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Does Anyone Know What Really Happened to Andrew Breitbart?

Written on Monday, April 30, 2012 by

Breitbart Dinner with Ayers

It’s now been almost two months since conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart died March 1 at age 43. It was truly a setback for conservative Americans.

Breitbart launched several internet outlets that included which aimed at exposing media bias, greed, corruption and much more. He gained a name for himself for breaking scandals. He exposed improprieties with ACORN that led Congress to investigate and eventually stop funding to the group.

Breitbart announced at CPAC in February that he was ready to release tapes from President Obama’s college years that he said would reveal the president’s radical views on certain areas about racial division and class warfare. Ofcourse, he died and never had the chance. Where are the tapes? What really happened to Breitbart? He may have had a weak heart but could something have speeded up the process of his death.

Just go back to July 20, 1993 to the suicide of  White House counsel Vince Foster. Was it really a suicide?  A lot of evidence shows a  possible cover-up and conspiracy in his death. Could Andrew Breitbart been given some kind of  drug that lead to his death but looked like his heart just failed since he had a weak heart? We may never know.


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  • atlas007

    Ask Obama what happened to Andrew. Then after that, I can’t wait for one day when we find out the documented truth about Obama’s background and find out what idiots people were for voting for him. I would have to say that would be the last straw, after the Obamacare fiasco, that will kill the Democ…rat party forever.