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Islamic Attacks and Threats During Obama’s Presidency

Written on Saturday, September 10, 2011 by

Last year Obama made a statement during a 9/11 event in which he said “as Americans we are not — and never will be — at war with Islam.”

Maybe the president needs to remind Islam about this because they certainly don’t seem to know.

Since taking office, the U.S. has either been attacked or threatened by attacks by Islamists at least 11+ times.  These aren’t random terrorist affronts by other countries, or Jared Loughner-type kooks (as the mainstream media would like you to believe)—they are ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. 

Here’s a list of Islamic terrorist attacks and/or threats of attacks that have occurred on U.S. soil and U.S. military bases since Obama took office in January, 2009.

Oh and just a reminder—although 9/11 happened 8 months after President Bush took office, during his 8-year presidency we never had any other Islamic terrorist attack in the U.S.  They knew better.

1. Binghamton, New York — May, 2009
Taliban chief claims responsibility for N.Y. shooting massacre.

2. Bronx, New York — May, 2009
FBI arrest four in alleged plot to bomb Bronx synagogues, shoot down plane

3. Little Rock, Arkansas — June, 2009
Shooting at military recruiting center; 1 dead, 1 wounded; suspect is anti-military Muslim convert

4. New York and Colorado – September 21, 2009
Three men were arrested and charged in the ongoing terror probe centered around New York and Colorado. The three men are Najibullah Zazi, 24; his father Mohammed Wali Zazi, 53; and Ahmad Wais Afzali, 37. When authorities searched Zazi’s car, they found a laptop computer that contained “a jpeg image of nine-pages of handwritten notes. Zazi had connections to high levels of al Qaeda.

5. Dallas, Texas — September 22, 2009
A 19-year-old Jordanian man, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, was arrested on charges he intended to bomb a downtown Dallas skyscraper. Smadi placed what he believed to be a car bomb outside the 60-story Fountain Place office tower, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office in Dallas. The decoy device was given to him by an undercover FBI agent.

6. Fort Hood, Texas — November, 2009
Fort Hood massacre: Major Hasan killed 13 service men and women and wounded over 40 others. He has been linked to al-Qaeda.

7. Detroit, Michigan – December, 2009
Northwest 253 passengers tell of thwarted Detroit terror attack.

8. May, 1st, 2010 United States New York City, New York
United States New York’s Times Square was evacuated after the discovery of a car bomb.[235]

9. Thwarted attack in November 2010 by ‘Christmas tree bomber’
Mohamed Osman Mohamud is accused of plotting to bomb a Portland, Ore., Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

10. Frankfort, Germany United States Military base, March 2011
Islamist terrorists attacked US military base killing two US soldiers.

11. New York and DC, September 9, 2011
Islamic terrorists threaten to attack on the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. Both cities on ‘high alert’ as ‘a specific, credible threat’ targets New York and Washington.

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  • Gas Passer

    When there has been some type of Islamic terrorists act upon the United States, Obunga always says “Lets Not Rush To Judgement”.

    Does anyone know if Obunga wipes his azz with his left hand like all Islamic terrorists do?

    • No fool

      He likely has Mooseshell to do that for him.

    • daves

      This article is trying to judge a billion people by the actions of 14?

      It is so sad that so many Americans fall for this logic.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      Hey Dave you dumb bunny, It’s thousands of muslim islamist behind these war crimes !!!

    • Susan Woods

      Let us not ‘rush to judgement’ against Islam, but let one American speak out against Obumma for anything and we are immediately judged to be racists! Why were
      we not reverse-racist when someone spoke out against Bush or Clinton or any other ‘white’ president?

    • Charles Martel

      Susan, we know why, because of the RACIAL DOUBLE-STANDARD in this country where Whites have allowed ourselves to be discriminated against!!!!!

    • daves

      Huh? Who has called you racist for constructive criticism?

    • Rob II


      “Constructive criticism” usually offers a solution to a perceived problem, not just denigrates the alleged source of the problem. Your comments do not qualify.

    • Beruta

      Susan…Because most of the white media (I was a conservative in one of them) are liberals trying to prove they’re NOT racist and carrying around that pre-Lincolnian slavery guilt.

      Combine that with Sol Alinsky’s teachings makes a large serving of witches’ brew they’re only happy to swallow to soothe their warped consciences.

    • John Detwiler

      Could be, because he is left handed. If this means anything.

    • handyman

      He is not an American, says his heart!

    • handyman

      Write this, as politically Correct Fu*k Obozo,the muslime communist!

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      Many Americans voted for this muslim to be president even though he has no birth certificate as required and has no experience with war,jobs or the economy. You would think after 9/11 and the muslims that killed thousands of americans on that day,we would never have a muslim president. Too many Americans that vote are naive or stupid or racists. We must wake up and stop shooting ourselves with our vote. Stop the maddness. No more obama. No muslims killing us or running the white house. america,wake up already….. All the obama lies and broken promises and insults to us. wake up.

    • http://Comcast R.Woodworth

      No, the mule with buckteeth wipes his ass, then Trumpka inspects her job, then order a Union boy in to take trumkas nose out and put it back on his face ?

    • Richie

      Gas Passer,
      Because Barack/Barry is a Muslim and was schooled as a student of the Quran. At this time he was a citizen of Indonesia. These are the reason for his actions and for what ails us and our country. As a student of the Quran he must find ut from us the following.

      Other than the fact that Muslims haven’t killed every non-Muslim under their domain, there is very little else that they can point to as proof that theirs is a peaceful, tolerant religion. Where Islam is in dominant (as in the Middle East and Pakistan) religious minorities suffer brutal persecution with little resistance. Where Islam is in the minority (as in Thailand, the Philippines and Europe) there is the constant threat of terror if Muslim demands are not met.
      The reasons are obvious and begin with the Quran. Few verses of Islam’s most sacred text can be construed to fit the contemporary virtues of religious tolerance and universal brotherhood. Those that do are earlier “Meccan” verses that are obviously abrogated by later ones. This is why Muslim apologists speak of the “risks” of trying to interpret the Quran without their “assistance” – even while claiming that it is a perfect book.

      So, unless Obama denounces the Quran he is my enemy and should be viewed the same by all that visit this site.

    • CarolynH

      He will never admit to being part of the muslim brotherhood. That he has appointed three members of the muslim brotherhood to his staff should be proof enough that he is a follower of the the islamic terrorists. He was schooled for this and knows exactly what he is doing, causing discord and creating a marxist state. Until we start to get to work and get him and the liberal congress out of government, things will get worse. Go to u-tube and watch video “Marxism in America.”

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      If any more muslims kill Americans then we as Americans should declare war against islam and the muslims period. We should not take any more crap from some scumbag muslim commies who want to kill everyone that will not convert to islam. i will never convert to islam or ride a muslim camel and make a prayer rug. if any more Americans die at the hands of muslims then I believe we should all take them off the planet forever. Start with mecca and all muslim leaders and then go from there. Sounds radical but you have to get radical with radicals because that is all they know.

    • Pastor Charlie

      You pretty much got it right. Islam has been at war with the U.S. since 1820 (or there abouts) We have been in a war with the muslims for 190 years, and have been AT war for less than twenty years. What’s wrong with that picture? Well, I’ll tell you this, you can’t win a war in which you do not fight! Do not foolishly believe all the Deja-Moo (that’s the same old bull….)that you read in the lame-stream media, or hear from the jackasses that have been running this country for so long!

    • skip gainer

      You betcha he use his lefty hand!

    • Wolflover

      The terrorist is living in the People’s House and he’s not home grown.

    • Kurt Martz

      you forgot the printer ink cartridges with the cell phone detonator that was bound for synagogues in Chicago and probably other incidents that are not prominently known about
      also, ‘man-caused disasters’ ??!! wtf

    • Justthefactsmam

      This is a Christian Web site, please re-frame from foul words

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      We believe the Pope would start cursing if he knew all the actions & lies nobammy has done!!!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      He writes like a hook handed lefty probably wipe his butt with some one elses hand.

      The Islamic Mullah’s declared Jihad on ALL infidels including the U.S.A. I say lets give them one they will eternally regret., Round one Spray em all with pigs blood then they will have to kill them selves if they are good little islamists. then Nuke em all till they glow in the dark then shoot em all at night during Ramadan. My truck will run just a s well on radioactive gasoline as not

  • Noah

    Oblamer made his statement, “We are not–and never will be–at war with Islam” because HE is a Muslim. Hateful Islam is his choice of religions. He is one of them. Read my lips!

    • handyman

      Noah, he is a Communist Muslime! he admits it in every speech!

    • handyman

      by the spoken and unspoken word, Read his heart.

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      noah and handyman, Can I say you are both 100% correct. obama is a lying muslim who said he was a christian to get more christian votes and has lied and broken many of his keys promises. Transparency remember?islam says its okay to lie if it furthers them cause of islam… obama said he would have c-span so all could see who was for and against the people. he said no backroom deals then put reid and pelosi in the backroom for obamacare and passed it without reading it.he promised to post all bills on the internet 5 days before a vote. He said jobs would be the number one item he would take care of yet after almost 3 years of out of control spending and a democrat control senate and congress and white house he has not given us in writing his jobs plan.He will not repsect our flag. him and michelle go on highend vacations and we do not even get to know the costs to the tax payers for them. Transparenct right? Will obama get another pass on showing his real birth certificate before being placed on the ballot?He will not secure our borders and tells holder to sell guns to the mexico drugs lords who used them to kill American border patrol agents. Thats not okay with me.

    • liz

      SO true.. & you left out that Michelle has 30 Aids .. the last two First Ladies had less then 10.
      O has had over 35 fund raisers since being in office when Bush & Clinton had less then 10 EACH !
      sound to me like he is building up the money to wage an illegal campaign . AGAIN !

  • RobinPC

    I think it is time to sign our ballots with lead. The Islamic president is so anti-USA, anti-Christian, anti- “red necks”, anti American workers I wonder what he is positive about? Oh yes, Islam, he is positive on Islam. He is also positive on going “green” but I wonder why he keeps blowing smoke with his great ideas instead of outlawing that “air polution”.

    • handyman

      Robin, you speak the truth!

    • Ron

      The only “green” he is apparently interested in is the money he spreads to his campaign contributors in failed “green” businesses!

    • MontanaMEL

      Since he wants to be “soo, so, green”…I say we plant some corn on top of whereever we bury his sorry butt.. Maybe some POP corn?

  • http://Sharon Sharon

    We are at war with a group of individuals that HATE Americans and what we stand for!
    God Bless the 2997 individuals who died on 09-11. God bless all of the troops that have passed and have been injured protecting my rights and America!

    • raccman

      Let us never forget that they were murdered
      at the New York City Muslim Cult Murder Site
      by Cult members who hate all non-muslims

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      Thank you Sharon… You are a Patriot.

  • Runninbear

    He has said time and again “If anything bad comes against Islam he will defend Islam?NOT AMERICA where he took an oath to protect.If that ain’t a muslim I don’t know what is?Isn’t that what the muslim terrorists say?If you say anything about Islam I will kill you,or behead you.
    Obama labels us citizens that have served their country as Low level terrorists,but the only fact that seem to hold true is:
    NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS BUT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS?AND OBAMA IS A MUSLIM,THATS WHAT’s on his Indonesian school ID where he attended since age 6? and in his speeches and interviews he stated he has been a muslim on 3 contitents when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro?a muslim too! Obamas father was a british Muslim and his step father was a muslim and he was listed as a muslim and he has a name”hussien” given only to muslims by Muslims/So if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck?Its a muslim duck?and Obamas actions is proof of this

    • Carolyn Taylor

      I absolutely agree with EVERYTHING you spoke of. What I’m always confused about is WHY NO ONE HAS THE GUTS AND COURAGE TO HAVE OBAMA IMPEACHED!? He has certainly done more than enough (and it’s been proven)to qualify being KICKED OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!

    • Millicent

      I sent an email to House Speaker John Boehner today listing Obama’s crimes against America and calling for his impeachment. I doubt I will get a reply. This is the second one I have sent.

      I ran into my congressman the other day and was outraged about Obama refusing to deport illegal immigrants. I asked why he is allowed to break our laws. He told me they are trying to stop this. I replied that he Obama, is pure evil. He said, I know, that’w why we have to get him out.

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      Please post it and we all can copy it and send it back mass emails and letters. Thanks for all you do…

    • GERI

      We used to have statesmen, now we have politians and they’re afraid they won’t get reelected and get all their benefits and “pork”!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Do the words corruption, greed, fear intimidation, reprisal, freak accident, no one will be home when you get there. meany thing to you or stimulate your thought process any Carolyn.

    • handyman

      If they are not terrerist, then why are they muslimes the religion of hate, they should be freedom loving Christians!

    • rodney burke

      Yeah why? Radical Muslims are taught to hate and kill not to be at peace with the world. We will have a situation much like Elijah and the priest of BAAL and God, not Allah will prevail and they will be humiliated like Barry Zero needs to be? We would be better off with the greatest political humiliation of our history and see him nullified!

    • Chester

      He must have used the koran the second off camera oath he took!!

    • marianne723

      So his name now is Barack Hussein Obuslim.

    • am2sweet

      In Obamas book he said if things shift where he has to make a choice between us and the Muslims he’ll go with the Muslims. He’s already stated his feelings in print so why expect him to care if we are attacked by his brothers? And regarding the latest threat it’s obvoius that these Muslims were living in our country. How nice that we have allowed every country in the world in here and no doubt without checking anything about them. That’s how all the Nazis got in here and are now taking over.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      NO one high enough in the military will do any thing against the fraudulence in chief because it would violate their oath of office, and for fear of F…ing up his career. (greed) (fear)and loosing his pension. 7 out of 9 Supreme court justices have evidently capitulated to the Dark side. 90 some thing senators ar already bought and paid for and 350 out of 435 Representatives are also already licking Obama booty. SO Wh’s left my friends November 20011 is too late He MUST BE STEPPED ON NOW IF our nation is to survive even remotely like the founders envisioned. Mark my words NOW or never. hide and watch if you’ve no stomach for brutal retribution, but don’t you dare say a boo hoo word word about the results. actions do in ded speak louder than words and are some time ,or eloquent and Passionate ant painfully demonstrative. ya pays ya money and ya take ya chances. 3 PM 1 October Washinton Monument bring water lunch, a bull horn with spare batteries. and a blanket and 6 or 7 million other citizens. s.

    • http://yahoo Puzzeled

      Runninbear, what is he still doing in office?Why can’t we impeace him? I don’t understand why he gets away with all this. His people are taking over our country and we are letting it happen. What will it take?As a christian I am sure we will have to suffer someday with his people the muslims.

    • Cate

      Remember when congress impeached Clinton? I don’t think the current crop of Republicans are that brave and they don’t have the votes in the senate to get it done. With all his flaws Newt is braver than Baynor.


      Want to get UNPUZZLED? ~ Google: “SEASON OF TREASON” and soak-up some REAL knowledge, my friend…then educate others! ~ The TRUTH will set us free ONLY when ENOUGH people learn the TRUTH!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      READ the gospel of Luke especially chap 11 verses 21-23, and chap 22 verses 36-38 . Go ye then and do the selling of your cloak thingy.

    • raccman

      The man is an insult to our Country and to the office of the President. A huge mistake was made electing such a liar and inept man who has never worked a day in private enterprise or served a day in our Military !

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Don’t it just scare the livin crap outta ya jus to think that there are that many lunatics running amok in the U.S.A. with out adult supervision or insufficient meds??

    • Ed Hayden

      Look, America is fast allowing the Muslims to have full social control of America. WE are allowing that by, removing the Pledge Allegence in our Class rooms, not allowing the fly the flag publicaly, By taking all references of the bible from public places, removing any cross’s bearing of which is the core symbol of christiananity. The god of Moses, Jacob, and many others including our forefathers is now a sin to worship Jesus in America.

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      Please keep posting Runninbear. You are soooooo right. Thank you Runninbear….

  • Sgt. KEN USAF

    It is not an attack on his country, It is an attack on the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. And anyone with 1/2 a brain knows that is not his country.

    • http://Sharon Sharon

      Thank you for your service!

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      Exactly. He even said in a speech that was air on you tube “Not Natural Born – Truth Matters” that he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii and his wife affirmed this a few minutes later.

      He can’t have been born in two places and we know the birth certificate from Hawaii is a forgery. His Social Security Number belongs to another person who they now say is a relative of his or his wife.

    • handyman

      Justice for all, where is his justice? it is overdue!

    • KM

      Albert Lloyd Grounds said that Obama’s SSN that he uses must be a relative’s.
      NOPE. It was issued in Connecticut, a state where none of his family (or Michelle’) have ever lived. The lawlwssness seems to run in the family as his Uncle”Omar” who was supposed to have been deported over 15 years ago has a valid Massachusetts driver’s license and a SS#.
      More important, as this article points out there have been 11 attempted or successful attacks since he took office. During the Bush terms there were none that I know about that even came as close as the botched “underwear bomber” or the Times square car bomb attempt.
      Are we safer now? Heck no! He has to go.

  • DaNangMe

    All the domestic terrorists that Obama and Napolitano are always warning us of, are in the Labor Unions,but they refuse to acknowledge it.If the TEA Party had done what the Longshoremen did in Seattle,the MSM would be broadcasting it 24-7.

    • Gas Passer

      BINGO!!! You are 100% correct!

      I think that the real domestic terrorists of America (besides the Labor Unions) are Obunga, Napolitano, Homeland Security, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Secretary of State (Hillary), and whatever Department of Government that hands out FREE every thing to terrorists living amoung us and to all other people not welcome to America that TAX PAYERS have to pay for.

    • handyman

      you said that right gasman

    • amagi

      Do not forget the EPA, who now lists hay
      as a pollutant. These anti-America, anti-
      business people are klling this country and
      getting away with it.

  • Eddie B


  • RJJ

    It all begins in the Mosque. Whether it’s here or any down town Muslim mud hut around the world. The real crazies are the Muslim Imams who run terrorism by looking for idiots they can convince that it’s okay to give your life to Allah and take as many infidels with you as possible.

    • Gas Passer

      I wonder after Obunga gets the boot in the azz out of the White House, will his presidential library be a Mosque?

    • handyman

      Do they tell them that the virgins are Pigs?

    • CarolynH

      Most recruits are uneducated, illiterate people that follow islamic leaders because it makes them feel important or they have been told lies about their so called faith. A large portion are blacks and many within prisons.

  • val

    did we have other threats during bush after 9/11? don’t trust gvt or complicant media to tell us the truth. with all we know about this prez why do our so-called freedom loving politicians look into BO and his anti constitutional acts. going over congress and executive orders etc… No one down in the district of corruption will say boo? How Come, don’t even wonder about the media, they’re so far left and the agenda is to keep the socialist/marxist gvt moving forward. trouble for America just beginning. We need everyone to wake up and fast.

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      Don’t worry val. There are millions of us that are awake and see what is going on. I just happened to recognize this clown as a Socialist well before he was elected. He told everyone during the campaign he was a Socialist but many didn’t pay attention to what he was saying. When you hear “distribution of wealth” and “national health care”, these are terms used by them and he did say both several times during the campaign.
      The positive is the majority of Independents now see him for what he is and they are the ones who made it possible for him to become the president. The negative is we must have everyone at the voting booth because they will use the illegal vote to the maximum and we need to counter it.

    • Sonja M

      Nice to know some of the people GOT IT!
      The first time we heard him it was so plain that a kid could have gotten the message. All the people thought about was a change from the Bush years. They didn’t bother to listen to what Obama said about the changes he would implement. Wonder how they like the change they got. Hope the are happy!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Bettere Idea albert Amass about 10 million Irate legitimate CITIZENS and PATRIOTS at the Washingtom Monument at 3 PM 1 October and lat seige to the Districr of Colombia and grind the hoodlum government to a stand still. What are they gonn do ? shoot millions, one or tw hunderd may bt ththen the shooterd will be eaten alive by rhw millions left standing. the DC police does not have enough men guns bullets hancuffs or wire tieds foe 10 million American citizen taxpayers. the closest Military bases areQuanyio Marines. Ft VBelvoir, VA Ft Meade Md, FT Eustece Va am Langly AFB and Patuxabnt NAS. there not going to BOMB or Steaffe the nations Captitol,(Bad media coveragre . long lastin bad taste. If the Feds Cant get to work monday in DC they might get the message that we the Peple are righteouly indignant an Hily motivated to remove them all from office. The would have to move to the Caves and conduct their business in Cold War Bunkers by then we could seize control of all media, schedule interim elections set up state by state search parties to round the entire govt. up and indict them all for treason, or we wait them out and after their 90 day Food/Water supplies run out we zap every last one of them into submission to the true will of we the taxed people/

    • Ron

      Sadly, many people are so brainwashed that they cannot be woken up. I have a friend like that. He’s an intelligent guy but he was raised in the Bay Area and after being immersed in leftist ideology from kindergarten through high school he just can’t let go of it, even when presented with irrefutable evidence.

    • pat

      So much has been said here, but there are so many intelligent people out there that are still supporting Obama. It scares me that will all that he has admitted about supporting and backing his own country (not America) how anyone could vote for him for President!!! By intelligent I mean people who run business’s have high IQ’s, etc. they strongly support this JERK. I have never been able to stand him or Michelle, the first time i heard her speak. She convinced me that if she became 1st lady, she would show us white folk she was better than us. But thats not here nor there. Barrack is the one that needs to be Impeached and sent back to islam. If you are an American you really need to think this thru before you vote next time around. America isn’t the land of the free, home of the brave anymore.

    • raccman

      WE NEED TO WAKE UP AND VOTE THIS INEPT EXCUSE FOR A LEADER OUT OF OFFICE ! Our Country and economy will not survive another Obama presidency !

  • stephen russell

    Obama & allies gave tacit approval for Islamic assults in the US by Exec order, other actions.
    Lock & Load.

  • Phyllis in Tx

    Obama is so blinded to the truth that lying is his everyday language. Islam is a cult of hate and murder and yet Mr. President says we will never be at war with them. So it is ok for them to murder us as they are just practicing their religion. With Bush the terrorist were afraid with Obama there is a welcome sign on WH. “Kill us, and you will go free” Those like Ft.Hood Shooter will never be prosecuted.

    • ExArmyMP

      The Oklahoma City bomber (McVeigh) was tried, convicted, and executed in record time. Why is it taking so long to try, convict, and EXECUTE the Ft. Hood shooter?

    • Gas Passer

      Is it because he’s a Muslim?

    • Christian Patriot

      That and because he hates America and the American soldier, just like BO and his wife. BO even labeled our soldiers terrorists for gods sake……. ?

    • raccman

      Because our Dept. of Justice is run by an Obama henchman; Eric Holder ! BOTH MUSLIM LOVERS

  • Webbster

    Well, when he took the oath of office, he promised to defend his country, and we know he said he was a Muslim on 3 continents. (That’s where his other 7 states are.)

    • Ron

      A Freudian slip, I think. There are 57 member states in the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the UN.

    • rodney burke

      Now we know it wasn’t a Freudian slip. We know what he was talking about. I guess he wants to be the messiah for them!

  • Susan Woods

    A lot of America has awakened, but there are still too many who just won’t or can’t hear or see the truth. My sister wants this idiot re-elected. OMG!! She watches only lame-stream media and doesn’t believe anything I try to tell her. Her head is in the sand and she doesn’t want to hear anything negative or stressful. But when the s**t hits the fan, she will say ‘what happened?!’ OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA, before it’s too late! FIGHT FOR AMERICA!!!

    • Fedup

      Respectfully I ask, is your sister a union member or an x union member? Unfortunately, I know a union member who just repeats like a parrot everything the unions say and blindly goes along… its really very sad. The only thing that happened when I tried to show him the errors, like when educated people were destroying the state of Wisconson Capitol building, costing the tax payers even More money to fix it, all because the union told them to tear it up… how wrong that was, and basically they were Educated Idiots, he just got mad and wouldn’t speak to me anymore. How Brillant! It just goes to show, ya can’t give anyone common sense at any cost.

    • KM

      To Susan Woods,
      Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who tried to waken my family and they just wouldn’t listen. Now I am totally estranged from them. I keep hoping that one of them will wake up, contact me and say how on target I was. I promise not to say “I told you so”. Hiding one’s head in the sand is just not going to cut it when things get really nasty, as I think they will in 2012.

  • Susan Woods

    To the brainless people who say 9-11 was staged and no plane hit the Pentagon, I have a friend who is a high-ranking Marine Corp officer who was there that horrible day. He lost friends, and picked up pieces of plane and BODY PARTS! IT WAS REAL!!!

    • Buckeye

      Did anyone ever wonder about why the only two planes in the history of plane crashes left no parts big enough to identify what type of aircraft they were. Bush said the heat caused them to melt but I don’t think any people not involved would have ever thought that. They did show one picture of a wheel at the pentagon but for some strange reason that wheel did not fit the aircraft that was supposed to have crashed??????????

    • Pastor Charlie

      Are all the people who live in Ohio idiots? Or did you just sqeak in under the wire? What is the point of your pathetic attempt at profoundity?

  • ExArmyMP

    Does anyone know what ever happened to the (Muslim) U.S. soldier who rolled a grenade into a command tent at the beginning of the Iraq War, killing several soldiers? Was he tried and convicted? Was he executed, imprisoned, or what? If he was not executed, why not? Justice delayed is justice denied.

  • circit breaker002

    2012 IS COMING….

  • Buckeye

    Well! Well! Well! Obama has kept us safe for three years but then again his Adm. was not involved in any attacks but we can’t say that about the Bush Adm. Check up on Dov Zakheim. Oh! I forgot hardly any of you ever heard of him as he has been kept hidden since shortly after 911.

    • Christian Patriot

      Wow. You are such a moron.

    • Pastor Charlie

      Hey CP,
      you sure got a way with words. My compliments! I couldn’t have said it any better!

  • A Patriot

    Am just wondering: Is Obama “in on” these
    infractions? Perhaps he sets them all up and then takes credit for spoiling them. I would never put it past him.

  • H Swinderman

    Let’s call a spade a spade.They are Muslum
    Islamic Terrorists, not just Criminals.Don’t
    know why OBummer can’t say it.We know now from
    experience, you can’t appease these Terrorists.
    I’ll be glad to see Winston Churchill’s statue
    back in the white house,after Obummer and company get the boot in his “Hope and Change”.

  • time traveler

    the enemy has infiltrated our country, this is now a war within our walls.We should identify all complicit parties, for they have built a sly network of power, time is running out to prevent open insurrection, which will begin with union thugs inciting riots, as in Europe. Allowing Obama to declare martial law, which will halt all elections, bring a total news blackout, and pit the American people against one other, both racially and economically and are already promoting the haves and have not scenario, while training our troops for crowd control, they will turn every gun owner into a criminal by adopting the UN policy banning all small arms possession. and even allow foreign troops on our soil, all in the name of protecting Americans. Who, without the vote, without our firearms, the first amendment fails ,to be followed by the rest of our constitution.

    • time traveler

      WOW, I must admit I’m honored, my two other post which were rated much higher, have been marked down significantly is somebody offended? or just cant stand some truth.

  • Adrian Vance

    Islam has declared war on us. What does Mr. Obama need? This man is utterly amazing, stupid and disingenuous.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle

    • time traveler

      He has an adjenda, reduce America to third world status, he is on a crusade as was his daddy.

  • Old Vet

    The Prez and those in high places can say all of these attacks were done by “lone wolves”………….yeah a few billion of wolves. This prez is a weak excuse for the power of America…….as soon as this “yellow” back Demoncrat is “elected” OUT OF OFFICE the better the country will become.

  • No fool

    Islamic terrorists are invading the USA. Our forefathers gave us the 2nd Amendment for a good reason. A bounty for each would quickly remedy the problem.

  • Janice Fortin

    Doubtful obama gets a 2nd term. GOP already
    plan to investigate ACORN, which should NOT have been refunded by obama prior to completion of current investigation of VOTER FRAUD. Guess why it’s refunded? Wishful thinking is not on OUR part! he is in total denial re islamic terrorists, even Lieberman freely declares it. That makes it unsafe for America. Terrorists are almost 100% islamic muslims. To think otherwise is simply unrealistically putting your guard down and everybody knows it…except maybe J. Incompetano, who cannot be relied upon to protect us from ANYTHING.

  • Dennis Young

    I admire all the conservative feelings in most of the postings above but I really wish that many of you would use spell check and check your facts and grammer. Not harping but you already know that the leftist side is chock full of “educated” elitist who look down their noses at anyone who is “dumb” enough to adhere to conservative values and not convert to their ideals of socialism and big government. Lets please not give them more ammunition to legitimately call us dumb rednecks and hillbillies. We are not what they think but each mispelled word, grammatical error and incorrect “fact” just gives them bellylaughs and legitimate documentation to refer to. Sorry for the grouse fellow patriots, but let’s do better and show them, in every way, that we are not the yokels they think. Thanks and I’ll see you all at the next Lexington Green moment in history with a clean and functional firearm and dry ammunition. It will be a target rich environment for a little wet work and a restoration to the principles our founders and our great military have shed thier blood for over the better part of the last 250 years. Conservatism, capitalism, compassion, Christian (and Jewish)moral and ethical values and the Constitution made this country great. God, guns and guts will keep it that way. Fight on.

  • LANI

    He also said we are not a Christian nation. I would Love to be a fly on the wall when Obummer is talking to Moochele or any of his Croonies. WOuld that be interesting or what!!! Man the Secrets we could find out!

    • nvrpc

      If I was the SS this MoFo wouldn’t be able to fart without me getting a digital signature. By all mean every call or converstaion he has with no matter who it is should be recorded and public information. He should have never been entitled to see any secret operations or know about anything this country is capable of. Since he does it won’t be long before our enemy knows all of our secrets. Tap this punk now and keep him wired for life.

  • Justwondering

    We just need to use these obummer tactics back on him and his other minons. Every time a libreal or democrat speaks, we should pull the race card! After all, that is what they are.

  • Faye Shamblin

    Obama is a terrorist himself look at Amreica today what we have endured and been attacked by so many of his kind muslims they should be deported every one of them they are a threat to America and so is Obama get rid of him and those that support him we don’t need their kind just like the sneak over giving him 500 more dollars to waste taking vacations and sending the fat slob he is married to on vacations they are a bunch of trash and not good enough to even give them all the money that is being taken from our tax dollars HELL is not good enough for him he should be torched now here on earth till he tells the truth for a change instead of all his lies and stealing from hard working Americans tax dollars just look what he has done to seniors and trying to take more from them. the rotten bum I hope to see the day some body in congress will get smart enough to throw him out of office and try him for fraud and treason….

  • Charles Martel

    Hey obama, we’re at war with you, and islam.

  • http://sprint/yahoo kittycat78

    You are all right for different reasons and for a lot of the same ones. The people who understood what was up, never voted for him in the first place. Others had to come to come to see him for who obama really is. Just another form of the anti-Christ. Now the Christians better fight. I don’t think you realize just how deep in trouble we really are. This country was lulled into thinking they took a big step forward when obama was elected. Big USA!!! See that world? We aren’t racist. We just elected a black president.
    And they certainly did!!! Without knowing or caring who he was or what he was all about. I give Glenn Beck credit. He certainly tried hard enough. So…here we all are, many,many knowing and unable to impeach that first black president as we would have done if he were white. Now if we had elected Alan West for example would anyone want him out? NO!! So it isn’t his color it is that obama is conspiring with Marxists and muslims to bring America to its knees. This next election is going to be bloody and test us to the degree our forefathers were tested. I pray we of Gods children and heart win. We must pray for our people and the survival of our country as God meant it to be.

  • Buck

    Of course we aren’t at war with Islam , our government is using most of its resources to wage war on the American people and don’t have time to wage war on the enemies of freedom , besides why would Obama wage war on his brother muslims .

  • am2sweet

    The news said that no prayers will be allowed at the Ground Zero memorial service tomorrow. The mayor of NY apparently said no to it as did Obama. The victims deserve more than just a memorial service they deserve a prayer. I wish my husband and I could attend that. And with some friends. I would at some point start saying the Lords Prayer and keep saying it over and over until everyone was saying it. Can they arrest everyone? Doubt it and they wouldn’t dare do anything since no one is being rowdy or causing trouble. It would be one way of standing up for ourselves though and thinking of those that were killed by the ‘friends’ of our president.

  • nvrpc

    Obama is a kiss ass. The muslim better be glad I wasn’t preseident. Their ass-es would have been had.

    As far as I’m concerned we should have targeted every Muslim Mosque world wide via the use of a 2000 pound GPS guided weapons and at prayer time when they were all on their knees facing meca did an alpha strike whereby all of them would be very dead, allowing them to all go see Alah. That would just be the begining of my Howdy Card, “You’ve just messed with your worse enemy”, MoFo. The fun has just begun.

    Instead what do we do. We open our doors and allow these terrorist to come into the US and build their Obama brothas mosque right next to the 9-11 site. Have you all forgotten Obama’s amd Holdeners Okay with this.

    Tell me these two JA’s in power aren’t dirtball communist anti-american turds.

    • SaneRepublican

      I know I’m glad you’re not the “preseident [sic].” LOL!!!!

  • time traveler

    America take care who we elect in 2012, how many times has it been the same old
    same old, first and foremost we need to complete the job of changing the congress, a veto majority in the house and the senate , the WH means little without it.
    We need more than a moderate president, he/she must have the will to fight to bring the needed changes. This is our fight and it wont end in 2012.

  • johnf1234

    Everyone always remember this quote BY Obama written in his book:

    Obama is and always has been a MUSLIM…..
    Just look how he Hates Israel….. How he tried to BS Netanyahu into the 1967 crap…
    Has he yet gone to Israel to visit or show Americas support, NO. But he has gone to other Muslims countries….

    As long as Obama stays in the White House there is going to be more trouble here, mark my word….

  • ronnie

    We ARE UNDER SIEGE! Where is our brave troops? WHY do they stand down and not protect Americans and their Country from this take over of our White House/Country? Why do our troops obey ILLEGAL orders and allow the very enemy that they are suppose to be protecting us from, destroy us?

    If Osama bin Ladin had taken over our White House, would our troops obey his orders? Or would they storm the White House and arrest him? just curious…


      Ronnie, You are not alone in questioning the LOYALTY of our military concerning their OATH to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC!!! ~ A few brave patriots like LTC Terrence Lakin and others stepped forward but were left ALONE to be RAILROADED into Ft Leavenworth! ~ Had a SUBSTANTIAL NUMBER of their fellow military stood firm with them, we might have seen some positive results! ~ It seems to me that many of the military only took their oath of office as just a “requirement” to get a job!!! ~ As an old vet, I get sick every time I see one of our Marines salute our Usurper in Chief, Obozo! Truly a SAD situation!

  • Pat Sinclair

    Obama is a muslim. He took off his watch and ring during their holiday because that is the muslim do. So what he says and what he does is the the muslim people not ours. He is a trader to his country and was not born in the USA. Come on people impeach Obama today.

  • http://none Matcelle C. Crow

    I worked for Obama. However I am puzzled by the hatred and viciousness I have read here. This is typical republicanism. They are arrogant, vicious,greedy,evil, uncaring for the poor, treacherous, cheating liars. Republican party got us in this mess. No president has ever inherited as many problems as Mr. Bush left. Mr. Bush took us to war killing and maiming thousands of wonderful men and women. But then again he had a vendetta to get Sadam Hussian. 9/11 gave him that perfect excuse to go to war so that he could get even with him. The republicans harass the democrat president for all 4 to 8 years. They never let up.

    • MJ too

      I think many like to use these sites to vent their frustrations. Name calling on either side does not accomplish anything. Just look what the media is doing to the tea-party. Is it all based on complete truths (or partial with distortions?)
      Facts and truths should prevail. Congress also can take much of the blame for this mess you mention . . . here is one example which explains part:
      But it is not governments job to support everything, including the poor. (I’ll let someone else hopefully explain that). And I (and family)would be considered low income being under $50,000yr. for family our size. This should be more for local governments and personal obligations through churches, etc. As that good saying by DP goes, “the bigger the government the smaller the individual”.

    • jerry

      Barak Hussain Obama cannot be tried for treason as he is not an American. However, he is guilty of war crimes and should immediately be impeached, dragged out and executed. How is that for hate???????
      All we need is reciporical action as it would be taken in islamic countries.

  • Henry Muller

    Obama lies as usual to American people. We are at war with Islam and Muslim world. Either we defeat them, or they defeat us. There is no any other choice. We do not have real friends and allies in the Muslim world. They do lie in our face and back stab us at first opportunity. Only an idiot, or the enemy of America thinks differently. Obama and his liberal friends want to keep all of us for the idiots and they will not succeed.
    Those, who fight Muslim terrorist, as Israel does, are presented as the problem. Prime Minister Netanyahu, who loves and respects America much more, than Obama does, is mistreated and disrespected.
    Osama Bin Laden did not hide his feelings towards America and Israel. Obama lies to us and the whole world, that he loves America and supports Israel. For 32 month in the White House he did everything possible to demean America, and please Muslim enemies of our country. And it is our sacred duty to throw him and his liberal friends to the ashes of history in November 2012.

  • Lusia Del

    Obama is not treat to the terorrist. Obama’s agenda is to destroy Our Country! Obama is muslim, he admitt that couple weeks ago. Those terorrist admiere him for that and they feel safe till Obama will be “president” of United State of America. I’m so ashamed to have a president like Obama. He continue to destroy our economy and value of our country!

  • skip gainer

    Why has not one of our elected representatives, started impeachment hearings on obama. All our representatives took an oath to uphold the US Constitution! So they are all guilt of a bedding a fraud.

  • Questionman

    Being a muslim is not against the American laws. I knew this would happen. The right has desicarted the word “Patriot” You people are no patriots, or christian, You are disgusting, racist, retarded, evil SOBs. Those Academics were 100 percent right, the tea party are racist and retarded. They isnult the rest of the country for not being members of the white supremist KKK like them.

    • goldwing

      All you Q-Tip SOB’s need to pack you crap and get the hell out of MY country. I would have killed you all while you were on your knees facing meca at prayer time simultaneously worldwide in a single sweep if I had my way and then threw a note on your chest telling you who did it and there’s more to come.

    • Questionman

      I guess the truth does hurt. You hate being called a racist, but your words and actions speak other wise.

  • jerry

    The only way to save civilization:
    A: Everyone convert to islam.

    B: purge all islam from the military.
    Purge all islam from the government.
    Purge all islam from America.
    Purge all islam from europe.
    Purge all islam from earth.

    • SaneRepublican

      Funny, I was always taught that the only way to save civilization was to convert everyone to Christianity.


  • jerry

    Does anyone remember that the BinLaden family was here in the United States and after the attack when all air traffic was stopped the BinLadens were given special permission to fly their planes back to Saudi.

    Why weren’t they held as material witnesses?
    Why weren’t they held as hostiges?
    Why weren,t they jailed???

    • SaneRepublican

      Ask Dubbya. His family & their family have been long time friends.

  • jim


  • Buff

    What should we do about terrorism? Be vigilent. If an attack occurs, send police or Special Forces to apprehend the pepetrators. No wars. No armies. Islam is a religion. We are not at war with a religion. Most islamists are peaceful. Most Christans are too, except the people posting here. I am not a Christian, or really a follower of any other religion. Too smart for that. But Jesus was cool in many ways. So I ask you: What would Jesus do?

    • CarolynH

      Buff, Islam is a political religion which teaches all those that do not convert must be destroyed and the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood is killing millions everyday. Their aim is to make all people Islam. Christ gave all of us free will to choose the way, truth and light in Him or not. He never made anyone bow down to Him nor hates those that do not believe in Him. Jesus is the son of our great God who loves all, not hates. Jesus would pray for peace among all men no matter what their beliefs.

    • rocky

      Islam isn’t a religion. It’s a ideology hidding as a religion. It’s a lie. It encourages lying, deceat, and killing. It’s counter cultural idea, it promotes control by the threat of death if you don’t convert and believe. It was made to counter the idea of Jesus, God and Lord. Therefore it is an ideology started by the devil who wonders the world to destroy man kind. What better way then through the means of the Islamic ideology? One of the ten commandments. You should not have strange Gods before me. Christainity start 1000s of years before Islam was even thought of. The Devil had to do something to stop Christainity on earth and Islam is it.

    • Justthefactsmam

      George Bush Jr. said Christians and Muslims worship the same god.

      Would he lie?

    • SaneRepublican

      George W Bush lie???? NEVER!!!!!

      Oh, wait, were his lips moving???? 😉

    • SaneRepublican

      “Christainity [sic] start 1000s of years before Islam was even thought of”??????


      Mohammad founded Islam about 600 years after the establishment of Christianity. Besides, Christianity is barely 2000 years old.

      “Christainity [sic] start ***1000s of years*** before Islam was even thought of”??????


      Where do you people get this stuff?!?!?!? It’s so beyond ridiculous. It’s no wonder you people have no credibility with the majority of Americans.

      Gawd bless ya! 😉

  • Kurt Martz

    you forgot to mention the printer cartridges in Europe and cell phone detonator bound for Chicago synagogues.
    Most of the above has merit as radical as it may appear now – wait til later when the shit comes down..

  • SaneRepublican

    Several domestic attacks took place under Bush, besides the 9/11 attacks (which he was warned about and irresponsibly dismissed):

    2001 anthrax attacks. A March 2004 State Department report on “Significant Terrorist Incidents, 1961-2003″ quotes then-Attorney General John Ashcroft saying of the letters containing anthrax mailed to various targets: “When people send anthrax through the mail to hurt people and invoke terror, it’s a terrorist act.” Five people were killed as a result of those letters in the autumn of 2001.

    2001 shoe bomber attempted attack. In June 2008, then-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff described Reid’s December 2001 attempt “to blow up a trans-Atlantic plane with a shoe bomb” as an attempt to “carry out terrorist operations for Al-Qaeda.”

    2002 attack against El Al ticket counter at LAX. In July 2002, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet opened fire at an El Al Airlines ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport killing two people and wounding four others before being shot dead. A 2004 Justice Department report stated that Hadayet’s case had been “officially designated as an act of international terrorism.”

    2002 DC-area sniper. The state of Virginia indicted Washington, D.C.-area sniper John Allen Muhammad — along with his accomplice, a minor at the time — on “an act of terrorism” for one of the murders he committed during a three-week shooting spree across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Muhammad was convicted, sentenced to death, and subsequently executed for the crime.

    2006 UNC SUV attack. In March 2006, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill graduate Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar drove an SUV into an area of campus, striking nine pedestrians. According to reports, Taheri-azar said he acted because he wanted to “avenge the deaths or murders of Muslims around the world.” Taheri-azar also reportedly stated in a letter: “I was aiming to follow in the footsteps of one of my role models, Mohammad Atta, one of the 9/11/01 hijackers, who obtained a doctorate degree.”


    And if we want to include “threats,” then all we have to do is look at whenever Dubbya needed a distraction from his failing economic or domestic or other foreign policies. It was always an amazing coincidence how whenever Dubbya needed to divert the country’s attention, there was some magical terrorist threat that never panned out.

    You people crack me up!!!! Maybe one day you’ll realize that your chite stinks just as bad as those your mindlessly denigrate. Oh, who am I kidding….you like the smell of your our chite….that’s why you people are so offended by the military ban on farting in Afghanistan. LOL!!!!

    • play2k

      My? Aren’t you the master of the irrelevant!

  • play2k

    If you are not with us, you are against us. Muslims in their silence carry much guilt as they either are against us or are participating in a culture (Islam) that has them too terrorized to stand up.. Islam is not a religion by any definition. It also violates the U.S. Constitution tenets of “freedom of religion” and therefore already outlawed on these shores. Obama? Hole-der?

  • Claude

    Islam is here now its only a matter of time,when it takes the sheeps clothing off and the wolf shows its teeth.With obama as the leader.

  • jr

    Mr. Obama is speaking for himself only, as he is a Muslim by his own admission. Yes, he now says he is a Christian but does a moose look any different if it has tree branches on its head? He is saying that because he relates to the Muslim world and he is of Muslim descent and is a Muslim.

    Most Americans know what they did and what they have continued to do and if our politicians would quit calling an Islamic Attack an unfortunate event, everyone would know it. In fact, I believe everyone already knows it is in spite of our stupid politicians, with Obama being the Chief of Stupid. It if walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, is is most likely, a duck.

    As Citizens, we need to start calling politicians and the liberal media for not “calling the spade a spade”. Who do they think they are fooling? That alone has turned many people more toward the Republican side and is a part of why Obama will not win in 2012. I cannot wait to see him lose.

  • PamB1

    hmmmm, which President was it—-who killed off Bin Laden and over 30 TOP AlQaeda leaders?????

    • david

      Uhhhh it was a “seal team” not the frickin president….and we were intent on getting him since Bush. And it was thanks to info obtained from….(love it) waterboarding

    • okihadit

      LOVE IT TO!

    • okihadit

      LOLl, you really think it was obuma,LOLl!