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How Conservative Voters Are Being Fragmented

Written on Saturday, December 31, 2011 by


It is 2012 and due to the prolonged uncertainty of what lies ahead, despite how the liberal media will spin it to help re-elect Barack Obama, fear of the unknown is likely to keep unemployment high and economic growth low for the first half, at least, of the New Year.

By late spring, the Republicans should have settled on who their Presidential candidate will be. But who that candidate is, will determine whether or not faith in the future returns. The pundits tell us it will probably be Mitt Romney.  However, as the Wall street Journal warned us last week, if Mr. Romney is to prevail, he must try soon to start appealing to the conservative voters spread around Perry, Bachmann, Santorum and Ron Paul.  If Romney doesn’t stop playing it safe, in his attempt to prove he’s “Republican Lite,” all that will happen is further fragmentation among conservative voters.

Conservatives are afraid that if Romney wins the nomination, nothing will change for the better as pertains to high taxes, contentious social issues, outsourcing of jobs and continued political correctness. Of course if Mr. Obama is re-elected, those same fears will come to fruition. So being fearful of selecting the right person to defeat President Obama may, in the end, make his re-election possible. All the Republican Establishment is concerned about, is that someone with an “R” behind their name beats Obama and, let’s face it, that’s more important to them than electing a candidate of substance or someone who is a true conservative committed to our free enterprise system and someone with high moral character. That’s the way I see it.

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  • nvrpc

    And there you have it sumed up the best one could:

    All the Republican Establishment is concerned about, is that someone with an “R” behind their name beats Obama and, let’s face it, that’s more important to them than electing a candidate of substance or someone who is a true conservative committed to our free enterprise system and someone with high moral character.

    • Jdangiel

      First of all, the Republican establishment often displays little or no true concern about winning. Secondly, they don’t want just anyone with an “R”, otherwise they wouldn’t be trashing the conservatives. They want the status quo, plain and simple. We need to vote in so many true conservatives that they are the only ones available to move up into party leadership and clean that cess pool out.

    • sid

      i “WANT” more tea!!!

    • Pat

      The Republicans sold us out in 2008 – they had the chance to demand that Obama be vetted like John McCain was, and they didn’t have the cajones to do it. Sarah Palin said that she wanted to have Obama vetted, she was told to “sit down and shut up”. It’s hard to have any loyalty to the Republican party after that…

    • tod

      Dr.Ron Paul 2012 for the ONLY PROVEN HONEST(for Well Over 30 Years),Intelligent,God Fearing,Patriot running for President,PERIOD !!!

    • Nancye May

      Ron Paul can never win because of his crazy foreign policy stance. Get over it. We are letting the Establishment Repubs and the Media pick our president just like we did in 2008. Bah!

    • Wondering Woman

      The republican party can keep Ron Paul from being nominated, but they can’t keep him from winning if “WE the People” stand UNITED and vote for him, even if we have to write him in.

      We can be fairly sure that they will not nominate him because the one world global government, aka the new world order does not want him to be the republican nominee. He is not one of their puppets. That is why “he
      cannot be allowed to win”.

      As said before the republican party can keep him from being their nominee, but they cannot keep him from winning if WE STAND UNITED!

    • http://facebook pat

      nacye mae,,if u would do ur homework and actually research the candidates u wouldnt sould like such a fool..this is what u come off as,,or ur just a liberal plant..which ever comes first

    • Ann Wilson Kingsley

      What crazy foreign policy? Is that the foreign policy that generates by far the most donations for Ron Paul from our men in uniform? Is that the one? Ron Paul receives most of the donations from our servicemen in the military. His foreign policy strengthens our military and military preparedness while cutting off purchases of technologically aging equipment and eliminating some foreign bases. Hallooooo! We live in the nuclear age, now! Ron Paul is also very interested in advanced weaponry research and equipping our soldiers with state of the art equipment. Does anyone remember the kevlar bullet proof vest fiasco? Ron Paul wants our guys taken care of.

    • Captain Shays

      Face it. It was the anto war PEOPLE not just Dems who got Obama elected. The mindset of minding our own business predates apple pie and baseball as an identifier as to who we are as a people. We want peace not endless wars against countries that never attacked us or threatened us. Most Americans knew nothing about our CIA overthrowing the government of Iran and installing a ruthless dictator the Shah. When we find out we don’t agree with it. We didn’t know that our government sold chemical weapons to Saddaam Hussein that he went on to gas the Kurds and Iranians with. When we see pictures of the mothers clutching their dead babies both with expression contored with agony and we realize that someevill person did that with our tax money we don’t agree with it.
      Ron Paul taps into that anti war mentality. Strong on DEFENSE but not militaristic. Non interventionist but NOT isolationist. PEace throught strength not endless conflict for being globo cops all over the world at a cost of over $1.5 TRILLION while we are in debt into the next three generations. Ron Paul sees the falacy of spending more money and excerting more effort to secure the border between N and S Korea and between Iran and Iraq than we do our own border.
      Of course information is power so whoever controls the flow of information controls enough power to control the outcome of our elections. The elites understand that many Americans are too lazy to READ and that they trust what they see and hear in the media so they they don’t know the difference between militarism and national defense or between non interventionism and isolationism. They don’t know that progressives started us on this police the world philosophy to as Woodrow Wilson (arche progressive) said “make the world safe for democracy” ( a system of govt that our founding fathers DETESTED). The people don’t know that the old style conservatives wanted to keep us out of those wars and to mind our own business like Americans always have. Now becuase of government school indoctrination and the media they think it’s either police the world and stick our noses in the business of other countries and engage in wars that have NOTHING to do with protection of this country or you’re an “isolationist”.
      GOd save us from the liars and the stupid people who believe those liars.

    • Ann Wilson Kingsley

      Hmmm! “Crazy foreign policy stance.” Ron Paul receives the majority of all military donations because the military knows his plan for the military, and they like it a lot. Ron Paul intends a strengthened military while closing obsolete foreign bases. We live in the modern age of nukes and high-level technical weaponry, and we need to stop paying for out-dated hardware and strategy. Ron Paul has a non-interventionist policy with regard to foreign nations. It takes a depraved moral degenerate to believe that we should be setting up coups and attacking all of these little countries. Ron Paul is the only candidate who came out of the gate with a well-developed comprehensive plan for turning our country around. Vote for Ron Paul!

      Do your research on Ron Paul’s Fiscal Plan:

    • MrC

      Have you ever been face to face with Ron Paul? I have, we were neighbors and had a few across the fence talks where true feeling abounded. He was not running for anything at that time and I was not going to control the votes so why would he not be truthful. If it is him and oDUMBa I will vote for him while holding my nose.

    • Captain Shays

      I don’t care one bit about ABO. All I care about is my conscience as a Christian. I will NOT vote for another candidate from ANY party who wants to keep us in the UN (one world govt) keep the IRS in place, keep us in the international trade agreements that have destroyed our production base, keep the war on drugs in place, keep growing government in size, spending and intrusiveness into our lives. I will NOT as a follower of the Prince of Peace EVER AGAIN cast my vote for another globo cop war mongerer who has NO RESPECT for the Constitution which requires a declaration of war or who doesn’t adhere to the Christian Just War Principles. That leaves me but one choice. Ron Paul. Did I mention that I don’t care one bit if the media tells me he doesn’t have a chance to win? I don’t. All I care about is being able to look myself in the mirror after I vote

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      RON PAUL is a RINO… REPUBLICAN in NAME ONLY! A Libertarian passing himself off as a Republican to get on the ballot… What a FRAUD!!!!

    • C.Davis

      Cap’n, I laud your highly ethical and patriotic viewpoint. Thanks

    • tod

      romneycare,barrycare,muslim,mormon,romney,barry ,NO DIFFERENCE !!!Dr.Ron Paul 2012 for the ONLY PROVEN HONEST(for Well Over 30 Years),Intelligent,God Fearing,Patriot running for President,PERIOD !!!

    • Red

      Dr R. Paul is a liberal of the first waters. He isn’t even a Republican. Do you think Conservative patriots want legal drugs, a stripped down military, Iran with nuclear weapons, and a president who believes the U.S. provoked the 9/11 attack? You are making the man into something he has never been. He ran for president before as a Libertarian.

    • Wondering Woman


      Do you think the situation worsened since they legalized alcohol and got rid of Prohibition? I think Ron Paul has a good point there.

      I also think maybe a few people should read up on why a perfectly good plant is illegal to grow because it competed with Monsanto’s
      product. Hemp is a close relative of marijuana and was grown principally for making rope until it crossed Monsanto’s trade path.

    • Rochelle Sturm

      Drink your Kool-ade, Red, and go back to sleep. You’re just regurgitating liberal sound-bytes, totally out of context. It’s the only way Dem’s can get any traction against Ron Paul – knowing lazy lib’s will never read his REAL statements, nor care what they mean re: returning the U.S. to a Land-of-the-Free, rule-of-law Republic.

      Your instructions: wait for the easy, PC, Alinsky-washed decision on who THEY will tell you to vote for. Ach tung?

    • Captain Shays

      So Red. Why should we take ANYTHING you say as reliable when you don’t even know the difference between a liberal and a libertarian? Ron Paul doesn’t “want” Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. PLEASE turn off your frigging television and go READ. READ what Michael Scheuer who was 22 yrs in the CIA and created and ran the bin Laden Unit in Afghanistan said about Ron Paul. There is NO ONE who knows more about what motivates Islamic terrorists more than Scheuer. He was consulted for the 911 Commission Report and was mentioned at least a dozen times in it. did you READ the 911 Commission Report? It was only $10.00. If no then why not? Ron Paul didn’t “blame” the United States for 911. He conveyed what the 911 Commission said and what the ENTIRE intelligence community who were assaigned to counter terrorism efforts said. That our foreign policy largly controbutes to the motivation to attack us. It’s TRUE. Our Sanctions killed over 500,000 Iraqi’s after the Gulf War. No? Just go to youtube and type in “Albright says it was worth it” where Mad Albright was interviewd on 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl and she CONFIRMED it. How would we likke it if some country that we never attacked killed 500,000 Americans? How would we like it if an Islamic country sold chemical weapons to one of our enemies and then they used it to kill HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Americans like some nut case in our govt sold chemical weapns to a mad man like Saddaam HUssein that he used to kill hundreds of thousands of Iranians and Kurds?
      BTW. Those actions were advised against by our founding fathers. Were NOT allowed in our Constitution and MOST SANE americans disagree with it when we find out what our govt did behind our backs. That CANNOT be “blaming” the United States. Not when the founder advised against it, the Constitution doesn’t allow it and the american people want nothing to do with it. Ron Paul is the only sane, rational,, honest and couragious person running for the presidency.

    • Johnnygard

      Honest, intellegent, with NO political accomplishment in 20 plus years. If you can’t convince your colleagues to vote with you in 20 years, how you going to do it as President?

    • Wondering Woman


      That is one way to look at it, but another way to look at it is that Ron Paul is the exception to the rule of “one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel” since he is the only one that has performed his sworn duty of supporting and protecting our Constitution and hasn’t caught their spoiling pathogens.

      Another way of looking at it also is that obviously the old saw of “one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel” doesn’t work in reverse since Ron Paul has been able to maintain his honesty and integrity while surrounded by “spoiled or rotten ones” but
      was unable to transmit his disease of doing his sworn duty,keeping his word and doing what is right, to any of them.

    • SaneRepublican

      Poor JohnnyBoy has his message hidden because of too many negative votes. Well, at least he still has his mythology of Saint Ronny & the Apostle Gingrich to keep him warm while he’s being left out in the cold by all the Ron Paul supporters.

    • AmazedAmerican

      You are so right about that Pat. I can’t even think straight from frustration when I think how slovenly the natl republic party is. Useless for just about everything. I am not a tea party member, but thinking of changing to independent. We are in a mess here. Obama is an imposter, and taking us down the pike.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Amazed… You are right…

    • shorething

      seems we’re always forced to choose the one that sucks less, but the alternative is d for dims, or death of our republic

    • George

      If Romney is the GOP candidate, I assume that Obummer will be reelected, as conservatives stay home in disgust, as in 2008. A third-party candidacy by Ron Paul, or anyone else on the right will be irrelevant, and not change the outcome. The GOP has refused to fight the current Administration, and deserves absolutely no loyalty from voters, imo.

    • Independentrd

      Unfortunately if the Republicans wish to beat Obama they had better take that track. The independent voters are not ready for either a Libertarian, or staunch conservative. They do not want Obama, but they do not want the far right either. If we are going to beat Obama it will take a moderate. It took the liberals over a century of planning step by step to become as entrenched as they are now. For the conservatives to take *and keep* power they need to follow a moderate path and work step-by-step toward conservatism.

      Entitlements and subsidies need to be fixed and in most cases, eliminated, but try to do that in one administration and we will be back to the Liberals in power.

      Try to run the perfect conservative (if there is one) and you won’t get that power in the first place.

      I’ve said I’ll vote for anyone you run against Obama, but you could surprise me and I’d have to vote 3rd party.

      As poor a job as Obama has done, as anti American as he has proved to be, he knows how to campaign and tell the public what they want to hear. He knows how to manipulate and put the blame (for things he has done) on others who oppose him. He also has a very dark and powerful machine behind him and supporting him.

      Even with his abysmal record he is likely to prove difficult to beat.

    • Captain Shays

      Independent, I might try to take your post seriously but I have abandoned that left-right paradign long ago. It’s completely irrational. NO ONE can define what it is, or what a conservative or a liberal is anymore and they never really could. Those demarcations do not exist outside the mind of the people who believe in them. If we look at a tree EvERYONE agreees that it’s a tree. If we look at a car. EVERYONE agrees that we’re looking at a car. If we ask people to define what a conservative or a liberal is or we ask them to show us where “the left” or “the right” is we will likely get as many answers as the people we ask. You say “moderate”. What the heck is a moderate? According to whom? You? The media? Some politician? Some pundit? A teacher? Not only do those nebulous and non descript definitions change from person to person, they change from day to day, week to week, and region to region.
      Forget all that. Let’s just elect Americans who WILL uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as their oath requires. If you don’t like what the Constitution says then say so and if you want to change it, there is provision for that-the amendment process where it takes 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of the states to ratify a Constitutional Amendment.
      We all need to relize that it’s not left vs right. It’s the state vs us. War is the health of the state and the bigger the govt is the smaller the individual is. The more laws they pass the less freedom we have. We ALL need to stop looking at our govt as some mechanism to use to control the behavior of other free people

    • haditinsd

      Too bad that is true but it is also true the MSM is playing on that and telling us only a moderate RINO can beat Obama. Let’s make sure we don’t buy into that line.

  • TinkTink

    Gene, I couldn’t agree more with your opinion. It deeply saddened me when they squeezed Herman Cain out of the race. I’m not happy with any of the candidates at this point. Mittney’s stance on health care is no different than Obama’s and I’m not crazy that he’s for stricter gun laws. The more things change the more they stay the same. Pray for our country.

    • patriotrenegade

      Mitt schooled that ignoramus perry on how his plan was vastly different than bama’s and didn’t cost the taxpayers anything. ZERO. Research. bilderg perry just stood there with that stupid grin on his face.

    • patriotrenegade

      I meant to spell bilderberg PERRY. Cain: bilderberg, NAU supporter-treason, fed “reserve” banker, all his pals on interlocking directorships at pillsbury and godfathers are CFR’s. Nice guy without the women speaking up.

    • Johnnygard

      renegade, You guys keep coming up with new crap about the candidates you don’t like. Now you link the companies he worked for to sinister alphabets. And because he worked at the (local) Fed for awhile, you convict him in your feeble mind of being evil. Who is your PERFECT CANDIDATE?

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      If you you want to make a comment, say something and stop wasting space and time.

    • Nancye May

      You are so wrong about Rick Perry. He has the most experience at governing and doing it well than anyone on the list. He is not a Bilderberg member…you are repeating a lie. More jobs have been created in Texas the past 2 years than the other states com-
      bined. He is a Christian, good man besides his great ideas to help the state and nation.

    • Captain Shays

      Rick Perry attends the Bilderburg meetings EVERY YEAR. I have a pictureright here of Perry proudly cutting the yellow ribbon for the construction of the NAFTA super highweay one of the integral steps to the North American Union. What sort of Christian would FORCE little girls to get a vaccimne to prevent a sexually transmitted desease? What sort of Christian who says they follow the Prince of Peace advocates for unnecessary, undeclared wars against countries that never attacked us or threatened us? What sort of Christian says that he’s pro life and pro war but cannot see the contradiction? What sort of Christian would keep us in the UN KNOWING that the antichrist who will murder millions of Christians will emerge from that one world government?
      This may be a hard one for many of the hood winked Christians out there but God created marijuana. He made ALL the plants and said they were for our use and they were ALL good. Read Genesis. There was ONLY ONE plant that we are not to touch and I doubt it if Marijuana is that tree. For a person Christian or otherwise to say that we cannot touch this plant or that plant is to take away our free choice given to us by God and to contradict God Himself when He said we could. Any politician who wants to keep marijuana illegal thinks he knows better than God

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Capt. Shays…. The more that lie is passed around, the bigger it becomes… He was invited to ONE meeting…. I wonder if R.P. ever went to any KKK meetings, since he printed news letters telling the world that he is RACIST??? What is fair for the goose is fair for the gander…

    • Black9

      Are you crazy?, Where do goveernment get their money? from the people don’t they. so that lame statement won’t fly, Perry hit the nail on the head, Everything government does cost the people..

    • Al

      Romney got GOVERNMENT MONEY for his HEALTH PLAN!


    • harry

      tinktink, what do you think was so great about Cain? people need to do some research when deciding something as important as our next president. He was just like Romney,said what the poles said the people wanted. what he said after he started campaigning was different than what he said in his columns or his talk show.when he even wrote in 2005 there is no housing crisis and in 2008 there is no banking crisis. is this the kind of record you want from a leader

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Harry Get over Cain’s shortcomings and move on… He is old news… Now, lets talk about Ron Paul.He is soon to be old news too.What a cadaverous old fossil . RINO, too.

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      I am so glad that I am not alone. I am tired of electing Republicans, just to see them go to DC and do nothing. I thought things were going to be different when the Republicans took over the House, but they just keep caving in and letting Obama do what he pleases.

    • Johnnygard

      Lots of good things happened when Newt and the Republicans took over the House in 1995.

    • Black9

      People forget how Newt was put down by the media and threw under the bus by the Republicans.

    • SaneRepublican

      Yes, lots of good things did happen in the 1990s while William Jefferson Clinton was President. Thank gawd he was there to keep Newt from running amock with his “Contract On America.”

      I’ve already provided some details on Newt’s “Contract” on the article regarding the possibility of him choosing Palin as his VPILF. But if necessary, I’ll post it here as well to dispel the mythology of his so-called “success.”

      You remember how successful he was, don’t you? He was so successful that he was forced to resign in disgrace in 1998 after losing Republican seats in the mid-term elections…that was after Newt unwittingly helping Clinton get re-elected.

      The country didn’t want Newton Leroy Gingrich then…what makes you think they want him now?

    • Captain Shays

      Sandra they did the same thing when Bush was president and he had a majority in both Houses. They continued to grow government in sixe, spending an dintrusiveness into our lives. They didn’t care one bit about the Constitution any more than Democrats do. I don’t care one bit about party any more. just want someone in there who WILL uphold the Constitution whether anyone agress with him or not. If they don’t agree with him that shows REAL courage. Seems like Ron Paul to me…..

    • Wondering Woman

      Tink Tink,

      That may have been a blessing in disguise.
      Herman Cain sounded like a gift from Heaven until the thought occurred that he suddenly appeared from nowhere and became a household word overnight, just like Obama. Playing the race card with a mixed race candidate worked with Obama. People were very unhappy with their mixed race Democratic President’s performance. So what would be the ideal candidate? A republican blacker than Obama so they could play the race card again, and if Obama didn’t win, they would still have their puppet in charge. When his connection to the federal reserve surfaced it tilted me further toward believing that he was also new world order.

      His manner of stepping down and throwing his support behind Gingrich, finished the story for me. I deplore the new world order’s plans, but I have to admire the devious minds
      they have working for them.

      Anyone noticed that it was after Cain stepped down that Trump started hovering in the back ground with the threat of running on a 3rd
      party ticket.

      Anyone want to bet that he won’t run if Gingrich, Perry or Romney wins, but will (to split the vote) if Ron Paul should win the republican nominee?

    • C.Davis

      I won’t take that bet. You’re obviously right, Wonder woman

    • WiseOvOwl

      You got that right. If Ron Paul is not on the ballot then he will be my write in.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Wise Owll….. Obama and the dems thank you in advance for your vote… That third party talk and write-in votes is music to their ears.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Give me negative comments and try to fool yourselves all you want to, but the truth is the truth… A VOTE FOR RON PAUL OR WRITE IN VOTE IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA. If you feel better about that don’t cry when he takes over next time.

    • Independentrd

      Cain was probably the most likely to have beaten Obama. I liked him and was sorry to see him go.

  • patriotrenegade

    teas and other conservatives have been conned into supporting false/globalist/conservatives without doing any research. Even Glenn Beck was screaming at them over the same issue. cain (suicide), perry, and huntie, all bilderbergs. Knewtie nut CFR. If bama is a globalist and we’ve had 40 years of them in the WH, why do these fools run to the very crowd that creates everything they hate? They have been totally co-opted. kissinger and brezhinski are choking themselves laughing. How easy.

    • Bree

      And you would be a Ron Paul supporter no doubt? Take it some where else, renegade.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Bree, at least yours was hidden, mine are usually deleted. Anyway, they just don’t understand that you are telling the truth.

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      Go ahead and vote for the same old Rhinos and Establishment Republicans and see if anything changes. Ron Paul is the only candidate that votes by the Constitution. He is the only candidate tgat has been telling us for years that something needs to be done about the Fed. Reserve. read The Creature From Jeckle Island, if you want to know who is behind everything that has been going on for years, The NWO is running things.

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      sorry about the spelling, but you get the idea.

    • Johnnygard

      Sandra, Ron Paul has NO political accomplishments. Newt got us the first Republican House in 40 years, got Clinton to sign welfare reform, we got tax relief, balanced budgets, job creation, and paid down the National debt. Paul supporters have WORDS, Newt has a record! The things people have against Newt are WORDS, not an actual bad record. It’s no contest, NO ONE HAS A POLITICAL RECORD ANYWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS NEWTS.

    • Al

      Yeah A RECORD




    • Captain Shays

      Newt certainly has a “record”…a BAD record. No more progressives for this America loving patriot

    • SaneRepublican

      What makes Newt’s “Contract On America” interesting is that all it never promised any results. All Newt promised was to “bring to the House Floor the following bills, each to be given full and open debate, each to be given a clear and fair vote and each to be immediately available this day for public inspection and scrutiny.” Wow! That’s real leadership! As Speaker of the Republican controlled House of Representatives, Newt promised to bring bills to the Floor of the House, debate them, and then vote on them. So, to summarize, Newt promised to do his job. Impressive indeed.

      No wonder you look up to him, JohnnyBoy. You and Newt both share a penchant for a lot of bluster and very little credibility to show for it in the end.

      Well, that’s Part 1 of our look back to Newt’s “Contract On America” (a.k.a., “I love the 90s!”). In Part 2, we’ll look at the actual bills that Newt brought to the House Floor (a.k.a., “The Good, the Bad, and the Unconstitutional”).

    • SaneRepublican

      Hey JohnnyBoy (a.k.a., Mr “I don’t know anything about history other than what I learned on a placemat at Cracker Barrel”), do you know how many items on Newt’s “Contract On America” actually became law in the first 100 days?

      ONLY ONE!!!! (LOL!!!)

      You see, we now have the means to research everything that Congress has ever accomplished. And for Newt’s 104th Congress, in the first 100 days, the only thing his Congress was able to accomplish was Congressional Accountability Act (signed into law on 23 Jan 1995). It was a law that based said that Congress had to abide by the laws it passed for the rest of the country. The law specifically said that Congress is no long exempt from the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.

      That’s right, Newt’s only piece of legislation that became law in the first 100 days of his revolution forced Congress to live by the same progressive, socialist, politically correct laws that ties the hands of businesses from creating jobs. I didn’t even name all the laws the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 applied to. You head might explode (again) if I did.

      Yup, as you say, a Republican promoting something as anti-conservative as that is a record no one else comes close to in National politics.

      Btw, Newt didn’t get the President to sign another bill into law until after Thanksgiving in 1995, 309 days later. So much for the first 100 days. Oh, but that’s right, Newt’s “Contract On America” never promised that he would actually accomplish anything… (LOL!!!)

      We’ll discuss Clinton’s welfare reform package later. (Recall that Newt’s welfare reform bill got vetoed, twice, and he was forced to concede to Clinton’s plan, in part as punishment for shutting down the government, twice!)

      With Newt’s so-called “leadership,” is it any wonder the country re-elected Bubba in 1996 and the forced Newt to resign in disgrace in 1998 after Bubba spanked him in the mid-term elections? They didn’t want Newton Leroy Gingrich then, and they don’t want him now.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Go ahead and vote for ron paul and watch obama win…. It is not complicated.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Bree… Isn’t there a passage in the bible about casting your pearls before swine?

    • Wondering Woman

      Patriot renegade,

      That is why instead of sending in my Tea Party dues, I sent in my resignation when they said they were backing Gingrich.

      Hopefully more of “We the People” will awaken to the ping pong game the new world order has been playing with us for decades.

      Unfortunately the voters are the ball that keeps getting batted back and forth between the democrat and republican parties. It has worked very well for them in the past, only they have gotten a little more obvious.

      The Clintons were so terrible that it was inevitable that a republican would win the next election. So we got son Bush, because
      we hadn’t caught onto the fact that Papa Bush
      before him was a one world global government

      It was only with close observation during the campaign and after the inauguration of 2008
      that some of us caught onto the fact that John McCain was the designated loser in that election.

      Unfortunately many of us still haven’t wised up to the fact that a vote for either of the two major party candidates is a vote for the a new world order puppet, whose duty will be destroying our country.

    • Black9

      Following your logic everyon would just stay at home and not vote for anyone because of fear, They are connected to some group or that they have a agenda, so we would just sit on the couch and watch the country go to hell.You follow your logic, let others follow theirs. believe me you don’t have all the answers.

    • C.Davis

      Oh,we’ll vote. It’s just that if the candidate the people choose gets cheated by the leadership of the GOP again we’ll feel no compunction in following our consciences and following Ron Paul to whomever’s banner he winds up running under. You see, we’re just not going to give our consent to any more of the war mongering the elite uses to keep their stock margins up there.How many dead brown babies will finally be enough for you? If you really want a republican as president, then get behind Dr. Paul. Otherwise myself and millions of sane, compassionate Americans will most certainly walk. And the next president will have an I or a L after their name.

    • Captain Shays

      CDavis. SPOT ON. It was the ani war Americans (not just Dems) who got Obama elected. NO WAY will they vote for another pro war Republican (and it seems they all have their finger on the trigger for another war). It’s always the largest demographic who controls the outcome of elections and they will NOT vote for another pro war, pro corporatist Republican. Ron Paul has the largest support from and anti war crowd who is miserably disappointed with Obama. He has the largest support from the largest demographic in the country. He has the largest support from active military AND the intelligence community (despite the elites sayint that he’s dangerous on foreign policy). He has the largest support from Democrats than ANY other Republican. He has the largest support from those 18025 and 25-40 than ANY other Republican. He is criticized for his supporters being young and then they criticize him for being so old. That old man Republican has brought more young voters into the Republican Party than ANY other Republican in my 53 years.
      Then they say that Ron Paul doesn’t have that much support. They say he has only about 10% but then they acknowledge that his supporters are dedicated and committed. We don’t go from one to the other like the other candidates’ supporters. We don’t fly around like a leaf in the wind because of what the media says.
      So my question is this to the GOP. How in the world do you THINK that you will win against Obama without the Ron Paul supporters (because we are NOT going to vote for one of your statist, war mongering, freedom robbing corporate welfare giving globalists)? How in the WORLD wil you win against Obama with a pro war candidate? How will you win without the Independents?

      You WONT. It’s either Ron Paul or bust.

      The montra in the GOP is ABO (anone but Obama)

      We Ron Paul aupporters have a mantra too.


      If you don’t support Ron Paul you have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELVES.

      I understand your fear that Ron Paul will decide to run as a third party candidate. That fear is only eclipsed by your fear of another 4 years of Obama.

      I will tel you this. Ron Paul doesn’t need to run as a third party candidate. I know the establishment has threatened his son Ran Paul with political abolishment if his father runs as a third party candidate.

      Here is your answer to both.

      Ron Paul doesn’t need to run as a third party candidate. We his supporters have decided to do it for him. If Ron Paul doesn’t get the GOP nomination we WILL give you another four years of Obama.

      We WANT the Constitution RESTORED. We WANT our FREEDOM back. We REJECT your endless wars and your DEBT into the next three generations of American children.
      We REJECT your New World Order and your Onw World Government.

      Listen. One more time so it sinks in


    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      c.davis…. Go ahead and choke on your conscience…Obama will take a win any way he can get it…

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      C.Davis… Don’t worry about getting cheated by the GOP… It is the obama crowd you need to be worrying about.Don’t you understand that they are laughing at you and all your blind loyalty to ron paul???

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      CDavis,,,, So wrong paul would have an L or an I after his name??? Is that what you are saying? I have been telling people today that he is a RINO!!! Apparently you agree… Lying old fart!!! That is what he is!!! Rino…

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Black9 So true.

  • littlerocker

    I think Tea Party members have two choices — Santorum and Bachmann. Paul would be acceptable, if it weren’t for his Iran position. Other than that, I agree with everything he says, including bringing home our troops from most all overseas bases. Afganistan was justified and we need to pay heed to our military leaders on how we should wind down that conflict. Bush 1 should have taken out Sadaam and Bush 2 had no business going into Iraq. But once our troops were committed to those two conflicts, I believe we should have maintained our presence until it was safe to bring home our fighting men and women. Paul was correct, however, about needing to go to Congress before entering a new conflict. With that said, I hope Santorum pulls an Iowa surprise. If he can’t win that conservative state, we ARE in trouble as Romney will likely gain the nomination.

    • Al

      If you ythink I would vote for either of those TWO BIBLE THUMPING WAR MONGERS, you better think again!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Al!!! Go ahead and vote for RINO PAUL… Obama says THANK YOU…

  • disgusted

    They’re in it – just – for the MONEY!
    This is just how far “our” POLs have SUNK!

  • DOUG

    What is wrong with Michelle Bachmann? She seems to me to be a real conservative, who understands the many issues, and has a record of being a person with backbone by casting her votes for the right things, even if it doesn’t go along with the party line. No one is perfect, but she is the closest thing to being a real person and meaning and doing what she says, with a good understanding of all of our problems!

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      I would vote for her, but I don’t think she has enough support. It will probably come down to Gingrech or Romney.

    • DOUG

      But to me that is the thinking that keeps us getting a RINO elected instead of a real conservative. That has gone on for the last 20 years or so. I think we should vote for the conservative candidate until they win! Next year I am doing just that, instead of voting for the RINO. Now if the RINO still wins the nomination, then I will vote for them, but in the primary, I am voting for the conservative!

    • Wondering Woman


      With you on the primary – I’m voting for the conservative in the primary.

      If the conservative isn’t the party’s nominee, I’m writing him in at the election!

      If enough others join me and stop playing the new world order ping pong game, WE CAN STAND

      and then Pray for his safety!

    • DOUG

      I anxiously wait for that day. And throw in a Constitutional Conservative House and Senate too, for good measure and let’s get on with the business of our God given Republic, that was fought and died for by our Brave Founding Fathers and the many other families of that time!

  • Olesarge

    So far I haven’t seen too much in the way of GOP Candidates that impresses me. There are a few that come close but that comes from a little research and that requires a little work. That’s right. I said that four letter word, “WORK,” and it really isn’t all that hard. If you are able to read this you have the means to do that research without leaving the comfort of home. Here is what I am talking about.

    Do not be fooled by their campaign speeches or what the candidates, of both parties, say in debates. Those are just words and slogans. Edward R. Murrow said “Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.” Actions speak louder than words. Research the candidates. Look at their past voting records, accomplishments, backgrounds, the issues they supported, activities they participated in, books they wrote and the organizations they joined. Those things can tell you quite a lot about the person.

    We need a lot more people to get out there and vote. Leave that beer in the refrigerator, set your VCR or DVR to record that big game so you can get back to it. It won’t kill you and you just may help to make a difference. Obama is praying that you all stay home on election day because he knows that the fewer people who vote, the easier it is to stuff the ballot boxes.

    To those who don’t vote I have one thing to say. If the day ever comes that the minority of voters have voted all our rights away, don’t come complaining to me. I will have one question. Where were you when there was still time to do something about it? Apathy put Obams in the White House and apathy will put him back there for another four years.


    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Sarge… You are so right… But also, please people should be reminded that write in votes are not counted… I am sure that obama will love write in votes…

  • lou-dallas

    It’s amazing that after a dismal 3 yr performance, there are those that still approve of Nobama??? Who are those people? It’s Jan 1, 2012…the political war for control of our nation will be going into full swing, now, if we can just get these spineless republicans to get out of the McCain-dud mode and start going after the man-child president and expose him for the incompetent and arrogant individual that he is….

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Thank ou for this articleA Republicans are being fragmented by the RINO establishment Republicans and by their Socialist policies. Principled Conservative Republicans know that we must keep the House and retake the Senate, in order to curb Obama; however, we must adhere to our Conservative principles when voting for president. Voting for another RINO Globalist New World Order Corporatist Progressive same as Socialist Republican will put us closer to having our churches burned and being sent to the Gulag. As in the past, a “Do Nothing” RINO president will allow Obama’s Socialist policies to entrench, and he will even further the Socialist agenda. We want a candidate who has demonstrated the competence, clarity, and brilliance to do the job. We want the candidate who came out of the gate with a well-developed comprehensive plan to turn our country around. Vote for Ron Paul!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Ron Paul is a RINO…

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      OH Yes he is!!

  • Co-opted Confederate

    Kudos Mr. Vallorani. You have made a critical point very very painfully clear.
    It is a sorrowful shame that the “Republican party is autch a fractious bunch of elitists. What is more painful and Frightening is the thought of Obama geting reelected instead of bein arrested for fraud and theft by fraud.
    Maybe if they toss all the “party hopefuls into a blrnder and ran it on high speed for a week or ten days they just might pour out a candidate that could beat Obama by an embarrassingly huge margin. The worst thing of all is that if who ever the Republicans nominate Does not win we are in for four more years of Mister (I will never) faithfully execute the Office of President of the united States and “will” to the best of my ability “Preserve, Protect, and Defend” the Constitution of the United States) Obama. Even a republican does win chanes are who ever it is will ignore the lastclause of the “Presidential oath of office , after all if one were to scruntiize the administrations of the last 11 presidents All of them have blithly violated that oath more than once during their tenure.

  • Oregon Bill

    No Conservative Republican could ever vote for Ron Paul, he’s far left of Obama.

    • Captain Shays

      Ahh another one who gets their information from radio talk show hosts and the TV people instead of READING. Of course the TV people are right. They always tell the truth.

      But I have a question. “left” of what? Where? In your mind?

      If you mean left as being opposed to unnecessary undeclared wars against countries that never attacked us or threatened us then you are confused.

      It was always Constitutional conservatives who opposed the progressive Democrat wars. It was a Democrat who was first to send this country into a war without a declaration of war (Truman-Korea)against a country that didn’t attack us or threaten is. Progressive Demorats are the war party. They are the police the world party. They are the one world govt party with their League of Nations and United Nations. The old style conservatives always opposed those wars since Woodrow Wilson and they were labeled “isolationists” for it. But what they really wanted was to adhere to the advice of our founding fathers to mind our own business and remain neutral or “non interventionist”. In case you don’t know the difference, North Korea is “isolationist”. They don’t allow people in or out. They don’t have a free exchange of ideas. They don’t have free trade. Switzerland who our founders modeled our foreign policy after which was based in the Christian Just War Principles do allow people in and out. They do have a free exchange of ideas. They do have robust trade and they enjoy the highest standard of living on the planet. They even got our hikers released from Iran a couple of months ago.
      There are old style conservatives like Ron Paul and the founding fathers and the Republicans of old and there are new stle conservatives otherwise known as neocons who are really progressives who want to police the world and engage in endless wars. Bush is a neocon who got us into a war in Iraq to enforce UN Resolutions. He increased spending on social programs above and beyond the Clinton administration. He doubled the size of the Dept of Ed. Tripled the prescription drug program. Quadrupled the federal tax credit for renewable resource technologies. If he had only raised taxes he might have gone down as one of the best Democrats in our history.

      So this left right paradigm is ridiculous to people who READ. We see the media influence on your mind and your posts and we Ron Paul supporters don’t fall for it.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Where are all the links you usually refer us to???

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Would your name be awake now or villa merkel??? Seems that we have seen you before. Still singing the same old song.

  • el_loco_jp

    If Mitt would spend more time attacking Odummy than other Republicans, he would be doing much better in the polls than he does.

  • The Enemy

    Let’s face it; Romney, the RINO heir-apparent to the GOP throne, will be the nominee. The result will be that little changes. If king O. wins, it will be more of the same. If Romney wins it will be slightly-reduced more of the same.

  • http://na Victor

    Mr.Gene Vallorani, Who is missing from your list of conservative vote holders?? …if Mr. Romney is to prevail, he must try soon to start appealing to the conservative voters spread around Perry, Bachmann, Santorum and Ron Paul. Don’t guess you think Newt will get any of the conservative voters?

  • Adrian Vance

    We’ve all seen too many cowboy movies and think a perfect candidate should exist, but any Republican will be better than this Communist we have now.

    The Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle.

  • Maxine

    I will vote for Ron Paul and my family wii allso vote for him we are sick of the Rinos telling use we have to vote for who they want even if I have to write in Ron Paul name I will

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Maxine .. Go right ahead and cut your nose off to spite your face. Every write-in vote is a vote for obama.Ask somebody if you don’t understand it.

  • jerry1944

    being a Bachmann supporter i can see where we get obammbo again. I want vote for rommney and some of the others that are on top 3rd party its looking like for me I know some say thats a vote for obammbo but if enoght real conservative that say that would help and vote 3rd party we could get a real conservative but there are soooo many sheep out there

  • Hubcap

    Romney will throw the election like McCain did.
    Gingrich has too much baggage.
    Rick Santorum is the only one who hasn’t gone to meet with the NWO Bilderbergs or to meet with Soros or Kissinger.

    Santorum is the young loyal patriot we need as he promises to revoke and rescind all the illegal changes made by Nobama.