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Hyposcrisy of Hollywood Liberals

Written on Wednesday, December 25, 2013 by


It stands to reason that most Hollywood actors, directors, and producers would be liberals because Hollywood is all about fantasyland, that place that does not exist but where liberals are most comfortable.  There are a few notable exceptions, but for the most part Hollywood is synonymous with liberalism.  I do not begrudge Hollywood types their political views, but I do wish those views were better informed and less hypocritical.  What chaps me about Hollywood is that it is filled with people who are quick to criticize the very nation that made their stardom and financial success possible.

Think about it.  Actors are entertainers.  They make their living doing the same thing little children do: playing let’s pretend. They do not invent new technologies that improve the quality of life.  They do not conduct agricultural research that feeds starving children in faraway places.  They do not start companies that employ hundreds of people and give them a chance to be self-supporting.  Hollywood actors—no matter how good or bad—are just entertainers.  They inhabit the land of fantasy.  No matter how much we enjoy a given movie, in the final analysis it is nothing more than a brief vicarious diversion from reality.  Of course, those of us who have real jobs and real lives can use a little vicarious diversion every now and then, so movies can serve a positive purpose.  But people who watch movies and those who make them need to remember that movies are just that: movies.  They do not convey upon those who make them any special knowledge or insights into politics.

Hollywood gives actors fame, money, and an audience.  There is nothing wrong with any of this. But fame, money, and an audience are assets that should be used responsibly.  This is where I part company with the majority of Hollywood actors, directors, and producers.  Some of the most irresponsible, hypocritical public statements on socio-economic issues are made by Hollywood actors whose knowledge of the subject in question is thinner than a sheet of paper.  For example, actor Marin Sheen decries the wickedness of corporate America but acts in movies developed, produced, and paid for by corporate America.  Hollywood movie studios and production companies are corporations.  In fact, they are some of the most entrepreneurial corporations west of Wall Street.

Director George Lucas made not millions but billions from his movies, yet he is a critic of what he calls “capitalist democracy.”  He would prefer a socialist democracy.  What hypocrisy.  George Lucas made his billions from the most capitalistic, entrepreneurial business in America.  In fact, a substantial part of his fortune was earned from retailing movie related merchandise.  Actor Russell Brand favors a “socialist, egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth.”  Well Russell, if you are so interested in redistributing wealth get out your checkbook.  There are charities galore just waiting to hear from you.

Brand is typical of the hypocrites now so closely associated with Hollywood. They want to redistribute all of the wealth of the world; all of it that is except their own.  If you have grown weary of the hypocrisy emanating out of Hollywood, I can recommend a book that will make you feel better.  Hollywood Hypocrites was written by Jason Mattera.  Mattera makes his living confronting Hollywood hypocrites with their own hypocrisy.  Here is an example of his good work: Mattera confronted Harrison Ford who was spouting the usual Hollywood tripe about global warming with the fact that he owns seven airplanes; a fact that gives Harrison a carbon footprint bigger than Al Gore’s ego.  Congratulations to Jason Mattera.  It’s about time someone held Hollywood actors accountable for their hypocrisy.



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  • David Johnson

    I have not been to a theater since 1998. I read books by only a few authors, like Louis L’Amour, and Clive Cussler. I watch old John Wayne movies, Fox News and the Weather channel. I have no time in my life for the rabble in never never land.

  • Dave the Barbarian

    Yeah, Meryl Streep and the Alar controversy back in the 80’s! She testified before congress because she did a movie with farmers in the plot! What tripe! NON INULTUS PREMOR!

  • scratchnich

    They think reality is all just an act.

    • stpatwanabe

      Sounds like you are talking about the skinny socialist celebrityInChief antiAmericanIslamTerroristBarryHusseinOsama!

  • ReaganConservative1

    These Holly Weird types have lived in their fantasy land they could never live in reality

  • ledberg

    Does anyone else get the advertising banners across the story or is it just me?

    • Steve Tanton

      If you mean all those “Chris Christie” things – I get ’em; I just ignore ’em. God bless him, but after that “love walk” on the beach with Obummer, we’re thru.

    • wanda faye rigdon

      christe the Rhino hes done and hes toast

    • stpatwanabe

      I guess the country the world Is Run By The Ad council?!

    • disgusted demacrat

      Not just you !!

  • Arnoldr

    This Christmas season we’ve been watching the Hallmark santa clausy christmas (not capitalized on purpose) movies mainly because there’s no sex, no violence and they’ve been family friendly. But they’ve changed Christmas into romance using Santa Claus as the provider of love, a magician who will provide one with love and happiness if one just believes.

    Just another attempt of secular humanism perpetuated by the entertainment industry.

    • Shutter

      I caught several of the shows myself. They are pretty much all the same – boy meets girl and they live happily ever after.

    • stpatwanabe

      Oh so they say Santa brings love not Jesus? After all the day is someone’s birthday and he died for Example of TrueLove!

    • Buford

      How do you like them working the kind, helpful, humorous, wise, twinkletoed fairy character into everything? And was there even one non-Jew in any of the shows? (Maybe it was just me, but every ‘Santa’ I saw appeared to be an obvious Jew with perceived mannerisms, accents.) My folks watched this stuff for two months. We watched very little together as a family. It might not have been outright filthy, but there were many propagandizing messages.

    • disgusted demacrat

      And has beens or never was for actors more waste of time..

  • gfsomsel

    Another thing Hollywood does not do is to produce films and programs worth watching. They gave that up some time ago.

    • stpatwanabe

      And another thing about hollyweird that live in fantasy is thats why they divorce so much thru dont know reality they fall in love with characters not the actor person

  • Carol

    They do make their money in make believe land yet they do not live in the real world, so I have yet to understand why the media allows them to speak as if they are truly working class taxpayers, as in middle America, or what is left of it. They should NEVER be allowed to give their opinions while regular Americans are not given a microphone.
    I am a Fox News watcher and love most hosts, like Hannity, for example, but now getting a lot tired of the same thing over and over, with the same above the rest media, congresspeople and out of the ordinary Americans.
    “We The People” need to be heard and not on specifics but on all issues affecting them. Let’s be real with real average Americans. The ones that care about America and are sick and tired of the way some in Congress fees it has a right to put down the Tea Party, conservatives and the way we feel about what they think we “NEED”.
    Fox start with something from “WE THE PEOPLE”!

  • TPM

    The Hollywood set is very generous, with other people’s money. They make million (and more) from a capitalistic venture. Ten, they criticize / condemn capitalism.

    Wonder how they’d like living in a place like Venezuela, where the government just shows up one day, takes all your property and redistributes it? Business and land owners in Venezuela know this pain. It’s common.
    I think we should send Sean Penn there, with all his stuff, so it can be redistributed.

    • stpatwanabe

      Venezuela is what they think they want thats why they say they are democRat because thats what Venezuela has a demonacracy. They took our Republic-for and by the people and replaced it with a demonacracy.. Like Venezuela!! Just like antiAmerican Islam terrorist barryhusseinobama!

  • John

    They say they die in 3’s too bad it’s not more often & in 10’s! I haven’t been to a movie since I was in school & doing the drive inn thing! Horrowood people are Ignorant for the most part & unless they have a script to read from they can’t do a damn thing but drugs,booze,& failed rehab after rehab!

  • Dale Hogue

    I retired as a high school teacher and coach in 1990. I have not paid to watch a movie in a theatre since 1980. At one time I was a great movie fan of John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Gene Autry, Jimmy Stewart,
    Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Doris Day and a number of other actors and wouldn’t miss any of the movies they made. I now enjoy watching many of these movies on television. The political persuasions of some of today’s actors are not important to me. I don’t agree with what some of the actors say, but their political opinions don’t bother me in the least. They have as much right to give their opinions and support to whomever they wish, the same as I do. I’m sure that some of the posters will have different opinions than I do about this matter, so I accept what they write without being upset. What you do and how you respond, is your business.

    • stpatwanabe

      Unless u use it to influence others against morals thats the difference between yesterday’s actors and today’s they had morals and talent now no matter what profession urs sad they don’t give u a chance it’s not what u know its Who You know

    • Antogeny

      You are right – everyone has a right to his/her opinion. But, unfortunately, in our society, the opinions of celebrities carry too much weight with too many people. I still cannot believe the American flag flew at 1/2 staff for Whitney Houston – a one-time GREAT singer who overdosed on drugs! Our young people have no real heroes any more – like Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, John Wayne. It is too bad that people who know they have influence, but are not experts in any field other than in pretending to be what they are not have to open their big mouths and share their beliefs with young people who are easily influenced and have so little real world experience that they cannot distinguish fantasy from reality.

    • Elton J

      Whitney Houston was murdered.

    • Antogeny

      CBS/AP reported that Whitney Houston’s death was caused by accidental drowning, but
      heart disease and cocaine use were contributing factors, according to
      coroner’s officials. Houston had cocaine in her system when she died, the coroner added.
      Marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril and Benadryl were also found in her system,
      but did not contribute to the singer’s death. No foul play or trauma was

  • MrLogical

    Lenin had a name for such people: “Useful idiots.”
    In the end, they’ll get theirs.

    • stpatwanabe

      That’s the same way antiAmerican Islam terrorist Husseinobama describes is sheeple– useful idiots, he has so much in common with Lenin Mao n hitler! He even has his SS-” civilian national police force just as well funded as the military” the dept of INkustice NSA dhs HHS irss… Taking money weapons morals and lives From the military b giving it to them who are black panthers n Cair

  • thunderbob

    I haven’t been to a movie since 1993. I got tired of having an agenda shoved in my face, and the double standard of the elites in the industry. They belittle, berate and make fun of people getting wealth when they themselves are filthy rich and expect people to worship them! The agenda is one of communism, but it’s ok for them to keep their cash but others must suffer.

  • MIKE6080

    let them give up all their money and spoils , let them worry about their job and insurance and taxes and how they were going to take care and feed their families, fck all liberal progressives

  • LouiseCA

    I don’t care one iota about a single one of those Hollywood airheads. They get virtually none of my money and I intend to keep it that way. They are empty people with zero morals and less sense, with a bare few exceptions.

  • Charles P

    It is EXTREMELY funny how they all PRETEND to be PEACENICKS!
    They tell everyone that war is bad.
    WELL, I STOPPED MORE WARS THAN ANYONE ELSE, in the 20th century.
    NOT ONE Hollywood person has EVEN TRIED to buy the MOVIE RIGHTS to ANY of these WORLD CHANGING STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They DO NOT WANT the truth!
    They (Hollywood celebs) OFTEN ASKED THE FOREIGN NATIONS TO IGNORE ME, AND CONTINUE with their plans to ATTACK THE U.S.A.

    • Elton J

      What did you do?

  • technicallysane

    Many people fail to realize that the wealthy…..and I think the Hollywood crowd could be considered a mostly wealthy bunch….are also Elitists. In other words, no matter what their background prior to Hollywood… once they make it in Tinseltown, they somehow forget from whence they came. They smugly seat themselves atop of a pedestal they feel they deserve, while covertly looking down their noses at those who fawn over them. They bask in the glory of their fame and fortune and consider themselves as royalty. This is not meant to be sarcastic or facetious ….I mean every word of it because I believe it’s true of all Elitists. It’s known as ‘class distinction’.
    Elitists have the idea that they’re actually better than others because their fame and/or fortune gives them that right…..when in actual fact, most of them have the morals of a pig, and in spite of all their fame and fortune, they couldn’t buy real class and refinement if their lives depended on it. This is the typical Elitist liberal mindset and the reason they believe in Socialism because, after all, an Elitist has to have his ivory tower to look down on the lowly public.
    The pathetic irony to all of this is that the poor, low information liberals eagerly accept Socialism and its tenets in order to be considered worthy by the same group, yet they too are held in veiled contempt by the Elitists who only grudgingly tolerate them. A good example of this is listening and watching liberals fawn over Obama, or any other self appointed Elitist who has situated themselves at the top end of the pyramid.
    The ultimate goal of the Elitists is to gain absolute control by occupying their position of hierarchy while enslaving the masses who are made up of nothing but an underclass of useless eaters. The more powerful of the Elitists will cull their numbers even more by getting rid of the dross who helped launch them to the top.

    • johnsnare

      Unfortunately, they never leave fantasy land.

  • fatman45

    They make their living doing the same thing little children do: playing let’s pretend.

    I take it a step further: They are professional liars! Therefore, how can one believe anything they say?

  • Docs357

    The last time I went to a movie was to see the Jesus film maybe Fifteen years before that I have no desire to support them in anyway. This people are truly hypocrites their life’s work proves it. They cater to who is in their spot light. Money is there God fame is what drives them they not only condone sin they promote it.

  • AppraisHer

    They fly on jumbo jets from country to country, denouncing global warming.
    They live in huge mansions, but do commercials telling us to turn down our thermostats to 68.
    They tell us to help the poor, while spending their millions on themselves.
    They deride war, while making millions off of war movies.
    They hate the violence and death in Darfur, but support the muslims doing it.
    They speak against the rich, as if they aren’t.
    They want redistribution of wealth, but pay top accountants to shelter their wealth.
    They preach against violence, but make millions off violent rap/video.
    They denounce hunger in the world, but support the leaders that starve their people.
    They are the highest caliber of capitalists, but hob nob with communists.
    They sit on a tank in Vietnam and denounce the country that gave them success.
    They adore gays and socialists, that despise them for being straight and wealthy.
    They’re as hollow and hypocritical as the elitist ass they support.
    Too bad they don’t depend on me to support their lifestyle, they’d be eating turkey in the rescue mission.

    • Bill Nix

      Right on…..

    • AppraisHer

      Bill, those shallow, prattering dolts tick me off, I just had to let it out.
      I feel better now.

    • Bill Nix

      Well I’m glad you feel better now.

    • SandraJ

      Great examples of hypocrisy at it’s best (or worst); depends on how you look at it!

    • johnsnare

      Excellent comment. You nailed it beautifully. Thank you.

    • wanda faye rigdon

      Well said ! and i Do Not support ANYTHING the liberal hollywood loons do and i do not BUY a damn thing they have for sale

    • ARMYOF69

      Well stated.

    • Redguard

      You are exactly correct, AppraisHer!

    • MaryAnnM1962

      I was going to write my own post, but dont think i can top yours. Perfectly stated!
      I thought I was the only one in America who couldn’t care less what celebrities do, say, wear, or who they date. However, lots of people hang on their every word and think what celebs believe or speak must be true because the masses regard them as larger than life.
      What a shame their guilt over making obscene amounts of money for pretending to be what they are not turns them into libtards instead of pto-capitalist independent thinkers.

    • AppraisHer

      Hollywood’s innately insecure, because most know that they’re making millions, even though they have no real talent. Fearing that at any moment, they’ll be exposed for the frauds that they are, they join the liberal/progressive club of equally untalented, insecure people that make them feel whole.
      Dog Eater hides his insecurity behind his narcissism, because he knows he’s a fraud, so he seeks the glitter and shallowness of Hollywood to make himself feel important.
      It’s the dangerous, manipulating insecure, leading the stupid, blind insecure.

  • Karl Dulaff

    A fundamental truth: There’s nothing liberals hate more than having to personally pay for the bleeding heart programs they insisted on. That goes double for hollyweird phonies.
    I look forward with amusement to 2014 when even (gasp!) liberals will find their health insurance plans have been cancelled and they too (!) are stuck with paying a lot more for a lot less. They’ll be screaming like stuck pigs, as will their democrap representatives. Meanwhile, 0 and his minions and the left strea lap dog media will be working triple overtime to try and polish this colossal legislative turd.

    • Bill Nix

      Karl I wish this could be true, but look at the money this no accounts make. The Brown Turd will take care of them just the unions. Piss on all of them.

  • hora

    Many are like rat, because liberals are in a power is will show are liberals, but is not, wait next election when majority vote against liberals if that rat will show a support.

    • patriot10258

      LMAO!!! WHAT???????? 😛

  • T. Copps

    Hollywood liberals? Ha! I would call them Hollywood Communists!!!!!

    • Donald York

      Senator Joe McCarthy exposed these Communist Bastards years ago.

  • Bass_Boat_Bill

    They sure don’t make em like “The Outlaw Josie Wales” anymore, do they…

  • CharacterHasNoColor

    My dear Mr. Goetsch, your article states very clearly the basis for the disconnect most Hollywood inhabitants have from any recognition of reality. I would simply add that adherents to the Dem/Prog/Lib cabal member ideology, also universally refuse to acknowledge any consequence stemming from their individual or collective actions. That becomes such an enticement for any/every mush-head out there. Dems should actually run campaigns based upon slogans like: Vote for us ’cause we’re the party of no-consequences for you or anything you might ever do.

    • lokiswife

      Old southern saying “Po’ white trash comes in all colors….”

  • rollervic

    Every time these wealthy elitists come out of their mansions and up to a microphone to say something stupid, my skin crawls.

  • USMC 64-68

    Part of that hypocrisy is in the deceit they use to identify themselves: they aren’t “liberal,” they’re all Marxists.

    • floramae

      I agree, as long as they have money that is, lets see how Marxist they would be if they didn’t have money…………too bad they ALL don’t lose it, dollywood is full of fools, one day the worm WILL turn.

  • noweareman

    Do as I say Don’t do as I do!
    (Typical Libs)

  • sborsher

    Most actors do not have personalities of their own until very late in life, IMO. Robert DeNiro could not speak in public until just a few years ago. So, it makes complete sense that their long time malleable weak minds can be easily swayed by smooth talking Democrats like Clinton and 0bama. Of course, actors mostly want to do what appears to be the most popular thing in order to bolster their careers; I would think. My personal kudos go to Clint Eastwood and his empty chair improv; my biggest disappointment is Tom Hanks, who I thought would know better.

    • ARMYOF69

      True about Tom Hanks, I expected better from him.

    • John

      I didn’t heard what he has done lately! Fill me in!

    • ARMYOF69

      He has become a first class spokesman in his ideology on a [par with all the libtards.

    • John

      Figures! I always thought the prick looked like Nixon anyway!

  • ARMYOF69

    I have my list of “BIG MOUTHED KNOW NOTHING” actors , who I refuse to give my money to by watching any of their movies. The list is LONG.

    • lraivala

      Been doing it for over 10 years now. I won’t support the commie class in Hollyweird.

  • John

    Actors are just that! They have nothing relevant to say unless they’re reading from a script! Then all they are capable of doing is drugs,booze,each others spouses & failed rehab after rehab!

    • John


    • leewacker

      Yes, and I think Erin Moran’s trailer park was in the Nazi Police City of Quartzite, Arizona! Now, there is a different community if I ever saw one. Liked the McDonald’s, though. They had a drive-thru window for Semi trucks! Wonderful! They also had a Rock Hound convention one year, DPS sent three motorcycle officers to keep the peace. By the time the convention ended, all three officers were in the hospital because of some fool retiree running over them, one at a time! Then, the duly elected mayor cannot or could not take his seat because the old mayor and the city council didn’t like him! That is also the place where a citizen of the city was not allowed to speak at the city council meeting, because she was saying things they didn’t like!
      Interesting place! Glad I’m in Kentucky!

    • Washington22

      That about sums it up………..

    • disgusted demacrat

      Ah;) but they are a boon to the rehab ind.

    • T.C.

      Yeah, damn actors, like Jimmy Stewart, Lee Marvin, Robert Mitchum, Don Adams, R. Lee Ermy, Audie Murphy, Charlton Heston, Bill Cosby, Julia Childs, etc., all combat veterans. Or John Wayne (4F), or Ronald Reagan (Army Public Relations, due to poor eyesight).

  • Elton J

    I’m shocked. Really, I am. The Constitution made it so these guys could make it. Now they want to ditch it. Prophecy said that in the very near future, there will be no movies. I think I understand why, now.

  • rabrooks

    Thank you for making that point! To put it bluntly, remember those weird, waco, characters from the “drama club”, that nobody liked in high school? Those are the same weirdos that are on the “silver screen”. For some reason, Americans feel that if you have enough money, and a platform to broadcast it from, for some reason that point must be rational and worth following! Just because you got money doesn’t suddenly mke you smarter, brighter or more sensitive to the world’s needs. beause for real, if they could deal with people, they wouldn’t have choosen such a isolated way to make a living. When has anyone of them come up with a good idea? Well, Kevin Cosner’s oil skimmer was pretty good and Jeff Foxworthy has a great Deer hunting operation…. that’s about it….. Actors are actors. That’s what they are good at, anything else is just maybe. They have spent a lifetime doing anything but adressing reality problems.

    • ARMYOF69

      All they are capable of doing is : PRETENSE.

    • f8tule

      Jeff Foxworthy is a comedian.. and that was actually Kevin Costner’s brother’s idea..
      Foxworthy is a Christian and definitely acts like it.. I have much respect for the man..I do not lump this man in with actors.. Mr. Foxworthy does a lot for children and such..

    • rabrooks

      I kinda think you misunderstood. I’m not downing Jeff. I think he’s great and then some. What I’m saying is that these hollywierd types, mostly haven’t anything else to base their life or experiences on except hollywierd, come out of one of their drug induced clouds, and when the occasional jolt of reality gets through(an epiphany to them, common sense to most), they take it as their duty to show the world what is what, when they never knew their butt from a hole in the ground in the first place. They are the ones I’m speaking on/of. It’s like projection, they need to guide us poor mis-guided idiots.Check out the crazy laws that flood in from where else?

  • patriot10258

    I don’t think it is so much hypocracy as it is stupidity. For people like Harrison Ford to lament “global warming” while owning all those aircraft is beyond hypocracy. I remember when he was decrying about pollution I was thinking, “Is he that dumb”? Does he hear himself?

  • watching them

    I refuse to watch movies made by Libtards. I refuse to watch Tom Hanks, Jane Fonda or any actor who is a communist. We need to turn the tables on them! Refuse to give them our hard earned money! They are total BS artists. Just like the man they support, Obama, they are Liars!!!!!

    • leewacker

      That’s right! They need US, WE don’t need THEM!

  • T.C.

    Where is the “fair and balanced” treatment of Hollywood celebrities? Scant mention of the “redistribution of wealth” practiced by so many, in that they give MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that their fame has brought them to numerous charities, exs: Oprah-22 charities, Will Smith-16, Matt Damon-31, George Clooney-32, Ellen Degeneres-38, Ben Affleck-23, etc. And that awful George Lucas is donating 4 BILLION, with a B, to support education. The site lists thousands more despicable, cold-hearted hedonists. Be sure to check out Ted Nugent.

    • gutterfalcon

      Awful george lucas contributing to socialist common core education. I’m looking at your list very quickly, I’m tired. But it seems they’re all socialists.

    • disgusted demacrat

      Then join them my lad;) kick in a few bucks yourself, would be greatly excepted I would think..

    • leewacker

      I agree, however, WHERE are those millions of dollars going? Certainly not here in this country! They have spread their money all over Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and places far away from the people who actually made the fools into stars–and we’re supposed to bow down and tell them how wonderful they are! I had respect for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie until I read about their PRIVATE shopping spree in Target this Christmas! I lived in a place where we had huge names come through nearly every day—people like Bing Crosby, Forrest Tucker, Clark Gable, to name a few. These men were ACTORS, but MEN first, last and always! They would never have wanted a PRIVATE shopping tour, because they didn’t consider themselves to be anything but working people, and certainly were willing to get dirty!

    • T.C.

      Surely you’re don’t want people to think you’re so stupid that you don’t realize that the movies these actors make are shown in countries around the world, and usually make many times more money overseas than in the States? Don’t they owe it to those people to “spread the wealth” there also? And, last I heard, Feeding America, the Red Cross, and United Way all operated in the U.S. Don’t think you actually looked at the lists of charities these celebrities support. Also, I remember (I’m 66) Hollywood stars donning disguises so they wouldn’t be bothered by “working people” when they went out. Plus, Elvis and Howard Hughes (movie producer/director) would have private shopping trips or movie viewings. Don’t let prejudice cloud your judgement.

  • gutterfalcon

    good article.

  • Sheryl

    This article hit the nail on the head. I’ve despised Hollywood for the very same reason that is mentioned here. There are a few that have common sense like Clint Eastwood and Robert Downey Jr. but the majority have their heads in the clouds and think they know what is best for everybody.

    • Johnstoirvin

      “….and think they know what is best for everybody.”

      That’s exactly what makes them liberals.

  • lraivala

    Good article, and spot on how they proclaim to be for the down trodden but then demand high salaries which in turn raises the price to see a movie. Today it will cost somewhere around $80 to bring a family of 4 to the movies.
    I quit going to support hollyweird a long time ago. I wait until it comes out at Red Box a $1.20 per day. And then they are for conservative actor role movies. I can assure you my life is better for it.

    • magic1114

      Agreed. I also refuse to line the pockets of these societal leeches…

  • Surfer4314

    Hit them back, stop paying to go see thier movies. Like the artical said actors , in a make belive world….

    • perry

      i don’t watch shan penn, tom hanks ,clooney,jim carrie,none of the martin sheen family,i guess i had better stop i don’t have all morning

  • Ben

    At least J. Wilkes Booth did something useful.

  • dieniggerdie

    Its the jews they start all the wars in the world so they can charge interest

    • shaunadee

      that is a really STUPID comment

    • dieniggerdie

      U must be a lily white oabamba loving crybanging liberal THATS why I find it stupid , say hi to bubba

    • Blastoff

      While I have no idea as to how right or wrong your description of shaunadee is, I do think the reply to your comment is exactly right. I do know for certain I do not meet your theoretical description of shaunadee. However, your original comment and your reply do prove that you are stupid.

    • dieniggerdie

      LAWD anotha butt banging lily white hide behind his mama panties sniffing libtard oh boo Hoo’s wahh wahh wahh cry for me scream for me crybanger

    • Blastoff

      Thanks, I appreciate your taking a few moments from your busy day to validate my opinion of you. There is really nothing else I need to add.

    • dieniggerdie

      U mustn’t have done much with your life , don’t take it out on me now miss jelly

  • PS

    Many actors lived off entitlements and support from family and friends while chasing their dreams, so few have really had to deal with financial responsibilities, like knowing how many weeks payroll a small business must leverage and plan BEFORE they begin enjoying a profit. They–much like President Poser, just haven’t lived any part of such responsibilities. It’s shameful they just don’t do what they do best and shut their pie holes otherwise.

    • perry

      alot of the actors just up and left there spouses and kids .kenny rogers did marlyn monroe left her first husband ,shena easton left her family,just afew off the top of my head


    The progressive / communist view point: Don’t do as I do; Do as I say do! I agree, it is funny that they spout about spread the wealth, but if that was the case, instead of hiding their money in offshore accounts, they should be going into every inner city slum and handing out millions of dollars to those poor people. About the only thing you see them doing is adopting babies from foreign countries! You have to ask yourself, why foreign countries? I’ll show you 1000’s of kids needing and wanting adoption right here in this country!
    When you think about this a second, you will begin to see!

  • Joe

    Mc Carthy said in the 50’s Hollywood was full of commies. Come to find out he was spot on.

    • leewacker

      A large portion of Americans knew he was right then, too! However, again, the media beat the man up to the point we didn’t know what was truth and what wasn’t! Remember! This started about 1947, and kept on going until the middle fifties! The Communists have been hard at work for a long, long time!
      Yes, Senator McCarthy was right, and he would be appalled at what Hollywood has become today!

    • perry

      i talked to a man that growed up in the 40;s and 50;s ,he would read hollywood magazines and he said that he read a magazine back then and it said that about 40 % of actors were gay and that was back then,wonder what the % is know how liberal they are.

  • insaney

    well said

  • dieniggerdie

    Look wat these filthy Jew commies did to Erin Moran chachi! Threw her out on the streets , if she was black i bet George Lucas would have adopted her !!! And taken her in

    • magic1114

      Great avatar! I luvs Buh-weet!

    • HypGnotist

      More hate from Conservative Christians, thanks for at least identifying yourself — IDIOT. Do you have even the slightest bit of credibility or that anyone would take anything you say seriously with your genocidal moniker? Pull your head out of your A$$ for 5 seconds and look around. You are a terminal FOOL.

    • dieniggerdie

      Bro u mad bro?

    • HypGnotist

      Not mad at all, but from the looks of your FOUR mindless and juvenile replies, it looks like I really pissed you off, which is why you’re reacting like a FIVE year old. Hell, you can’t even speak english, let alone carry on a conversation, so I’m not even going to TRY to make sense of your desperate and childish absurdities. You’re already cursed by being YOU, so why bother with you?
      You aren’t even capable of saying anything intelligent, let alone formulate a rebuttal because all you can come up with is schoolyard insults that sound like the kind of thing a child or teenager who’s been abused his entire miserable life would say. I should though, report your behavior to your mommy and daddy so they can whip your child A$$.

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  • tonyguy01

    David, I have one minor disagreement with your article. You said: “Well Russell, if you are so interested in redistributing wealth get out your checkbook. There are charities galore just waiting to hear from you.” David, that’s what we do…charities are VOLUNTARY. And if more people voluntarily took care of their neighbors the “need” for government social programs (and thus the erosion of your ability to pursue happiness) would gradually decline and possibly virtually disappear.

    You should have said “get out your checkbook and write a big fat check to the government. Send them that big check no matter whose party is in power or what their priorities and world view is. Send them that check whether you believe in what they’re doing with your money or not. Send them a bigger check every year…a higher percentage of your hard earned (?) money. That’s what we have to do Russell…not voluntarily. Because as I’m sure your realize with your brilliant actor’s mind government is an agent of force! Always was, always will be. Communist, Fascist, Socialist, Democracy, Republic all are agents of force. And the more power you give the bureaucrats when they agree with your priorities the more power they’ll have when their priorities differ from yours.”

    Other than that David, great article

    • John D. Fiat

      Cut a check to the government? They would just steal the money, silly! Why do you think the US is in such debt? If you leave the vault open (like we have been for decades), the people in the higher eschelons of government are going to help themselves to it’s contents! The FED has never had even one independent audit. And if they ever did, most all of the former heads (of the FED) would go to jail. There are trillions of dollars missing and unaccounted for from the US Treasury (in other words, the money was stolen). And the IRS is merely the collection agency for the FED. Like it or not, utopia does not exist!

  • Rodrigo
  • Kaiser

    George Clooneys house is in Greece where there are no taxes. Most Hollywood production are filmed in other countries to avoid California’s exorbitant tax rate. San Francisco makes waivers to big Hollywood productions just so the actors and staff eat and shop there. Harrison Ford flew his private jet 5 minutes from where he lived just to get a hamburger.

    • HypGnotist

      Your point? Shows that the producers know how to save money when making a film, they are on budgets just as much as everyday Americans are. So, I’m not sure how your post says anything about the topic of this conversation.

    • Kaiser

      My point is you libs are all in favor of higher taxes,” just don’t do it to me.”

    • HypGnotist

      I’m a liberal and I am NOT in favor of paying higher taxes. So much for your ‘point’…lol. Thanks for allowing me to prove you wrong. I also know hundreds of other Liberals and not one of them is in favor of paying higher taxes.

    • Kaiser

      And thank you for proving my point. You’re not in favor of yourself paying more taxes but you want rich Republicans to pay more. Did you know 70% of Wall Street voted for Obama, how about George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, the three riches people in this country all voted for Obama and support what he’s doing to this country. What about Oprah Winfrey, the richest woman in the country. My point is the “Rich” are mostly Democrats, not Republicans.

    • HypGnotist

      Horsecrap. Would love to see you prove anything you just said. Sounds like you’ve been reading too many conservative forums like this trash. If we taxed the filthy rich, we could balance the budget and afford to feed and clothe the homeless. Bill Gates should be contributing BILLIONS to the feds, and so should Winfrey and Buffet — Buffet was man enough to even say that he doesn’t pay crap in taxes, only a tiny percentage. THAT is what is wrong with the US, that the middle class and upper class are paying higher taxes than the filthy rich. And if you had a brain in your skull, you’d feel the same way because I can GUARANTEE you that you ain’t no billionaire. All of our problems could be solved simply by taxing the richest 1 percent.

    • Kaiser

      Where I got the 70% was from WSJ. Obama is, or was, promoting Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and George Soros. All three have been to the WH and have had meetings with the pres.
      You are right about me not being a billionaire. Not even millionaire. I’m a working class who gets his hands dirty every day.

    • carolskey

      YOUR NUMBERS ARE PLAIN WRONG…taxing the top 1% at a 100% rate would only fund the government for LESS THAN 3 MONTHS! Google it and then read a book…facts are a marvelous thing! You can even use them to debunk the spin and inane rantings of liberals…

      Now would be the time to apologize to Kaiser for the vapid “horsecrap” emanating from your mouth. God Bless!

    • John D. Fiat

      Buffet lied about paying more taxes than his secretary. He just performed a liberal trick (and Obozo and the Libtards bought it). He was comparing his capital gains taxes to her income tax (the latter is a higher rate). And the so-called rich are pretty much paying for everyone else (all of the parasites). The enemy is not the millionaire who worked hard to build his or her business. The enemy is the “banksters,” the cabal who control the world’s money. They are billionaires 100’s of times over. And Clinton didn’t help the situation by allowing those crooks to dismantle the Glass-Steagall Act. In fact, he didn’t even stand up for Brooksley Born, his own head of the CFTC, when she warned him about the derivatives (which of course tanked). And all the she suggested was merely keeping track of them. He just let Larry Summer’s chew her out about interfering with “the ingenuity and inventiveness of Wall St.” However, I do agree with you that someone should pay to feed, close, and house the homeless, but that someone isn’t anyone in the US. The Vatican and Rothschild banking (crime) family should be the ones to do it. If they paid for all of the homeless in the entire world, they would still have 1/4 of the world’s money left over. After all, they are the two richest entities on planet Earth.

  • HypGnotist

    What’s ‘hyposcrisy’? And how could they overlook such a blatant misspelling in the freaking HEADLINE! Which kind of loses the credibility of the entire article and rightly so because it comes from the side of hypocrites like no other: the conservative christian movement, who are the very definition of hypocrisy!

    • dieniggerdie

      Stop crybanging crybaby wahhh wahhh wahhh , do you work ? #libtard

  • dieniggerdie

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    • HypGnotist

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