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Cubans See Similarities between Obama and Castro

Written on Thursday, March 22, 2012 by


If you go to Calle Ocho in Miami, and in particular the restaurant Versailles, at certain times in the day you can find a large group of Cubans passionately discussing politics.  They lived communism first hand.  Many were jailed fighting Castro.  Many have friends and relatives who were killed and persecuted.  Their stories need to be heard.  Here are the first of a series I will be presenting to you.  Miami is my hometown and I was born in 1959, right when communism invaded Cuba.  My childhood was saturated with the knowledge that my friends and neighbors came to my free country to escape the terror of communism.  These Cuban friends see this freedom they risked their lives for disappearing, with the growth of government, especially in the Obama administration.  I share their concern.  This evil must be stopped.

My Cuban friend told me that when Castro took over, religion was outlawed, Christians were jailed, freedom of speech – gone, and this is how the kindergarten children were brainwashed:  they were told to bow their heads, close their eyes and ask God for candy, when they opened their eyes, there was no candy there, then they were told to bow their heads and ask Castro for candy, when they opened their eyes there was candy there.


This is the welfare state Obama is trying to create.  He is rewarding welfare recipients and punishing the working middle class with regulations, fees and fines.  The first step in stopping this is being aware of it.

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