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Feds Still Enable Terrorists 10 Years After 9/11

Written on Saturday, September 3, 2011 by

911 state of liberty

Ten years ago, after 9/11, Americans chanted, “We will never forget.”

Today the White House is chanting that it is not “just about us.”

Terrorism has been tempered and transformed ever since 2009, when President Barack Obama took office and turned the global war on terror into an “overseas contingency operation” and coddled the global Muslim community from Cairo by saying that part of his “responsibility as president of the United States is to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear” and create a “partnership between America and Islam.” Since those actions, a slew of terrorists have slipped through the cracks of U.S. international and homeland security.

Alex Jones’ recently documented several examples of how the feds have “dispensed with all pretense of the war on terror being focused on Al-Qaeda Muslims.”

In April 2009, The Washington Times reported that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stood by a DHS intelligence assessment report that “lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S.” And in the same month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI was running a probe targeting returning veterans as extremists and a major domestic threat.

At the end of last year, an Atlanta station, WSB-TV, reported that “the State Department is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to save mosques overseas.” The anchor noted that the U.S. Agency for International Development granted enormous funds for mosques in Cairo, Cyprus, Tajikistan and Mali.

In March, Judicial Watch obtained new documents via a Freedom of Information Act request that revealed that U.S. officials had apprehended 663 illegal immigrants last year with suspected ties to terrorist groups. Yet our borders and ports remain as porous for illegals as a screen through which gnats slip.

In the same month, ABC News reported that the “U.S. government formally requested the early release of a convicted terrorist (Mohammed Babar) from federal prison, even though the terrorist admitted that he continued to support the killing of U.S. soldiers serving in Muslim countries.”

Just a few weeks ago, as a part of its “If You See Something, Say Something” stoolie campaign, Homeland Security released two videos, in which nearly every segment shows a shift in federal strategy from catching foreign terrorists to targeting white middle-class Americans who are against big government as terrorists, including tea partyers, anti-Fed activists and even veterans. (These videos echo Vice President Joe Biden’s recent remarks that tea partyers are like “terrorists.”)

On Aug. 26, Fox News reported that the State Department is protecting the privacy of terrorists by refusing to release documents about Anwar al-Awlaki, the Muslim cleric who became the first American on the CIA’s kill or capture terrorist list. In response to a Fox News FOIA request for al-Awlaki’s passport records, the State Department replied, “The release of this information to you would be an invasion of personal privacy of another person, without written authorization from that person.”

It’s official: The feds have lost their minds, this time at the cost of forgetting the heart of 9/11 and all the sacrifices made to fight militant Islam since. Ten years after 9/11, the federal government has become an acute enabler of terrorism. It is suffering from a self-inflicted terrorist amnesia, despite the fact that even in the past two years, there have been 126 terror-related arrests, and all have been Muslims.

With the killing of Osama bin Laden and President Obama’s recent order to withdraw more troops from Afghanistan, it appears that the feds soon will be raising the banner that the “overseas contingency operation is mission complete.” But what they really need is a wake-up call to jar them out of their terrorist amnesia!

We should plant the feds in the heart of Afghanistan and have them seriously reconsider al-Qaida’s assault on America and exactly how and why our courageous troops and their families continue to sacrifice for us — something well-documented by film producer Mike Slee in his most recent film tribute to our service members and their families as a part of Operation Patriot Care Package, highlighted on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel show and on Slee’s own website,

Unfortunately, this terrorism amnesia has spread outside Washington and infected such officials as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has decided that a ground zero commemoration for the victims of 9/11 on the attack’s 10th anniversary will be held without prayer. Neither clergy nor first responders have been invited to the event, because Bloomberg apparently thinks politicians will be sufficient to comfort the still-grieving families and nation. Please sign the Family Resource Council’s petition to Bloomberg to reverse his decision and recognize that prayer is needed more than politics.

Bloomberg needs to take a lesson from people like Rosellen Dowdell, the widow of Lt. Kevin Dowdell, who was a New York firefighter who gave up his life on 9/11. She told the Catholic News Service: “I’ve never blamed God. I’ve always looked to God for an answer. I guess I always hoped there was solace in going to church and being in the presence of God.”

Similarly, Monsignor Michael J. Curran told CNS: “So many of these families, who have every reason to be angry at God, have not given up. They are still faithful. I’m more aware of the spiritual strength of people. Folks are not fair-weather friends of God. The question of ‘why?’ is still out there, but they are willing to trust God and keep him at the center of their lives. Nobody has just slammed down their bat and ball and gone home.”

Ten years ago, in the wake of the worst terrorist attacks in our nation’s history, Americans turned to one another and God for help and comfort. The wise still seek him. They know the truth — as did most of America’s Founding Fathers — in Psalm 33:12: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

God bless and help all the victims of 9/11, from United Flight 93 to the Pentagon and New York and beyond, and may the real memory of 9/11 live on in our hearts and minds so that even our posterity will say, “We will never forget.”

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  • John

    I suggest that anyone who agrees with this crap about a partnership with Islam should obtain a Koran and read about what islamists think about infidels and what they should do with those infidels. Infidels include all who are not islamists. S.O.S.= Same Old $hit- Allah akbar ! See you at the snack bar, but don’t stop by the alcohol bar, or we will wrap you in duct tape and cut your head off ! Allah akbar !

  • Willowspring

    These people do NOT realize they are PAWNS! When Muslims take over (I said ‘when’ because this administration is aiding and abetting it), these people will be stood up against a wall and sh-ot because they know too much! They are NOTHING to the Muslims! And they so richly deserve whatever they get.

    • Colleen

      There is a well documented report of a Canadian imam who has stated publically that the Muslim Brotherhood is well ensconsed in the current administration.
      Son of a Dog Dung in the White House and his socialists/marxists thugs in this administration!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Christian Patriot

      Beside BO there is Wiener’s wife (muslim of middle eastern decent) who is Hilary Clinton’s first assistant and what Hilary says is her “confidant.” She and her parents came to US when she was very young. She and her parents moved back to the middle east but Mrs. Wiener (I don’t recall her maiden name) returned to attend one of our most prestigious universities and then Hilary hired her at the white house. She and Hilary have traveled to the middle east many times and as you know, has engaged with our enemies on many occasions. Of course MR. Wiener is Jew so that makes this even more interesting (or disturbing?). Wiener’s mother-in-law, who lives in middle east and teaches at the university, belongs to the muslim sisterhood, and brother-in-law of the muslim brotherhood, who says he is living and “organizing” across the pond (UK). This seems to confirm the muslim brotherhood and the like are truly deep within our white house and as we all know are dispersed throughout our country, as well as around the world.

      How many more are there within our government that have not been revealed? And why doesn’t ANY media speak of it? NO ONE is investigating ANYTHING. We don’t even hear anymore about what all was revealed in ‘wikileaks” documents. Even though I believe this fag should roast for being such a traitor but they also most likely reveal our enemies within.

    • margie cutaia

      we agree – there is no one doing something
      about who commposes this administration –
      why not is the question, are they a part of it?
      whose going to start investigating and
      exposing theses FACTS?????

  • Ken Marx

    Very well stated. Those of us who still have respect for this exceptional country will never forget.

    Our so called leaders have no respect for the Constituion except when, in isolated cases, they think it supports their views. I would not be surprised if they were seeking some way around the Constitution to make Islam the official religion of the United States.

    • Christian Patriot

      NOW is their (muslim terrorists) best opportunity as BO may not be “in power” for another (or much longer) and they have his (and the regimes) support as they are not even looked upon as terrorists and insist the rest of all of us conform to like mindedness of singing cum-bi-ya with those who want to kill us.

      We are now forbidden to pray at the 9-11 remembrance in New York. And clergy and first responders are not to attend. These things publicly announced by the MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY on national tv to play around the world. Also announced was our new openly gay military.

      My first thought on this was they all should attend anyway and ALL of us should pray anyway. Shadowing our showing of respect and that we have not forgotten the victims and their families, those who hate us and wish to see to our demise (or at the least, our compliance) are not only now welcomed here – and at ground zero – but are very well protected by our own government and are obviously being given the power to control what we can and cannot do and say.

      They pretty much have a clear shot at us now and know our government and many of our people are looking the other way. I still think all should go and should pray openly. But be observant and alert, and go prepared.

      And remember, if you try to remove God He will invite Himself in. He has very recently rumbled New York with a double whammy of earthquake and then hurricane and floods. I believe this gave people another reminder of GOD’s presence and invited people to recognize Him once again. How many recognized Him? How many invited Him in?

      Remember, for this particular event, He (GOD) was actually PUBLICLY ODERED to stay away and that all Christians remain mute. (Hard to comprehend this is happening in the United States of America!) Do we STAND UP??????? We must…..

    • Susan

      God help us!

    • mickey

      The firet amendment states that congress shall make no law respecting anestablishment of religion,or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The President can make a national religion by excutive order.The States under the 10th amendment could prohibit the exercise of any religion that the state deems dangerous.This is how I read the constitution.

  • Richard

    Was this approved by congress? Who sponsered it, if it was. I would like to see names.

    • http://? Ken Eaton

      Richard I agree. WHO are the FED’S ?
      LETS SEE SOME NAMES beside the obvious Ovomit and prosicute them .

  • Margaret

    This is just another shameful degrading of America in the eyes of the world. Not including prayer nor the first responders says we are more worried about what the Muslims think than how are own people feel.
    Blumberg and Obama are the poorest of representatives of our nation.
    Hopefully this will ensure their demise at election time.

    • Dee

      I don’t give a damn what the muslims think.They can all go to hell.

  • AmericansRon2U

    What would you expect from an illegal POTUS who is a Muslim plant? He’s not going to hinder his fellow Mulsims in any way, shape or form. He is the ‘enemy within’ whether people want to admit it or not. It is what it IS.

    • Z

      AKA…the machurian president…

  • Ron Alford

    “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”. And, that is God the Father of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, not Allah.

    • Charles Martel


  • Anna Salerno

    At the end of last year, an Atlanta station, WSB-TV, reported that “the State Department is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to save mosques overseas.” The anchor noted that the U.S. Agency for International Development granted enormous funds for mosques in Cairo, Cyprus, Tajikistan and Mali!!! I am so furious that this Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made the decision to NOT have clergy present when most of the families who lost loved ones depended on God for solace. This Mayor Bloomberg is TOTALLY WRONG to do this and I hope that thousands of clergy show up to comfort those who need the comfort. Oh yea, this mayor is a liberal dumocrap and has no conscience so I guess I’m NOT surprised just stunned. My father used to tell me to consider the source and it sure makes sence in this case!!

    • Z

      What do you expect from the mayor of New China?

  • RJJ

    When the Oboner and the Michell arrive at Martha’s Vineyard in seperate planes it is due to security procedures. They don’t travel together so that the whole family doesn’t get wiped out in one Muslim surface-to-air missile.
    Oboner is in favor of his own personal security but when it comes to national security he couldn’t give a rats ass. His fear of the Muslims couldn’t be more obvious. So he treats them with “friendly persuasion, another term for politically correct.”

    • AmericansRon2U

      RJJ…Obama has NO fear of Muslims. They are his brethren.

      Everyone should read a book by Atty. Stephen Pidgeon, “The Obama Error”. He’s uncovered stuff on Barry that NO ONE has touched. He claims that Obama is actually a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is tied to Al Qaeda and plans to be the new CALIPH…this translates to Obama believing that HE will rule the Caliphate when it is complete..not just the Middle East but the WORLD. That’s why he’s pushing the USA toward Islam. It’s part of the master plan, folks.
      I have always felt that Obama thinks of himself as a dictator, not a president…now the missing pieces of the puzzle all make sense.

    • Patricia

      o claims he is Christian,but he does not obey the 10 commandments and definitely does not follow the true golden rule, where you treat others well and do unto them as you wish they do unto you. he is a corrupt,greedy,selfish,lying,thieving,nasty piece of sloth. he should go far,far away and definitely out of all power and money. we should confiscate all his assets and holdings for his lifetime to repay the trillions he overspent and wasted. he is the scum of dc. what a cesspool. clean it out. he eats pork, drinks alcohol like a fish and does not pray 5 times a day, so he is a bad muslim too.everything he does is wrong and mean. how corrupt he is.liar, thief, cheater, fraud,and enemy within. even muslims should have some standards. who wants a drunk in charge?

    • margie cutaia

      why don’t the organizations like Heritage and yourself expose this stuff. what are they
      waitingfor? you cannot make accusations
      and not organize to do something about this
      extremely vital information . people will

    • Monzetta Becker

      to RJJ, I don’t think ovomit
      even cares that much about michele and I don’t think he is afraid of the muslims shooting him down as he is one of them. He is finding every way he can to spend taxpayers money and “break the bank” He is narcistic and only cares about himself and his power. We need to impeach him.

  • Vivian

    “part of his “responsibility as president of the United States is to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear” and create a “partnership between America and Islam.”

    WHAT???????? I thought his responsibility was to protect the United States from THEM….but then……HE IS ONE OF THEM!!!!!

  • Ford

    “the State Department is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to save mosques overseas.”
    Isn’t that promoting a particular religion? Isn’t that prohibited by the constitution?

    • Monahan

      Those hundreds of millions probably were stolen from the social security trust fund.

    • Z

      Only if you’re a libturd…

    • Patricia

      NO FOREIGN AID NOR ANY MONEY FOR ANY FOREIGN GROUP OR COUNTRY. STOP IT ALL. PAY BACK OUR DEBT. ELIMINATE STATE DEPT(FOOLS) AND ED(PORN AND WASTE) COMMERCE(60% TARIFFS)(NO MORE GIVEAWAYS IDIOTS) ENERGY(drill here by Americans for Americans,reopen 4 closed coal,45% our energy, more nuclear,more shale,more American jobs now,no more bs by obummer.)deep,deep cuts,cap and balance. time to stop being stupid.deport all Islamists radicals,illegals and all criminals including corrupt politicians and disbarred lawyers,real good start,to more jobs for good people not the corrupt.

  • vickiissickofthis

    I agree with everyone who has commented so far. Nothing more need I say. Y’all are ALL correct! Argh! Come on 2012!

  • Mae Meloncon

    How can any American agree with this administrations policies? We can not take care of our own people and for anyone to allow money from our government to be sent any where to build a mosque, to help people that want to kill us is beyond my comprehension. If you don’t love America, get out.

  • Heyoka

    “Congress shall make no law respectiong the establishment of religion…” Lets not forget the Representatives who voted for the funds to support these mosques or did not vote to de-fund the program.

    As for the rest of it, if the Muslims rise up and start a violent take over. (I think the temptation will be too much for them not to.) They will learn the same lessons as the Japanese.

    Keep your powder dry and your tomahawk sharp

    • K G Utah

      Heyoka, most that are not of the Oyate do not understand that when a Heyoka speaks or acts he means the opposite of what he says or does. However, I see that what you say here is true and that you meant exactly what you said. Wakinyan says this to you.

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    Obama makes no real seecret of his distain for the Constitution as he feels he is above that. He is really trying to have the United States of America placed under the UN Agenda21, and is trying to insure that he will be Secretary General of the UN. He is clearly doing everything in his power to sheild the Muslims and has AG Holder supporting it with his “interpration of the law, Constitution be damned. A bunch of commies.

  • Dan

    It’s sad that people forget or that someone wants to get elected they will forget how menny people have gave there lifes and the people who are still putting there life on the line to keep america safe. We should not let our presedent meet with his friends the musslems alone he should alwase have a chaperone becuse he is a traitor.

  • Dan

    He hasent proved his birthright and is doing his best to open our borders to any that care to come in. GET RID OF THE FOOL ON THE HILL. HE IS BAD NEWS

    • Patricia

      please contribute to build the border since nap and ovomit lie. it is only 1/3 done. kudos to good customs and border guards but they need military help,drones,more jail time to illegals and criminals and punish and gps all invaders. slam shut borders,airports, seaports,cargo, illegal welfare.stop it.

  • Don

    Is everyone just waking up to this stupid traitor all you had to do is read about him. Just remember what OBAMA stands for “one big assed mistake America.


  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    Apparently saying “BAD” things about Obama/Holder will get your comment “Awaiting Moderation”. Both commies Comment 1253 still “awaiting Moderation”. Bull poop

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    Obama/Holder want us under UN Agenda 21

    • Patricia

      no agenda 21. kick UN out. send to middle east or china or russia. USA free and brave. we are happy. third worlds are sharing poverty of socialists and thugocracy of Islamic radical bullies. such a bad,hard life. no virgins for bad guys in heaven. wrong to be mean to women,stoning,no jobs,no education,wear hot blanket,etc. not good. not happy. very,very bad.

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    Obama looking for new job Secretary General of the UN

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    Shielding Muslims is the PRIME job of both Obama and Holder

    • Patricia

      lying muslims need to be tried for treason,domestic and judicial traitors,jail and deport if not more permanent punishment. oblabla and gunrunner holder need to quit helping druggies and terrorists. they are on wrong side of laws,Constitution and America.

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    Using the Constitution to their advantage is what theybdo. Both feel they are above the US Constitution and make their own laws and those which should be enforced.

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    Got my 1253 comment mostly printed by putting it into 4 parts. 1253 comment still “Awaiting Moderation”

  • joey g

    all this talk what are you all going to do about it ???

    • Agent Orange

      Vote GOP in 2012, that’s what! And when this anti-American traitor is out of office, prosecute him for all the crimes and misdemeanors he committed (treason, bribery, official misconduct, material aid to terrorists, voter intimidation, criminal negligence, etc.)!

    • hunter

      I agree!!! all i see is talk.time to DO! 2012? TOO late!

  • AF Vet

    Right on Chuck!! Read a book by Robert Heinlein called Starship Troopers. What he talks about in the beginning of the book is similar to where we are now. We need to have that happen here in the near future.

  • oneAmerican

    Anytime we send ‘aide’ to a country that harbor or condone or culivate terrorist WE SUPPORT THEM. Currenty, our ‘relationship’ in Pakastain is killing
    Americans in Afganistan etc, We also stil support peacecorp volunteers in China that are teaching English in Chinese schools instad of working in th fields with the poor (chinese gov’t request) Want to lower the debt, ‘follow the money’

  • K G Utah

    Just because this is no surprise coming from bloomberg does not make it any less disgusting and insulting. I would guess the families that lost loved ones and those that survived deeply appreciate what First Responders did that day and would welcome any that want to attend and gladly make room for them. I hope they will clearly express that to the mayor and the nation. Now he has decreed there will not be enough time for prayers during the ceremony and that they would be “inappropriate.” Once again he has proven he is nothing but a spoiled rotten little rich boy that has less than zero admirable character or redeeming qualities. If New Yorkers allow him to buy another term in office then I guess they will deserve what they get. The trouble is that his billions purchase influence for him far beyond the NY city limits.
    This entire administration and about 90 percent of congress and the senate must soon be replaced with actual American Patriots. As many others are finally beginning to realize, waiting for the Nov 2012 elections may not be a viable option if any vestige of what this country used to be is to be restored. At the pace they are “progressing” it is unlikely there will be any kind of valid election permitted. One has to wonder if they are so completely out of touch with the heartbeat of America that they refuse to acknowledge the magnitude of what they are doing or simply do not care what the eventual reaction of literally tens of millions of citizens will be. Is that what they are driving for, an excuse to declare and TRY to enforce martial law? I believe so and think it is part of their overall scheme so seize total control by pushing us over the edge to revolution. If they cannot do that before Nov 2012 and paint patriots as traitorous, violent aggressors to “justify” a massive government clamp on all civil rights including elections, I fully expect them to create phony events or some crisis so that people will accept all restrictions on their freedoms in exchange for “security and protections” promised by our wonderful savior in the White House. Are they all so self focused that they cannot understand that if they destroy this country, they too will be destroyed? They cannot hope to survive the conflagration they are about to ignite if they continue their present course.

  • LS

    The politicans think they are GODS, We Don’t Need No Prayers, You Have Us !!

  • Raymond

    Barack Obama (or whatever his real name is) is a
    muslim & that says it all.

    • Patricia

      o needs to resign at once with many apologies for his corruptness and his theft of taxpayer money. he should offer all his future benefits and all his assets and holdings and future earnings as partial payment for his mistakes. still not enough.

    • 3 Serving

      Yeah right, like that’s going to happen.

    • Are you Serious

      Apparently, sniffer dogs can no longer sniff Muslims at airports any more because they believe they are dirty, unclean animals. I agree with the sniffer dogs.

    • Agent Orange

      Good one!

    • 3 Serving

      No Raymond, Sorry to contradict you but this says it all and more.

  • Susan

    I’m beginning to think there will be no election in 2012.

  • Louis

    The white house and each and every person or agency should be ordered to return every last cent spent on any of these mosques or anything having to do with Islam or any other of these religions. The demon crats like using the seperation of church and state trump card, we the people are now using the same card to seperate government for this church. Sometimes we need to use the enemies own wepon against them. ROHLMHO!!

  • Charles Martel

    Remember, obama is one of the terrorists!!!

  • patrick McConnell

    It’s still hard to believe someone (mainly) (BO) would allow the building of that mosque
    to proceed.I wonder if it is used for prayer
    or for the planning of terroristic activities,such as bomb making classes or how to be a one way pilot.The more I think about it,gun ownership in the GREAT USA should be manditory. THANK YOU for allowing me to vent a little.

    • Are you Serious

      Are you aware that the people building the Mosque have applied for federal funds to build it? This is outrageous and should not be allowed. Why have media avoided this story? Gee, do I really need to ask that question.

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    If you do not own a gun, WHY? If you do get to the range and become proficent in its use and “IF” allowed by your state get a concealed carry permit and CARRY. We may need to use them. I defended the Constitution for 25 yrs and will again, if required.

  • charles

    There will be no terrorist attack on the United States until November 2012. That’s when Obama will not be reelected and his brother Muslims will attack America at that time to show their route to show their support for Obama and all he did to help them in this country.

  • nvrpc

    I am very disappointed in the way the US has handled the 9-11 attacked. The very first thing that should have happed the day this took place was ALL points of entry into this country to be closed for 25+ years, ALL non US citizens deported and ALL Muslim packed up and sent back to the far east and their temples destroyed. My second disappointment comes from the way we took out their leaders. By no means did we need to send ground troops into these countries. We need accurate GPS location of the JA in charge and then when he’s at the dinner table with his entire family we plant a 2000 pound GPS guide bomb right in the middle of his dinner table making sure those who want to take his place get the same thing. Not only should these tactics be used for Iran Iraq, Libya, etc., but it should be used against ALL drug lord and kingpins worldwide in an Alpha strike repeatedly starting with México and Columbia. Until we get someone in the Whitehouse with some intestinal fortitude the USA will continue to be infested with terrorist just like Canada and Pakistan.

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    I understand that this is not PC, but I believe we should load all the old B-52 aircraft, I’m sure we could get crews, and make a “sandbox” of Iran, Iraq, Lybya, Pakistan and Afganistan. Next I wouuld bring ALL our troops home, station them on our borders with ROE “open season”, stop all the stupid foreign aid and get OUR Country back. Oh yes, one more small item, IMPEACH Obama and jail Holder et al.

  • Gringo Infidel

    “…partnership with Islam….” Sure and Chamberlain obtained “peace in our time.”

    We know how that worked out.

    Those pigs understand and respect only one thing: strength.

    Such PC public relations is a load of foul rubbish bordering on treason.

  • Ronald Johnston

    Why is anybody surprised? osama obama is and always has been a terrorist, planted here by our enemies!

  • Sherm

    I believe what C Norris says! I recently read an article in a NewsMax release and also in another that I cannot recall, but the gist of the article was that there are 3 Muslim Brotherhood members currently working out of the White House and are there daily. The story indicated that they were there as ADVISORS to OUR president !! There is a lot of doubt that the occupant of the White House is a duly constituted, qualified person to be President !! !! !!