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Conservatives’ Best Secret Weapon: An Exclusive Interview with Alfonzo Rachel

Written on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 by


When I walked precincts during the November elections, the thing I kept hearing over and over (when I wasn’t getting doors slammed in my face) was that the “GOP is over”.  I was told it was stodgy, creaky, old.  People were either still angry at President Bush or they just seemed angry in general—but mostly they didn’t want anything the GOP was selling.

In my humble opinion, the old-school GOP has got to be a thing of the past if we’re going to win in 2012.  It’s going to take a lot more than vapid campaign speeches to beat Obama—and if we do elect someone, it’s no longer an option for them to rest on their political-laurels and cave apologetically to everything the Left tells them to do.  It’s detrimental to our COUNTRY that they follow through with their campaign promises and this isn’t just a political thing anymore; it’s a war to literally save our country.

The new voice of Conservatism has got to be BOLD.  It needs to be fresh—and young—if we’re going to compete with the Hollywood Media Machine that the Left has owned for a gazillion years.

And one of the best voices we have going for us—by far–belongs to AlfonZo Rachel.

I first heard about Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel when a Facebook friend sent me a link to his video.  “You’re gonna love this guy,” I was told.  “He speaks for Conservatives in ways no one else ever has!”

I watched the video—and then another, and another…and I was completely 100% hooked on Zo forever!

Alfonzo is a musician and martial arts instructor who founded Macho Sauce Productions to create his unique videos taking on all the hypocrisy of the left.   You can find all his videos on PJTV (Pajamas Media) and has his own segment called Zo Nation via his Macho Sauce Productions.  I was recently blessed to get to meet Zo at a Hollywood Republican Mixer (with Scott Baio as the guest speaker).

I have to confess—I acted like a blithering idiot when I met Zo.  I’ve lived in California a lot of years; I spent the first half of my life either in front of the camera or behind it, so I’ve met some major celebrities in my day.  When I worked on the Fox Lot, I once walked head-first into Sean Connery.  I spent a half hour or so talking to Brad Pitt when there was a bomb scare on the Lot.  I’ve had coffee with Rodney Dangerfield, and have met Ginger Rogers and lots of other amazing stars.

But when I met Zo, I acted like a combination of a giddy schoolgirl and crazy stalker—excitedly asking for pictures in-between asking him if I could interview him.  My husband was a little embarrassed for me.

Thing is, these days there are so few people in the media to look up to—so few sticking their necks out to tell OUR side of the story.  So when you’re face-to-face with someone who is not only walking that walk and talking that talk but also bravely (and very humorously) broadcasting it for the entire world to see, well, it’s Stalker Time.

Either out of graciousness or fear (or maybe a combination of both), Alfonzo agreed to my interview.

I knew exactly which hard-hitting questions I wanted to ask, based on a column I write for called “Ann-Marie’s Conservative Rock Stars of Facebook”.

A-M: Who is your current political hero, and why?

AR: Sarah Palin. She’s socially and fiscally conservative. She’s a class act when the haters are an ass act. She’s got faith in God, and successfully applied executive experience. She’d rather be seen as a quitter than to cost her state more court cost due to people trying to keep her in court and not able to do her job in office.  Oh yeah, and she’s good lookin’.

A-M: What (or who) do you believe is currently the biggest threat to America, and why?

AR:  Self righteousness. For example, people thinking they’re holier than though because they want to protect the planet, but don’t seem to be interested in protecting America as they make us dependent on foreign oil.

A-M: What do you think it will take to get America back to being that ‘shining city on the hill’?

AR: God.

A-M: What advice can you give to Conservatives wanting to make a difference in their communities?

AR: Learning how to be creative in promoting, and connecting conservative values, or connect with creative people to help do so. Learn how to effectively demonstrate how liberalism is destroying America and show how conservatism is the better way.

A-M: What are your 3 must-read books for Conservatives?

AR: The Bible, Atlas Shrugged, 1984

A-M: Who are your top choices for President 2012? How can we get him/her elected?

AR:  Col. Allen West, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin. Not in that particular order. To get one of them elected see answers 3 and 4.

A-M: Name one event that changed your life.

AR:  Finding out that Satan’s name means “The Accuser”.  It made me look at things very differently.

A-M: What do you believe is the one thing lacking on the Conservative/GOP side of politics in 2011, and how can we fix this?

AR:  Creativity.  Stop assuming that it’s just politicians that are screwing things up. There’s the culture that puts them there.  Get creative and connect with the culture so the culture will be more apt to consider voting in people interested in protecting their freedom instead of controlling them, and knowing the difference.

A-M: What is the biggest misconception of the Conservative/GOP party today?

AR:  That conservatives don’t care about anybody that’s not rich and white.

A-M: What is the greatest invention ever made?

AR: The wheel.

A-M: What is the title of the movie of your life, and who stars as you?

AR:  “Dang, If I Only Knew Then!”   To play me I would have had that one kid from Malcom in the Middle (whose character was in the wheel chair) play the younger version of me–but I guess he’s all growed up now.  Nick Cannon would play teenage me and Djimon Hounsu would play present me.

A-M: George Washington shows up in your living room today. What questions would you ask him?

AR:  “Can I recommend a dentist for you?”  “Would you mind setting the record straight about you being a Christian or deist?”  “We’ve got this thing called the U.N. now.  How do you feel about America being expected to get U.N. approval to defend herself?”

A-M: What music moves you—favorite songs, favorite musicians:

AR:  Nu-Metal, Disco, Speed Metal, Jazz, 70’s R & B funk and soul.

Favorite songs?  Wow!  Broken by Pantera, Night Fever by the Bee Gee’s, Be Ever Wonderful, I Can’t Let Go, Love’s Holiday by Earth Wind and Fire, Battery by Metallica, Crashing Foreign cars by Helmet.

Favorite Bands and musicians are Helmet, Static-X, Earth Wind and Fire, the DefTones, Alice in Chains, Tool, Primus, LTD, Rick James, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, the Time, 24/7 SPYZ, FishBone, George Benson, Tina Marie, Chaka Kahn, Denise Williams, Gladys Knight, Anthrax, Jane’s Addiction, SevenDust, Killswitch Engage and Steely Dan. Stuff like that.

A-M: If you could broadcast one message to the entire world and knew your words would be guaranteed to make an impact, what would you say?

AR: If you’re really interested in peace, joy, and prosperity, then might I suggest taking interest in Jesus.

You can find Alfonzo Rachel on Pajama TV.  You’ll have to register (it’s free), but once you’ve done that you’re not only guaranteed virus-free videos and you’ll also get their amazing newsletter.  I can’t stress enough how important it could be for the Conservative/GOP party to get onboard with the ZoNation and PJTV—so please share the links, share the videos and let’s start turning the 2012 elections Right-side-up again!

Click here to find Ann-Marie Murrell on Facebook.

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  • mad as hell

    I like this guy, he is current, has conservative values as stated and tells it like it is. Along the lines of Cain and West
    but with a more appealing personna to the
    younger voters. We need all the help we
    can get, with Scott Baio and Zo, I think more
    conservatives will come out of the closet and
    hopefully get our message across.


    He sounds interesting.

    I wanna hear more.

    • scarfacesquirrel

      See more of Zoe’ at and on Youtube as “Zoenation”. The people of this country have grown too use to “The Good Life” and way too complacent to the powers that be “Protecting” them. “They that give up essential liberties to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety”-Benjamin Franklin. Just because this is America, don’t think that the laws of nature do not apply. Be prepared for your family and your neighbors. Start stocking up on food now while it is affordable. We get our food supplies from you can try them for FREE, just pay shipping. They are inexpensive, storable and taste great! Go see for yourself.

    • scarfacesquirrel

      Sorry take the “e” off his name in both instances, my mistake…

  • John Civick

    If truth were known, there are more people against Obama across the board in this country. He has done more to alienate people/groups than any president in recent history, while doing this, he has strangely attempted to disrupt and destroy our economy while at the same time offend other nations. He appears to be a novice and is on-the-job-taining (OJT). It’s going to take a lot of work for the next president to make us look good again.

  • tod

    Ron Paul for President and it would be nice if his son ran with him,there the only two in Washington that’s really fighting back for us.

    • Are you Serious

      Impossible for him or them to win!!! Ever!!!!

  • Bruce Scali

    Thanks, Ann-Marie, for your ongoing vigilance that informs others who are also paying attention, as our Founding Fathers exhorted.

  • Lyn

    “GOD” is the key factor here. We have got to understand that we cannot afford to leave GOD out any more so the candidate to hold the highest office in the land must have the reality of God working in their life. Anything else will be irrelevant and America as we have known it is done.

  • Enzo

    I’ve been a fan, and avid follower of “Zo” since 2007… and he has never disappointed me in his messaging. He speaks from the heart AND brain in a way that is unlike any of his contemporaries.

    For those compelled to make racial comparisons of “Zo” and any comparable white alter-ego (living, or dead)… I would have to say he is “the black Will Rogers”. Blessed with a God-given mix of common sense and an uncanny ability to speak it so wisely.

  • les

    Very interesting…..why do blacks vote Democratic??
    As interesting….why do Jews vote Democratic?
    Almost exclusively!!!!!

  • oldgringo

    I’m a white person and if Allen West were to run for President he would get my Vote and any one else I could convince to also vote for him…..This man Walks the Talk!

    • Patricia L Brake-Ludwig

      Mr. West seems to have a wonderful steadfast discipline and admirable personality and love of God, country, family and home. He looks,sounds, and acts like someone who can clean up messes and make things right again. We need honest, strong, honorable, unselfish, caring politicians. Those in charge now lack everything good.

  • Am2sweet

    It’s wonderful that there are people out there in a position where people listen when they speak and they actually have something sensible to say. I like Mr Rachel and wish he’d run for president as I would certainly vote for him. As it is I’m thinking Cain. I want to hear more about West though. It’s true we need someone who won’t cave in to the Dems on things. They are the ones tearing down the coutry so we need people to fight against them.

  • Am2sweet

    I forgot. Mr Rachel mentioned that Satan’s name means ‘ The Accuser’. Who is always saying we’re wrong and if we don’t agree we’re racist and etc? Look at the libs, the Dems the gays and the unions. They are all good at calling names and saying bad things about anynoe who doesn’t agree with them. Think about that to know who their Real leader is!!

  • REMEsquaddie

    He is one in a million black. Good as he is , he cannot convince the masses of blacks who feel entitled to everything that the working tax payer can offer, under the gun of the government.
    Shame really, between blacks, jews, gays,illegal aliens, many women, unions, government workers…ALL ON THE TAKE, I have little hope left for this once great country, except a bloodbath.


      A lot of people cannot handle the truth. That’s why we are where we are.

  • Ron Alford

    George Washington was definately not a deist. He believed that God guided him through everything because he asked Him for guidance. And, if you read his “A Prayer for Guidance” you will see that he was a Christian. It is an undated prayer from Washington’s prayer journal, Mount Vernon.
    Many people say that Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian, and like Abraham Lincoln, he may not have been early on–but, if you read “A Prayer for the Nation” dated March 4, 1801, – Washington, DC, you will see that he was.

    • Lyn

      Thanks Ron, yes and that’s why we are a Christian nation. We Are NOT a muslim nation no matter what Obama says. He is not even qualified to speak to our Founding Fathers!

  • Transparency Now

    Democrat equals Communist. It seems clearer to me now after watching Zo.

  • Barbara Sane

    I loved him in his early you tube days and love him even more now.

  • T Lady

    ‘Zo is DYNAMITE, and I don’t mean in the Jimmie Walker sort of way (though I do hear he’s Conservative too). This dude is on top of the game in this clip. Definitely knows of what he speaks, and why clueless people should listen.

  • Tamera

    Its way to bad that most blacks still believe the lies. Especially the biggest lie that demonrats pander with for votes is the “War on Poverty”, which there are more people living in poverty than in any time in the past since 1960. Its refreshing to hear that there are some who aren’t indoctrinated to believe the lies told by the demonrats because they really don’t give a rats ass what happens to any minority group as long as they vote to keep the progressive, communist, marxist, idealist in power over all of us.