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Is Gingrich a Conservative Leader for the GOP?

Written on Saturday, January 28, 2012 by

ginrich gop speaker

Let me ask all Patriots this question “Who has gotten the United States into the financial trouble we are currently in?” We can place (most of the) blame on Barack Obama who has a philosophy of bigger government, excessive spending and uncontrolled entitlement programs. We can also place blame squarely on both houses of Congress.  During the first two years of the Obama administration, 2008 and 2009, the Democrats continued their control of both Congressional houses; the Senate and the House of Representatives. In those two years alone, these politicians never submitted a budget but they DID pass every piece of legislation to grow the government bigger and bigger. The bottom line is that Congress, from 2006 to 2010, was a liberals ‘dream come true’ period of time because these Socialists had complete control of the Federal Budget. Without any sort of fiscal conscious they ran up our deficit by excessive spending and no regard for their constitutional duties. Never before in the history of the United States, has Congress been so blatant with how they managed our money and how reckless they were in passing  laws like the Healthcare Reform Act called ‘Obamacare’ without fully vetting them with the American people.

Today, we are suffering the real consequences of this behavior with high unemployment rates, under reported employment, business stagnation, housing issues and poor consumer purchases. There are so many issues with America caused by Barack Obama and this Democratic leadership that it would take a book to explain it all. However, not all these problems are ONLY caused by Obama and these Liberal (Socialist) Democrats. In 2010, we elected to Congress many newcomers from the Tea Party to help reign in the Democratic majority that was “out of control” at the time. Their one goal was to stop the reckless spending and unconscionable passage of laws that is taking away our American Freedom. The question I have is “Have those Tea Party Officials been able to succinctly reign in our out-of-control spending?” The clear answer is No. So we have to ask ‘Why not?’ Why is Congress STILL out of control and why cannot they stop the reckless spending that is now OVER $15 TRILLION DOLLARS? Let us bookmark this first thought and digress to explain Congress back in the 1990’s for a minute.

Yesteryear in Congress

Prior to the 1990’s the voting American public stood up and said “No More Taxes.” In fact, the first President Bush was not reelected because he did not listen to that generation of American voters. What these voters knew, that current voters have failed to realize, was if their personal taxes and corporate tax were raised more and more, this would reduce the amount of money anyone had to spend and it would stymie economic growth. So, before the end President Bush’s first term he could not resist raising taxes on Americans and because of this he was not reelected and was then out of office. It was this one single tax event that prevented him from being elected to two terms.

Around 1995, the leadership in the House of Representative changed and the Republicans took control. This is when Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House of Representatives. During his time as Speaker of the House, there were in fact, FOUR consecutive budgets that balanced our burgeoning federal deficit. There was a Democratic President at the time, Bill Clinton, and it was an uphill battle for Speaker Gingrich to get each budget approved and passed in the House. Then each budget had to go to the Senate and ultimately President Clinton had to sign it; which he did all four years. Has any Patriot ever asked this question “Was it easy to create a budget that balanced the burgeoning deficit and get the sum of Congress to pass it just so Clinton would sign it?” Does anyone think the Democrats walked in ‘lock-step’ with the Speaker of the House to get it done? Does anyone believe the Republicans walked ‘in synchronicity’ with Speaker Gingrich to get this accomplished? Just look at what is happening TODAY in Congress, 2010 through 2012 with the budget; compare this to how do YOU think Speaker Gingrich was able to get a balanced Federal Budget pushed though? Now let us bookmark this second thought for a minute so we can take a look at what is happening in the present.

Leadership and Supporters of Leadership

There is a condition that a leader must prepare for because all leaders are labeled “a target” by the people who do not support them. Those people who do not agree with leadership often make the person in that position a target of ridicule, angst and non-support. They decisively talk behind their back and express their discontent of the job the leader is doing. They try to persuade others to believe in why they do not like or will not support the leader. They will do everything they can to get others to become disenchanted with that leader. It does not matter if this leader is at a local level within your community, church or school. This type of behavior goes all the way up to Congress and to the President. One can always say that ‘some people will follow a leader and there will always be others who will not.’

A very good leader will know how to get things done. So how can a leader depend upon others to get ‘it’ done if they do not support the leader? The answer to this is a ‘trade secret’ of leadership and in a future book this will be discussed at length. It is important to know there are many different styles of leadership that can be effective depending upon the environment, mission and goals. The question we have to ask is “What does it take for a leader to be effective so they can get America back on track? Now, let us bookmark this third thought for a minute so we can take a look at what is happening and what people are saying about the Congress of Yesteryear.

Reality of Leadership

There are more and more attacks directly on Gingrich’s four years of leadership when he was Speaker of the House of Representatives. These people, who may have been in office at the time, are saying “even fellow Republicans did not want to work with him [Newt]; while he was Speaker.” One can bet this is coming from the Democratic Party primarily because they are absolutely terrified that Newt Gingrich will become the GOP Presidential Candidate. They are pulling out all the stops to do everything they can to get Mitt Romney to become our GOP candidate for President. There is another article I wrote that explains this in more detail about “Why the Democrats want Romney to be the GOP Presidential Candidate” and can be found at this link:

Do we believe Newt had it easy when he was Speaker of the House? Do we also believe everyone just willingly supported him as the Speaker for his balance budget initiatives? Sure, all the members in the House just went along with his budget cutting agenda; yes, all of them were just apathetic having to eliminate programs that may affect their own re-election back home, right? So, what do you think Newt did to get EVERYONE to buy-in and support the tightening of the federal budgets he led? Remember, what Newt did give us was a balanced budget for FOUR years and this resulted in unprecedented American growth and revenue!

You have to know the Democrats are so obsessed with preventing Newt from wining the GOP nomination that they will seize upon any and all bad information they can get on him. They are using every negative issue they can find against Newt right now. It is not beyond them to actually lie, cheat and manipulate any and all information to make Newt look bad. Obviously, they are choosing to blast Gingrich because they fear him the most; this is because he actually got something accomplished when he was Speaker and this SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THE ESTABLISHMENT! Not only is Newt a true conservative, but he has been able to do “WHAT IT TAKES” to actually make changes happen in Congress! Was it easy for Newt? Did he make friends? Did he have to bend some arms? Did he have to compromise? Yes Newt did and I am sure he had to do these things and probably more to make the changes we idolize today. Was Newt Gingrich perfect? No. However, Newt Gingrich got the job done and EVERYONE benefited from it!

One thing I believe Speaker Gingrich did not do is “he did not do what the CURRENT Speaker of the House of Representatives has done. Nor did he do what Nancy Pelosi did while she was Speaker.” In 2010, 2011 and now in 2012, our House is in turmoil, it is not able to get consensus on passing laws and budgets and they have failed from preventing us going over 12 Trillion Dollars in debt; which is now $15 Trillion! So as far as leadership is concerned, we have the model of one Speaker, Newt Gingrich, that got the job done and everyone since then has been far worse for America and they have caused our current debt crisis and reduction of our Freedom.

Let us take a quick look at the job Speaker Pelosi did when she was the Speaker of the House. What she did resulted in spiraling out-of-control debt, crushing regulations and removal of plethora of our American FREEDOMS. In her day, they never even produced a budget much less pass one. The four years she was in control resulted in an unprecedented federal government growth and infiltration of socialists into our American government. Yes, she is an excellent role model for us to NOT ever elect again.

Next we have Speaker Boehner and the job he is now doing as Speaker of the House. He is not able to stand up for one single budget proposal and had four of them last year. He bends like a reed in a soft wind. Since he is not able to stand for anything, the House of Representatives is all tied up in gridlock with seemingly no leadership Yes, Boehner is also an excellent role model for us. His leadership model is to realize it is NOT easy to lead the House of Representatives into a concerted and focused effort.

Leadership in Summary

So, based upon the leadership Mr. Gingrich exhibited while he was the leader of the House of Representatives, do we believe he should be shunned and he should be hanging his head low in utter disgrace as the Liberals would have you believe? Because of the way his critics are slamming Newt (about what he did back then) should this be preventing him from becoming our GOP candidate for President? Newt Gingrich talks about that period of time and what he did as if he is wearing a badge of HONOR!  What he did is honorable. The Democrats want all of us to believe he should be ashamed of what he did. Speaker Gingrich has summed this up by stating “No one is our lifetime has done what [he] did; no one has balanced the Federal Budget four consecutive years in a row.” You are correct, Mr. Speaker.

Remember, all of these professed issues and complaints about Newt Gingrich are yet again showing everyone how desperate the Establishment is scared of Newt. They are terrified that if elected, he will actually CHANGE WASHINGTON. Also remember it is infinitely much easier for people to just sit on the sidelines and nit-pick what Newt did as Speaker of the House. Just know that as ‘The leader’ it was Newt who actually got something done. Newt was not just someone who got it done to benefit their own political party and friends, Newt got it done for every citizen in the United States of America. Thank You Mr. Gingrich!

Right now all of us American Patriots are trying to vet the qualifications of who will become our GOP Candidate, so please remember these three important things:

  1. Leadership is not easy and it is very hard to become an effective leader
  2. We have a choice of leaders and we need someone who has a record of successful change
  3. We MUST break the current dead-lock in Congress and this will NOT make many friends

Now let us examine the bookmarks we created.

1. We have out of control spending because we do not have any leadership that can make us believe they are fiscally responsible. There is no one in Congress now that will stand by their core values because they are trying to appease others.

2. Being able to make changes in Washington is not for the foolhardy. It is not about winning friends but more about influencing people and this is what Gingrich did. Just realize it is extremely difficult to lead people especially when your goal is to make significant cuts in funding.

3. What will it take to get America back on track? It will take someone with bold ideas; it will take a leader who is not afraid to do what is best for the Republic FIRST and it will take real core-value leadership to make the process work for EVERYONE.

Patriots, I believe we can get America back on track with the correct leader. However, time is running out and we MUST select the best leader we can for the November 2012 election. However, between now and then, all of us will be hearing a lot about leadership so when you hear people talk about leadership, remember this “Leadership is a LOT like herding a bunch of cats; the ones with long tails are the ones that will get stepped upon and those are the ones that will be screaming. The ones which are screaming are the ones preventing us from getting it done!”

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  • nvrpc

    He is the ONLY one who stands any chance of beating Obama and even that’s going to be close. I’m telling you people right now. All those who voted for Obama the last time will eventually vote for Obama again because they’re going to see he is the only one with a plan. None of the others have addressed how they are going to solve America’s problem. They just fight with one another giving the media all the ammo they need to kill them before they get close to the Whitehouse. The media and the Obama lovers are loving you to defeat. All that Obama has to do is repeat the speech he gave at the SOTU address again and again and again and you guys are going down in a ball of flames. Click on my name and then the words Party Over Folks and listen. He’s made you all look like idiots and the fall guys and I’m telling you it’s going to fly in the public’s eye. I for one will agree with the fact we should all pay equal taxes. Why should a secretary pay 36% and a billionaire pay 15%.. I want the IRS abolished and 10% from ALL no matter what you make and no other taxes of any kind except for maybe a 2% VAT tax.

    • Al

      So, in other words “YOU ARE A CLASS WARFARE KINDA GUY”!

      Secretaries DON’T pay 36%, and Billionaires whose income is from INVESTMENTS Pay 15%, after it has already been TAXED at the CORP level at 30%! Would that be DOUBLE TAXATION!

      YOU don’t know CHIT of what you are talking about!

    • nvrpc

      And your head is uop you -ass punk. I know a lot of people that make $150 K a year and pay 36% all day long. Why should sone S-O-B that make million pay 15%. get a life fool. The only fair tax is a 10% on everyone , so stick that in your pipe and soake it bozo. Oh and a cashless society so you AH can’t hide ANY of you eraning every again It’ll taxed at 10% before you even get your stinkinghands on it

      It’s time for a revolution in American. It’s time for “equal taxation for all “. We need an executive order to be written within the first twenty-four hours of the new presidency . One that will do the following

      Step #1 = Abolish the IRS and all of its tax codes immediately.

      Step #2 = Establish a flat 10% tax rate plus a 2% VAT tax where your annual tax obligation is automatically withdrawn from each paycheck. This 10% withdraw will cover the individuals state and federal obligation for the year with no need to ever file a 1040 form. There’s to be no other taxes of any kind for any reason. The 10% is distributed at 2% to the state and 8% the federal government and is to be frozen at 10% for eternity. A 2% VAT is to assure those that make the most and therefore spend the most will be the ones who pay the most because they buy the most.

      Step # 3 = State, Federal and VAT taxes are to be frozen forever and will never be more than 10% of you earnings / profits and since all earnings and sales are electronically recorded you cannot hide / shelter them.

      If the United States of America cannot run it’s government on 10% of everyone’s income then shut down all non essential programs and keep only those a 10% tax + 2% VAT will support. In conjunction with the fair taxation plan comes no borrowing to sustain or support any programs, period, and the books must be balanced on Dec 31st of each year with the results posted in real time; allowing the public to see where their money is being spent.

      Only you the tax paying people of America can stop the insanity of being taxed into poverty and used as a never ending involuntary donor to support the parasite of this world. If you have no balls to abolish the IRS or to mandate the establishment of a fair tax policy, then just change your name to JB ( Johnny Bendover ) and smile as they molest you and your children relentlessly for eternity.

      As it stands now and with the current IRS tax code this is exactly what they’re doing to you at this moment.

      It’s time for a cashless society worldwide so we can get our financials in order and assure we are all sharing the tax load equally.

      This fair tax described above would eliminate all taxes such as theses you pay everyday but don’t think about

    • Hank is back

      Ron Paul-
      Only candidate that wants to abolish the IRS.

    • Chuck


    • flaglady

      You evidently don’t understand capital gains and should not comment so. Romney already paid regular taxes on the money. It was then invested in companies that has helped the economy. The profits he made and paid 15% on was also taxed at the company level. That is taxation upon taxation. About the article, bull pucky!!

    • daves

      Mr. Romney took profits from investing other peoples money and paid a %15 tax rate. He did not invest his own money.

    • flaglady

      You evidently don’t understand capital gains and should not comment so. Romney already paid regular taxes on the money. It was then invested in companies that has helped the economy. The profits he made and paid 15% on was also taxed at the company level. That is taxation upon taxation. About the article, bull pucky!!

    • Al

      OK, One more time:

      You earn income, you are TAXED!

      Tou INVEST what is left!


      Your INVESTMENTS are paid out of CORP PROFITS, which are TAXED at 30%, then your INVESTMENTS are TAXED at 15%!

      Add it up!

      30% plus 15% =$45, PLUS the Income TAX on the original INCOME!

      Keep on WHINING DUMMY!

    • Al

      Sorry about the TYPO’s!

    • areopagitica

      Of course we have double and triple taxation. Also the discouragement to risktaking for private investment that grows the economy, and then is Capital Gains taxed. We are worse in that than even Europeans, who now tax their consumption about as much as Investment. Any hope of taking an axe to the IRS by anyone will fail, but some of the candidates won’t even give lip service to the desire for it.

    • flaglady

      The companies that you invest in also pay the taxes so it’s taxed again. You are never going to abolish the IRS. Pipe dream!! Try a giant overhaul first!

    • Barbara

      Newt is anti-gun and supports the Fairness Doctrine. I think Newt being a true Conservative is a bunch of bull.

    • areopagitica

      There may well be inconsistency in Newt. It is the very consistency of the current regime in power that we cannot abide. And the likelihood of more of the same, which most seem to recognize would continue with as non ideological a pragmatist as Romney. His share of Republicans is 25 percent and unchanging. The conservatives will continue to support multiple candidates with their majorities until one or two more depart the scene.


    It is the Dems, Libs and media that is bringing this country down. The media has been bought by dems and Romney, and they think that they can brainwash people into voting for their Candidate Romney, which is a Dem in Conservative clothes. That Debate the other night was staged with a barage of attacks on Newt. The audience was hand picked for Romney. Our Politicians in Congress and WH is all about making theirself Rich, by Insider trading, and Lobbying, and they continue to make laws to keep it that way. THEY are scared to death that a real LEADER is coming in their to change what they are doing, and they are scared to death of NEWT….NEWT 2012

    • Martin Ridens

      What if… what if a lot of what you are saying is true? What if the media is showing the negative attacks on Ginchrich and not talking so much about that 28 minute video on Bain or the anti-Mormon literature that flooded South Carolina? What if there was support for Newt from certain corners shown in a positive light on our airwaves? What if the media was capitalizing on American’s long held soft-spot for an underdog? What if they knew the “inevitability” of Romney wasn’t working so decided to use this “two man race” strategy to give us a good fight and keep the one man they are really afraid of in the background? What if the statists in our government use this same ploy to pit one half of America against the other half during our elections and didn’t really care who won as long as it was one of the ststists? What if?

      Ron Paul 2012 – The R3volution

    • areopagitica

      Your premise is not supported by your conclusion. R Paul is the answer to nothing but petulance. His grand pronouncements are anarchist domestically, not reasonable libertarian and constitutionalist. Worse, his sloganeering is merely promoting surrender to any world forces anyplace.

    • C.Davis

      Your penchant for placing large words in proximity of one another does not equate to knowledge of your subject. From your glib pronouncements it can be easily seen that you have no more knowledge of the man than can be garnered from any single watching of the Glenn Beck entertainment show. Perhaps you should be a little more honest about your dearth of wisdom in slandering the object of your invective, and instead do a little research about what the man has done in daily defying the beast which strives to enslave us. If you are unwilling to put your life on the line every day for 30 years in the cause of liberty perhaps you might at least exhibit the decency to reserve your opinions for something of which you have at least a rudimentary familiarity.

    • Al

      Actually they are ALL scared of Ron Paul!

      He would DESTROY their EMPIRE!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Al…. WOULD is the operative word here.Queen Elizabeth WOULD be King Elizabeth if she had balls!! But she doesn’t.

    • areopagitica

      If Ron Paul “would destroy anyone’s empire” there should be a visible prediction of this in his tenure in congress. Nothing he attempted actually swayed his colleagues to a favorable vote. Where there is seldom opposition, such as claiming his state’s share of pork, well, yes, he did show some aptitude for that.

    • C.Davis

      The universally decried corruption of the legislature means that many harmful, wasteful bills introduced in congress for passage require the behind-the-scenes wrangling of these corrupt congressmen, which they describe as arm twisting, but is really nothing more than bribery. Since they know they can’t bribe Ron Paul, he is excluded from this “arm twisting” activity. As a bonus for these “arm twisters” they are able to also exclude Dr Paul’s district from representation, thereby nescessitating that Dr. Paul attach appropriation riders to the bad bills in order to obtain representation for his district, which is his job.
      Unfortunately the unscrupulous congressmen who are inclined to hate a better man than themselves, point their fingers at him as if he has done something wrong, though of course he has not.
      One particularly corrupt senator even made a point of politicising this issue leading up to the ’08 presidential election, so that he would have something, at least, to attack Dr Paul with since nothing else could be found for this purpose.
      That senator was John McCain,who recently co-authored the NDAA. So now the corrupt congress people accuse Paul of “pork barrel spending” in order to obscure the infinitely larger quantities of tax money they’ve pilfered away through their untraceable back room deals.
      Then they accuse him of hypocracy when he votes against the bill that he would never have voted for in the first place, ascribing their own motives for doing similar things to doctor Paul, who is only motivated by honor.
      Now many either uninformed or intellectually dishonest individuals propagate these innacuracies on the internet and talk radio in order to influence others who are either gullible or likewise intellectually dishonest, in order to disparage the greatest statesman of our time, a man who for 30 years has daily inserted himself into the breech between his beloved republic and the greatest evil to have evolved in the history of mankind. For which I and many others pray for him daily. We do not expect the victims of this evil to understand our devotion to this man and his cause, for they have been damaged by the very beast which they serve. Suffice it to say that while the flame that is the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION burns,liberty has a beacon for the huddled masses.

  • Adrian Vance

    Understand that Gingrich is another big government guy. That $1.3 million from Freddy Mac tells the story.

    Obama off Georgia ballot? See

    • Martin Ridens

      Here is the voting record on many conservative issues of Gingrich and Ron Paul complete with links to the actual recorded votes on a the govtrack website.

      It’s really hard to make it any easier than this for you all to do your own research.

    • areopagitica

      Newt turned in a better paper during his tenure as speaker than any since. Whatever that achieved in resentment by pork loving congressmen is probably part of that legacy. If the above attempts to show the wonderful libertarian or constitutionalist or conservative record racked up by Ron Paul, there is no legacy. His record of success is .2 percent. He merely xeroxed his usual bills, maybe made a fifteen minute speech and watched nobody of significance support them, Not a leader of any sort.

    • patriotrenegade

      …and CFR NAFTA GATT NAU dream act amnesty, global warming, and erasing the Constitution. There must be a special zombie academy out there churning out knewtienuts.

  • nvrpc

    Oh I forgot, if you can just sing two lines from Al Greens song you too can have 16,000 people get your voice/ song as a ringtone. There’s actaully a website for Obama’s ring tone. Obama is the “people’s people” and if this keeps up you’re going to hear about him as much as you have heard about JFK. As a matter of a fact my bet is he’s going to go down in history as the Black JFK.. he’s jsut kicking au-ss all over the networks while the two running for the whitehouse are having nails driven in their coffin’s by the minute. How good of a chance do you guys have of replacing him.

  • fliteking

    “Is Gingrich a Conservative Leader for the GOP?”

    Nope. Not my choice either.

    Still, I welcome him with open arms over Obama and his socialist band of losers.

  • Sonja M

    No matter how you look at it Newt would be 10 times better than what we have now.

    • Hank is back

      If you multiply zero by ten, you still get zero.

      Obama – Marxist Rhetoric = Gingrich

    • Chuck

      Everyone agrees with that, but Gingrich had no reason to turn on Romney full force and act like an angry democrat. He is doing the heavy lifting for Obama. The more he spews his venom to an honorable man, the less I like him.

    • memurphy

      It isn’t hard to understand Newt’s attacks on Romney,as the distortion of his unequalled record of 4 consecutive balanced budgets,and the untruths of his resignation in Romney’s PAC ads would make a saint angry(note Newt never claimed to be a saint!)I will support WHOEVER the candidate is against obama!!

    • DC Garvin

      If Newt would be 10 times better than Obama, then Romney would be 100 times better! Newt is a colorful firebrand; Romney is a great man, a proven leader, and most important, Romney can beat Obama.

  • 777denny

    Maybe if everyone went to Sarah Palins facebook page like I did and ask that she endorse Newt Gingrich and hopefully campaign for hem, maybe Newt can win Florida. A vote for Mr. Rick Santorum is a vote for RINO Romney is a vote for Obama because Obama will win against RINO Romney, in my opinion. Newt Gingrich ran as a Conservative, voted like a Conservative, ran for Speaker as a Conservative, fulfilled his promises on HIS Contract With America, all the while maintaining a STRONG conservative RECORD. RINO Romney ran to the Left of Ted Kennedy, governed Mass like Ted Kennedy, voted for candidate similar to Ted Kennedy, gave money similar to Ted Kennedy, repudiated the Reagan Revolution like Ted Kennedy, then ran in 2008 WITHOUT a RECORD of conservatism. Go Newt!

    • nvrpc

      If Newt is still around after the media burns his a-ss and Romney spend millions slander him I will VOTE FOR NEWT even though I think Obama going to kick any one you have to offers auss to the moon and back.

    • flaglady

      Maybe people don’t believe in Sarah Palin any more either. She goes around just to get attention and do or say anything to pay her big bills.

    • patriotrenegade

      I thought sarah knew better than to endorse a CFR globalist traitor. Guess $$$$$$$ talks in the green room at fox, owned by CFR murdoch. yuch. She has totally fallen from my list of people I respect. She is a hopeless retard and will never leave alaska again.

  • tod

    If newtogetrich, or robme become President You All need to start up your cars,and drive to nearest FEMA Camp ,and turn Yourselves in.So you can save the Government all that money it’s going to haVE TO SPEND GATHERING YOU UP!!! Dr.Ron Paul for the ONLY PROVEN HONEST(for Well Over 30 Years)God Fearing Patriot running for President,PERIOD !!!

    • John

      Ron Paul is NOT A REPUBLICAN he is a Libertarien. The only reason he runs as a republican is that the libertariens can’t get on all state ballots. If you listen to him he so far to the Left the he backs the BIG BO look right-wing

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Tod…. Just wait right there. …. The Jonestown Bus will be by shortly..Get youur extra Kool- Aid ready.

    • Chuck

      Go easy on tod, he dosen’t have a full deck. He thinks making a fool of himself is important.

  • Hank is back

    Real difference between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich

    Mitt Romney: Establishmentarian loyal to the establishment. A good ole boy who does what he is told. Perhaps he means well, but he has a checkered past on the issues, and is dead wrong on many things. Unwitting progressive wrapped up in sincerely moderate rhetoric.

    Newt Gingrich: Establishmentarian not always loyal to the establishment. Loyal only to himself, except where his personal benefit coincides with that of others. Where he disagrees with the establishment it is usually not that he has better ideas, but, frankly, much worse. Establishment hates him not because he is not one of their own, but because he has stabbed even them, his former friends, in the back. Has a checkered past in regards not just to the issues, but also his personal life and his character. Proud progressive cloaked in conservative rhetoric at the right moments.

  • flaglady

    If they get any more biased, I might have to block the Patriot Update like I did Newsmax. I hate being told by media who to vote for. I talked to lots of bloggers today that feel the same way.

    • Martin Ridens

      Have you seen this? I just came across it and as skeptical of all media as I am, I was stunned.

    • DC Garvin

      Well said, flaglady. I have been so disgusted w/Newsmax and its other “news” arms (Vision to America, etc), which I think include Patriot Update. There’s not just extreme bias, but from my view, a level of dishonesty that is very destructive to conservative causes and credibility.

  • Martin Ridens

    The article begins,

    “Who has gotten the United States into the financial trouble we are currently in?” We can place (most of the) blame on Barack Obama who has a philosophy of bigger government, excessive spending and uncontrolled entitlement programs.

    Take a look at any graph of us debt over the last 50 years and take the rest of what he says with the appropriately sized grain of salt.

    • Ultor

      12 years ago the national debt was shrinking under Speaker Gingrich. Both parties made him enemy #1. 3 years ago under Polosi the national debt was 11 trillion. And today under the Boahner it is 15.3 trillion. Thanks for the advice, I hope I have been helpful. I hope it is helpful for you to learn that it is the Congress of the United States under the constitution that spends money, the executive can sign or veto the spending. By the way, the last 3 years of over spending is the fastest rate in human history.

    • Martin Ridens

      The deficit was being steadily reduced from 1993 to 1997. We did run small surpluses from 1998 to 2001 but the graphs show no significant change in the general trend during Gingrich’s years as speaker from 1995 to 1999.

      Your comment, “12 years ago the national debt was shrinking under Speaker Gingrich.” appears to me to be designed to give Gingrich credit for the trend that existed before he became speaker and continued after he left. Maybe I’m wrong on that.

      I agree with the rest of what you’re saying. Republicans and democrats are both very much to blame for the mess we’re in and that’s the only point I was trying to make. And while it’s the congress who passes the spending bills and the laws it’s the president who sets the tone these days. Things have been much, much worse over the last three years so where does the ax fall, on Boehner or Obama?

      I appreciate you trying to teach me things and maybe if you didn’t sound so condescending it might help.

      Of you really were trying to give Gingrich credit for those balanced budget years here is an article that seems to shed some impartial light on the subject.

    • Gene

      Your statement is simply not true. The debt did not decrease during Gingrich’s tenure as Speaker.

    • areopagitica

      Debt, the interest we pay for what we continually borrowed for prior decades but do not pay down would not necessarily drop if we “balance a budget” and zero out the deficit spending for any fiscal year. Is that too hard to grasp? It takes a surplus, this year and every year to begin that. You may argue that we can accept a budget that grows at the rate the economy and productivity grows, but that is esoteric. At the current state of our indebtedness we can only look to a grand default on past debt, which is the same as a hyperinflation. That they are driving us to.

    • areopagitica

      You omit the fact that Congress has learned that the one house that is Demmocrat run can simply shirk its constitutional DUTY to document where it wishes to continue squandering our substance and mortgage our future. It can avoid seeking any inconvenient consensus on publishing a budget that would let us see the ridiculous debauch it really set in place. It can just spend in any direction it has previously spent, and continue doing so unrestricted. Until we turn the incumbents out en masse. All of them.

    • Wayne

      Why do you guys seem to forget that the Senate has the final vote before the president?

    • Al

      How about a few UNCONSTITUTIONAL WARS!

      They cost us TRILLIONS, and O’Bama did’nt start them!

      O’Bama is e jerk, and the WAR MONGERS are the same!

    • Chuck

      Wars approved by the Congress are not unconstitutional. Bombing Egypt and Lybia without their consent is unconstitutional.

  • George Tolhurst

    of course not you idiot. He si a one world gov’t insider and controlled by the same insider trash as Bush and Obama.



    • Martin Ridens

      I’m a legal citizen and I don’t understand.

    • Ultor

      Best 8 seconds of truth I have read so far in here.

    • patriotrenegade

      Is CFR NAFTA GATT NAU and a lot of other things conservative? Like I’ve asked all the knewtie nuts: come out in broad daylight and defend this horrendous record. Not one coward has appeared.

  • Larry

    There is only one thing that the SOB Newt Gingrich is and that is a lying criminal and he has proven that over the years and should never be considered for the Presidency or any other public service job not even a janitor scrubbing the toilettes

    • Ultor

      wow, a typical leftest non-substantive response to a substantive article. When your done with Obama, Romney will pay more for the services you like to render.

    • Wayne

      Please extract your cranium from your anus before making any comments here please.

    • Gilly Shales

      You know da#& well that the rotten minions are loving all of the Romney and Gingrich bashing, so get all of your bulbs out of your rectums, and make da#$ sure that either President Romney or President Gingrich IS VICTORIOUS and cut the crap!

  • Ultor

    Daniel Greystone is the first scrivener in this entire race to get it right. It is astonishing to me the depth of hypocrisy not only of the media but also frankly the RINO’s. And it is no wonder, they are so unattached today from reality they have forgotten that under Newt the nations approval of congress was 42% compared to Polosi at 22% and the Boahner at 12%, no wonder Boahner is seeking advice from Polosi.

  • tmt

    I voted for Newt in Florida. I hope he wins. I don’t care about his baggage. I want him to put our country back on track and I believe he can do it. Obama is terrified of him because he knows that Newt will call him on his Marxist-Socialist policies.

    • Chuck

      The Democrat warroom will eat Gingrich alive. James Carville is salivating at the prospect of getting the disgraced Ex Speaker of the House in his crosshairs.

    • Wayne

      You may want to check your facts, instead of listening to Romney’s adds. There is a reason that the media wants Romney to be nominated. Obama would eat him alive in debates, while Gingrich would kick his butt back to Kenya.

  • Mike

    Mitt Romney must be getting desperate as his paid phone survey people are calling and not identifying themselves as Mitt Romney people asking if you are going to your caucus in February. If you answer yes, they ask who you will be voting for. If you say someone other than Mitt Romney they will try and not get you elected as a voting delegate to the next level. What a bunch of weasels!

    • Martin Ridens

      I volunteer as a phone caller for Ron Paul. We simply ask which candidate the person would most likely vote for, who would be their second choice and which issues are most important to them. And then we let them know the phone call was provided by the Ron Paul 2012 campaign.

      I suppose I wouldn’t be too surprised if I found out they used this information to try and screen who gets selected as the voting delegate to the convention. This is politics, after all. The Ron Paul people make it very easy to volunterr from the comfort of your computer chair through their Phone from Home program.

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Mike… Ihope everyone who this applies to will pay close attention… Romney seems to be doing a lot of deck stacking lately…

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Sun. Jan. 29…. Tampa Tribune endorses NEWT GINGRICH!!!! Newt Gingrich visits Idlewild Baptist Church, Tampa, Fla. A huge church. Membership of many thousand….

    • tara jane

      The Tampa Tribune is a liberal newspaper and has been for eons. As for a church backing Gingrich – then I will never believe anything they say about “character” – sounds like a bunch of hypocrites!

  • tncdel
    • tara jane

      Thanks for the articles. Have already read both. After carefully doing research on both Romney and Gingrich — I will vote for Romney in the Florida primary!

  • John

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    Sunday, Jan 29 2012 12AM 6°F 3AM 4°F 5-Day Forecast
    Gingrich’s billionaire campaign backer under federal investigation after lawsuit alleges he hushed possible ties to Chinese organized crime

    Sheldon Adelson is the founder and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp., which owns the Sands Macau in China
    Adelson has given $10 million to bolster Gingrich’s campaign and has promised up to $10 million more
    The Department of Justice and SEC are investigating whether Las Vegas Sands violated federal bribery laws
    Adelson has denied any wrongdoing

    By Michael Zennie
    Last updated at 10:18 PM on 28th January 2012

    Comments (0)

    The billionaire casino mogul who has breathed new life into Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign with millions of dollars in donations is facing a federal investigation over whether his company violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which prohibits bribing foreign officials.
    The investigation stems from a lawsuit filed by a former executive at the Sands Macau in China, the company has said. Steven C. Jacobs claims he was told the keep quiet about investigations of local officials and the possible presence of the triads – Chinese organized crime – in the casino.
    Sheldon Adelson, who founded and runs Las Vegas Sands Corp — one of the largest casino and resort companies in the world, has denied the allegations in the lawsuit and said the company is cooperating with federal investigators.
    Sheldon Adelson
    Newt Gingrich
    Big supporter: Sheldon Adelson (left) has propped up Newt Gingrich’s campaign with $10 million in donations to the former House Speaker’s super PAC
    Adelson has donated an estimated $10 million to Gingrich’s super PAC ‘Winning our Future’ and promised to give up to $20 million.
    Worth an estimated $21 billion, Adelson is the eighth richest man in America and has almost single-handedly financed Gingrich’s second campaign surge.


    George Soros says there ‘isn’t all that much difference’ between Romney and Obama
    ‘I don’t like any of them': President John Tyler’s grandson slams GOP candidates and brands Newt Gingrich a ‘big jerk’

    The large donation has allowed Gingrich supporters to buy TV ads in key states, helping the former House Speaker to defeat Mitt Romney in the South Carolina Republican primary.
    But the attention has brought Adelson’s business practices into the spotlight. The lawsuit was filed in October 2010 and the company announced the federal inquiry in March of last year.
    Sands Macau
    Allegations: The former head of the Sands Macau casino (pictured) filed a lawsuit against Adelson’s company after he was fired
    Adelson addressed the concerns at a public forum last year saying the investigation is ‘not a serious matter.’
    ‘When the smoke clears, I am 1,000 percent positive that there won’t be any fire below it,’ he said, according to ABC News.
    The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice began looking into Las Vegas Sands Corp. as a result of allegations about its practices at Sands Macau casino and hotel, which operates on the Chinese island that has become the largest gambling mecca in the world, the Las Vegas Sun reported.
    Jacobs, who ran the resort, says in his lawsuit that he was wrongly fired from the company after he objected to allegedly illegal actions that he was asked to perform.
    Among them: Jacobs claims Adelson wanted him to hire a Chinese lawyer to dig up ‘negative information’ on local Macau officials that the company could use as leverage, the Sun reported.
    Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino
    Lit up: Adelson’s best-known property is the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip
    Jacobs says he also disagreed with Adelson over increasing the casino’s use of junkets — trips to Macau by groups of high-rolling gamblers organized by third-party groups.
    Some junkets in Macau have been organized by members of Chinese organized crime syndicates.
    Reuters reported in 2010 that alleged triad crime boss Cheung Chi-tai, who was connected with a junket to the Sands Macau, was running one of the VIP rooms at the casino, according to witnesses.
    That information came out at a trial of four men convicted of breaking a Sands dealer’s arms and legs, allegedly on Chi-tai’s orders, according to Reuters.
    In his lawsuit, Jacobs says Adelson ordered him to keep Chi-tai’s name and any information about possible triad involvement secret from the casino’s board of directors.
    The Las Vegas Sands Corp. has strenuously denied Jacobs’ claims and says he was fired for striking unauthorized deals and violating company policy.

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  • Bella Reed

    A vote for Newt is a vote to re-elect O’Bama – how do you want your children/grandchildren to grow up? Free to choose their own religion, talk freely or do you want them to live under the iron thumb of the Obama administration? You choose

  • John Bowman

    Gingrich is a Globalist traitor just like Obama:
    Gingrich opens door for illegal immigrants.

  • Wayne

    The biggest problem with this article is that the house did pass the Ryan budget a long time ago. The real problem is Harry the idiot Reid who has sat on every bill that has passed congress that would result in shrinking government. Until that problem is resolved, until we have a conservative Senate, we are screwed.

  • The Enemy

    Bottom line: Gingrich is more conservative than Romney and less conservative than Dr. Paul.

  • Pam in OH

    Newt WAS a great conservative leader – back in 1994. Here’s the thing, though – what has he done for the conservative cause since leaving office??? Both he AND Romney backed the manmade global warming/cap-and-trade hoax. Both he AND Romney backed the individual mandate in health care, which is about to be argued in the U.S. Supreme Court because 26 states are suing the U.S. government to overturn it! Both he AND Romney supported the Wall Street bailouts! Both he AND Romney have supported several RINO candidates without justification! So, tell me again how Newt Gingrich is a “true conservative leader”??? Rick Santorum has been the MOST consistent conservative candidate in this race, and hopefully he’ll be the one standing after Gingrich and Romney destroy each other. Santorum 2012!!!