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How to win this election or… how not to lose!

Written on Saturday, January 7, 2012 by

white house

On it’s face any Republican candidate should be well positioned to unseat what has been one of the most catastrophic Presidencies in our history.  A complete and abject failure on so many levels that it is almost impossible to even make an accounting of all of the wrong decisions they have made.  Consider this; an economy that has bottomed out (several times – is that even supposed to be possible?), a foreign policy that has seen our enemies not named al-Qaeda grow stronger – while our allies falter, spending increases, growing budget shortfalls, skyrocketing unemployment, protests, rallies, and general unrest!  The only administration “victory” in 3 years has been a Healthcare plan that is so unpopular the majority of Americans favor repeal!  What has been President Obama’s response when asked about the absolute and total mockery of a first term?  “Why, it’s the Republicans fault – they are always against me!”  Ah, Mr. President but let us not forget the “glory” years of 2008-2010 when the Democrat Party held a Supermajority in the Senate and an overwhelming majority in the House… what happened there?

All of these co-mingling circumstances should point to your standard Jimmy Carter type collapse and a run-away win for Republicans come election time.  Don’t be too hasty, though – if there is one thing the Republican Party has proved over the last seven years is that at times they can be completely tone deaf to the cry of the electorate.  This leads me to the points I want to make clear, the roadmap if you will, to Republican victory in 2012.  I will assume that whichever candidate is chosen over the next couple of months is completely viable and has the support of his party.  The chosen candidate and his/her surrogates must begin to deliver a cohesive and uplifting message throughout the country.  While the candidate’s election machine drums up support for their election, the national Republican associations must pour money and effort into the local races.  Instruct all Republican candidates for office, at all levels, to tie their Democrat opponents to the policies and politics of the Obama administration.  The local races should become proxy battles waged against this failure of a Presidency!

What issues should the Republican nominee focus on?  As they stump several themes should be front and center; more jobs, less taxation, less spending, and less regulation.  The candidate needs to lay out a plan to send Americans back to work – and the plan needs to be simple and straight to the point!

Our candidate should tell voters that we will cut corporate tax rates to undo the damage done to our industries by outsourcing.  If it is more profitable for a company to base its business in the USA, they will – and this means jobs for Americans.  We will make it easier to open a business, to hire workers, and to pay your taxes by simplifying and deregulating.  Less paperwork to file, less tax loopholes, and an easier tax code so that you have to worry less about the government and can worry more about your customers.  While they are at it our candidate should cut regulations that stifle creativity, risk, and investment.  There is a huge difference between ensuring the safety of important medications being brought to the market, and forcing six year olds to close down their lemonade stands! Common sense regulation is the key.

Our candidate should promise to cut the people’s taxes across the board because no American is better off today than we were three years ago and we need our money to stay in our wallets!

Our candidate should promise to trim the budget by billions – immediately!  Our economic heart needs defibrillation, and after the failed attempts by the previous two administrations to do so using planned (government) methods – our next President needs to let the private sector give it try.  Cut spending and cut it from everywhere.  Cut subsidies, make cuts to welfare programs that bleed our coffers, cut programs that create even more costs!  Instead of Drill, Baby, Drill, our new rallying cry should be Cut, Baby, Cut!

So for all of you hopeful Republican Presidential nominees, get your collective acts together – focus on the fiscal issues, show how four years of Obama has hurt our nation, but let the people know that there is hope… and it’s spelled R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n.

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  • LCLC

    Well said. But who will say it? Big Government Compassionate Conservative Santorum? Mr. Brilliant for socialized healthcare, pro-global warming Gingrich? Mr. Obamacare himself Romney? I don’t think any of these guys are gonna be good…

    • The Enemy

      LCLC: Despite his past mistakes, like “man-made global warming”, which he has backed-away from, Gingrich is the most conservative, as attested-to by his past accomplishments, and the one who has the best debate skills to unseat the dictator-in-chief. He can AND WILL deflect the king’s lies and bury him in truth, facts and historical accuracy.

    • nvrpc

      Gingruch isn’t going anywhere and the media is going to make sure of that. Why would we want to elect the SOSDD ( same old shit different day ) into the blackhouse?

    • SusieNB

      I would vote for Gingrich ANY day before I would vote for Romney, Paul or Santorum.

    • http://verizon DICK


    • Robert Young

      Susie, you like everyone else has the right to vote for the candidate of your choice. But, if you will research Newt’s past you will find that he is a One World Government supporter and a RINO. Check his voting record and watch the video he made with Polusi on Global Warming.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      That is not necessarily saying a lot.

    • haditinsd

      While Obama copied Romneycare fore his Obamacare I expect Romney would pretty much follow Obama’s policies as president. Beyond that let us not lose sight of the fact that we expected the Republicans to exert some power over the budget after they took over the House last year. They have failed miserably in doing that due to all the RINOs and Boehner in particular. Even some of the so called TEA party group have already reneged. Yes the presidental primary is important but just as important is the Congress.

    • Damon

      haditinsd–The congress passed several balanced budgets that were voted down in the Democratic controlled Senate. They attempted on several occasions to pass a balanced budget amendment and until we can get the Republicans control of the Senate than compromises are going to have to be made for the betterment of the country.

    • SaneRepublican

      Ummmm, I really wish you people actually knew what the Constitution you pretend to love actual says.

      You see, a Balance Budget Amendment to the Constitution has never even pass the Republican House of Representatives. You see, for an Amendment to the Constitution to be given to the States for ratification, 2/3 of Congress must vote in favor of it. So the Republicans in the House were unable to achieve the 2/3 vote require. So even if the Republicans had control of the Senate, they would never be able to get 67 Senators to vote in favor of it.

      In other words, you lose (as usual). Pure and simple.


    • Damon

      The Enemy–well stated.

    • DB

      You are so right about Gingrich chewing up and spitting out Obama in a debate. He has extrodinary knowldege of history and can think on his feet. He has repeatedly put the media in its place with quiet straight forward facts as well.

    • SaneRepublican

      And every time he puts the media “in its place,” he alienates the majority of all Americans he needs to vote for him to become President. You see, there aren’t enough registered Republicans to make any of these Keystone Cops running for the Republican nomination the next President of these United States.

      You need to win the hearts and minds of the middle of the country who’s not interested in vitriolic rhetoric. Gingrich is not capable of doing that. Pure and simple.

      In other words, as usual, you lose. LOL!!!!

    • Lawlessness Brings Destruction

      Sane Republican must be a DEM.
      Too much antagonism and chain rattling to be otherwise.
      Do you do this on your own time SR, or are you in a Soros/DNC funded office spewing full time?

    • El Lobo Solo

      Sane Republican speak with insane tongue.

    • http://x Washington22

      Correct, Enemy……………

    • patricia

      anybody but ovomit or hill the shill.

    • Floyd

      Psalm 92
      4 For you make me glad by your deeds, LORD;
      I sing for joy at what your hands have done.
      5 How great are your works, LORD,
      how profound your thoughts!
      6 Senseless people do not know,
      fools do not understand,
      7 that though the wicked spring up like grass
      and all evildoers flourish,
      they will be destroyed forever.

      8 But you, LORD, are forever exalted.

      9 For surely your enemies, LORD,
      surely your enemies will perish;
      all evildoers will be scattered.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Floyd, according to the vote your Psalms 92 gets, America is very little interested in what GOD has to say. This is a conservative site and this seems the best we can do. This is a report from, I believe America’s best, the best that America can seem to produce. So far my vote is the only vote this wonderful Psalm can get. Where are GOD’S people hiding? Why can’t we stand for GOD, while we stand, staring at complete failure, if this GOD that we are rejecting, does not step in and rescue us. Is this what the Bible verse, “Many shall be called but few chosen” means. It is heartbreaking to see GOD deserted by people that HE has so blessed.

    • http://x Washington22

      Evermyrtle, that was beautiful……….Thank you.

    • Luke

      ANY of them will be good.

      Don’t forget that Reagan was unpopular before he was popular!

    • guest

      I don’t trust any of them but Ron Paul.They will say nost anything to get elected.Paul keeks his word all the way,He is honest with his campaning At least you will know what to expect if elected !!

  • nvrpc

    LCLC, I have to agree since I too don’t see anyone candidate with big enough balls for me. They all seem to be scared to stand up against everything that is wrong with this country, it’s people and their liberal ideologies but I will say this. Obama is saying this: “You’ve been given four years to get settled in with American’s new form of government and new leadership now it’s time for some real change. Are you ready to giggy? I promise you my second term will be more memorable than the first. To assure you’ll always be taken care of I have a surprise for you in the future.

    And I as a loner an saying this: “All real American’s need to focus on coming together to put Rick Santorum in the Whitehouse regardless of what the media and newspapers say. Everyone knows our pro- socialist media’s are going to gang up on anyone who would dare attempt to dethrone their Muslim messiah. It’s as simple that people. If you cannot unite for a common goal you’ll be rewarded with four more years of the Obamanator where his final act of defiance will be to write an EO to eliminate term limits whereby you’ll inherit this scumbag for the rest of your life and your children’s lives, or until his ticket is pulled; which can’t happen fast enough for me.”

    The trick will be this: Who will those who oppose socialism and the enemy i.e, ( the democrats) stand behind come election day or have they truly divided and concurred. You have very little time to unite and you’ll get no aid from the socialist news medias, you’ll get just the opposite. brainwashing, lies and deceit.

    • Robert Young

      Nvrpc, I agree that we must all come together to put a true Constitutional Conservative in the White House and elect a House and Senate that have constitutional Conservative majorities in control of each. However I do not feel Santorum is the man to lead us. He is not a Conservative but a RINO and has voted, along with the Democrats, to raise the debt ceiling on several different occasions.

    • nvrpc

      Well, that leaves us no one except Obama. Gingrich is to liberal, Romney is just a white Obama, Paul is wacked and way to far to the left with his foreign policy, and not a single one of them will close all points of entry and deport all illegals and their offspring even if they were born here by their criminal parents. So what dirt bag do we have to choose? This basically leave America destroy and just another Europe where anything goes and freaks of nature roam in their obsession with same sex marriage and continual acts of defiance aiding in this counties demise. What a society you people have allowed and left for you children. Knowing this, I would say America as we knew it is gone and it isn’t coming back. In the end they’ll even erase it from the history books so the fruitcakes of this world can move down their path of utopia. I can only hope that all the humans on the face of this planet is totally annihilated very soon but all of the animals are left alone.

    • Ann Wilson Kingsley

      Ron Paul thinks outside the box, and if the solutions were inside the box we would have an ideal country to live in. The same old tried and trite solutions do not work.

      Below is some documented information on Ron Paul’s foreign policy and military strategy. Prepare to be shocked out of your chair!
      Regarding Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy:
      The Israeli Mossad says Iran does not pose a threat to Israel.
      A former head of the Mossad warned that Iran should not be attacked because it will set off a regional religious war.
      Lt. Colonel Shaffer says Ron Paul’s Iran Policy Most Accurate
      Israel has 100s of different kinds of nukes. Ron Paul is trying to keep American tax payers from having to spend more money on wars when we are not being attacked.
      Ron Paul is for a strong military:
      Ron Paul receives more political donations from military personnel than all other candidates combined. “The libertarian congressman boasts more donations from military members than any other 2012 presidential candidate. The claim was determined “true” by Politifact, after the fact-checking group looked at Federal Election Commission filings.” Santorum has a grand total of $750 from all branches of the military combined! $750!!! Gingrich has an “impressive” $4,900! Romney has a whopping $13,300! Ron Paul has $95,567! I wonder who’s foreign policy the military agrees with! We actually know what’s going on over seas, and many of us support Paul! If you want to stop the endless nation building wars, support who the troops support!
      Read more:
      The military supports Ron Paul because he wants to end obsolete bases and military hardware, and he is for advanced technological weaponry research. Ethical American soldiers do not want to fight wars against countries that have not attacked the United States. Ethical people do not attack others without extreme provocation.
      Read more:

    • beaverclever

      I could possibly be a Paul supporter IF he could explain to me what his parameters would be for calling on and using the military. How would he handle the issues facing us relative to radical islam, and the attempts to suck us into a global government ruled by the UN. What can I expect from Ron Paul when it comes to defending our country and our constitutional values? If he would make it clear to us what we could expect from him, then maybe the conservative majority in America would embrace him. Until he does these things, I have to agree that it is too much of a risk to place him in the white house. Without these answers, I’ll vote for whoever is nominated just to rid us of the current traitor-in-chief.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Can this trash be backed you by GOD’S WORD? If it can I will believe it.

    • Willis

      Oh ye of little faith. I am not surprised of your defeatist attitude since i read your utter distain and disrespect for women in your comment on the “rape” article in the blog

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      How well do you know Obam? Sounds funny, to me.

    • DB

      RYC As long as congress continuues to spend they have no choice to increase teh debt limit. The key is to stop spending.

    • http://! Bobcat

      and we have got to stop the media of spreading all their lyes and corruption

    • oneAmerican

      nvrpc…actually I,too, think Santorum has some excellent quallities that would qualify him! Among them are strong leadership abilities & moral values. He is interested in ‘serving’ his country, not ruling it, his moral/social values appear to be above reproach. He is proud of our Country & not afraid to say it from the heart. He has a solid grasp on security & economics. 2 quetions.. “can he capture enough of the independents & disenchanted voters ???And is he a “quick fixer” or a more of a “healer”?? We need both.
      I do hope everyone keeps in mind it isn’t necessary to ‘like’ a candidate in order for them to be qualified. I ‘like’ a lot of people, trust me that doesn’t qualify them for the job! Fluffy marshmellows, milk toast, or rods that will not bend should not be the head of a nation as great as this one, OUR UNITED STATES.

    • DB

      I too like Santorum; however, I wonder if he can compete with Obama’s machine.

    • patricia

      anybody but dems, hate lying and corruption and gross overspending.

    • http://x Washington22

      nvypc, I hear your thoughts and I too, like Santorum. He’d have the right heart, and values and ethics. But so would Perry. I’d go for either, but, when all is said and done, I’ll vote the candidate.

  • The Enemy

    The current administration, with complete complicity of the media, has caused so much carnage that it may be irreversible. And we have another long year for the destruction to continue.

    • MH

      He’s got nothing to lose and will be in overdrive in 2012 to finish what he started before the election. I think it’s too late already to save America too much damage has been done I hope I’m wrong God help us.

    • Willis

      You are wrong, and God will help us.

    • patricia

      o needs to go to gitmo and await execution as treasonous traitor he is. all lying,corrupt cronies too. treasonous traitors and domestic terrorists must be punished.and yes, all assets and family money of political crooks need to pay off debt they made such stunningly stupid policies and greedy powergrabs of cronyism in order to steal our taxpayer more insider graft,bribes,lobbying. no waste,fraud,waivers,special favors. stop all cesspool term and out with social security and medicare or buy own stuff. no expense accounts.only 6 month term every two years. no foreign aid at UN. no IMF. no federal reserve.Restore USA.

  • Shane

    Actually, most Americans support raising taxes on the rich. Taxes were already cut by Bush and the payroll tax has been lowered, which has resulted in a larger national debt. Lowering taxes will not be a popular issue against Obama, while the national debt is over $15 trillion and growing every day.

    The GOP candidate should focus on reducing the national debt, balancing the budget, and having a pro-business philosophy. Creating more jobs has got to be a top issue for the GOP candidate.

    • nvrpc

      So we should tax the rich to make sure the parasite flursih? NOT! Not now not ever. Anyone who wants to rasie taxes is in fact a parasite and a traitors to say the least. Now I could see a fair tax and cashless society to curtail crime and saher the load equally but never rasie taxes for ANY F_ING reason. I’m willing to pay my 10% and that all I am wiling to pay. get a clue people. You are being f-d on a daily basis by your beloved over taxing government and that why you don’t have a pot to piss in.

      Here’s a list of just a few of the taxes we pay here in the U.S.:

      Accounts Receivable Tax
      Building Permit Tax
      Capital Gains Tax
      CDL License Tax
      Cigarette Tax
      Corporate Income Tax
      Court Fines (indirect taxes)
      Dog License Tax
      Federal Income Tax
      Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
      Fishing License Tax
      Food License Tax
      Fuel Permit Tax
      Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
      Hunting License Tax
      Inheritance Tax
      Interest Expense (tax on the money)
      Inventory Tax I
      RS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
      IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
      Liquor Tax
      Local Income Tax
      Luxury Taxes
      Marriage License Tax
      Medicare Tax
      Property Tax
      Real Estate Tax
      Recreational Vehicle Tax
      Road Toll Booth Taxes
      Road Usage Taxes (truckers)
      Sales Taxes
      School Tax
      Septic Permit Tax
      Service Charge Taxes
      Social Security Tax
      State Income Tax
      State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
      Telephone Federal Excise Tax
      Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
      Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
      Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
      Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
      Telephone State and Local Tax
      Telephone Usage Charge Tax
      Toll Bridge Taxes Toll
      Tunnel Taxes
      Trailer Registration
      Tax Utility Taxes
      Vehicle License Registration Tax
      Vehicle Sales Tax
      Watercraft Registration Tax
      Well Permit Tax
      Workers’ Compensation Tax

    • kenneth

      nvrpc, thank you for your listing of all the taxes we pay for the privilege of living in the U.S.A. Even I did not know just how pervasive the “taxing” idea was, and I have been complaining for years, most recently when I bought a “certified used Toyota.” In addition to the price of the vehicle, I had to pay 8.1% state/county sales tax, $39 for a “smog test,” $29 for a temp tag, then $230 for “title and registration.” On the way home, I bought gas, which included 18.5 cts/gallon Federal tax, and 39 (?) cts/gallon state tax. Stopped at McDonalds for a burger and fries, had to pay 8.1% tax.
      Fortunately, i do not pay property tax directly, since I rent an apartment, but I am sure my landlord builds into the rent the property tax he pays.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I set up a rain water harvest system for household use when I moved out on my acreage, because I was turned down for financing for a well, but glad to have a better quality of water anyway. No well permit tax, but I am sure the clever politicians will figure out a way to tax rain someday.

      PS: perhaps they can say the rain was “unfairly distributed” between the haves & have nots.

    • Johnnygard

      Shane, You say “most Americans support raising taxes on the rich”. Actually, most Americans support raising taxes on “other people”. Non-smokers are OK with raising taxes on tobacco. Anti-gun people are OK with raising taxes on guns. Most people that can’t afford them would be OK with higher taxes on yachts and private jets. How about if government just learns to spend less and spend wisely?

    • fliteking

      Shane: Had a fever lately?

  • Brandon

    Don’t forget about the control unions have over the industry within their states….if states want businesses to move back and boost their local economy, give back power to the businesses to control their profit streams.

  • chizeled
    • Willis

      Aha! Another bigot has crawled out of the woodwork.

    • patricia

      bet he is a dem troublemaker moocher.

  • Another Veteran

    Obama want everybody to “pay their fair share.” Why is he attacking the rich since they are the very people that set up businesses and organizations that hire us. This is the one and only time I agree with Obama-everybody needs to pay their “fair share,” the 51% who are already doing it and the 49% who draw government subsidies such as unemployment, Food Stamps, housing, medicaid etc. If they only paid a small amount they would feel as if they were contributing to society. After all, they vote on matters of taxation that affect those of us that do pay taxes!

    • patricia

      we want welfare to stop or else get a legal job and a good life by not stealing from system or innocent people and not make mooching a cradle to grave goal. deport all criminals. drug test any welfare recipient. not ok to be drugged or drunk and get checks. go to rehab and straighten up or deport. if get housing vouchers,food stamps,medicaid, monthly checks,free education,then should pay taxes on all that. not fair,others have to pay for everything and do without because middle class gets shafted by unfair rules and cutoffs and over taxing and over regulating and having to choose priorities of rent vs. food vs. utilities vs. anything else, while moochers lie cheat and steal and laze around.only under 18 and passing school or over 65 should get checks. rest should be taking care of help family or friends out,and not be a burden on everyone need to be self reliant and independent.stop the gimme gimme arrogance. USA needs more tough love.

  • Indy Grandma

    I agree with “Another Veteran” Everybody should have to pay some tax. The ones who don’t are the ones who get most entitlements from the system. We are not rich but we always lived below our means, paid our loans ahead of time and now we have money to enjoy in retirement. Our children did not have all the latest gadgets, designer clothes etc but had enough. They new we loved them and taught them a good work ethic and to always do the honest thing. We are very proud of them now. People need to get back to the basics and if you do not have the money to buy something save till you do.

  • Johnnygard

    To insure a GOP victory, I think that the candidate we select should get together with Newt and the Republican leaders in the House and Senate. They pick some issues that they can agree upon, like maybe the Pipeline, border security, health care, some spending cuts, etc., and put them in a new Contract with America. They then put them in writing and promise the people that if we elect a Republican majority in the House, Senate, and Presidency, they will pass those items within 3 months. If they pick items that 90% of Republicans like and 20 – 50% of Democrats like, we will win in a landslide.

    • JR

      @Johnnygard…good idea, but they would need to get going on it now and not wait until there’s a nominee selected to challenge BHO. The “etc…” part of your suggestion is likely to be a hard one for any DEMs to swallow. Like a corporate tax rate reduction. We can’t compete without that happening and any tax and spend DEM will make it the evil 1% trying to get more than the working class dogs. But…like I said – good idea to gain support.

    • SaneRepublican

      LOL!!!! There you go again, JohnnyWhiner.

      Yes, Newt should do that because his first “Contract On America” worked out so well for him.

      I know you have this mythological memory that magical 104th Congress. I’ve already posted the real history of really what happened during that time (which you conveniently ignore, probably because it cut you a little too close to home).

      But I’d be happy to post it again: about how Newt’s “Contract On America” never promised any results; about how Newt was only able to get one item in his “Contract On America” to become law in the first 100 days (and that one law was not conservative in the least); about how Newt was forced to capitulate to Clinton’s Welfare Reform plan because he was unable to override two of Clinton’s vetoes on Newt’s draconian welfare disintegration (and thus allowing Clinton to fulfill his 1992 campaign promise of “ending welfare as we know it”). And the hits just keep on coming….

      I look forward to your next whiny reply…..

      You crack me up!!! LOL!!!!

    • patricia

      you are one crazy dem who never tells the truth.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Are you drinking that new brand of leftest whisky again?

      Johnny Whiner Red.

  • Carla

    Why is nobody thinking about the danger during all this debating and damage has been inflicted, about an “Independent” coming in and …yes…then we know what will happen…remember Perot?

    • fliteking

      You are correct (chokes again), the time for third party statements is not 2012, but I will make such a statement in 2016 if the Country is back on her feet.

    • Keith

      i remember Bush

  • VS

    We have already lost because they have started off with the SOS!

    I can not in good conscience vote for any of the ones running, which means the POS Obama will win by default!
    This is the worst group I have seen running in years!
    All of them miss the mark!
    All of these twits started screaming about Abortion & Gay Rights instead of what is really important!

    We Need Another CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone that is ONLY Interested in the Interest and Welfare of Legal US Citizens!

    We need a Group that will Stop Talking About these Issues and Come into Office with the Bills Written to Implement Immediately, With Their Cabinet Members Picked and Agreed To on Day One!

    Rescind the Laws that have Stopped the US from Building New Refineries and Have Basically Stopped US Companies from Drilling off of the US Coast, while Allowing Foreign Countries Companies to Drill Off the US Coast!!!!
    Close the Border!
    Make English the National Language Immediately (translations fees, bilingual employees, ink, paper, print cost, programming, all of this the more than doubled because we have not already done this)
    Stop the flow of Illegal Aliens and Immediately Deport Illegal Aliens, NO AMNESTY for Any Reason, No Chain Migration, No Anchor Babies!
    Stop Free Education for All Foreign Nationals, No more Bilingual Education for Free, Stop All Foreign Nationals from being able to Get US Scholarships of Any Type!!! (It is time to take care of Legal US Citizens Children’s Educational Needs and Only Their Needs!)
    Prosecute Anyone that HIRES ILLEGAL ALIENS!
    Stop the flow of US Money & Jobs Out of the US!
    Stop the SPENDING of US Taxpayer Dollars on anyone other than a US Citizen!
    Stop Foreign Aid, Foreign Loans, Global Bank, get out of the United Nations Immediately!
    Clean up Welfare!
    Clean up Social Security!
    Clean up Our Court System!
    Clean up Our Immigration Department!
    Clean up Our Environmental Agencies, They Do Not Work in the Interest of US Citizens!
    Rescind NAFTA!
    Stop Illegal Aliens from getting Any Type of US Social Services!
    Clean up the Health Care System, Insurance Companies, Energy Companies, Banking System, Mortgage Industry & Wallstreet!

    Stop Blaming US Citizens that are Out of Work for Their Situation When the US Government and it’s Elected Officials are Responsible for Their Situation!
    US Elected Officials keep increasing Immigration Quotas, US Elected Officials keep increasing H1B Visas (Issued for Professional US JOBS – IT/Accounting/Engineering/Etc.), Greencard Work Visas and ALL Other Work Visas the entire time we have been in this mess!
    US Elected Officials have IGNORED the FACT that this is a Major Factor in why US Citizens are still OUT of WORK!!!

    Add this to All the Illegal Aliens Allowed by the US Governments Officials to Remain and Work in the US, and All of the Work Visas Issued and it adds up to more than OUR UNEMPLOYMENT RATE!!!!!

    The thoughts of Obama being reelected or anyone like him being elected is making me violently ill, I’ve got to go upchuck!

    • guest

      keep it up vs tell them all the promblems this adminestration has done to this country. Politions say anything to get elected.Paul tells it like it is Paul for president 2012 !!!

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    From the article, I am concerned about how little we seem to be expecting of a new Republican administration. We need trillions cut from our federal budget, control of social issues returned to the states, and the federal income tax abolished, as well a host of other things. How is it that we would want to hang on to our bloated government, so we can pay federal income taxes and the high cost of inflation that goes along with trillions of incessant borrowing? If the American people want the monster government treading on them and nibbling away at their resources or wiping away their entire life savings in one fell swoop, then nothing needs to be done. It seems to me that the problems our nation is having are in direct proportion to the lack of willingness to change anything. The Republicans are unwilling to do anything major to solve our country’s problems. This reminds me of a child’s game of “Let’s play like.” Americans do not seem to be engaging in reality based thinking any more. We seem to live in some fantasy world where everything will be all right if we just leave it up to the federal government to tweak a little here or there and give us everything – and that includes Republicans not just Democrats. No sooner do Republicans begin to see the window of opportunity to accomplish an over haul of our federal government presented by a new election, than they slam the window shut and shutter it, scaling back their expectations. Each time Republicans throw away another opportunity to get the job done, and another presidential election goes down the tubes with 100s of millions of dollars wasted and untold millions of slavish hours worked in campaigns for a pipe dream. If no one ever solves our national problems in a way that gets rid of them, then we are mired in the problems forever. Let’s eliminate the problems once and for all. When candidates and the Republican Party ask Americans what they want, “Is repeal of ObamaCare the main issue?” Americans need to say, “No, we want our federal government reduced to ¼ of its current size in the next 8 years.” The American electorate is in the driver’s seat. We must stop allowing the politicians to throw us table scraps like a bunch of stupid starving caged animals with no power or recourse. We have the power we need to use it wisely.
    Socialists have an agenda, and it is a mean one with incredibly undesirable results – poverty and a police state. Capitalists need to develop their own plan, and Ron Paul’s plan is a good start. We can require all candidates running for the presidency to sign the plan for turning our country around and actually perform, or be fired. Yes, in business that is called a performance contract, and the president of the United States needs to be held to a performance contract. That is the day when Republicans get smart enough to impeach Republican presidents not just Democrats. I am completely disappointed in an electorate who did not immediately jump on Ron Paul’s well-developed comprehensive plan for turning our country around. By comparison, Romney, the turnaround expert, who is supposed to know that type of job, presented an obfuscated horror of a plan with very little meat and lacking in specifics. Romney cannot even pledge to repeal ObamaCare: he can only offer waivers for 50 states. Is that the turnaround you were expecting? If Romney cannot even guarantee the American people repeal of ObamaCare, much less any other large tasks we want done, what value does he have to us? Instead of respecting the brilliant man who did such a great job of thinking outside of the box in creating a workable plan that would restore our country, Ron Paul is ridiculed and called crazy at every turn. And, Ron Paul must be crazy to keep trying to help his country in the face of all obstacles. Ron Paul planned the hardest job in the world for himself, unlike the other candidates whose plans are miniscule by comparison. Someone who cares that much and is willing to give that much must be crazy for giving to the worst ingrates imaginable – the American people. Ron Paul should do like all of the other candidates, putting self-interest before anything else – just in it for the money – the prestige – or the New World Order game, to place Global elitists in the most exalted positions. Americans have become so Socialist that they completely degrade themselves; they only respect users and thieves. If someone wants to take advantage of us we admire them as smart. If the candidate can maximize his use of the American people, he is considered electable. Apparently it is impossible for a degraded American people to believe that anyone like Ron Paul would have that much heart – that he could care so much that he would work himself to a nub for a few hundred thousand annually for you and me. In my life time, I have known very few people who even begin to have that much heart. I have been observing the national stage, and if a near dictator can grind the American people under his heel, he is going to be worshipped as a God. Is that really who Republicans are? Do Republicans really want to keep exchanging one Socialist president for the next? Sometimes Republican and sometimes Democrat, but always with the same results – viewed with the same horror – the same pain. The citizens of America need to learn how to hire a president, in order to make their vote count, and they need to treat a courageous hero like Ron Paul who keeps battling to bring sense to our degraded situation and return glory to our fallen nation the respect he deserves. Dr. Ron Paul started with treatment plans for patients and ended up with a treatment plan for our nation.

    Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America:

  • LL

    Perot wasn’t the problem, George H.W. Bush was the problem (then the nomination of Mr. Viagra was the problem). Remember “Read my lips, no new taxes,” followed by a tax hike? Plenty of people just sat out the elections of 92 and 96.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes! I remember “read my lips, no new taxes”.
      The Dems in the Senate used that as a hammer on Bush Sr. to get there agenda through.
      In the meantime, GI’s like myself on Reserve Call-Up for Desert Storm were wondering if we were going to get paid that month so military families could pay bills, etc because the Dems in Congress were jacking around with our pay, holding things up to get what they wanted.

  • judester

    Here’s a listing of federal entitlements for federal workers who never produce a thing that is taxable. Read through them and ask yourself, why? Oh yeah, Obama wants to give them a raise too.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes, I know what you mean, but that is not the half of it.

      I used to work with an AFGE Union stewart who held a nursing slot & did nothing to help on the ward with patient care due to being on “light duty”. How long should light duty last? one month? one year? Lasted for several years & finally the Administration grew a back bone & told the nurse to either work the med cart or retire. Retirment was chosen but not after many years of doing nothing while holding a full duty slot.

      This was only one tiny corner of the Federal Govt. Hope above is not too common in every agency or dept of Govt. No wonder we are in a financial mess.

  • Raymond Reiss

    Anyone is better than Dumbo. What we need to do is sweep the Senate, House and State positions to support whatever candidate is chosen for the White House. That is how we hold the “feet to the fire” for real change. A sweep will end a message loud and clear that real change is coming and the liberals have lost for a really long time.

  • Glenn

    It’s past time we all start looking “outside the box”. Ron Paul is the only candidate that will turn our country around for the Better ! I read where some are scared of his stance on the military. Ron Paul will kick ass if someone messes with our country. He will just go about it the way our founding fathers laid it out so that we would be solid when entering in to any war. We engage to win not flounder around unnecessarily losing lives. Deliberate objectives and goals and reach them quickly and precisely. To quote an old quotation ” When all else fails follow the directions ” ! The Constitution of The United States is our directions !

  • Kevin

    Here’s the thing. Maybe a lot of people aren’t happy with the choice of Republican candidates, but one thing for sure is this. We can’t let Obama have four more years to destroy our country. He has shown his true colors on too many occasions. He is obviously a racist. Most intelligent people who scream racist the loudest are usually racists trying to deflect off of them. He has said from the get go, he wants to change America, not fix it. It doesn’t need changing, the political environment needs changing. Our country is great and it’s people are great. What other country in the world has the freedoms and rights for it’s people and what other country has as many people from other countries wanting to come here? The problem is the politicians have been responsible for creating all our financial problems. Read the article 545 vs 300,000,000 on my site to have your memory jogged. While you are on my site, please read the article of saving the USA through the Fair Share Initiative. It’s not the old one which was aimed at political fairness in elections but my view on ways to bring our country back to the greatness it had and is capable of again. As far as which candidate would do a better job, well we obviously have differing opinions. I feel that Ron Paul from what I’ve heard and read wants the least amount of Government interference in the peoples lives. Newt is pretty sharp and could probably wipe the floor in debates with Obama. I think the reason the RNC doesn’t back Paul so much is because it is a political faction that is all about the politics. Paul’s seems to be all about the people. Yes radical things have to be done to correct to many years of small changes that have occurred. Paul is the only one who says it like it is. The others are playing both sides of the fence in order to not alienate voters. Look at all the crap Obama is doing to play both sides. Imagine if he doesn’t have a reelection to face, he would create so many problems it would be even harder and require even more drastic ideas to save us. Please leave your comments on my site and share it with others.

  • Victor Barney

    I sure hope that you “brainiacs” out there took into account that by biology men are hunters and women are gatherers and LOVE TO BE GIVEN THINGS and OBAMA IS PROMISING THEM THAT HE IS GOING TO GIVE THEM THINGS? No? Watch and tell me that NATURE AND BIOLOGY IS NOT MORE INTELLIGENT THAN YOU! WATCH, BECAUSE I’LL BE PROVEN RIGHT IN NOVEMBER, 2012!

  • Lawlessness Brings Destruction

    Let’s not forget that election and voter fraud are major components to DNC and RINO “victories” at most every level. Dems STILL oppose voter ID verification and it’s no surprise they want illegal alien amnesty.
    The goal of illegal alien amnesty is not “compassion”. The non-enforcement of our allegedly “broken” immigration laws and system is about staging a massive influx of illegal aliens to receive amnesty.
    Illegal alien amnesty is about inflating the “prgressive” voting bloc w/ grateful amnestied illegals.
    40% of our illegal alien population are those who have overstayed their visas. And the rush is on to create even more overstays.

    See where YOUR candidate stands on immigration fraud, corruption, and enforcement:
    BTW, Michele Bachmann was the ONLY candidate to score better than a “C”. Too bad election fraud put her out of the race.

  • VS

    The problem is that ALL of these candidates Fail miserably on the Amnesty / Illegal ALIEN issue.
    We need another choice!

  • ConstitutionalConservative

    During our Primary Elections next month, I’m going to write-in “Sarah Palin” just to see how many others do the same!

  • ConstitutionalConservative

    Actually, Palin appears to have the potential to be a better Commander-In-Chief than any of the other contenders. Just look at her Congressional record in Alaska!