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Lead Obama Not Into Temptation

Written on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 by

obama budget deal

Last week, when President Barack Obama spoke to the National Council of La Raza, he said something that should alarm every American. He confessed that he’d like to “bypass Congress and change the laws” on his own. He added, “Believe me; the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you.”

He doesn’t need to promise us. We believe him, because we’ve been watching his rogue behavior since the moment he entered office.

Way back in February 2010, even The New York Times unveiled his modus operandi, in its report “Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power.” It summarized, “With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.”

Obama’s unauthorized war in Libya was just one more wayward decision in a long line of executive-power-run-amok choices, taken despite the fact that top Pentagon lawyers considered his unilateral Libyan invasion to be illegal “hostilities.” And according to congressional testimony, his own lawyers in the Office of Legal Counsel were asked to soft-pedal their views so as to curb any further violation allegations.

What alarms me is that these perversions of power are coming from not only the highest office in the land but also Obama’s advisers and team (including his lawyers). In his speech to the National Council of La Raza, the president also explained that he was taking his cues from others: “I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own.”

Of course, Obama knew that to do so at the outset of the debt debates would have ensured his political downfall. On the other hand, swooping down in the last hour on Capitol Hill from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with his Democratic majority in the Senate to save the economy from hopeless partisan gridlock would surely put him on the front page of Savior Daily!

Speaking of the press, what’s equally tragic is that the Obama-mania media are jumping on the executive-power runaway express. Just this past Thursday, CNN’s website ran an article by Jack Balkin, a constitutional law expert at Yale, titled “3 ways Obama could bypass Congress.” (Do you think CNN would have extended the same clemency from Congress to former President George W. Bush?)

As The New York Times reported at the beginning of last year, Obama’s exploits to bypass Congress are intended to “advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.” We now can add America’s border problems to those, as Obama also elaborated last week that the temptation to bypass Congress includes “not just immigration reform.” No wonder the crowd began to chant “Yes, we can!” (Tragically, it seems that too many citizens want a Führermore than they do a president.)

Do we really want a power-hungry rogue president who continually is tempted to bypass Congress? Will we continue to allow unilateral power to our president to follow his own political whims and desires? Do we want a supreme leader who constantly seeks ways to justify dodging our bicameral government — the very checks and balances of our republic? When he avoids Congress, is he not also trampling on the Constitution and its mandates for separation of powers and teamwork among our three branches of government?

Has the president forgotten his oath of office, “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”?

Mr. President, I strongly suggest you meditate upon the legal genius of Joseph Story, a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1811 to 1845 (appointed by President James Madison). Justice Story wrote: “The duty imposed upon (the president) to take care, that the laws be faithfully executed, follows out the strong injunctions of his oath of office, that he will ‘preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.’ The great object of the executive department is to accomplish this purpose.”

Wow, how Justice Story’s words fly in the face of President Obama’s thoughts about bypassing Congress.

No wonder Thomas Jefferson passionately proclaimed: “I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution … taking from the federal government the power of borrowing.”

God, lead Obama not into doing-things-on-his-own temptation.

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  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Most Americans are to ignorant to understand what he said. Most amerikans think it’s great and encourage it. Let someone not a libtard say the same thing with the same words and all hell will break loose.

  • DaNangMe

    Obama isn’t just admitting he’d like to bypass Congress,he’s saying that he’s done it before and he’ll do it again.He’s proud of the way he rules his subjects and he chose this speech to La Raza to display the approval of one of his biggest voting blocks.

    • Dee

      We’ve got to get rid of this s.o.b. before he does further damage to this country.

    • Debra

      It’s nice to know that he can change from muslim nigger to wetback spick in an instant maybe next time he’ll change to ching chow.

  • RVN1967

    There has been no President in US history that has been so anti-American, Socialist and Marxist who has insisted on having their own way regardless of the wishes of the American people-and he wants ot be re-elected? Not a chance!

    • Bree,

      Agree with you RVN, THE worst president in US history and that’s saying alot! He is the evil one.

    • Erich

      I wonder if Carter sent Obama a thank you card, for taking his place as the worst President.

    • Dee

      Let us hope he’s not re-elected or we will have no liberties or anything else left.
      People had better wake up and not vote for him. I’ve written to our only paper, and they won’t print anything against him.

    • covert1970

      He should be removed, by force if necessary, from the White House and sent from the shores of this country back to Kenya where he belongs and he would be appointed President for Life ! Just think he could take Hillary, te current Attorney General Criminal eric holder, Joe Biden, All of the Dumbocrats that want us to be Socialistic, plus many more unnamed individuals and Michael Bloomberg to Israel not that I don’t like Israel but let him go there and preach no more guns ! He would be dead in two hours, probably at the hand of an Israeli Mother or female member of the IDF !
      Where ever, he needs to go and immediately

  • m. sharpe

    Obama as President is sad. Imagine Him as Dictator? We the People should ‘turn right and go straight’ before it is too late. Reject God then we contend with the destructive locust that will consume everything. Choose America Whom you will serve…

  • Gordon

    Obama and his Marxist cohorts in the administration along with Soros and his funded organizations have been meeting to “Change the U.S. Constitution” and “Bill of Rights”. A firing squad would be to good for them, unless you shot them in the knees first.

  • proudamerican

    Satan himself does not need to be tempted! He is already there. Satan is destroying our country as we speak. He said it himself! He is tempted to by pass congress. He wouldnt say that if the House of Representatives was a dem. majority! barry (or whatever your real name is) very soon the senate will be ours as well I predict about the same time Americans overwhelmingly vote to oust your dead A S S from our house!

  • Ed Hoy

    I certainly agree with the above column. My MAJOR problem, is WHY no one has deemed it necessary, after everything b.o. has done to our country, up to this point, to IMPEACH this subversive communist/socialist. He has abrogated the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, the Constitution Papers, and anything other document that has ever been “Valued”, by the American Citizens, and is/was the reason that we’ve been so strong. The more rights he has taken away from us, the more of a third world nation we are becoming. Why is there no deafening roar from the House, or the Senate?? Why is there no one to stand up and say that we’ve had enough?? I hear nothing about what is happening !!!! WHY NOT???

    • http://outlookexpress ronifer

      I TOTALLY AGREE ! If ever there was a president as Socialistic, Marxist, and ANTI-AMERICAN it is Obama ! AND despite his abuses of our Constitution NOT A WORD AS TO

    • Centurion

      He has not been impeached for two primary reasons. First is that with a Democratic Senate, he will be found innocent. The turmoil that would occur during the impeachment of our first “black” president would lead to racial violence and open class warfare. That would be worth the risk if he could be convicted, but not if he will surely win. Second, the majority of Congress is complicit with him in destroying our rights and stealing our money and personal property through force. The Kabuki theatre that passed for debate on the debt ceiling showed us what’s really happening. Most Democrats, most Republicans and the Independents too are out to destroy our liberty and further their own careers and wealth. The end of this spiral is coming. the dollar will become worthless soon and we will default on our debt. In fact we default fractionally every time the Fed prints more money. The reckoning will not be pretty and I fear that when it comes, we long for the days when we were worried about what this president was doing.

    • covert1970

      Great points made especially about a revolution as if the Black Population can’t see through him they need to read more and they are ill prepared to deal with the White Population of this country when it comes to weapons and resources ! This is a fact and I can name over 100,000 people with weapons and ammunition plus resources such as long shelf life food and gallons upon gallons of water and in addition much needed medical supplies, plus no dope and that rules out a great many in the African American Community
      who have to have that morning toke to survive !

    • Controse

      Since he is not lawfully our president he can’t be impeached but he can be arrested. Go ahead. Ask me why he is not lawfully our president.

  • mad as hell

    Lock and load patriots, the time is coming for us to stand up for what is right, our COnstitution and freedom. THis Marxist, Kenyan POS of a POTUS needs to spend the rest of his miserable life in Gitmo for treason against the US.I could think of a long list of Congresspersons who should share in his fate as well..

    • proudamerican

      I hate the SOB more than you however it cannot be treason! the word “treason” suggests he was on our side at some point. obama has NEVER been on our side! He falls into the same category as the detainees in Gitmo-an enemy combatant. It is a testament to the stupidity of the masses that they allowed an enemy combatant to infiltrate our WH by putting him there!

    • covert1970

      No Gitmo, back to Kenya with his family ! Gitmo would cost us money and enough has been wasted on and by him !

  • Richard A Rosenburg

    I wounder if a poll was taken from the military, if they would stand behind the people if the people decided to throw the bums out of congress and let the military run the country until a new election could be held????????????????.

  • Hal

    It is extremely apparent that 99% or all of the politicains are only in this for their own coruptive advancements, otherwise they would have stood up and impeaced (this) HITLER and ISLAMIST. Only the good lord can save this nation and the world.

  • http://PATRIOTUPDATE Jane Johnston


  • WASP

    Just lead the commie ba**ard to the gallows.
    Look upon it as a philanthropic AND patriotic deed.

  • dj

    This administration is the most evil ever and congress allows this to continue. When will they start the impeachment process?

  • Dodi

    The ink isn’t even dry on the bill he signed into law to get the debt ceiling raised and he is blatting on and on about needing more money. I suppose more stimulus money. Wasn’t there no tax increases in that bill? He won’t give up on higher taxes. What a cancer that is for him. Down and out with him in 2010.

  • Adrian Vance

    When the insane are in charge what else can happen? The disease is now in charge.

    For sharp analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at Now on Kindle.

  • The Enemy

    The dictator-in-chief in the White House is a Hugo Chavez wannabe.

    Progressive liberalism is the disease. Conservatism is the cure. Surgery will be required.

    The only competent surgeons are the TEA movement people.

  • Dodi

    Well, bill signed today, also happening today is the arrogant ass is talking about the 2nd part, or whatever they call it, and taxes will be part of it. Wants more money out of those of you who are already paying more than your fair share, the Bush tax cuts to expire etc. etc. This is the most evil and worse president ever even beating out Carter! And now he can be on his way for a big birthday bash raising big bucks hoping we have to have him for president for another four years. I’m scared because of this lying, evil, arrogant ass if he wins again.

  • ARMYOF69

    We are not a nation any longer. When there is such divisiveness as we have today, created by our political system over the space of many decades. We are now, black, white, brown, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, handicapped , heterosexual, homosexual,trans-sexual, conservative, liberal, progressive, independent, regular worker, union worker. All these classes of humanity in this and other countries have given immense power to the politicians.
    We now have people who work , and people who do not but take monies from those who do.
    At 52% of the ones who take ……where are we going?

  • Jeffydiver

    Really and truthfully, I don’t think any of this nonsense is coming from Obama, I can’t imagine he knows this much in such little time ? The power ball is over his head, and they’re pulling the strings; they’re going to throw him under a bus after they’re finished with him.