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Blame Obama

Written on Thursday, August 11, 2011 by

obama dc fundraiser

President Obama, the Democrat party and their members of Congress have spent years blaming former President George W. Bush for the nation’s current economic woes, which is akin to blaming the bank’s tellers for a bank robbery, or for the dishonesty of their bosses, the bank’s executives who were looting the till.

Nobody in the left-dominated media bothers to note that in the last years of the Bush presidency Democrats controlled the Congress and thus had a death grip on the nation’s economy, having complete control over the nation’s purse strings. They spent and spent and spent the yet-uncollected taxes of future generations — as well as our own — as if there were no tomorrow.

It wasn’t a Bush Congress that jammed the incredible costs of Obamacare down the throats of the American people and their children and grandchildren — it was our spendthrift president and his allies on Capitol Hill doing their classic imitation of the legendary drunken sailors on shore leave.

It’s simply common sense to understand that spending money one doesn’t have in the hopes that the future will provide the needed funds is something like believing that some beneficent tooth fairy will come up with the money in the future.

Now the president and the national Democrat party have suddenly discovered a scapegoat for the latest economic mess they have thrust upon the American people. They insist that the credit-rating downgrade was the fault of the tea party trying to control the nation’s purse strings. I’m not kidding. They really expect us to swallow this whopper as the gospel truth.

They expect us to ignore the fact that the millions of tea party members are simply Americans deeply and sincerely concerned about the nation’s economy and the tendency of the government to spend their hard-earned tax money on whatever scam strikes its fancy.

It’s time to place the blame for our economic malaise where it belongs — on the shoulders of the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress.

Tea party members have been the voice of reason, not the wild-eyed terrorists portrayed by the left’s crazy spin doctors.

What would have averted the credit-rating downgrade and the subsequent turmoil in the markets? Precisely the spending cuts advocated by the tea party.

According to a statement by Jenny Beth Martin, a co-founder and national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, the debt-ceiling compromise was full of “accounting tricks and minor ‘cuts’ to spending.” She warns that these so-called cuts do not reduce our national debt. They are simply cuts to future deficit spending.

Rather than prevent a crisis, the debt deal has “already cost us our AAA credit rating,” according to Martin.

In addition, she explains that the tea party was the only organization pushing for the passage of the Full Faith and Credit Act, which would remove the threat of a national default.

A couple of hundred years ago a band of American patriots demonstrated their contempt for a distant Parliament that imposed unjust taxation upon citizens, with no say in the matter, by dumping British-taxed tea in Boston Harbor. It was one of the acts of defiance that helped spark the American Revolution and created a new nation.

Unlike the Boston tea party, today’s today’s tea party membership is nationwide and composed of people from every nook and cranny in this vast nation, but they feel the same determination to display their anger at the depredations of an out-of-control national government that the Boston patriots showed toward a distant monarch who legend tells us could not speak a word of English, preferring instead his native German.

It’s past time for a little tea dumping of our own — the bitter tea brewed by Barack Obama

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “The New Reagan Revolution” (St. Martin’s Press, 2011). He is the founder and chairman of The Reagan Group and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his website at, or e-mail comments to

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  • Retired USAF MSgt

    The Left has been blaming Bush for everything for the last 11 years. BO has been doing it for 3.

    Do they really think this tactic will go un-noticed?

    After the 2012 election, some on the right will remain on the high road and not blame the prior administration for the condition of the country- as Bush has refrained from doing. They will look to the future and confront the nations problems with determination and time tested solutions.

    But many have learned that the tactics of the left do have some effect on public thinking. In this light they have been schooled by the far left.

    A building can be demolished in a matter of minutes but its replacement will take years to build. The same will happen to the country. BO, in only two and a half years, has destroyed the secruity, economy, and standing of the US. It will take a long time to reverse the rot instituted by this administration.

    I sure hope the left is ready to be publicly raked over the coals for many years to come.

    What goes around, comes around.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      This will be doubly painful considering their aversion to coal

    • Russell Atchison

      The old saying is the truth shall set you free, good by OB.

    • Juris Doctor

      We should not use OB for Obama it should be “BO” because everything this man/demon/muslin touches stinks to the bone.

    • daves

      The parties share blame for the current fiscal situation, but federal budget statistics show that Republican policies over the last decade, and the cost of the two wars, added far more to the deficit than initiatives approved by the Democratic Congress since 2006, giving voters reason to be skeptical of campaign promises.

      Calculations by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and other independent fiscal experts show that the $1.1 trillion cost over the next 10 years of the Medicare prescription drug program, which the Republican-controlled Congress adopted in 2003, by itself would add more to the deficit than the combined costs of the bailout, the stimulus and the health care law.

    • Johnnygard

      Sorry about reposting this, but I’ve been trying for weeks to get daves to answer specific questions with specific answers, but like a typical liberal he leaves or dodges and gives a partial answer to maybe one question. daves, No liberal like you will answer my questions. 1. Did Bush spend too much or not enough? If too much, why is BHO spending at least 3 times as much, and it isn’t working? 2. Does it make sense to you to back Brazil drilling for oil offshore, in deeper water, but delaying the United States drilling off our shores in shallower water and under our strict regulations? 3. Are you against drilling in ANWAR, a place no one from the lower 48 states has ever seen in person? The Democrat lie in 2008 was that it would take 10 years to get the oil. Are you aware the entire Alaskan Pipeline only took three years – so we would be using that oil now! 4. Today the libs (Allen Colmes for one) say the economy is still bad because the Bush recession was worse than they thought. So were they stupid, naive, inexperienced? 5. His stimulus created government jobs, mostly temporary, so can you tell me how all that money created permanent private sector jobs? And did they cost less than just giving the people enough cash to retire? 6. What has he done to keep inflation down?
      Here are some older facts you liberals never respond to: Eight times Pres Obama said everyone would be invited to the health care talks, and they would air on CSPAN. The Republicans were locked out (literally), and no cameras were allowed.
      Is that fine with you? Yes____ No____

      Part of the way to pay for health care was to eliminate fraud and waste in Medicare. They could have started that in January of 2008 without passing and legislation.
      Don’t you think they should start eliminating? Yes____ No____

      The president tells us how awful the insurance companies are, but in our society, why doesn’t some rich Democrat like George Soros start an insurance company and do everything the way Obama wants? Low prices, no canceling for anything, pre-existing conditions covered etc., it would take millions of people away from other ins. Companies or force them into competing.
      Wouldn’t that be a good free market partial solution? Yes____ No____

      There are about the same number of troops in Iraq as would be there if John McCain had been elected, and we now have a lot more troops in Afghanistan than under Bush.
      Does that bother you? Yes____ No____

      Congress spends the money, not the president. Bush had a Democrat congress and the last budget that he signed (and Obama voted for as a Senator) had a deficit of over $400 billion. Obama’s first budget had a deficit of about four times that amount – $1.75 trillion.
      Does that worry you at all? Yes____ No____

      Can you name a country that taxed and/or spent its way to prosperity? The answer is NO!

      Remember when the trillion dollar (+ -) bail-out had to be passed immediately, even though as a candidate he promised bills would be on the internet and we would have 72 hours to read bills before being voted on? It didn’t get to the internet, yet he then took 4 days to get around to signing the bill.
      Did that concern you at all? Yes____ No____

      During the campaign, Obama told Joe the plumber he needed to “share the wealth” and V. P. Biden called us cheap for not wanting to pay more taxes. Their income tax returns showed Obama gave 1% of his income to charity and Biden gave ONE TENTH OF ONE PERCENT to charity. Liberals find it easy to be generous with other peoples money.

    • Ruby Franks


    • Whackajig

      One of the things I do to show my disdain for ovomit, is to try to never capitalize his name. I think capitals should be used for the proper names of people we respect only.

    • The Great Ricardo

      I always have and always will refer to Obama as “His Assholiness”

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Poison obumler is my current favorite name for “that guy” who lives in our Whitehouse.

    • Judy

      Whackajig…I can’t call him “President” because no President of the US would do the things he has done. Absolutely, no respect!

    • Anna Salerno

      I have nothing but CONTEMPT for barry hussein odumbo, his wife, mooshelle, eric holder, nasty piglosi, dirty harry reid, hillarious, the toothless wonder from New York and his communist, marxist, and solcialist czars and supporters. I believe thay should all be arrested and tried for treason… I would never show respect for any of them. We must get the corruption out of Washington in 2012 if not before!!!!

    • AppraisHer

      Wackajig, I noticed you took some heat a while ago for non-capitalization. But I have to agree with you and never capitalize barry, michelle Antoinette, biden reid, pelosi, islam, progressive/liberal or soros. While I recognize that proper names are to be capitalized, it’s my way of showing disrepect and contempt for that which shows disrepect and contempt for my country and I.

    • Mutantone

      I use the term Obamaommunist to cover the issue of capitalization I would still honor the office of president if it were not for the communist-marxist in office of president and in congress.

    • am2sweet

      Considering that Obama has been said to suffer from maniacal narcissit disorder blaming him may cause more problems. People suffering from that find any little critizism as a personal attack and tend to destroy whatever they can’t control. We may need help once he finds he’s to blame for anything.

    • GiveAwayJimmie

      It is time to attack—everything obama does and make sure that we add—it is your fault that everything in America is going to hell in a handbasket. Maybe he will need to seek medical attention.

    • Mutantone

      Back when I was a Juvenile Corrections Officer one of the first things we tried to instill in the cadets was blaming others for their faults and actions was a charter weakness and to change into productive members of society they had to accept blame for their actions to become re-socialized into our society. It worked perhaps we should send him to a Texas Boot camp to learn that.

    • Floyd

      At 3:00 AM this morning i woke from a dream that made me sit straight up in my bed.. What i saw in my dream was a horrific vision of what obama is doing to our country.. There was this big whale breaching the waters for air, And obama had two long Scimitars one in each hand flailing away at the whales sides, on these swords was inscribed TREASONEST on each sword, The whales sides were sliced open from blow hole to tail..and what was coming out of the whales side was not only blood gushing out,, but American people and money, What woke me was the SCREAM from the whale every time obama slashed at the whales side… i seen obamas face his eyes were bright red his body covered in blood an he was laughing so hard he could barely stand before he slung the saif’s on the whales side again and again.. i didnt sleep the rest of the night..

    • Bluefeather

      What you are seeing is an excellent ‘graphic’ of the damage Obama has done to our nation/people. The Lord told us that “In the last days, men would dream dreams and women would dream dreams”. You are blessed, in that you can tell others, in a very vivid way, what is really happening to Our Nation-hour by hour. May the Lord bless and comfort you. Do not be afraid–fear is NOT Gods’ tool-it is Satans-“for Satan comes to kill, steel and destroy” HOWEVER he can and he is very good at it. All we have to do is look around. My heart weeps.

    • Apache6

      With all the things OVOMIT says he inherited from bush,he also inherited a 5.5 unemployment rate,and a AAA credit rating!!!!

    • Floyd

      See what you dont know..! Because you should know.

    • http://CongressmenWest Bev

      This is why we need Congressman (LTC) Allen West to run. I believe he is the only one who can beat Obama. Please go to: and read his bio and watch his video’s and you will see what I mean. I think if we can West to run he will be Obama’s worst nightmare.

  • Adrian Vance

    This is the backfire of the blame game. BO may have pulled it off on GWB, but now the people are plugging him into that hole. Whee!!!

    For sharp analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at: Now on Kindle.

  • Victor

    Blame Obama? I keep hearing there is no way he can be beat in 2012. I bet I can make a Million Dollars off selling Obama Pinata’s

  • Victor

    And the Pinata’s are full of broken promises, so they can be sold CHEAP.



    • Sandra

      His name is Chris Christy, he needs to run. He tells it like it is big time!! Look at him on you tube. Ya gotta love him. he says he won’t run, wish he would. He’d put Ostinko in his place!1

    • Ralph McGee

      You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

      Ever heard that?

      Liberals are educated above their ability to understand.

  • Anonymous

    I will and do blame Obama for everything that’s gone wrong with America!

    • nax777

      The fingerers are at it again. Unlike bank tellers we hire the executives. The R executives stand by the D executives. Distraction keeps the illusion of two parties alive. Here is one result from decades of our hiring practice.
      Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia flag, for English please press 2!
      P.S. Did you vote this week at “you cut”?
      They have removed the “and tell us what else to cut” link.

    • Judy

      Don’t forget this progressive movement has been in play for about a 100 yrs. What his problem is, he doesn’t understand the word. He actually did us a favor because had Clinton got it, the slower take over would not have woken up as many people.

    • Apache6

      DITTO,Judy,hitlery is just OVOMIT in drag!!

  • Ed Hoy

    You should have a REALLY big, and sturdy Pinata, cuz you’re gonna have a whole lotta takers!!!!! LOL

  • http://http/ sean murry

    i blame this prick for the mess we are in.

    • frank1737



  • proudamerican

    Why wouldnt you blame obama??? He is the one that put us in this position! NO ONE ELSE IS TO BLAME!

  • Amazed American

    Onve again I have to say, he said he was going to do exactly what he is doing. The ones whom should be blamed are the hard heads that put him in office.

  • http://Google don

    Why is everyone so surprised about the country’s condition? This is exactly the reason Obama took office. His plan from the get-go was to destroy our nation and let the Muslims take over. He is doing a terrific job of it too. We need to all wake up and smell the rotten rat in the white house, and take action, not just ramble about it. Shine up the boots, get out the gun and get ready for a war to rescue our country from this traitor and terriorist. NOW.

    • The Fifth Colume

      I am one of many enemies of tyranny and statism. One night I was listening to Mark Levin’s radio show. He made a statement that I have been shouting from the house top. He said that “if there be a fifth colume in our government, its in the White House. Obama is an underground enemy walking among us. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He says one thing and shows the total oppisite. He says that he will create private sector jobs and instead creates gov’t jobs. Gov’t jobs does not make good economic since. 9.1% unemployment of the private sector. People are hurting and children are going to bed hungry. Those that are on the gov’t doll are eating and drinking fat and sassy. These parents who still have their dignity and want to work are suffering. These are the one’s who are America’s back bone and solid foundation. Mr. President stop the suffering and waging a class warfare on our people.

  • Mike M

    for the life of me, I can not understand the thought process of the left. No matter what side of a flipped coin is up they will flip it over and say “thats what it really means”. If you tell a lie, they believe. If you tell the truth with proof to the 4th power you will be called a propogandist, a racist or an idiot. I can not wake-up from this night mare, there is just no end to the stupidity of the masses. Just look around at what is on TV…commercials as well as programming. Look at the mentality on the roads…in Government, state and federal. Everybody is so well informed on the social issues…NOT. “Opinions are like orgasm’s…Everybody has them but nobody wants to here someone else’s”. Do not listen to the smooth and eloquent speeches, rather look at what is done. Every picture tells a story don’t it?

    • Penny Fuentes

      Liberalism is a mental disorder. Yesterday on Fox News this little lefty young woman with a huge smile on her face said she” Hated the TEAPARTY, violently hated and didn’t care if Fox News hears. This shows what mindset these people are in, ignorance.

    • The Fifth Colume

      Penny, bless your heart. I used to think of it that way. Leftist radicals are teaching our children in the schools. If you think that it is a mental disorder then all the teachers need to fired because the are infecting our children with this same mental illness. These same people in our gov’t were apart of the hippy radicals and tree huggers of the 60’s. They were not in our gov’t then but they did heavily influnce them. They depend on ignorance and ill-informed people to win the White House. This last presidential election was purely on emotion. In the name of a “defining moment in our history”. It was not based of substance. Because these leftist/statist idiologues are never base their governance on what is true. Its always based of a pipe dreams and nanny statism. So it is an agenda of the worst kind.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      Liberalism is a persistant vegitative state.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      I saw her, too. She had no idea what she was talking about. Just words that she thought she could say to attract attention.. Most of them are like that.

    • Z

      Why are you suprised? It’s all laid out in Saul Alinsky’s book… AKA Obama’s operating manual. I’m just curious why folks continue to fall for this tripe. It happens over and over again. I’m old enough to remember Carter, and thought we had learned the lesson then…guess not.

    • GiveAwayJimmie

      Good Morning America, How Does It Feel To Be So Stupid!!!!!!!

  • steve

    Obama, The Blamer and Chief, “The buck stops …with those guys”. In the words of Tony Saprano,” I didn’t do nothin”.

  • tod

    I don’t know about the rest of you ,but I want to go to Washington and pull him out into the street and Hang him in front of the White House.

    • The Fifth Colume

      I understand your feelings if frustrations Tod many conservatives probably feel the same way, and kudos to you. But we can not allow these leftist/statist thugs bring us down to their level. While we still have a voting power use it to fight the establishment. Violence never solved anything. Now that being said, if they start to extract our voting rights away from us then I would encourage everyone unite and take him out. But until then, we must be supporters of non-violence. Nothing was ever solved with violence. Look at London, England. Violence in the streets and is any thing being solved with it? Its not time for violence yet.

    • Whackajig

      Good idea, Tod, but be careful about making direct threats. It is perfectly lawful to wish someone dead, but not to specify that you will kill someone.

  • George

    No it’s Bushes fault it couldn’t be the Messiahs he is untouchable, or is undesirable?

  • Dodi

    I just hope that whoever it is that gets the Republican nomination, that that person will have the guts to set some matters straight regarding the crap the arrogant ass keeps trying to stuff down the American peoples throats. I hope that all the candidates do so also. This lying s.o.b. needs to be stopped dead in his tracks with all the lying he does. He must think if he can blame Bush and those terrorist tea party members he come out a winner again. UGH!

  • Richard Raybold

    Suggest that all read “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh d’Souza. It provides an excellant understanding of why Obama does what he does. He essentially wants to bring this country down to at least third rate status.

  • MontanaMEL

    I am really liking that “drag him out to the street and hang him idea”…!.. Just make sure to shove some bacon down his pie hole before you whip the horse and have a pack of hungry dogs to feed his carcas to…maybe not even bother hanging him first…just sic the dogs on him…film at 11…

    • Z

      Yeah…let’s do that and really give the “flash-mob” degenerates validation for their behavior.

    • The Fifth Colume

      you are too funny.

  • The Thistle Patch

    I object to the drunken sailor comment. I was In the United States Navy from 1967 threw 1971. The one thing I can TELL YOU for sure is. WHEN THE SAILOR IS BROKE, DRUNK OR NOT, HE GOES BACK TO THE SHIP, and doesn’t spend any more. Unlike our Obomanation Administration and the Dumocratic.

    • cheryl jessup

      Just remember if a drunken sailor is spending money at least it’s his money he’s spending.

  • m. sharpe

    When O begain His Candidacy in 07, He did not have a record that the media was interested in even speaking about. They covered for O. Things are smelling so bad that eyes are not required to conclude that something is foul.Progressives are costing the world money and freedom. They must be exposed and relocated to Cuba,Russia,etc.

  • srminister

    How many people have died to establish and protect freedom? They gave everything they had. What are we doing, America? What do you “hold sacred”, my friends? What is it that you simply WILL NOT have any other way, no matter what the cost? I am not advocating violence. But “by their fruit you shall know them.” If a philosophy created poverty and violence elsewhere, it will do so here as well. It is all too clear now that those who call themselves “Liberals” are no such thing in the traditional American sense of the word. They are Marxists, and that philosophy will lead to poverty and violence here, just as it has in every other nation that has suffered under such oppression.

  • Alan Gershwin

    There is more enough FACTS available to get this non-American out of the White House, before he continues his
    dirty work an really ruins this beautiful country of ours.
    No American should sit by idly and see America destroyed
    by a Muslim which he has been for too many years trying to
    defeat every ACT that our founding fathers have created
    more than 200 years ago. Nothing more t o be said !!

  • Alan Gershwin

    There is more enough FACTS available to get this non-American out of the White House, before he continues his
    dirty work an really ruins this beautiful country of ours.
    No American should sit by idly and see America destroyed
    by a Muslim which he has been for too many years trying to
    defeat every ACT that our founding fathers have created
    more than 200 years ago. Nothing more t o be said !!

  • Larry Boston

    I am a Blue Dog Democrat. All Democrats are not created equally. The liberal democrats have highjacked the party. I vote conservative and will do so always.

    I agree with Penny F., liberalism is a mental disorder. Please don’t group all Democrats into the Obama, Reid, Nancy P. nut group.

  • Larry

    We can not jest blame Obama we need to blame ourselves for letting this happen to this great country. We need to send to our representatives we sent to Washington DC and each State Capitol that Obama can not be permitted to complete what he has planned for our country. He is putting in place the Muslim Brotherhood to take control He is placing himself into position to be the first Dictator of the United States of America. He is moving this country into Socialized style of Government the same way that Stallone and Lennon did in Russia. Barrack Obama is raping this country and will never stop until he is stopped by We the People of this great country so if you want to live in a collective style Government then you had better get off of your lazy rear end and start telling the people we have sent to Washington DC and our State Capitols that they had better get off of there lazy lying rear ends and begin doing the job they were sent to each Capitol or they will be looking for another job very soon.

  • Txblkjk

    It is about time someone points out the TRUTH.
    How many of you knew Obama wanted to “fundamentally transform” our Republic to a Democracy?
    How many of you remember “Joe the Plumber” and the hit job the Obama campaign accomplished against one of our fellow Mainstreet Americans?
    How many of you knew Obama and his minons were effectively using the “Rules for Radicals” to marginalize his opponents from the very beginning of his political career?
    How many of you understand Black Liberation Theology and the Muslim connection?
    How many of you remember that NO ONE could use Obama’s middle name or the fact that only a MUSLIM can be named Hussien?
    How many of you remember Pelosi taking the gavel in 2007 and stating that the Democrats would ensure GWB would be a lame duck president or know how many vetos GWB has on his record after the Democrats took control beginning in Jan 2007 and the fact that this financial crisis began in late 2007 under Pelosi/Reid reign and they are responsible for the 5 trillion dollars of debt to date.
    How many of you remember Pelosi stating now under her reign “the swamp would be drained?” Maxine Waters has never had her ethics trial. Charlie Rangle is still on the ways & means committee. Our Sec of Treasure is a tax cheat.
    The double standard is obvious and is being used effectively against the productive Baby Boomer Patriots.

    • Mark

      You hit the nail on the head. Liberals have extremely short memories when it comes the indiscretions of their own. If Rangel, Geihtner and all the rest were Republicans, the lamestream media would be all over this for years.

  • Mark

    Blaming the Tea Party for the country’s economic mess is like blaming spoons for making Rosie O’Donnell fat. Or pencils for misspelled words. Besides, the Tea Party only came along 3 or 4 years ago to try and stop the insanity. Liberal pinheads who blame the Tea Party are the same ones who would have you believe the moon is made of green cheese. They should try being informed, not just opinionated.

  • R. Cook

    The United States is at a crossroads. According to some polls, there are about 50% non-producers who depend on the federal government and want a socialist nation and about 50% who believe we should return to constitutional princilpes.

    The next few election cycles will determine which direction our nation takes.

    The recent recall elections in Wisc. illustrated just how detached Americans have become. Republicans won four out of six on the races. They should have won them all. I have heard that less than 50% of the voters even showed up to vote. If we are going to take our county back, every Conservative MUST vote in every single election.

    The very future of our nation is at stake.

  • Moose

    I am not an Obama supporter and I understand that the Democrats had control of Congress for the last two years of the Bush presidency but George Bush has to take some responsibility for todays problems. He had the power of veto which he did not use.

  • Anna Salerno

    America does NOT need or want a muslim in our White House!!!!!!!!!!! barry hussein is a lying fraud of a muslim usurper-in-chief. he has to go friends and his ugly wife, his czars, his attorney general and is supporters have to all go asap!!! GET OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE AND CONGRESS, MOST OF YOU ARE COMMUNISTS AND MARXISTS, GET OUT!!

  • bobeau

    should Obama be elected to a second term,we are finished.We are losing “THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH”(MEDVED QUOTE).
    To prove that point here are some of the men that could have been President–DUKAKIS,KERRY.EDWARDS,MS. CLINTON,McCAIN I am sure that Imissed some,but you get the message.

  • Johnny

    First off, I can’t stand obummer. Now I must say he is not totally to blame for the mess we are in. All of this mess stems from years ago, when the average American let the tree hugger sort, the gay pride folks, etc.. start dictating how things were to be run. WE let this get out of hand by allowing the minorities of our country to do this to us. What you don’t want us to say the Pledge in school any more or pray in school any more, sure no problem. STOP with this crap and our country can be revived. Tell these idiots to take a long walk out of our country if they don’t like it. We will pray and say the Pledge, and stop being “politically correct”, my goodness I hate that term and always have hated being P.C. ARRRRGGHHHH!

    • Ralph McGee

      We have literally tolerated ourselves out of a country. We have let the minority run over the majority for far too long. I read a blog the other day and it had a saying that fit this.

      “I don’t hate you cuz you’re (insert supposedly racist, sexist, etc. term here).

      I hate you cuz you’re STUPID!

      It’s one of the best responses to PC I think I have ever read.

  • Carol Ferrara


    We are the only country in the world with PC… I have seen with my own eyes, officials in Germany, France and Italy, search for and see that since my husband and I are causian, we were not SEARCHED. The Middle East person was searched/checked out the passport where there was no border, just on the platform in the station.

    We are sick of this intrusion of all kinds of nutty behavior on the part of our government. That is why I joined the TEA Party. I want to emulate what my 11th generation grandfather, who wouldn’t pay taxes to King George. He was using them to fund religion. I am not sure what side my relative was on. He was a separatist, moving to Plymouth MA in 1623. We have the same today. Taxation and who cares what we want our representatives to do… They are NOT statesmen, they are only there to take care of themselves. I would like to see a couple of em say/do what is BEST for the country… And then they would earn their pensions.

  • Lemonade

    We the People Deserve Better. No more obama. ASAP.

  • Chuck

    I’d rather have freedom than own subsidized land
    I’d rather have freedom than a communal welfare plan
    I’d rather have freedom than an economy that’s depressed
    I’d rather have freedom than the stock market be recessed
    I’d rather have freedom than be taxed beyond the means
    I’d rather have freedom than have taxes be in the genes
    I’d rather have freedom than all labors work be in vain
    I’d rather have freedom than the cost of living a strain
    I’d rather have freedom than the unemployment lines
    I’d rather have freedom than food stamps that confines
    I’d rather have freedom than have retirement going away
    I’d rather have freedom than pensions becoming astray
    I’d rather have freedom than have the light bills be paid
    I’d rather have freedom than all the gas bills be stayed
    I’d rather have freedom than not consider it to be war
    I’d rather have freedom than not count the battle score
    I’d rather have freedom than have laws passed and not read
    I’d rather have freedom than the old constitution be dead
    I’d rather have freedom than have health care given up
    I’d rather have freedom than all prescriptions run a muck
    I’d rather have freedom than outsiders reject liberties stand
    I’d rather have freedom than the cash outsiders demand
    I’d rather have freedom than a bad system remain afloat
    I’d rather have freedom than the system sink liberties boat
    I’d rather have freedom than the newscast setting good aside
    I’d rather have freedom than newscast forgetting excellent pride
    I’d rather have freedom than the election falsehoods spread
    I’d rather have freedom than to the honest truth be mislead
    I’d rather have freedom than a foreign language be spoken
    I’d rather have freedom than our country’s liberty broken
    I’d rather have freedom than a socialized equality state
    I’d rather have freedom than the authority seal our fate
    I’d rather have freedom than not be allowed to vote a mind
    I’d rather have freedom than awake to a defeated headline


    I’d rather have freedom than be instructed how to pray
    I’d rather have freedom than the Bible be taken away
    I’d rather have freedom than not be allowed to enter the fight
    I’d rather have freedom than not able to teach children right
    I’d rather have freedom than have church called the state
    I’d rather have freedom than to ever enter that debate
    I’d rather have freedom than not to worship as I please
    I’d rather have freedom than not give the truth with ease
    I’d rather have freedom than stand for the unjust laws
    I’d rather have freedom than not support the gospel cause
    I’d rather have freedom than suppression be put to the test
    I’d rather have freedom than have America not be blessed
    I’d rather have freedom than in collective sordid mottos lust
    I’d rather have freedom than not be allow “In God We Trust”

    Pray that God will save our country, according to His divine will. This prayer may signify removing certain significant governmental influences, if they don’t acknowledge the sovereignty of God’s power. It may even mean forcing us, as a nation, to come to our spiritual knees. Or, it could simply mean calling his children home to be with him. Our duty, as Christians, is to praise God’s infinite power and prayerfully petition for a chance of survival, as a nation.

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”. ( 2 Chronicles 7:14)

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Looks like “we the people” are FIRED UP, and rightly so.We are on a roll now so let’s keep it up until Nov.2012

    • Tiny 1950

      You are so right in saying that “we the citizens of these United States are fired up”, I also hope that this eternal flame burns ever so bright in the elections of 11/2012. So many of our citizens are disillusioned, they seem to have thrown their hands up & are saying that is nothing that can be done that our country is doomed! This is so INCORRECT, THE FIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN, WE MUST BELIEVE & NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP THE FREEDOMS OUR FOREFATHERS FOUGHT & DIED FOR & THAT OUR MILITARY SERVICEMEN ARE STILL FIGHTING FOR & DYING TO THIS DAY. How can we, the citizens of this great country give up after (30)of our servicemen just lost their lives fighting the Taliban to protect our freedoms & for future generations?

  • Janice Fortin

    Chuck: You and I WILL be free. Obama got into office, unvetted. Means Congress didn’t stop anyone questionable from getting the seat of the presidency. Someone proposed WE THE PEOPLE transform CONGRESS.
    It is hoped that the Tea Party will participate, mainly as leaders, to petition these changes in Congress. Term Limits and all kinds of changes that have been a long time coming. So all of you who are writing faithfully to wake up all Americans to save this country WILL SIGN PETITIONS. AMERICA IS COUNTING ON YOU BECAUSE WE KNOW WE CAN!

  • Leo B. Jackson

    Dear Speaker Representative John Andrew Boehner, Representatives, Senators & President Obama,

    Washington, D.C. & Speaker Representative John Boehner are very disheartening to the American people when the issues that have been handled by Washington, D.C., past and present, & Representative John Andrew Boehner are not getting solved as the American people need the National Debt brought down with sustainable and reasonable solutions that have not been shown by Washington, D.C. and career politicians. Even a billionaire as Mr. Warren Edward Buffett has been quoted….he should pay more taxes to bring down the National Debt as others who earn too much money with the capitalistic system. Which is a two edge sword that can make one person very rich and leave others (as the U.S. Government) out in the cold. Please be advised to the following for Plan One…..

    Elected leadership responsible for the $2.8 trillion in Social Security surplus that has been brazenly “stolen” by politicians from both sides of the political aisle for decades! Reasons are numerous the United States has over spent. Washington takes money whenever politicians can obtain it as from Social Security & the U.S. Department of Treasury. These monies are for years just given away to foreign individuals and countries , who enrich themselves with U.S.A. monies, without the United States being paid back! America does not need to pay foreign governments for protection as it has over the years. Presidents as Former President George H. W. Bush have forgiven foreign countries’ debts owed to the United States. And, Presidents allowed raises in Congress / Washington, D.C. without the approval of the United States citizens. Now it is time our politicians to pay the IOU’s to Social Security & the U.S. Department of Treasury & where ever needed. Stop putting money into foreign governments. The U.S. is nearly bankrupt
    ( $14,598,967,999,083.91 National Debt and growing ) from supporting the world & at home politicians. Washington should learn that they are Federal employees with too much in excessive salaries, retirements & expense accounts & too many benefits present and past. And the past Washington, D.C. retirements and all benefits should end up on the cutting block to bring cost into control! Cut the over head! Live a normal life within your means. One dwelling to live in is enough for anyone. Remember President Harry S Truman, who was a modest man with a family? He did not become greedy as so many of the politicians are, present and past. Stop bankrupting America! Campaign contributions that are not spent by candidates can go into the U.S Treasury. Seeing it supports politics, not individuals, as politicians like. Americans have always been there to work American jobs. But, Congress has stolen the jobs from Americans with illegal immigration & too many legal immigrants who have taken American jobs for decades. Today we as Americans are a nation in great pain as the rest of the world. Do what is right for the United States of America. The above list would be right and a start.

    Your response is appreciated,

    Conservative Republican
    Leo B. Jackson Board Member
    P.R.I.D.E. ( People Responsible In Deciding Elections TX / USA )

  • John P.

    Do not, I repeat, do not vote for this as ole, or his lefty liberals. If you do it will be the biggest mistake we’ll make in our life. God help us.

  • Carol S Key

    Blaming is his smokescreen to divert us from the reality…he is thrilled his plan is working!

  • Floyd

    Looks like my comment is awaiting moderation for the past hour. Maybe it’s the email address i put in it ,,sooo i’ll try this All one word “act for america . org”

    Every American can help SAVE our Country from obamas islamic agenda for the United States of America.. You want to keep your freedom ? Get involved, DO something NOW, and keep doing what WE have to do till the end resolve before it’s to late. We have till 2012 to DO our JOB and SAVE our Country…Bcause i for one and as an Amercan certainly DON’T want to lose our country OR live under islamic law…islam DOES NOT belong in America,, They HATE every American and any other religion that’s NOT islam / muslim, they want us off the face of the earth,,Extremist cleric Mr Choudary for one lead a White House protest calling for Muslims to ‘rise up and establish Islamic state in America’.Mr Choudary, called Americans ‘the biggest criminals in the world today..People of America it’s happening right under our noses…PLEASE just don’t come here and complain..Talk to your familys, neighbors, friends, friends of friends.. Please don’t vote for color,,,But VOTE for FREEDOM…Get the word out that if obama gets elected AGAIN America will be NO MORE.. And thats Gods Truth …. And PLEASE do YOUR part.. I promise im gonna do mine, WE NEED EACH OTHER TO MAKE THIS WORK,,,Thank You. Love you All. And God Bless America.

  • Raymond

    It is truly a sight to sicken the soul.

    Thousands of men in bright neon bikinis hanging all over each other.

    Groups of men and women — it is hard to tell the difference sometimes — acting out their homosexual lusts in defiance of all standards of decency and morality.

    There were tens of thousands of them flooding the streets.

    Throngs of open and admitted homosexual radicals have rallied all over our nation. Citizens have to rush to shield their children from the depraved displays of near and sometimes full on nudity.

    The Radical Homosexual organizers called it “Celebrating Gay Pride,” as part of their party of perversion and it had two main goals:
    1.) Ramming through the Homosexual Agenda (which now includes the Gay Bill of Special Rights, the Homosexual Classrooms Act and other family destroying bills), and;

    2.) Forcing Americans, especially children, to become desensitized to sickening homosexual behavior.

    3.) To drag our society down, degrade our moral virtue, and destroy all decency in society so that we eventually resemble the chaos and riots now enveloping Britain.

    You see, the Radical Homosexuals’ strategy is to move us from shock to indifference to fear, to desensitize us to their perversion and then make us fear their wrath.

    And it’s working on too many Americans.

    Just talk to your friends and neighbors. How many of them have the same concerned reaction to homosexual elementary school teachers that they did 30 years ago?