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In Latest Republican Debate Moderators carry Obama’s Message

Written on Friday, September 9, 2011 by

lib debate moderators

Brian Williams must crave attention. In the latest Republican debate, instead of moderating, he personally debated all the participants. The actual discussion between candidates was more civil and constructive than the endless string of gotcha speeches foisted as questions on the panel by NBC’s Williams and his Politico sidekick, John Harris.

Question after question was an attempt to put each GOP candidate on the defensive. More accusation and White House talking points passed from the lips of Williams and Harris than legitimate questions looking to determine the ideas of the candidates and how they differed.

As a result the debate was next to useless for voters.

Newt Gingrich was clearly incensed by the tone. He responded by telling the media duo: “I for one and I hope that all of my friends up here are going to repudiate every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other, to protect Barack Obama who deserves to be defeated. And all of us are committed as a team. Whoever the nominee is, we are all for defeating Barack Obama.”

Gingrich caught the essence of the Williams/Harris strategy. Ask every question as if they were written by David Axelrod to maximize advantage by the Obama campaign. This debate was less about the primary campaign and more about generating video for Obama ads in the general election.

Sadly, the moderators inflicted damage on all of the candidates. In particular Governor Rick Perry came under blistering attack from tweedledee and tweedledum.

Right out of the box Perry was hammered about the number of new quality jobs in Texas. Williams tried to imply all the new jobs in Texas were minimum wage. Perry’s record of job creation was denigrated as consisting of substandard jobs.

Perry responded by listing prominent companies moving operations to Texas that are certainly creating above minimum wage jobs.

Only dolts in the media and Obama White House would prefer no job to a minimum wage job anyway. I bet the 46 percent of black youth that are unemployed around the country would love a minimum wage job. In the Obama economy any job is better than the utopian idea about the ideal job which never materializes.

In addition, Perry was portrayed in questions as being anti-science. Perry is skeptical of the secular religion of radical environmentalists: belief that mankind is the cause of global warming. Interestingly, Perry has science on his side. Many climate and meteorological scientists believe the earth may actually be entering into a cooling cycle.

Next, Perry was skewered for not having more Texans on the government healthcare roles. The moderators repeatedly chastised candidates for being against the healthcare individual mandate; they did this by praising Mitt Romney’s past support for the individual mandate in Massachusetts. Ironically, Romney responded by giving an impassioned speech on the dangers and need to overturn Obamacare because of its mandates.

But the most damage inflicted on Perry was for calling Social Security a failure in his book “Fed-up”. This was an attempt to portray Perry as attempting to end Social Security and preparing the way for the carpet bombing of older voters in the general election by the Obama machine.

As of right now, Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and actuarially unsound as Perry has suggested. It is headed for insolvency. Everyone that passed basic algebra can see the inability to pay the current benefits to the current premium payers in their youth. Money paid into the program today is squandered by the profligate leaders in Washington. Perry has shown courage by pointing this out even when others are afraid to do so.

But Social Security is the third rail, the one that kills your candidacy because over 65 year old voters come out and vote in mass. Younger voters don’t show up. Obama and the Democrats working hand in hand with the old line media stars like Williams, demagogue the issue and create massive fear in these older voters. So the program isn’t changed to improve it, fix it and hence secure it for current recipients.

At the end of the night Perry said in exasperation, “I feel a bit like a piñata.”

But before did, he looked ahead to the other major issue of the campaign, jobs. President Obama, Perry concluded, “has proven for once and for all that government spending will not create one job. Keynesian policy and Keynesian theory is now done. We’ll never have to have that experiment on America again.”

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  • Elizabeth_MC

    Can you just imagine the likelihood that a panel of democratic presidential candidates would allow themselves to be moderated by FOX news?
    Not even in a parallel universe………

    • sheila

      Can you imagine what could be accomplished in this country if one of the 8 were elected president and all the rest served in the Cabinet? In my life time I have not seen such a number of impressive candidates.Although I prefer some more than others I can’t recall this many that impressed me as this group does.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      What the hell do you expect George Soros, and the Monied megalomaniacs of Europe and OPEC have got to ALL of The NETWORKS. and their sponsors. I don’t know who the Richest Conservative True Republican is but we need his, and about a thousand of his richest compatriots help badly, desperately, immediately, if this country ever hopes to deal a crippling blow to Democratic Socialism in this country.. “I pledge Allegiance to the REPUBLIC, Not a Freakin Democracy

    • WASP

      The libtard lamestream media are all part of Obama’s volunteer Ministry of Propaganda. All they need is a guy named Goebbels to be “czar” and Obumbler’s administration would be indistinguishable from the Nazis.

    • Whackajig

      Fox often has discussion panels with commies on them. The enemy is always treated fairly and with respect.

    • Elizabeth_MC

      That’s the truth!

  • Winston on Truth

    Brian Williams was out of line with the form of questioning he used in the GOP debate. Abuse of postional power has always been a problem in government, business, and church. And, notice how every freakin’ TV channel seemed to carry illegitimate President Obama’s “jobs” speech yet we could only get the Republican Presidential candidates debate on MSNBC on the computer! The bias against what is right and good in America is abominable.

  • John Detwiler

    What else could you expect from someone who is as left bias as Brian Williams. The moderator shoud be somewhat neutrial.

    • June

      Why was Rush Limbaugh not a moderator, Rush is to far right where Williams is fair and balanced.

    • Whackajig

      WTF did you put in your coffee this morning? Whatever it was, do not take any more of it, for it addles your few grey cells.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I bet WTF does not mean, “…Win The Future” as Obama likes to quip in so many of his speeches.

    • Michelle in MA

      and there you have it. if you honestly think williams is fair and balanced the damage is done, the brain washing complete and there is no reversal.

    • WASP

      Obviously, a product of our gummint operated Youth Indoctrination Day Camps, aka “Public Schools”. It will take Civil War II to cull that herd.

    • AZ Don

      If you think Williams is fair and balanced you need a new hearing aid lady, nothing could be farther from the truth. Newt Gingrich was completely right these guys were trying to get the candidates to fight with each other. If they had been successful their comments could have been used in obama’s campaign. The current corrupt administration has to launch a campaign of destructive attacks, it has no successful strategies to promote. It is hard to organize a successful campaign around corruption and excessive debt.

      There is not a one of those candidates that is not 100% better for the country than obama. He is systematically destroying this great nation. All that is necessary in order to understand what the obama administration is doing is listen to what they accuse the conservatives of. Latest is putting party above country, that is exactly what they are doing and have been doing since January 20, 2009, and MSNBC is assisting.

    • Norma

      I did not realize that Brian Williams was so liberal. He must have been told what to ask to make things look like what the demos wanted. I have been listening to him steadily on nightly news. I don’t think I can listen to him anymore without throwing up. The media is very, very liberal. I hope that changes when the clown in the white house gets thrown (oops) voted out! It only takes an average brain to realize that Obama is bad news for America. Next time the GOP debates, I hope they get good decent moderators to handle it. And I hope it will be publicized on TV stations that all can see. I didn’t even get to see the debate, only excerpts of it here and there on the internet. And only to read about it. Newt Gingrich was right; he saw through the inept moderators like lightning. He knows they are sly like a fox (not so very smart as they think!) The average American can see through it, and they all will be surprised at the polls. Unless ACORN and the like keep the polls from being honest. I am thoroughly convinced that Nevada had corruption in the last voting, because they are all not so stupid to vote in Harry Reid without his polling being corrupted! But the sly foxes of corruption tried to keep the corruption under wraps. I’m convinced that America has more common sense people that will this time rise up than they do have thugs and crooks. Just wait until November 2012!

    • JOhn P

      If brian Williams had a brain he would think it was some kind toy and would try totake it out to play with. The one thing NBC did when they hired him was to a dumber replacement for Katie Kuric as they could, I think he is a very substantial subject person for the American Education System of the dumbing down of America.

    • Ron

      Its all about money. Brian Williams is very well paid to do what he is paid to do. If he balks on what management wants, he will join the unemployed.

    • Ben Midulla

      Are you a paid employee of Brian Williams?

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ June

      “The media is the Praetorian Guard for the Left”
      Newt Gingrich

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Ya Right! You hang in there June, maybe one day they will let you actually sharpen your pencil

    • mimi

      June, REALLY NOW COME ON, YOU LIBS SUCK BIG TIME!!! Why don’t you alll justed go to another country that is SOCIALIST. I’m figthng for my AMERICA to stay AMERICA, land of the FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT AMERICA STANDS FOR GET THE FUNk OUT, WE DON’T NEED YOUR KIND HERE!!!!!!!!

    • TheOldPerfesser

      People like June are the reason why we have a O’Bummer in the white house…Purfeclessly oblivious of ANY REALITY , save what the NAZI PROPAGANDISTS tell them what is real… like the moon is really made of green cheese and we never ACTUALLY went there . All the while “KNOWING” that when they wake up in the morning “EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL” because that’s what they were told and NOT ABLE to see that ” THE FREAKIN KING HAS NO FREAKIN CLOTHES ” Poor , Poor , Pitiful YOU.

  • Jim

    The “Debate” was more like an MSNBC AMBUSH than a legitimate debate, but what else could we expect from the leading liberal network hosting the event?

    • Whackajig

      I was super proud of all the candidates snd how the handles the azzhols from msnbc and politico.

    • Fedup

      Frankly, Hermen Cain Has the Answeres. But since he has no political experience, ( and he is doing a mighty fine job without it I will say) I think he might not get the presidential nom. So Therefor Herman Cain should at Least get the VP spot. Rick Santorium has got a Great record of getting things done, but if it’s between Romeny and Perry as they seem to say, Then give us Romeny/Cain. But I think Cain/ Santorum or Santorum/Cain would work as well. Because Cain is a man of Vision, Answeres, Ideas and he won’t take no bull. And Cain will prosper America, he is a man who sees people, their needs and can see how to help people help themselves, just what America is/was built on. And Cain has compassion for people in needs and he has answeres to meet the needs SS, medicare, ect. too. And Cain will make Homeland Security actucally secure the Homeland. I Like Cain.

    • Ben Midulla

      MSNBC Poll. Of 100,000 people voting here are their results: Ron Paul 48.8% (46,420 votes); Mitt Romney 18% (17,154 votes); Rick Perry 14.8% (14,0655 votes) ; John Huntsman 7% (5,643 votes); Newt Gingrich 4.5% (4,376 votes); Herman Cain 3.2% (3,068 votes); Michelle Bachmann 2.4% (2,293 votes); Rick Santorum 1.1% (1,060 votes). This is there own poll.

    • Ron

      Ron Paul polls had him dead last in the debates, which means HE is the candidate the dem’s prefer, so that they can beat him.
      MSNBC is the slimyest, most dishonest bunch of people I have ever seen.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Yea! Ron Paul he’s our man, if he can’t dislodge obumus nobody can! yea Ron!

    • DDW

      I also like Santorum but his elegibility as a citizen is unclear depending upon conflicting interpretations of the law. But he is a true patriot and a clear thinker.

    • willhen501

      What was even worse than the debate moderators being biased, how about the post debate commentators for MSMBC calling the panelists names? It was a shame that the debate had to be on MSNBC, so much for their “fair and balanced” approach. The GOP should know that the media is not going to allow anything to damage Obama.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Political correctness ( may it be damned for ever) only works for the guys with the most Money!(Media control)!

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    Why on earth does a Republican debate get ‘moderated’ by liberals? This is like inviting your enemy to your boot camp. For the next conservative’s debate, could I recommend we leave the sissies at home and invite the real men like Hannity, Limbaugh, and folks who know how to ask questions that everyday people want answers to?

    I sleep just fine at night Brian Williams due to the lower head count of murderers in Texas…thanks much Gov. Perry! Keep on keepin’ on!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Gov. Rick Perry’s answer to Brian William’s question was ok, but I would have perferred an answer like,
      “…Charles Manson should thank his lucky stars that he is locked up in a California prison & not Texas”.

    • Cate

      Don’t forget surhan surhan or what ever that’s guys name is that shot Bobby Kennedy.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes! Our Liberal media friends barely mention that Sirhan Sirhan was a PLO (Palestinain) follower & angry about RFK’s earlier pro Israeli comments. If you listen to the mythology of the Left, its like a member of John Birch Society shot him.

  • Winston on Truth

    The stupid question by Williams to Gov. Rick Perry about all those poor souls he personally murdered by capital punishment actually backfired on Williams. Most Americans WANT the death penalty for criminals committing heinous crimes against innocent people. The bias in the questions obviously was intended to demoralize the candidates and marginalize them just before Obama’s “jobs” speech to the nation. Such is unforgivable and NBC leadership should fire Williams or reduce him back to a street reporter.

    • Jax Cat

      The surprised look on Williams face when the audience applauded was worth the agony of watching Williams and who ever John Harris is.
      How did MSNBC and Politico ever gain admittance to the Reagan Library? I’ll bet they closed it for 2 days afterward to sterilize it. It may not be open yet.

    • Winston on Truth

      Good question: “How did MSNBC and Politico ever gain admittance to the Reagan Library?” That’s akin to letting Muslims build a mosque at ground zero where the twin towers stood.

    • Ben Midulla

      Brian Williams makes white trash look great.

    • willhen501

      I thought for sure after COMCAST took over MSNBC and NBC, there would be a major house cleaning. They apparently don’t care that their programs suck as well as their commentators. I won’t even watch the NFL on NBC. Bye Bye!!!!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      I have boycotted Network TV and 99% of its sponsors ever since the very first close up of Nanci Pelosi and Hillary Clinton together. I just could not believe the FCC would allow that kind of Pornography on Network TV. I’m thinking of organizing a boycott of certain Cable Net works now.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Jax Cat… I heard somewhere that he is on the board of directors at the Reagan library… How that creep got there, I don’t know.

    • Whackajig

      wussie williams was a perfect exibit of why msnbc sucks and why it’s ratings are so low. That harris guy from politico was even worse.

  • Byron

    How many deaths is Williams responsible for as he supports abortion?

    • Fedup

      Maybe it is Williams conscience that is bothering him? Misery Loves company. All those innocent babies, killed. Was there a brillant Doctor, Scientist or Future President that would of done something good amoung them? How can those abortion supporters sleep at night?

    • Winston on Truth

      That’s easy: Secular humanist liberal progressives have no moral conscience… that’s how they sleep at night.

  • Adrian Vance

    Brian Willams used to be real newsman and decent guy. (We have mutual friends.) I do not know how he came to make a bargain with Satan, but he clearly has done just that. I suspect major media now see bigger government as their only hope of survival and that means fascism, socialism from the top down.

    The Two Minute Conservative at gives sharp analysis, science and humor every day. Now on Kindle.

  • Linda W

    I agree with most of the statements here on this subject. How can We The People petition Congress and the Supreme Court on proper ID’s for voting the 2012 Presidential Election. I believe that every citizen that wants to vote should but They Must Be A Citizen of the US. We must have some recourse to stop voter fraud for this election or we are done as a country.
    Every state that had voter fraud from the previous election should have the voting process audited by and independent organization Not By ACORN or anyone else.

    • jackie

      I agree. I was almost afraid in 2008 to enter the polling station, a church just two blocks from my home, because of the cars cirling the block with people shouting praises to bama and waving baseball bats.

    • WW2 vet


    • Marlene

      Great point, but theres’s no need to shout.

    • ww2 vet

      Why not, nobody listens anyway, and nobody will do anything about it either !!!!

    • Whackajig

      I have an effective way of dealing with posts like WW2vet’s which are presented in all caps. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF em, I do not read them.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Seven to ten Million of us Must converge on the Nations capitol literally over night prepared for a siege of all federal offices, and do it LEGALLY, With Permits in Hand and All that other Marion Berry Socialistic red tape dealt with. Shit there are less than 5,000 Soldiers in the military district of Washington not counting Ft Meade Md. which would have to be pre-deployed in order to have any effect within the city. if 7-10 million were clogging all the streets. Obumus would never allow collateral damage on his bud Marion Berry’s turf. Is October First to soon for Ya’ll??

  • Jim

    I found out that one of the board memebers
    of the Reagan library works for Politico.
    That is why MSNBC hosted the debate. What
    a sad state of affairs. I only watched a few
    minutes of the debate. It sickens me to have
    MSNBC on my television. Republicans should know better.

  • James

    Who watches Brian Williams anyway? I’ve even erased that number off my channel select knob. It has worn out my mute button.

  • David B.

    I like Brian but not in this role! Newt was absolutely right on this.The left openly is going to protect O’Blame me at all costs no matter how many lies they need to tell!

    • Whackajig

      What is brian william’s role? Cleaning out open trench latrines by mouth?

  • Don R. Sherwood

    Who is the Republican idiot that agreed to allow MSNBC to host the Republican Presidential Debate? Who might be so dumb as to believe that MSNBC would be anything but biased?

    On another basis, why would you pick one of the least watched TV channels to air your show?

    On any measure, the RNC (or whomever was in charge) proves themselves to have a death wish for the Republican Party!

    • Winston on Truth

      You are right about the RNC, because they’ve become the poster child for compromising conservative values. Of course though if FOX News were to have hosted the debate the liberal progressives (socialists) would have been all over that for sure.

    • Cate

      fox already hosted one of the debates. And Newt yelled at their moderators too, for asking gotcha questions :-)

    • Co-opted Confederate

      DUH! the Democrats control ALL of the broadcast networks and most if not all of the Cable networks. Geez!

  • Jax Cat

    The dabate was probably the highest ratest show EVER on MSNBC.

    • Fedup

      I’m willing to bet a doughnut that the GOP Debate and the Greenbay Packers had higher ratings than o bummers congressional jobs repeat speech. And I don’t bet, especially yummy doughnuts.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      No I think it was Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress.

    • Whackajig

      That is sick…………. Co-opted thinks that Monica’s blue dress is yummy.

  • AZ Don

    Perry is right SS is (the way it is set up today) a ponzi scheme. It did not however, start out that way. LBJ turned it into a ponzi scheme. And furthermore, if you don’t count the uncollectible IOU’s it is broke.

    Being skeptical about climate change makes him reasonable not extreme as some liberal progressives think. Believing in total man made climate change is extreme. And no Al the argument is not over.

    His strong support for the second amendment is main stream, and a general election winner not looser as some liberal progressives think. The second amendment rights have been upheld by the supreme court three times. What is so hard for liberals to understand about that. He is definitely in contrast with obama’s broad themes. A correct contrast. Wanting to save our system of government, not converting it into socialism, communism or worse is a great contrast, a winner. Perry, it seems, has stolen obama’s “catch phrase” hope and change only this time we know what both are.

    It does look like a two man race right now, but don’t count out Newt Gingrich too soon he has shown his expertise, knowledge and awareness of the on-going predicament, we find ourselves in, during the last two debates. When the dust really settles it may be a three horse race. Three very good contenders. A win, win, win for the country!

    • Ben Midulla

      MSNBC Poll. Of 100,000 people voting here are their results: Ron Paul 48.8% (46,420 votes); Mitt Romney 18% (17,154 votes); Rick Perry 14.8% (14,0655 votes) ; John Huntsman 7% (5,643 votes); Newt Gingrich 4.5% (4,376 votes); Herman Cain 3.2% (3,068 votes); Michelle Bachmann 2.4% (2,293 votes); Rick Santorum 1.1% (1,060 votes). This is there own poll. A two man race, what for second place behind Ron Paul?

    • patspa

      I trust MSNBC like I trust the fox in the henhouse!!!!

    • AliveStillKickin

      Didn’t you get the memo?
      Polls are for strippers and skiers.

      Besides….Taking a “poll” in a California debate has to contain at least 70% Mexicans.
      That’s no “poll”
      That’s a lynching.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Yea Ron Paul. A Constitutional Republican if there ever was one!, Yea Ron !

    • Whackajig

      ron paul? Do we really need to have a president who wants to legalize all nasty drugs? Who has the worst record of any Republican on immigration issues? Who will not defend America unless several of our cities have been nuked?

      paul has some really great ideas and should probably have a place in the next administration, but do not put that looney tune in the office of president.

      That said, if by some miracle paul gets the nomination, then I will support and vote for him.

  • Otto

    Why would these Republicans fall into a snake pit by liberal moderators?

    • Fedup

      They didn’t fall into a snake pit. They walked into it with both eyes wide open. Why? Because they are not afraid of obummer or the libs. They are American Country First Patriots and They Know that Most of the country knows obummer is Not right for America. And They all agree, any of them could do a better job then obummer. And No matter what, any of them are willing to do the job. So pick one and Lets vote This Nov 2011 – For Early Elections. No Confidence on obama. Thankyou.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Simple: Newt Ginrich is/was the only one with enough Testosterone to snap back and no body cept his Momma & me love him much since he was Speaker of the house. the rest are too politically correct and genteel to tell it like it REALLY IS.

  • am2sweet

    They wanted Glenn Beck and other conservatives run off the air but yet allow Williams to stay on the air. Yes, I know that the libs don’t want anything conservative out there in public. But, sooner of later we’re going to have to fight for our rights.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      3 PM 1 October, Washington Monument bring lunch and three or four million of your closest friends

  • Dean

    The whole show is just that, political theater! Nothing short of a real revolution will bring this country back to it’s roots!

    • patspa


    • Co-opted Confederate

      3 PM Washington Monument 1 October , bring supper and three or four million of your closest friends

  • Jerry F.

    I seen this coming the minute I heard MSNBC was going to hold the debate,but the RNC should have demand the question in advance,or the should have made the rules up for it,and if they didn’t like it to bad.I mean if Obama is having an interview he get’s a advance copy of the questions.And what was with bring a latino out to ask the questions about immagration?

    • Marlene

      That Latino got bit in the butt because he didn’t get the responses he’d hoped for. Not one person balked, stuttered or stammered and just made the questioner look like the idiot he is. Makes me proud to be a Republican. When faced with the verbal war that the Libs foisted on them, they stood their ground and put the jerk down good.

  • D. Hanes

    Why in the world would the Republicans ever agree to a debate on a Democratic network and questioned by Dems.

    Has Obama ever let a Republican question him.. has he ever let anyone that isn’t friendly to him even talk to him.. No. Republicans made a big mistake but so did the Dems.. even more people can see how they have bought themselves a good part of the media. Where in Gods name has unbiased press gone. Sickening!

    • LANI

      I cannot wait to see the questions they ask Obummer when he has to debate! Should be interesting

    • AliveStillKickin

      Do you mean….AFTER they offer him a pillow?

    • Co-opted Confederate

      No When he has to answer to a grand Jury!he’ll have to talk to some one who thinks he’s a vile peckerwood.

    • Whackajig

      There is a much higher order that I wish for o-vomit to answer to.

  • Bernie

    Don’t run away from these lib “moderators” take them on head to head…….for example if they hear a “gotcha question” just respond, for example……” I do not agree with the premise of your question, the real issue is…etc., if interupted….say firmly, you asked the question …I am going to answer it….do not interupt…the people want to hear from me…not you!! Go Tea Party, Go Perry

    • LANI

      i want them all to do exactly what Gingrich did. The Obummer Media needs to be put in their place, they have gotten away with their BS long enough! And they need to bring up all the crap Obummer has done to get us where we are. Seems the media doesn’t want to go there. They NEVER mention anything about Obummer and his policies, especially the Unconstitutional Executive Orders he has signed!

  • LANI

    I was clapping when Gingrich gave it to Twittle Dee And Twittle Dumb I mean Dum. They both were disgraceful!

    • della

      Me too! I was so proud of Newt Gingrich! I thought in many things Newt made the most sense in his remarks. Watching the debate was like watching Obama question the Republicans.

  • patspa

    This commentary, unfortunately, is ALL too true! My husband and I immediately picked up on the “liberal” mentality of the moderators and their efforts to inflict animosity between the candidates. Newt Gingrich, bless his heart, had the backbone to call Brian Williams and his fellow henchman on the carpet for their efforts to bring on a spirit of dissension between the candidates. As Gingrich so eloquently said, all the candidates are united in their goal to unseat Obama in 2012; and which ever one is ultimately chosen as the nominee will be backed by the rest of the folks on the stage. What I cannot understand is why the real purpose of MSNBC’s coverage of the debate was not questioned by the GOP. Where were the other networks and their moderator representatives?

  • Carol Fryer

    So it was all about Romney and Perry again. Was Ron Paul even there? Who else was there besides Foxes fair haired babies?

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Carol F. Evidently, you weren’t there or you would know…

  • Juris Doctor

    I attemtped to contact MSNBC News and let them have piece of my mind, and guess what. The contact us has and email MSNBC News but all the link does rap around to Contact us again. They won’t even take and email any longer. What a joke of station. Brain Williams has lost what credibility he may have had. If he says on the air the station will be paying for nothing. Because no will be watching this station.

  • Buck

    There were no moderaters , only progressive socialist hacks for the demogogue party .

    • El Lobo Solo

      Right! The “Dementia-Crats”.

  • Scott Downer

    this was the same speech carter did in 1975 and created 300,00 jobs and 2 billion for the local projects with a debt reduced bye 1.4 trillion

  • Marlene

    It’s very apparent that Brian Williams has learned at the feet of Obama how to ‘TRY’ to be divisive. I say ‘try’ because he failed miserably as Gingrich so eloquently pointed out. Loved that putdown. That, and Perry’s rsponse to the death penalty question, were the highlights of the debate. Just love to see those boobs put in their place with reasonable and honest responses to the biased, Liberal questions. With candidates like these, except for Huntsman, America stands a great chance to heal and become healthy once again. I’m rooting hard against Obama and all the Liberals!

  • FireMall

    Even if Williams was right about Perry’s job creation being mostly Minimum wage positions.
    It still out does the 2 Million Jobs Obama Promised & Never happened if the Stimulus was passed. How many Jobs have been Lost because of Obama ? If the Oil boys say they can have 1.5 million job openings if Obama’s EPA would allow them to drill sounds like Obama killed 1.5 million jobs in Just One American Industry. How many Gibson Guitar employees are furloughed today because of The Sorry POS POTUS’ DOJ ?? 14.5 Million out of work isn’t even close to the “real” 25% of the U.S.’ entire workforce that are jobless.
    And that’s after about 27 months of Obama’s job creation BS.
    I recall a time when killing a Man’s job would result in a Severe Azz whoopin. Or worse. And Justifiably so.

  • stephen russell

    Rigged debate with MSNBC or any Left media outlet, No Way & Bias to the max.
    Outwardly Bias.

  • Yellow Horse

    The CBS newsmen(WANTA BEES) are completely useless to America!!! They have so much genuine haterid for real Americans that they Continuelly plot to try to destroy America simply because they know they are loseing and can’t do a dam thing to change it!!! They must stay awake nites and hit themselves in the face, they have make up artist when they go on the air to cover up the bruses!!!! Hells just waiting for you boys!!!

  • Raymond

    Once again Patriot Update is censoring the truth.

    • El Lobo Solo

      “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess”.

      Oscar Wilde

  • Whackajig

    brian williams, john harris and msnbc are simply lackeys for ooooo-vomit.

  • mimi

    All AMERICANS who care about our great country ,stop watching any of the left show, they are not fair, never will be fair!!!!! they still have JOBS WE DON’T!!!! LET THEM SEE what it’s like not to have money in your pockets, EVERY GOOD AMERICA LETS BOYCOTT ALL THE LIB SHOWS,IT’S TIME!!!!!!!!NO JOB FOR ME NOOO JOB FOR THEM!!!!!! WE CAN DO THIS IF WE ALLL UNITE!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mimi


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