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Fact-Checking Obama’s Boasts

Written on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by


I’ve been noticing that liberals are starting to sprinkle some incorrect facts on non-liberal Facebook pages.

Here’s one comment, which I’ve taken straight off a recent post on the PolitiChicks page.  I’ve seen other similar posts on other sites:

Our president is absolutely no fool. He’s accomplished much that people don’t recognize yet. Since his election, there have been 3 million private sector jobs added while government jobs have decreased by over 20,000. That is not a record of a guy expanding government at the expense of the private sector…. he’s attempted to be bi partisan at every turn until the December payroll tax fiasco. Now, the TGOP have backed themselves into a corner and our president and the Democratic Party will have none of the republican agenda talking points. They are ready to fight and not give in to any of it. It’s downright ugly…. and the general election will be a nasty, two fisted, brawl.”

I keep waiting for someone to refute these posts but so far no one’s biting back.

Some of these misconceptions are coming directly from Obama’s recent State of the Union address.  Unfortunately his liberal followers are quoting his stats, many of which are incorrect.

With help from an article by news analyst Jack Rasmus at, I’ve compiled a sort of “Fact vs Myth” list for you.  Hopefully it will help all us Conservatives combat the distortions happening online.

It’s not fun to argue with liberals and it’s highly doubtful you’ll ever be able to change their minds about anything, but it’s not the liberals we need to turn around—it’s the fence-sitters who want to know the truth and are reading these posts.   THEY are the ones we need to get to.  This is for them.

Obama’s Boast:  The US manufacturing sector had turned around and created millions of jobs on his watch!

The TRUTH:  “According to the US Labor Department, there were almost 17.3 million jobs in manufacturing in December 2000.  By the start of the recession in December 2007, there were just under 13.9 million. When Obama took office in 2009, there were slightly over 13.4 million. As of December 2011, there were about 11.8 million.

Over the past year, from December 2010 through December 2011, there were over 1.9 million total private sector jobs created. But only 218,000 of those were manufacturing jobs. And virtually all of those manufacturing jobs were created as global trade and exports accelerated in the first half of 2011. That same global trade began contracting in the second half of 2011.

In response to that contraction, in the last three months of 2011, US manufacturing employment actually fell by 24,000 jobs. So, tell me how this picture, and a further promotion of the manufacturing sector, is going to significantly aid the 23 to 24 million people currently still jobless in the United States? Even at the early 2011 rate, it would take 100 years to create 20 million additional manufacturing jobs.

The above numbers represent total manufacturing jobs. How about jobs for non-supervisors and non-managers in manufacturing? Since the so-called official “end” of the recession in June 2009 up through December 2011 – over a period of two and a half years – a mere 174,000 production-manufacturing jobs were created. That’s a meager 5,800 a month.”

Obama’s Boast:  The Big Three US auto companies have fully recovered and are creating jobs!

The TRUTH:  “From the start of the recession in December 2007 through the end of 2010, 315,000 auto jobs were lost. Over the past year, the industry has hired back at the rate of only 4,000 a month, or 48,000 of those 315,000 jobs lost. And let’s not forget, the overwhelming number of those hired in the past year have been hired for temporary status auto industry jobs paid at around $14 an hour, about half the normal auto worker wage rate. Yes, the auto companies are hiring, but at half pay. Not surprisingly, their profits have recovered – but they have done so by shifting money from auto workers to auto companies’ bottom line.”

Obama’s Boast:  There have been 1.9 million total private jobs created this past year!

The TRUTH:  “600,000 of those jobs were created in the retail sector in the last two months of 2011, the holiday season. Most jobs in that sector are part-time and temporary jobs, many of which will disappear in early 2012. Another 82,000 jobs went to messengers and couriers, hired by UPS, FedEx and other shipping companies for the holiday mailing surge. Those jobs, too, will quickly disappear in early 2012. In addition, banking-and-finance sector companies have announced more than 150,000 layoffs scheduled for 2012 – and that’s just to start. And the two biggest job creation sectors of the economy in the first half of 2011 – business and professional services, and leisure and hospitality – both reduced jobs in the final two months of 2011 by 264,000 jobs.

Finally, let’s not forget the government sector of the economy. While the private side may have created 1.9 million jobs, 257,000 state, local government and postal workers lost their jobs in 2011 alone; 106,000 of them were teachers.” 

Obama’s Boast:  He once again promoted the corporate line and claimed that free trade creates jobs!

The TRUTH:  Manufacturing output has risen significantly since mid-2009, as has manufacturing corporations’ revenues and profits, especially the big multinational players such as Immelt’s GE and the auto and high-tech companies. But manufacturing jobs are still 1.6 million short of where they were in early 2009, and wages of new manufacturing jobs are far lower than existing wages. A few workers get low paying jobs while manufacturing companies reap the big benefits of Obama’s manufacturing-export-centric jobs policies.

According to Rasmus, “The, ‘Let’s boost manufacturing-export companies’ approach to job creation has been a sham job-creation program, taken straight out of the economic playbook of the Daleys and Immelts who have been driving the Obama team jobs program since late 2010. And judging from the comments of President Obama in his recent SOTU address, corporations will continue to drive the Obama jobs program – while they simultaneously sit on their $2.5 trillion cash hoard and refuse to invest in America.”

Finally, for a president and administration that are constantly praising the anti-corporation Occupy Movement, in the second half of 2010, Obama reshuffled his staff, repopulating his team with corporate advisers.

According to Jack Rasmus of

“Bill Daley became chief of staff.  General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt headed the president’s ‘jobs council.’ Scores of corporate underlings were hired behind them. What we subsequently got, in terms of jobs policy, was a manufacturing sector- and export trade-centric set of proposals.  Jobs were supposed to come from stimulating manufacturing and exports, pushing free trade, and cutting business regulations, as well as from promoting patent protection for the technology sector and similar pro-business approaches. Daley-Immelt essentially took over the Obama jobs program.

More business and investor tax cuts followed, including $802 billion in further tax reductions in December 2010. Regulations were reduced, as Obama bragged in his SOTU speech that he cut more regulations than George W. Bush did in his first term. Contrary to the president’s 2008 campaign promises to restructure “job-killing” free trade agreements, the Obama-Daley-Immelt team opened a new offensive to pass pending free trade agreements with Korea, Panama, Columbia and elsewhere. The former three were adopted in 2011. These were promoted as measures to create manufacturing jobs. However, according to various studies since 1994 by the Economic Policy Institute, more than 10 million jobs have been LOST due to free trade.”

Read more here.

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  • El Lobo Solo

    State of the Union address given with Soviet Union style stats.

    • daves

      The President definitely told some whoppers in his address but this author is a little one sided also.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I like whoppers too, but only when they are prepared by Burger King.

    • donwan

      daves,how much do the lib,s pay for you to come on this site and spew your crap??? Do us all a faver and go back to your hole

    • daves

      Did I say anything that is not true?

    • GramSam

      With the Musselini look.

  • Sonja M

    He never gives up with all of his lies.

    Seems like he would figure out we are tired of hearing them and consequently don’t believe a word he says!

    • Whackajig

      Sonja may not believe 0-vomit, but the libberweenies have no problem slurping up his slop.

  • grumpy old man

    You’r preaching too the choir here, you really need too get this message out to the democratic lemmings who follow O……………..they need to be shown what’s wrong with our government,and being liberals they aren;t interested in any other agenda but the Democratic agenda.

    • Korean Vet

      grumpy–“If you want to wake up a Mule–just
      use a big-stick-! There’s a ABC Video where
      the Commentators were furious about a Fact-!
      Type In–‘U.S. Bridges & Roads are being built by Chinese-Workers’ (This shows you
      in details about where our “Billions of
      Dollars” went from Obama’s “Job Stimulus”-is
      Going-! It goes to Chinese-Workers–Not the
      American Workers-! But it needed Obama’s
      approval–for it to happen-! He’s got a lot
      of Chinese-Friends for spreading the wealth,
      their way-! But it’s an “Election-Killer”-!

    • Dee

      Do you really think they would listen?

  • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

    This just keeps getting more and more applicable to current events…..

    America’s incompetent CEO, ØZebra, is STILL stumping for re-election by using the “State of the Union” message as his latest campaign speech:

    Imagine you are a board member of a corporation and the officers (senators and congressmen) you appointed signed a pledge never to raise prices, and eventually you would fire them.

    Well in reality it is the CEO who usually reports to the board, so let’s imagine that in 2008, as a board member, you hired a new CEO, ØZebra, to turn the company around. Since the hiring, you STILL have not been given an operating budget to approve. ØZebra has not yet presented a strategy with goals and objectives for his executive (Senate) and management (House) team. As a matter of fact, ØZebra does not even bother to meet with them. The board-meeting agenda mainly consists of ØZebras requests to borrow more money, which has now reached 40 percent of your operating expenses. The company’s debt has increased by about 60 percent; the stock price is at an all-time low. One of his staff members is responsible, through his negligence, for the death of an employee.

    Most of the time the ØZebra travels the country promising your customers and shareholders the products and service will get better if they give him more time and money, or taking extended vacations on the company dime. ØZebra tells them he is doing everything he can but that his executive and management teams don’t know what they are doing, they can’t make a decision and it’s their fault the business is in shambles.

    As a board member, I would fire the CEO, ØZebra, based on no confidence in his leadership ability. Wouldn’t you?

    So, as board members, isn’t it about time to call a meeting, cast our votes, and fire, the Socialist, ØZebra and all of his * “Fellow Travelers”. We can do just that, on the 6th of November. So let’s do it for the good of what’s left of our country.

    “A Fellow Traveler” is a term that applies to Communist sympathizers (a sympathizer with the cause of an organized group, especially the Communist Party, without joining it).

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    Face it!
    Everything that boils in his brain is a LIE.

  • nvrpc

    It doesn’t matter what you write about this dude, it matter what he is promising the people who are going to support him. As long as he tells them they are entitled to the taxes from the rich to assure they survive because they’s owe’s you, he is going to win. He=ll jusy seeing that Romney won Florida tonght tell me that’s one stae that has no brains and it’s be people like this that will indirectly vote Obama back in because Romney doen’t stand a chance in a debate with Obama.. This may be the election that determine if we become Europe but you only have one guy with a plan that he paid out on the Hanity Show. Romney ddn’t have crap, just all talk..and Romney care. Newt 2012 is all that should be heard across this country. he’s really the only one stand behind us the the EU.

    • Furious in TX

      PC. You give buckwheat waayyyy too much credit. Romney would wipe the floor with buckwheat in a debate. Hell, your average conservative would too! Buckwheat is not a good debater, he’s not even remotely intelligent. He is however, a decent reader and speaker. But he won’t debate anyone ever, watch, his handlers know he’s an idiot, so they won’t let him. As far as the USA becoming Europe?? That’ll never happen!!! We aren’t a bunch of lazy liberal candy asses, plus we have guns, and were pissed!!! Liberals can only push so hard, before God fearing conservatives have had enough. When we push back, it won’t be with tents, bullhorns, and retarded legislation. Remember, there’s way more conservatives than liberals in the USA, they just whine a lot louder, and have more time to wave signs, and vote for welfare, because they don’t work much.

    • Furious in TX

      That was a dis on buckwheat, not support for Romney. Personally I’m not terribly comfortable with Mormonism. It’s a lot better than the muslim, homo, marxist, liar though!!! ABO 2012

    • Whackajig

      If you have a problem with a particular religion, then don’t go to their church. I doubt that Mitt will invite you.

    • warren reynolds

      the guy used a teleprompter to speak to a group of 3rd graders ( 8 and 9 yearolds ) LOL

    • town mayor

      THe Florida Fromary result tends to prove your theory wrong. I keep reading about how the American public will not take it anymoore but yet we keep on taking it. THe only way to change it is at the voting booth but where is the conservative leader for the 2012 election? Who did all these fed up conservatives with guns put on the ticket? What happened? It looks like I might be forced to vote for Romney!

  • Dean

    I didn’t listen to the SOTU speech. I knew it would just a pack of lies. It should have been called “The State of Obama lies” speech.

  • Raymond

    Censored again.

    • Korean Vet

      Don’t feel Bad–When you speak the Truth–
      “You know that some Liar’s got his feelings
      hurt-!” I’ve been blocked more than a dozen
      times, Raymond–but I’ll speak the Truth
      more than ever, if they concentrate on me–instead of you-!

    • warren reynolds

      someone was using your picture and (part) of your handle, raymondright and pretended he was you and that you “saw” the light and took back everything you have posted,, it was pretty funny that everyone knew it was some imposter…LMAO DECEPTION is the only thing the left can run on, their record is dirt.

  • Marybeth Pawlik

    Liberals of America, and anyone else who believes obama’s lies, WAKE UP! Stop drinking the poisoned kool-aid he is serving you! Obama is all about obama, and is it. He is an arrogant, narcissistic, socialist, and a communist marxist. He wants to transform America into a socialist nation. All of this fair share crap, is about redistribution of wealth, which is socialism. He wants to drag America down, and turn it into a country like Europe! People! Say goodbye to America if you think obama should be elected again. I will not accept this for our America, and will do everything I can, with the help from
    American Citizens who also see right through this man. I am embarrassed to eve call him the potus. Don’t get me wong. I RESPECT THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY, THOUGH I DO NOT RESPECT THE MAN WHO IS IN THAT OFFICE NOW!!!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Right On!

      Obama makes boasts, while the economy becomes toast.

    • BobinPa.

      You are absolutely correct Marybeth. Don’t worry about it, there are Millions of us Americans who do not respect the Kenyan in the White House now.And remember you don’t respect the man in the office, but do respect the office. That Draft Dodging Weasel Clinton didn’t even respect the Office. “Semper Fi”

    • El Lobo Solo

      While Dems like to decry Cheney’s use of draft deferrents for college & Dubya’s Air Natonal Guard attendence, they never enrolled into the ROTC to avoid the draft & shortly after write a letter of resignation to the Colonel saying, “… I loath the military” as Clinton did.

  • http://bellsouth Duke

    They obviously don’t like the uniform. You keep trying. It took a little something to wear the uniform and you obviously served your country and deserve the right to your opinion. I’d be willing to bet, the ones responsible for blocking you have never served this country. Keep plugging away. From an ole’ Nam Vet/ Army

  • mbap

    I agree with nvrpc. Newt Gingrich needs to win the rest of the caucases. Romney is just not strong enough. If people don’t start believing that Romneycare is just like obamacare, and some of his other ideas are just too close to obama’s as far as I am concerned. AMERICA, VOTE NEWT GINGRICH!!!

  • Korean Vet

    A new technique of “Hari-Kari” emerged for
    the liberals-Saturday by e-mail when a friend
    sent me a ABC News Video by commentators who
    were expressing their shock on the following
    News–Type in-‘U.S. Bridges & Roads are being
    Built by Chinese Workers’ & you can see this
    Video for yourself-! “There goes the biggest
    ‘Boast & Hoax’ of this century”-! Imagine
    the ‘Shock’ to American Workers when they
    realize–‘the Billions of Dollars for “Job-
    Stimulus” is going for Chinese-Workers in a
    Chinese Company–not to American Workers-!”
    These Bridges are at San Francisco, Oakland on the west-coast & New York on east coast-!
    This can only happen–if Pres. Obama approved
    it-! He just got through–bragging about
    building Bridges & creating 3 million new jobs-! He didn’t say that these were for “spreading the wealth” for Chinese workers-! This should be an “Election-Goof”!

  • Wolf-Talker 1

    When the Great Black Father in Washington speaks, he reminds me of good old unkle Adoph aus Deutche Land!

  • Lion’s Den Roars


  • proudamerican

    No need for fact checking-we already know the answer- LIES!!!!

  • Paul the Jarhead

    How do you stop a bully? Simple…You stomp them.