch

      Billy believes that tigers will change their stripes.

      Psssssst………… taint gonna happen.


    • Doug Rodrigues

      Three people I’d vote for in a heart beat are Alan West, Ron Paul, or Herb Cain. The best thing about all three is that none of them are two faced attorney politicians!

    • Al

      Cain – west or West – Cain two great conservatives now that would be some hope and change I could believe in.

    • Obamavitch

      95% of the blacks will ALWAYS vote for the food stamp party.

      o-vomit has created a situation where many voters do not trust any black candidate.

    • Jennie Walsh

      September 28, 2011 at 5:08 pm

      The Federal Reserve and the IRS are America’s most deadly enemies. One of the head honchos of the international bankster-gangsters who illegally set up these two very diabolical, evil, lying, thieving and plundering organizations, Meyor Rothschild, said that if he had control over a nation’s money, he did not care who made it’s laws. The Federal Reserve and the IRS DO HAVE DICTATORSHIP CONTROL over America’s money and are plundering America into poverty and destruction. It is true that if you have control over a man’s wealth, you have control over his life. Ron Paul wants to put these two DICTATOR organizations out of business. No wonder the crime bosses hate him, fear him and will do anything to keep him out of the presidency. Whatever you do, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE THAT THE MEDIA IS GLORIFYING AND DOING WHATEVER THEY CAN TO MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD. The crime bosses own and control the media and they have their many puppets in the candidate line-up. The crime bosses do not care which of their puppets are elected. Their puppets can all be manipulated into furthering the destruction of America and America’s people. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who consistently stands on true principles of freedom, prosperity, justice, honesty and that is why he is such a threat to the bankster-gangsters (the “shadow government”) who are currently running this nation and doing their best to own and control everyone and everything on planet earth.

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      As we all know, history has a habit of repeating itself.

      “Well then Mrs. Lincoln, other than that, did you enjoy the play?”

      Hope springs eternal!

      Just get out to the polls in November 2012 and VOTE ZER0-BAMA’s COMMIE butt out of office!

    • Tom Stewart

      Right-On El Lobo Solo The Imposter Pres Obama Will Step Up The Chi-Town Rope-A-Dope For All Young Kids Any Color, Yikeess, Read Between The Lines Of Lies And More Lies. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots. ABO.

  • nvrpc

    The black are only whinning because Obama is kissing their “special” orfice. TFB for them. Blacks are not specials, they are now equal so maybe its time they take their 1950 and 1960 BS demonstaion tactics and put them in their ditty bag. No one is listening any more and never will, the blacks have played that race card for five decades now. It is time to ignore the parasites and make it very clear if you want a life, work for it and get off the welfare checks cause no one owes you the time of day, Got it?

    • SUSANM


    • Obamavitch

      I am the number one racist on this site, but I would like to remind our readers that parasites come in all colors. Many scumbag whites mimic the welfare rat actions of the blacks.

  • Gas Passer

    Will race hustler’s Jesse Jackson (The Minister Love), Al Sharpton (The Loud Mouth Fake Minister of Nothing), and Morgan Freeman (A Fading Uneducated Movie Star) be enough to rail up the blacks to vote for Obunga the Messiah of Hope and Change again?

    • shorething

      it’s gonna be mighty hard to play the race card for a half wit, half assed, half white, half black african against a black american that was born poor, worked his way through college twice,saved corporations from bankruptcy and restored them to prosperity. Or in other words a record he can run ON NOT FROM. he’s lost double digit support in the polls from all the historic dim base the youth, the jews, women, hispanics,and finally now the blacks. the independent voters (that according to the dims would vote for a moderate (mcLame)went his way before but have abandoned him more than any of the base demos. if his approval ratings go any lower, we could use them as a geo thermal energy source. he’s actually even losing his likeability index, guess his hitleresque rant at the cbc showed enough of his true colors that he’s no longer mr nice guy. all the dims are pushing romney the rino as our best choice (as they did mcLame) he claims he was only in politics for 4 years but fails to mention the 4 times he ran and lost or a career pol he’d be. the only person i’d vote for him over is zer0. i’d love to see Newt win it all as he has 4 years of balanced budgets on his resume’ even if the dims credit it to clinton, whose only contribution was not vetoing them. Cain as vp in charge of jobs (that 3 letter word according to gaffe a minute joe) and no doubt would do better at it. would also be a kick ass good treasury opposed to turbo tax timmie. i’ve never used it but i’ve heard it makes it pretty much idiot proof, so how come the only person so qualified that his tax cheating had to be forgiven/forgotten,couldn’t figure it out? my choice is whoever wins the repub nomination and sends zer0 and his minions aka storm troopers packing.

    • Obamavitch

      Are you speaking about the guy who headed up one of the regional divisions of the federal reserve? The guy who resists auditing the fed? Are you talking about the jerk whose 999 plan opens brand new doors for the government to loot our funds? Cain wants a sales tax PLUS an income tax, plus a corporate tax. His numbers are 999, but what happens when congress decides it should be 12, 12, 12?

    • BUD


  • Tim K

    Mr.Cain is a real AMERICAN.

    • Jerry

      Now this is a Black Man that shows great competence without a doubt! Glad that he is making the headlines!!! I’m not going to think that he won’t be the nominee because if he does, I will vote for him! if Cain doesn’t be the nominee, then it is Perry for me!Coming from a Man of my intelligence, zero told everybody during his caaaampaign in 2008 that he was all about being a dictator, they just didn’t understand him when he was saying it. At a time like this, everybody should be educated what a smooth talking liar is about now! Let’s try not to make any more of those mistakes!

    • http://TalkTalk johnny h

      He is also OLDER than Reagan was in 1980!!

    • Obamavitch

      I don’t know what Cain says, but everyone else sees him as an african American, just like the other blacks describe themselves.

  • Mr Lindy (Buzz) Busby

    Solve unemployment problems, help small business: Require unemployed to work for their checks by assigning them to small businesses free of charge. If they work well, small businesses could put them on as a regular employee. If they don’t work well or will not work, let them go and cut their checks. Unemployment would drop immediately and small businesses woulf flourish.

  • Jim

    I guess that change is not working out for them either. Will it be viewed as racist if they don’t back Obozo in the next election? It is pertrayed as such for everyone else who doesn’t go along with him.

    • Obamavitch

      Here is the straight skinny………. black voters will always vote (95% of the time) for the food stamp party. It matters not how the candidate lies, cheats and steals, they support the party which gives them the freebies.

      It is silly to think that a black GOP candidate will woo away very many votes.

  • stormy

    Does this mean that j. jackson & a. sharpton will have to find another source of income? Oh, I forgot, they are working hard in another group,the hispanic’s.Don’t fall for their BS people!!They do not care about you!! You are just easy money to those two!!

  • http://newsmax Charles Neukam

    Most black people I meet believe if you work for it you earned it.people are tired of the race card being played,but people need to understand it won’t change unless they are willing to change themself. Grow up & face reality & stop depending on goverment to solve the promblem. They create promblems not solve them

    • http://TalkTalk johnny h

      Reagan spoke about the race issue and the disgraceful unionisation of American schooling back in the 1970s.
      How come it is still the same in USA???

  • tweety

    I think we have a good barometer on Obama in the likes of Allen West and Herman Cain. Blacks CAN be valuable contributors to the political scene — but not as the sheep that they have seemingly always been.

  • Insurgent

    If you are born in Africa, you are African, and if you are born in America, you are American.

    • Just wondering

      And if you’re hatched in kenya, you become a fake president in America.

    • Insurgent

      And a liar who sets the black race back about 300 years !!!!

    • Daphney

      You dam right it did! maybe this time we will voted the issues and not the color.
      Obama is insane he has done more for rich white and gays than anyone else.

    • Amazed American

      Did you ever wonder why Obama would never submit his medical records? Have you read about his membership in the “men’s club” at Chicago? Mysterious deaths of four members when Obama decided to run for senator….one of them had HIV. Hmmmm……rather curious wouldn’t you say?

    • Obamavitch

      Not everyone born here deserves to be called an “American”. That term should be reserved for folks who actually love our nation.

  • dharper

    May I inject just a small amount of logic into this nonsense about ‘racism’ constantly thrown out by the likes of Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, Waters, Rangel and their ilk.

    This article clearly states that Obama carried ‘98%’ of the black vote.

    This not racism.

    If 98% of the Anglo vote had voted for McCain the hue and cry from all black leaders would have been ‘racism.’

    It was the progressive/liberal white vote that put Obama into office, not the black vote since they only compromise roughly 18% of the national population.

    Mu unsolicited advise to the black race is shut the hell up, put away your crying towels, get off welfare, educate your children, quit having your young women have babies at a cost to the taxpayers and then continue to be subsidized with food stamps, health care, rent assistance and God only knows what else, and go to work doing something, even if it is something you don’t particularly want to do.

    You aren’t a neglected minority you have been a ‘protected minority’ and the rest of us are damn tired of supporting you as we have done for the past 50-60 years.

    Enough is enough!!!

    • Eve

      Alot of responsible black people feel the same way…….get off your arses and take off the government dole!

    • Obamavitch

      Your advice to the blacks is not new. People have been telling the blacks this same thing for many years. The blacks did not listen then and will not listen now. If change is to be had in the lifestyle of the blacks, it must come from a dimnuition of the bennies given them. Take away the freebies, and they will starve or return to doing the jobs the mexicans have assumed. If the mexicans cannot get a job, they will return to the chithole called mexico.

  • am2sweet

    Best news of the day is finding out that the blacks are wising up to their great fake of a leader. They thought life was going to be all roses with Obama in charge and instead got nothing but thorns.

    • Dodi

      Even if they are wising up to obummer, they will march right back and vote for him. They only thing that might change their mind would be maybe a Allen West, Herman Cain ticket. I wish West would run. I think these two could beat the $$$$$ out of obummer.

    • shorething

      love Allen West alot, sent him a check after the first time i saw him speak but no one has been elected to potus (currently totus) from the house for 130 years. tough precedent to break. he’s a high draft pick and adds to a really deep bench but should go for governor or senator first. he’s young and has lots of time to do so
      Cain has a track record that’s very impressive but no political experience, i don’t know how much that would work for him or against him, but people are getting fed up with tha ever expanding govt and the SS tactics this regime is employing, raiding and completely shutting down Gibson guitars,how does a company perform basic functions when all your computers have been seized, and now pressuring Ford to pull an ad criticizing the govt takeover of gm and chrysler.

    • Dodi

      Then shorething, let’s change that 130 record! We can do a lot of things if we try hard. I really like a lot of what Cain says and his having a business background -vs- a political one isn’t all bad! Remember obummer came in without ANY experience. He didn’t spend much of his Senate time in the Senate nor voting (to show his true self). Didn’t he vote present several times rather than to commit himself so we would know something about him? I’m sure Cain can do a whole lot better than this jerk.

    • Obamavitch

      Thorns? I have not heard of any reduction in the food stamps, sect. 8 housing, heating subsidies, free cell phones etc., ad nauseum.

  • armyvet

    I hope they remember that at election time.

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 !!!

    • Yikes!

      Dr. Ron Paul for 2011 rubber room residency!

    • Obamavitch

      rp is dead, he just doesn’t know it yet.

  • LadyLiberty


  • liberty59

    What a glorious day in America when blacks recognize that Obama and the entire Democratic party have lied to them since the Civil War. They,the Democrats, keep them enslaved to keep themselves in office. I pray that men like Herman Cain, an informed black man, will open their eyes to the “truth”!!! Will they all come to know the actual facts…no, but even a few is better than none!

  • De

    If Blacks are really leaving Barak (as they call him), I pray it’s for the right reasons of life and liberty and not because they think he won’t cater to them. How I wish this country could move beyond the ignorant mentality of judging by race, color (or lack thereof), or ethnicity. How stupid we must look to the rest of the world.

    • Eve

      Believe me, we do look very foolish to the rest of the world!!!!! Lets prove we’ve gotten our brains and our intergrity back in 2012!

    • Obamavitch

      We need to get our chit in order, but not for the reason that we are concerned how the rest of the world views us.

      I care deeply about America, but not a lick about what other countries think.

  • ARMYOF69

    The ONLY blacks deserting him, would be the 8% who never did vote for him, who consider themselves Americans like the rest of us, who work for a living, and are NOT on the take from the taxpayers. The rest of them would not dare NOT vote for their milk daddy.

    • TW

      The term I believe is SUGAR DADDY

    • ARMYOF69

      NO IT ISN’T , they are sucking on America’s teats. Learn to read between the lines.

    • Insurgent

      The price we continue to pay for the Muslims selling slaves to the southern plantation owners is astronomical and growing greater every day!!!

    • Obamavitch

      In the gay community, obama is known as “big daddy”.

  • Woolfy

    Obama is resorting to class warfare and racism because it’s all he knows as a career community organizer. He’s never managed a thing in his life…except just one thing. He’s “managed” to trash this country and bring racism back to levels it was 20-30 years ago. What a shame. We as a country were starting to repair that awful “disease” when Democrat and Independant “white” people voted for a black man for President. Obama has destroyed that historical gain by being the most race concious politician ever. So sad. The media thinks those of us that want Obama out of office are doing so because of race. Race has nothing to do with it. It’s his POLICIES that suck!!!

  • Bluewolf

    It’s time the black community start working and paying taxes like the rest of us. No one is holding them back but themselves. I’m tired of paying for lazy people to sit around, not work, and keep drawing welfare.

    • TW

      I believe if people would use welfare as a bridge in their life instead of a perpetual form of income we would be willing to assist those in need. By bridge I mean if you need a little help getting over a health problem like a surgery. There is a time limit for the use of those funds, then go back to work when you are released to by your doctor.

    • Jerry

      Great idea TW. But them nere dims can make it so hard sometimes, especially when a lot of blacks is making hard for Black people!!!

    • Jerry

      All of us Black people don’t sit around and do nothing Bluewolf. There are black and there are Black people. I’ll let you figure that one out! But just because the media print something does not mean that all are the same. If ome Blacks work their way through college, other blcks just mught be a little jealous. I’ll let you figure that one out also. Let’s just keep being conservative because the dims of long ago messed a lot of the Blacks up to a point that they became blacks!!!!!

    • Obamavitch

      Most of the world permits you guys to describe yourselves with a word we are prohibited from using.

    • Kate

      I think it extremely unfair to blame the black community for the mess our welfare system is in. I can name just as many whites and hispanics that are sucking the system dry. By the way, I am white.

    • Obamavitch

      Blacks have a much greater % on welfare than whites. It is not the pure number on welfare, but rather the percentage.

      Government dependance is a lifestyle with blacks. Sure, there are many exceptions, but they are just that exceptions. Even if there percentages were the same for blacks and whites, that would not excuse any of them for being parasites.

    • MsSteel

      Amen! As a Black American, we were taught to work hard and eventually it pays off. Obama want to stifle work and “brainwash” the youth to depend on government. The Bible states, if a man does not work, he do not eat.

  • De

    You’re right Woolfy. He’s set us back a few decades.

    • Woolfy

      Thanks De….unfortunately. :)

  • Tom Stewart

    Like The Best Colored Pastor In NY James Manning PhD Who Has The Imposter Muslim Pres Obama Right-On For Three Years, Quote “This Long Legged Mack Daddy Obamacare Is A Phoney” Plus Do Not Believe Anything Obama Says, With His Tongue Firmly In His Cheek, And His Fingers Crossed Behind His Back. Taking His Orders From George Soros, Yikeess, Read The Canada Free Press For The Honest Truth, And Use George Soros Papers For Your Bird Cage. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots With Sarah Palin.

  • Emme

    Bluewolf–I’m also tired of them looking down their noses and acting arrogant towards me when they are sitting around, lazy, not working and drawing welfare. There is reverse discrimination going on (same as discrimination except others don’t count) and they had best feel ashamed and scared of what odumbo is doing to them!

  • Emme

    Just to show you how serious this matter is, a close friend was laid off from her job so that the minority could have it (the friend was a perfect employee and there was no reason other than aa). The minority didn’t want to work and really wasn’t qualified and couldn’t do the job and died of a heart attack from stress the night before the job was to commence. This just shows that they’d rather die than BE GIVEN a job and have to lift a finger. Oh, what a monster this country has creating more monsters!

  • Whitey

    Don’t kid yourselves, the Blacks will come out again in record numbers to vote for Obama. The Jews got what they wanted, the U. S. sold them more weaponry and Obama wagged his tail like a good pet in rejecting Palestine’s bid for a U. N. seat. Bagels, and fried chicken for 4 more years!

    • Woolfy

      LOL…more of them had jobs in 2008 and maybe couldn’t make it to the Polls to vote. This year, more are unemployed and will have plenty of time to get to the polls. What a shame that they will most likely vote color instead of substance.

    • Insurgent

      You can take a donkey to water, but you cannot make him drink it!

  • Jim

    What would you do if you woke up next to
    Maxine Waters?

    • Woolfy

      Jim, Jim, Jim….that’s not nice.
      I’d call the newspaper to send a reporter out and start a scandal so she could be the next unemployed politician. :)

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      woolfy and Jim…. Better yet, call her husband and he would cut her throat…

    • Obamavitch

      Run to the clinic for an AIDS test.

  • pappap42

    It is time for the blacks to leave the demoRATS after 50 years of backing the dems. you are still in the same spot you were. Try something new.

    • Insurgent

      Living proof that some people never learn anything !!!

  • Doc Freeman

    I think some of the blacks who voted for BHO thought he would really take care of them, just because his skin is black. BHO cares about no one but himself. He has proven that time and time again. For example when the S & P down graded the country it did not phase him one bit he just went about his business as usual.
    Obama Golfs After Downgrade August 8, 2011
    President Barack Obama, a Democrat, enjoys spending time on the golf course on Andrews Air Force Base, which is nearby Camp David. Regardless of circumstances, Obama loves to play golf. The U.S. stock exchanges are plunging and the S&P has just downgraded the credit rating of United States federal government debt. So, how does the President respond to recent developments of the Obama Depression? He plays golf.
    Politico reports that, “President Obama has left the White House for Camp David. The pool reports Obama left the West Wing around 3:40 p.m., waving to a crowd as he boarded his helicopter. Valeries, Jarret, Reggie Love and Pete Souza are tagging along.”
    As for the young people that voted for him because they thought he really meant Hope and Change and that BHO would fundamentally change D.C. Guess what his hope and change was for him only not the country. Yes he did change D.C. It has gotten worse with fraud and power seeking government official. There are so many lies or half truths told by BHO and his administration it is hard for any one to believe him or his administration. Plus many college graduated can not find a job and have been looking since 2008. This is not the hope and change they wanted.
    Many people were fooled by his charismatic personality and well thought out speeches. I hope they have learned their lesson to find out EVERYTHING about a candidate and really listen to what they say, not what you thought they said. You must listen to detail information from the candidates.

  • H Stumpf

    The obama’s have ruined the black mans reputation.

    • Dean

      There are very few black people like Obama around. Many voted for him in the last election just like many other people did. I think most have wised up. Don’t blame the bleck people for this arrogant, narcisstic individual. That is not fair.

    • Daphney

      Yes he has! he live up to the myth that a BLACK man can’t run anything.
      Vote hime out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Daphney

      Yes he did . And it is always the black man that bring the embrassment to the community.
      Vote him out! I don’t care if he is black.

    • Obamavitch

      The obamas have not changed what a great many of us think about blacks.

  • Dean

    The more I hear from Herman Cain and the more I read about him and his background, the more likely he will get my vote. Go Mr. Cain, please don’t give up.

    • Daphney

      i did not like Cain view on homosexuals DADT and them getting married. Sounds like another Obama on the issues.
      Vote him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dorothy

    west & cain I like both men but or they to nice with out changes both men could be eaten alive from the rat infested congress some states repeatly keep sending back the same old rats ever election I believe term limits should take care of that I decided to keep a watchful eye on all of them

    • Red

      Both men are running because they are black. Neither has the background, or experience to occupy the highest office in the land. They just figure, if Obama can get elected because he is black, I can too.

    • Eve

      Hmmm that’s kind of what Carl lewis thought too, here in New jerey……guess what…..proven (there is a God!) he isn’t eligible. There is one judge that’s honest and hasn’t sold out…….being a well known celebrity/athlete and or black……is NOT a reccommendation for politics. Good grief, pretty soon Michael Vick will be running for office………God forbid!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I like Herman Cain for his business sense, I like his ideas…….who cares what color his skin is…….I want someone who cares about America and the values we used to have. I’d also vote for Allen West, but I believe, like our Gov Christie, get more experience under his belt…besides I don’t want Christie to leave New jersey, his job is NOT finished!

      What real racists tend to forget, obama is just as much white as he is black…and a disgrace to both!!!

      Nope in 2012!

  • De

    I don’t know what was so charismatic about him. I always thought he sounded stupid.

    • Daphney

      He sounded like a typical liar to me.
      Vote him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry

    Someone should tell Morgan Freeman that the Black people are beginning to ask for the replacement of this SOB Barrack Obama and it is not because he is Black it is because he is incompetent and being someone that has color in his skin has nothing to do with it. Morgan Freeman is jest showing the world that to many people continue to be Racists and it jest happens to be the people that are of the Black Race of people so I think they will be Racist no matter what happens and it is worse because they can’t jest sit at home and wait for the Government checks any longer they have to go out and earn there money now.

  • D. Hanes

    This is music to my ears, and makes my heart glad. I have faith in our African American brothers and sisters and thank God that finally some are seeing the light. They don’t need Obama because he is a black man.. they and we just need a good president, man, woman, Black, White, Red or Yellow.

    We need to get back to that. I understand that the majority of blacks did vote for him because he was black.. and I can’t say I blame them.. he sounded good, they had hope.. but even they must see now.. that just as we whites cannot rely on a white president doing the best for us.. a black president is not necessarily going to do the best for them.

    Obama, like Bush and others before him.. was and is out for himself first, his owners second and maybe a little bit for the country… but does not really understand or care about the problems we, as regualr Americans have.

    Where do we find someone that does?? My choice is Herman Cain.. he is not a career poitican.. and God knows we have had enough of those.. I am not voting for any bloody lawyer again…

    Lets all work together to somehow save our country from the communist users that have so far been hurting our country.. and it is OUR COUNTRY.. not the politicians!

    • Jerry

      And you’re soooo–oo right D. Hanes! The majority of blacks voted for zero!! But a few Blacks understood that we the people had a psychotic neurotic wanna-be dictator on hand at the time of the 2008 campaigning!!! I wondered why a lot of White people wanted to vote for this idiot? I wish I could have someone to tell me that with an honest approach. On second thought, I’ll just leave well enough alone!!!!!

  • Richard M

    When is somebody going to arrest this fraud in the WH? If I were an enemy of America, I would do exactly as BHO is doing. Running America into the ground by destroying our economy. If you can’t see what he’s doing, then you’re either a total fool or you’re part of the problem! We can’t even afford to let this imposter stay in office until 2012. No telling what he’ll do by then!

  • Justwonderingwhy!

    I agree with you Justwondering! It should not be about race, but it should be about your past experinces. “We the People” should be past all that skin color stuff. This is our country’s survival we are talking about. Perry is a good man, but Cain as beaten him hands down. Cain is a businessman! He has a great deal of experince in business. Hiring and firing! I believe he can do much in 2012. I believe in Col. West as well. If, Cain was to ask, Mr. West to be VP. This country could really come back to the power it once had. Col. West, is a leader of men. Our military will become great once more. Our businesses will grow under the direction of Mr. Cain. I believe a Cain/West ticket would bring America back from the dead. Illegals could not just enter into this Great Nation and take over everything! This is America and it belongs to legal Americans! I am a white man, but it is clear to me that these two men would be the best choice for the country, currently!

  • Justwonderingwhy!

    I meant that businesses would grow under Mr. Cains Leadership of the USA! Also the markets would grow naturally!

  • Larry Owens

    the article mentioned young people as helping elect obama, now they are not so sure he is “The One”, sort of scary isn’t it the younger people coming of age to get involved in politics, they know nothing only the propaganda they have been fed and they believe it. Also obama is his own worse enemy as he keeps telling the same ole stories and no ending in sight. We have a happy ending in 2012 as he rides off into the sunset. Good Riddance!

  • Kazz

    We really do need change. We do not need a socialistic country. I feel congress needs to take some cuts. One term only for the Big O

  • Bev

    We are having one last push to ask Congressman Allen West to please run for POTUS. So if you would like Congressman West to run, please send him an e-mail at his Washington DC office. Also, you can call him or fax him at his other offices. Please go to:

  • Buck

    More proof that givem the correct information they are as intelligent as all other races . Intelligence isn’t a race thing , it is a knowledge thing .

    • http://comcast. evelyn

      They know how to sing and dance!!! play ball and play period. I would not trust them with money or the economy of this country again. They, if they want to, can do a lot of good in an occuption that they really study for. Obamaboy, was taken off the strreets of Chicago and ‘groomed’ for this position. People dont reallize how far he has come……from nothing…because of the ‘people’ behind him. The money that ‘made him senator in Ill, that he didnt finish, his background has not been proven, because it was made by fraud, and his election etc….was diffently fraud, he is nothing without all the enemies of this country telling him what to do. His main job is to start a project and beat it to death with speaches..begging and telling the people to ‘march’ !!!??? just to get one of his bills, the job thingy-dingy, that has already ‘been there-done that’ PASSED.. HE IS A NOTHING THAT HAPPENED TO BE ELECTED BY FRUAD OF THE STRONGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD PRESIDENT He knows nothing and does nothing…..Wonder how many days he will take off on one of imfamous vacations come next month. BEING PRESIDENT IS VERY HARD WORK!!

  • OldGeezer

    Obummer is an empty suit…all the polish in the world can’t hide the mannequin within..

  • OldGeezer

    As far as electing another lawyer…
    William Shakespeare had it right…

  • LS

    They will be back with 96 percent voting for him in 2012. They will vote for him before anyone else because he is one of them.

    • MsSteel

      Sad, but true.

  • http://HELP Believer


  • Sergeant Major White Owl (TEAPUBLICAN) Extreme Far Right Conservative

    Blacks are smarter, if not smarter then most Americans. They appear not to be doing the black thing thing next election but the smart thing. Vote obama out.

    • fliteking

      Seems like a reach, I hope you are correct though.

  • Bob Devich

    Blacks will NEVER vote Republican. They are in Democrat bondage. Heck, they don’t even know that the Democrats Fought like Hell against the Civil Rights act of 1964, and it was the Republicans that passed.

    Get out and work against Mr. “Change” in the upcoming Spring, as he’ll have all his thughs out there. I’m distributing fliers, making calls, emailing, posting, putting fliers on my truck. The thug will have all his thug buddies out there, sao we’ll have to work hard!!!!

    REMEMBER in 2012!

  • Tom Stewart

    Blacks Leaving Barack H. Obama, Yikeess, Yet Attorney Stephen Pidgeon Finds In A Book “The Obama Error” Record Of Name Change For Barack Hussein Obama In British Columbia On Oct 14, 1982, From Barack Mounir Udayd To Barack Hussein Obama, Yikeess, Read The Canadian Free Press For Number Of Days Left In Office. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots With Sarah Palin POTUS.

  • Stan Lee

    Of all the people in this American melting-pot, blacks have ended up with the most poverty and unemployment of all. This, because of the guy who promised “Hope & Change!” There is no need to ask how it’s working!
    Yep, there’s been 99 weeks of unemployment checks, food stamps, bail-outs galore, and still none of this replaces the feeling a responsible adult has after doing his/her best on the job, and being adequately rewarded for it. No Welfare Check can generate the self-esteem that a job well done can give an individual!
    The blacks are not the only ones left behind by Obama’s reckless promises, we all have felt the results. But, the blacks, Obama’s most loyal voters who thought he was a “brother,” they are the ones who’ve been duped. That’s mighty sad!