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Ecofascists v. Humanity: the anti-DDT scam

Written on Saturday, August 27, 2011 by


My favorite candidate for President, Michele Bachmann, has recently called for the repeal of the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, which is really the Employment Prevention Agency.  This bureaucracy cares nothing for the fact that unemployment is itself a serious health hazard—“increasing mortality rates, causing physical and mental ill-health and greater use of health services,” according to a medical journal article.


Of course, the Left has attacked her furiously for this, and for many other things (aka for being a conservative).  Yet let them try to find the EPA in the Constitution!  This explicitly mandated only three branches of government, which would mutually check and balance each other.  The EPA is in effect a fourth branch of government, combining both legislative and executive powers.  Dr Thomas Sowell, economist and Patriot columnist, calls this an “end-run” around the Constitution, replacing “We the People” with “We the Bureaucrats”.

For example, the EPA has explicitly contradicted the Constitutionally-mandated legislative branch—Congress—in their mad crusade to declare CO2 a poison rather than the plant food and component of exhaled air that it is.  For more on the global warm-mongering scam and other fallacies, see my previous column Ecofascist idiocy.

Many of the Left attack the free market for being “selfish” and “greedy”, so want to put more things under the control of government.  But they are wilfully ignorant of the fact that they are universal traits of mankind, including politicians and bureaucrats.  It is hardly an accident that bureaucrats, free from the constraints of having to please customers, use their power for self-aggrandisement and pushing their own agenda (see also Patriot column The Greed Myth).   The EPA is no exception, since from the beginning it was captured by environmental radicals who used their new-found power to push their agenda and trample over ordinary Americans.

But even the CO2 ban is hardly the worst thing the EPA has done.  Some of their earliest actions should earn them the title: “Exterminating People Agency”.

DDT, the wonder chemical


Most of us have heard of DDT, which stands for the complex name of the insecticide  dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (and this is a short form for its technical name 1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-di(4-chlorophenyl)ethane!).  It was first made in 1874 by the Austrian chemist Othmar Zeidler.

However, in 1939, the Swiss chemist Paul Hermann Müller discovered that it was an extremely powerful insect killer, even in tiny amounts. This provided a new weapon in the fight against deadly insect-borne diseases.  For this, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1948 “for his discovery of the high efficiency of DDT as a contact poison against several arthropods [one of the largest groups in the animal kingdom, which includes all insects, spiders, tics and mites].”

In the Award Ceremony Speech, Professor G. Fischer explained that it was used to control a terrible outbreak of typhus in Naples during WW2, which had resisted previous treatments.  It was carried by a louse described as “the mass killer which has slaughtered 200 million people in Europe and Asia alone.” But DDT annihilated the lice that carried the disease, with the result:

“1,300,000 people were treated in January 1944 and in a period of three weeks the typhus epidemic was completely mastered. Thus, for the first time in history a typhus outbreak was brought under control in winter. DDT had passed its ordeal by fire with flying colours.”

Furthermore, DDT is essentially non-toxic to humans.  Leading entomologist Dr Gordon Edwards recalls that during WW2:

“I was ordered to dust every soldier in our company with an insecticidal powder that had just been received. For two weeks I dusted the insecticide on soldiers and civilians, breathing the fog of white dust for several hours each day. The body lice were killed, and the DDT persisted long enough to kill young lice when they emerged from the eggs. Fortunately, no human beings have ever been harmed by DDT.”

In fact, DDT is even safe enough to eat! Economist Walter Williams points out:

“In one long-term study, volunteers ate 32 ounces of DDT for a year and a half, and 16 years later, they suffered no increased risk of adverse health effects.”

DDT v malaria


DDT subsequently became famous for almost eradicating the deadly mosquito-borne plague of malaria.  The World Health Organization points out:

“Every year, this leads to about 250 million malaria cases and nearly one million deaths.”

But DDT proved to be a lifesaver.  Dr Williams says:

“What were the effects? In what is now Sri Lanka, there were 2,800,000 malaria cases and 7,300 malaria deaths in 1948; with the use of DDT there were only 17 cases and no deaths in 1964. After DDT use was discontinued, Sri Lankan malaria cases rose to 500,000 in 1969.

“Worldwide, malaria’s devastating effects all but ended during the time that DDT use was widespread, roughly from 1950 to 1970.”

Again, it’s extremely low toxicity was very important, as Dr Edwards says:

“To control Anopheles mosquitoes, DDT was sprayed on inside walls once or twice a year. In 1959, spraymen applied 60,000 tons of DDT to the inside walls of 100 million houses. There was never any need to wear masks or protective clothing while doing DDT spraying. No adverse effects were ever experienced by the 130,000 spraymen or the 535 million people living in the sprayed houses.”

By contrast, many alternative insecticides are highly toxic to people, as well as about five to ten times more expensive.

It is thus not surprising that the U.S. National Academy of Sciences stated in 1970:

“To only a few chemicals does man owe as great a debt as to DDT.… In little more than two decades DDT has prevented 500 million human deaths, due to malaria, that would otherwise have been inevitable.”

Environmentalists v DDT


Despite its proven life-saving abilities, the environmentalists didn’t like it.  In 1962, a fanatical environmentalist called Rachel Carson wrote her book Silent Spring.  In reality, she was an embittered woman blaming DDT and other pesticides for the cancer that contributed to her death two years later.  The title of her book alluded to the deaths of birds because pesticides allegedly thinned the egg shells, thus chicks would not hatch to sing in Spring.

In reality, bird shells began to thin almost 50 years before DDT, as shown by a study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B in 1998.  And such concern by environmentalists is hypocritical in the extreme, because their beloved wind turbines have devastated bald eagles (see this video)!

But this hysteria led to the newly formed EPA holding scientific hearings into DDT.  The presiding judge, Edmund Sweeney, ruled that DDT should not be banned, noting:

“The uses of DDT under the registration involved here do not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds or other wildlife. … DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man. … DDT is not a mutagenic or teratogenic hazard to man …”

But this was not good enough for the EPA, already captured by environmental fanatics determined to use their power.  Its administrator, William Ruckelshaus, had close ties to the Environmental Defense Fund.  So although he didn’t attend even an hour of the hearings, he overruled Sweeney, and banned DDT single-handedly.

Environmentalists: best friends of the malaria parasite


Although the ban led to a dramatic resurgence of malaria, that had all been wiped out, this didn’t worry the EPA.  Indeed, some of their fellow travellers were happy with the greatly increased death toll.  Dr Williams documented some of their hatred of humanity:

“The fact that DDT saves lives might account for part of the hostility toward it. Alexander King, founder of the Malthusian Club of Rome, wrote in a biographical essay in 1990: ‘My own doubts came when DDT was introduced. In Guyana, within two years, it had almost eliminated malaria. So my chief quarrel with DDT, in hindsight, is that it has greatly added to the population problem.’ Dr. Charles Wurster, one of the major opponents of DDT, is reported to have said, ‘People are the cause of all the problems. We have too many of them. We need to get rid of some of them, and this (referring to malaria deaths) is as good a way as any.’”

Strange how none of these population control fanatics want to lead by example, volunteering to be the first to be eliminated (maybe by dying a miserable death from as well?)…  Libertarian P.J. O’Rourke commented in his satire All the Trouble in the World (1994):

“‘Malthus,’ says Vice President Al Gore in Earth in the Balance, ‘was right in predicting that the population would grow geometrically.’ Al, as the father of four children, should know.”



A candidate who wants to curtail this evil anti-job and anti-humanity agency, as Bachmann does, deserves our support.  Further, we need to hold the EPA’s defenders’ feet to the fire about the blood on  their hands—the millions of lives that their fanatical policies have cost.  This should be made known and should not be swept under the rug any longer.

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  • Nathaniel Davidson

    This came in just after I wrote: Michele Bachmann: Environmentalists blocking US energy:

    Bachmann says with shale oil, natural gas and coal, the United States shouldn’t be “begging” others for oil and energy supplies.

    She said “we are the king daddy dogs when it comes to energy.” But she says environmentalists are preventing resources from being tapped.

    As president, Bachmann said she would unlock those resources and eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Go Michele!

    • http://none Art Chandler

      Bachmann is right on. I’ve called for zeroing out the EPA for years. The agency is dictatorial and wrong headed. It is expensive and burdensome and should be eliminated. Antibureaucrat

    • haditinsd

      This reasoning doesn’t stop with DDT which we used to spray the milk cows when milking by hand into an open bucket. Agent orange was 2,4,5-T which was used to kill weeds on lawns for years before Viet Nam without a problem. 2,4-D was the first weed killer and used for years without a problem until EPA decided it needed to be tested. No problems were found in these tests but EPA still severly restricts it’s use. The alternative products cost 5 times as much and have less of a track record and even some of these combination products contain chemicals that are prohibited if used alone.
      Diazinon was used on a golf course in Florida and that afternoon a golfer had a heart attack and died. The family sued the manufacterer who settled out of court. The result is diazinon is not allowed for use on golf courses but can be used on your garden. Later EPA banned it’s use by professional applicators but Grandma who has absolutely no training in pesticide use can buy it at any garden center.
      The list goes on but the bottom line is EPA is a renegade organization that does more harm than good by foisting less safe but more expensive pesticides on us.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Kevin

      The golf course example is a “post hoc fallacy” i.e. the golf course was sprayed with diazinon, a golfer died of a heart attack, therefore the diazinon killed the golfer – erroneous conclusion from an invalid logical argument.

  • Rusty

    LOL! This is a joke right? Nobody who’s sane would even think she’s qualified to be president! She’s insane!

    • nvrpc

      Worng answer. She’s a lot better than that monkey we have in there now and 99% of all the democrats in existance.

    • Jackie

      Rusty – Of what are you so afraid: energy independence, strong border security, job creation and actual growth, no increased debt, a more secure nation, a place of honor strength in the world again, a leader who believes in God or an American citizen who truly loves this County and ALL her people in the White House?

    • BobM

      So “Rusty”, I supposed you prefer that SOCIALIST BLACK MUSLIM who’s DESTROYING the USA from within? You’ve got BALLS to call ANYONE “insane”. Your rubber room suite is ready.

    • Bruno Boccagalupe

      Poor Rusty, his name says it all about his brain–RUSTY! As most liberals, he thinks the halfbreed is doing a wonderful job because that’s what he is told he must think. Most likely he’s a union member.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      We don’t need comments like “half-breed”. It plays into the leftist mendacity that all conservatives are racists.

    • mike

      Then shouldn’t we quit letting them decide what words we use? Nothing wrong with the term & it’s true. Once & for all, we’ve got to decide whether we’re going to give in to the PC crowd or whether we’re going to be adults who can make up our own minds, have our own feelings, and quit worrying about [possibly] offending someone.

    • Michael J Hill

      You know what? I guess I am a racist. I do believe in the Human Race unlike these self-absorbed fools in the EPA and their acolytes.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Clinging to My Religion and My Guns

      If the shoe fits……wear it! The EPA is made up of a bunch of Smelly Communist Hippy Tree-Huggers left over from the 60’s. When the Viet Nam war ended, they were contimplating their navels with nothing to do so they were easily recruited into “The Green Movement” because none of them has an I.Q. over room temperature. This resulted in their whole movement being “hijacked” by Progressives and Pinko Commies only they were too stupid to realize it. All these ecoterrorists are financed by the Saudi Arabians to keep the U.S. from drilling our own oil so they can keep their foot on our neck. Plain and Simple!

    • popkat

      Actually, the little hippy tree huggers are being “educated” right in our universities all over the country…frequently with free grant money supplied by you and me…isn’t that so special?

    • El Lobo Solo

      Rusty needs to trade his rusty brain & get a non-corrosive “titanium spine” as Bachmann is quoted as having.

    • Dale on left coast

      Rusty . . . it is YOU that is insane . . . we could pic someone at random out of the Phone Book and get something better than what we have now.
      Go back to the pipeline protest Rusty . . .

    • Steven F

      Given the current population of Washington DC, I would consider populating Congress by wallpapering someplace in each Congressional district with a list of registered voters and throwing a dart. The person whose name is hit gets drafted.

    • Colleen

      Her qualifications surpass the Liar in Chief by a long shot. She, at least, has extensive knowledge and love of our Constitution. She obviously loves our country and wants to see everyone have the opportunity to go to work, earn a decent living, and CONTRIBUTE to our society rather than depending on the govt to wipe their collective butts!

    • Byron

      Sorry you aren’t qualified to breath my air!!

    • Adrian Vance

      “breath?” Do you mean “breathe?” Go back to the shallow water Byron. It is too deep for you here.

      For sharp political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative, Now on Kindle.

    • CoRnFuSeD

      I think Adrian is trying to advance his own agenda!

    • Dan in NH

      She’s actually more qualified than Obama is. Obama never ran a business or even worked a job. He worked as a community organizer a very good job for a socialist. At least Bachmann started a small family business.

    • Air Force Cop retired

      Rusty, you are an ignorant, Communist, ass!

    • MrInterpid

      Me thinks Rusty is a misogynist. His mother probably scares him still and the thought of a woman president makes him cry out in terror.

    • Gary in Texas


    • Monte R

      The definition of a liberal is a person with their mind so open their brain fell out.

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Rusty:
      So Rusty! Tell me what great experience Obama had prior to 2008 of running anything important? Governorship maybe? How about mayor of a large US city? Business or exucetive experience?
      I know, he was a small time community organizer with ACORN & a back bencher in the Ill. state senate. Any big initiatives/causes or laws he was associated with? How about as US Senator from Ill? He was too busy getting ready to run for the White House & usually voted present to avoid controversy when he did vote.

      I’ll take Bachmann!
      Michelle will ring Obama’s Bell next election.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Next time lets not elect someone who needs on the job training or continue with this “comedy of errors” we now have.

    • Binh Dinh

      Your name says it all,RUSTY.

  • Whackajig

    I much prefer Rick Perry for president, but Bachmann has MANY great ideas.

    Wouldn’t a Perry/Bachmann ticket be awesome?

    No matter who gets the nomination I will do all I can to see that obama is defeated.

    • Michael J Hill

      Totally agree except I think a Bachmann/Perry ticket would be more awesome.

  • am2sweet

    It’s nice to see someone with some common sense like Bachman. I will never understand why the enviromentalists think we have to be rid of anything that kills bugs or bacteria. I don’t understand why we are now supposed to put a baby in a somewhat warm car in the summer because we can’t use freon any longer. My car air conditioner is barely cooling down anything with the new stuff. My husbands older vintage car that uses freon can get so cold you want a sweater if you have it turned up very much. I suppose next we’re supposed to freeze in the winter because we can’t burn wood, use coal, or LP gas or oil. Instead I can see them wanting us to use solar which if the weather is cold and snowy you aren’t going to have any sun to warm up the place. If Michelle can get rid of the EPA she’s got my vote.

  • Dodi

    Let’s just get the arrogant ass out of the presidency and support whomever is on the Republican ticket. We have to make GOOD CHANGES WE CAN COUNT ON this time around and all those running so far have some good points about them. Gingrich has the brains and could out smart obummer in a debate but he’s not going to make it. Like some of Ron Pauls ideas but not all of them. We aren’t going to like everything about the person chosen. I don’t like some of Parry’s dummicrat ideas that he’s brought with him to the Republican party.But on sure thing, OBUMMER MUST GO!!

  • Berenice

    We must be kind to poor old Rusty. He’s been living under that bridge so long he’s lost his senses and his sense. It happens to trolls you know?

  • Owen Grant

    Rick Perry has had 1 dye job, and I’m afraid it’s wearing off.I much prefer Michele.
    As for Rachel Carson. I’m dyeing by inches right now because of her. I carry a 20 ga, and shoot bluebirds, just for spite.

    • Colleen

      Good one! I too dye my hair so my “blonde roots” don’t show so very much!
      Now I don’t shoot bluebirds, but I do shoot possums….they eat all my cat food!

    • Whackajig

      O’possum and racoons are pests here in SW Florida. We also have a lot of armadillos, which are refered to in the black community as “possum on the half shell”.

  • Richard Anderson

    Long before the EPA made war against DDT I had a champion Irish Setter, our area was flea central during the summer. Breeders told me to use DDT full strength on my dog. I did so, never wore gloves to do it! My dog lived to be 14, quite old for any dog. I’m 73 and doing just fine. The whole war against DDT has a new round of Malaria going all over Africa!
    The EPA should be Fired & never seen again!

    • Whackajig

      Richard………… what do you have against rampant malaria and other debilitating diseases in africa?

    • Doreen Hoffman

      I’ve also heard that with DDT we could eliminate the bedbug problem that seems to be getting worse by the minute.

  • Ford

    All the candidates seem to have good and bad sides. I believe one of Michele’s bad sides is farm subsidies. She won’t do away with them. She and her family receive big bucks in farm subsidies.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Does she support them? I agree that subsidies are a terrible idea, as is the ethanol scam.

    • Patricia

      we need to build the border since it is only 1/3 done. nap and holder and o want illegals taking all jobs.businesses need to come back.we need to drill. lower all taxes. deep cuts to all gov spending,way too much waste and corruption. o has to go.he is too radical,muslim,socialist,dumb or evil antiAmerican crook.cannot stand him.out.out.and anybody TeaParty/Republican in for all senate,rep and WH.clean out swamps in DC and all appointees and more more crooks.OUT.

  • vietnamvet

    I am (unashamedly) one of those ‘Anybody But Obama’ people. I will vote for whoever gets the Republican nomination whether it’s Bachmann, Perry, , Romney, or (ulp!) Ron Paul.

    I just wish the Paul backers had the courtesy of following the same protocol. Those I have heard expound on the issue say they will only vote for Paul.
    If he isn’t on the ballot, they will write him in, stay home, or (in two cases) vote for Obama.

  • Greg Palis

    This is not a surprise DDT is the SCAM of the past century!

    Recently in up-state and central NY they are finding out-breaks of West-Nile-Virus. It is presently very expensive to spray for, hard to control and very deadly if not sprayed. Also Lyme disease is becoming an issue with dear, other animal populations and us humans. In the 1960’s when DDT was used to spray orchards we had none of these problems and greater yields in our orchards.

    The EPA should not wheel that kind of power. Did Al Gore also invent-the-EPA? Maybe DDT not being used, is more akin to population control reasons?

  • blackhawk

    The TV news men,sic.,can’t stand the fact that Bachmann can think faster then they can.
    And YES a vote for Paul,unless he gets the nomination, is just another vote for the evil one.
    Remember Perot ?????

  • MrInterpid

    The book that Rachel Carson wrote, “Silent Spring” was FICTION. The enviro-nazis of the day somehow managed to convince people that it was some sort of research documentary. It was total eco propaganda but it seemed to convince ordinary citizens that DDT was dangerous. True objective science has proven that their is no link between “thin egg shells” and DDT. Kind of reminds me of the scare about the ozone layer and R12. Turns out no link there either. Maybe the increase in bedbugs will convince people that DDT is ok once again.

    • gil

      in college around 1985 they preached ddt bad, oil would run out in 10years. And silent spring was the book to read. Hard to believe the proganda they put out. If you didnt agree you flunked the tests. I can imagine the crap spewed today.

  • victoria Lawson

    I like a Bachmann/Perry ticket. But, of course, I am a feminist. But, I would settle for a Perry/Bachmann ticket.

  • Roadrunneer

    You forgot to mention the 5th branch of government…OSHA. Both OSHA and EPA have created their own empire and will be hard to remove. But, take their budget/money away and they will self implode.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Well, the 4th branch could be all the various bureaucracies aka “alphabet agencies”. That is how Dr Thomas Sowell put it in his book Knowledge and Decisions.

  • R. Cook

    If a government controls 5 things; they control society. Water, Energy, Land, communications and arms.

    The EPA has the first three and Obummer is working on the other two.

  • Palis

    This is not a surprise DDT is the EPA and environmentalists SCAM of the past century!

    Examples- recently in up-state and central NY they are finding out-breaks of West-Nile-Virus. It is presently very expensive to spray for, hard to control and very deadly if not sprayed. Also Lyme disease is becoming an issue with dear, other animal populations and us humans. In the 1960’s when DDT was used to spray orchards we had none of these problems and greater yields in our orchards.

    The EPA should not wheel that kind of power. Did Al Gore also invent-the-EPA? Maybe DDT not being used, is more akin to population control reasons?

  • Marion

    I agree with most of the preceeding coments,
    however, we need a whole new congress as well.

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012!

  • Gary in Texas


    • Whackajig

      Defund the Secret Service.

  • John Carreiro

    May the bedbug infest the homes and offices of all EPA officials and management. DDT was the only solution to bedbug infestation in the past.

  • Las Vegas

    There is no global warming and CO2 is part of nature. But trying to praise DDT is insane. It is harmful to both man and animals. I almost eliminated the bald eagle from this planet, and God knows how many other animals. We have managed without it for years and there is no reason it should be used any longer. The EPA is out of hand, but we do need to control some of these poisons. There should be a middle ground and it needs to be found.

    • MrInterpid

      You have been drinking the eco-nazi kool aide. DDT has never harmed any human or animal. Did you not read the article or watch the videos before you hit the post button? Have you not seen the video of a man eating spoon fulls of DDT with no bad effect?Please try to cite a creditable source when making claims of harm. May bedbugs infest your camels and tent.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      It’s polite and intellectually honest to read an article before criticising it. I documented how many human lives DDT has saved, and how harmless it has been to eagles, which are less important anyway.

  • Marc Jeric

    Interdiction of DDT which has been shown by 40 years of testing that a)it is biodegradable, and b) it has never hurt any fish or bird, has so far murdered 550 million human victims unnecessarily. Our eco-nazis in power now are very happy with this result – that will help their globaloney warming scam.

  • Michael J Hill

    I am serious when I say that the EPA and all its minions should be held criminally negligent for all the deaths for which they are responsible. I realize we cannot do anything about the ones who have died (hopefully some from an insect borne disease) but we can put an * by their names in the books.

  • Watchman

    Save a tree. Cut off a limb and beat the EPA in the head until they cease being……themselves.

  • Raymond

    Underpublicized threat deep in White House
    Infiltration of the federal government by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood is worse than some have warned recently, says a former FBI special agent in Washington.

    The agent confirmed that at least three operatives of the Egypt-based Brotherhood – whose credo is “Jihad is our way and death in the cause of Allah is our dream” – have penetrated the Obama administration.
    Read the latest now on

    • El Lobo Solo

      Thats why the next President & his Administration as well as Congress needs to “clean house”.
      Find out who the moles are & use some DDT on them.

    • Whackajig

      DDT will not harm them. There are many, much more effective poisons which can be used to eliminate vermin.

  • http://CongressmenWest Bev

    Has anyone seen the latest? It is just Unbelievable. Go to:
    and read about the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB invents new unfair Labor Laws without Congressional Approval. Obamas Union Buddies. They are putting an end to all small business’s. More job loss. Where are our spineless Representatives? How can they just sit back and let this happen.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Clinging to My Religion and My Guns

    DDT has saved more lives than Penicillin. It is a scientific fact. Scientists and Doctors are actually finding out small ammounts are beneficial to humans. Put that in your Green Peace Pipe and smoke it Hippies!
    Have you tried using any of the current insecticides? They don’t work! The critters just stand there and laugh at you. How are we helping the environment when you have to use 2 gallons of some junk where 1 tablespoon worked before all of their happy horsedung started? All these “Chicken Little” cretins have to stop running aroun screaming “the sky is falling” before they learn the facts! We are getting sick of paying the price for Washington, D.C.’s dog crap agenda, lack of intelligence and total lack of vision.

  • Adrian Vance

    CO2 is a trace gas in air and insignificant by definition as well as a poor absorber of IR (heat) energy from sunlight by a factor of seven compared to water vapor which has 80 times as many molecules making 560 times the heating effect or 99.8% of it. CO2 only does 0.2% of all atmospheric heating so for this we should ruin our economy?

    For sharp political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative, Now on Kindle.

    • Whackajig

      Scientists have determined that millions of years ago, the percentage of CO2 in the air was many times higher than it is now.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Jocko

    After reading all the comments about the EPA and how many people DDT saved -I ask myself what other products have the EPA outlawed that could help in saving life for so many? Or better yet-what products have the EPA allowed to reduce population world wide! 40 years ago autism was found in 1 in 6000 children–today it is 1 in 110. One has to consider is in our food as a possible source!

  • Ron Powell

    I’ve heard the story before about how DDt was banned and about all the lives it would save. They are still using it in some parts of Africa because it is the onl reliable pesticide against malarial mosquitoes. Over the years the EPA has cost this country thousands of jobs and still are. The logging industry has had to fight them constantly whether it’s over the spotted owl or back toed lizard or some other species they can come up with. For a long time here in California there were bumper stickers that read “Due to a shortage of toilet paper, you’ll have to wipe your ass with a spotted owl. It needs to be eliminayted immediately to help get the country back on track, along with several other government agencies.

  • Ron Powell

    If you read the truth about ‘second hand smoke’ you will find it is manufactured propaganda too. I don’t smoke but I don’t worry about second hand smoke either. If I were to worry about that I would also stay away from bonfires, barbeques, fireplaces and any other sources of smoke. That and global warming have agendas behind them and part of it is to weaken this country.

  • yard-dog

    Bachmann says she’d consider Everglades drilling
    Associated Press
    SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says she would consider drilling for oil and natural gas in the Everglades

  • play2k

    Bachmann tells it like it is. Both she and Palin and a host of other prominent Conservative women holding high office across America are imminently more qualified than obama or biden (and 90% of congress for that matter). THEY have records of success and integrity. Come on with it ladies! We need a few Maggie Thatchers running this Country, Reagan told it like it is and took down the progs with simple truths.

  • Aristaeus

    I’m very favorably impressed with Congresswoman Bachmann and I believe that, in general, the EPA does great harm to the economy and employment. And I think it’s very hard to justify rationally not using a substance that will prevent so much disease and death. Having lived through the entire period that DDT was used on a massive scale, I’m well aware of the benefits – just the great decrease in population of the common house fly was one example I personally noted. On the other hand, I also noted a dramatic decrease in the bird population that took decades to reverse. So I have some reservations about using it universally in the massive doses that were used in the ’50s – unless it can be shown unequivocally that DDT was not responsible.

  • FreeDame

    Saddly, most of us who come to this site already know this. Career politicians, even Conservatives, won’t touch the EPA, or the equally distructive Department of Energy, because they want to seem to “care about the environment.” All they REALLY care about is getting re-elected.

    • El Lobo Solo

      EPA, stands for Economic Prosecution Agency.